What Childcare Cleaning Hacks Do Professional Cleaners Use?

What Childcare Cleaning Hacks Do Professional Cleaners Use?
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Childcare centre cleaning is a tough job, which is why many homeowners and businesses decide to hire professionals to do the cleaning for them.

Ever wonder how the commercial cleaners do it effectively and try to do it on your own?

Do not be frustrated because we will share with you some tips and hacks on how we do it in a childcare set-up.

Why trust us?

I am not sure if you already know this, but, we have been in the childcare centre cleaning business for over twenty years and believe me when I say that we are through with trial and error. We had established a proven cleaning technique that will surely last us for another two decades!

What Are Some Childcare Cleaning Tips and Method That Can Really Make Your Life Easier

We have been in the cleaning industry for such a long time, and through all these years and, we have learned a lot about cleaning. We already created a system that we apply to our client’s business.

We wish for you to use the same method to your childcare centre cleaning and let us all see your success:

  • Curl all of your cleaning supplies in a specific area. It can be inside a bucket under the sink, or maybe you could have them in a designated area in a custodian closet, whatever works best for you. Always keep them all together. This system will ensure that you will not forget your tools or chemicals to be able to work efficiently. You do not have to go back and look for the missing tools and waste time. This system will save you time from not going back and forth because you already have everything with you.
  • Declutter first before you clean. When you are cleaning the toy room or classroom, for example, you are not going to clean on top of all the toys that the child care has. The first thing you need to do is put everything back where it belongs. Put all of the toys in the box or where they should belong. When you have a clear area, that is when you have to start cleaning. Childcare or daycare cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks
  • Work your way from top to bottom, left to right. You can also do it from the other side if you wish to, but you have to keep that same pattern throughout. You need to create a system, or you work accordingly to a specific area. For example, you clean the kitchen; you are not supposed to clean the fridge internally and move to the other side of the kitchen to clean a cupboard. With this pattern, you will risk missing a spot and can cause the customer’s dissatisfaction. It will also be difficult for you to remember what you were doing the last time
  • Let your cleaning chemical do the job for you and not the other way around. Say when you clean a toilet, this area always requires more work, do not spray your chemical and then wipe it away. If you do that, it will take you way longer to complete the job. Let it sit for a little while and do something else. When you let the cleaning chemical sit, it will be much easier for you to remove the dirt and grime that you intend to clean.
  • Clean from side to side and not all over the place. If you wipe a surface with no specific direction, chances are, you will miss a spot or two. You will have to redo the job and waste time. By wiping the surface from side to side, you are making sure that all spots are covered.
  • Line all your items when you started cleaning. Not only that it looks clean, but it is delightful to the eye.
  • When you start cleaning, always start in the area that requires more attention. In our case, we always start with the toilet. The toilet takes the longest time to clean. You have to be more meticulous when cleaning this area. When we clean the bathroom right away, we feel like half of the child care or school is already clean. The rest of the areas will be easier to handle.
  • Simplify your cleaning products. Try to use multi-surface cleaners, something that can easily be used in cleaning the kitchen and almost to the entire childcare. You do not need ten or twenty commercial cleaning services products; just a couple of right choices will do the job for you. Just keep in mind that you have a specific surface that is very delicate that it needs a special cleaner.
  • Dust before you polish. This applies more specifically to wood furniture. If you have a piece of super dusty wood furniture, do not spray it with a cleaner right away before dusting. It will create a small mud like wet dust which will consume time to get rid off. Dust it very quickly then you can apply your polish on top of it.
  • Always start at the back of the walls and walk your way out when cleaning the floor. You do not want to step on your newly cleaned floors when you go back and forth.

Seven Helpful Hacks and Tricks That Are Applicable to Child Care Cleaning

As a team of professional childcare cleaners in Sydney, we have this habit of creating our way of cleaning style and choices of cleaning materials. We have our cleaning hacks to save time and money and clean effectively. Here are ours:

  • Invest in a floor scrubber – in larger child care or business set-up; usual vacuum machines will not give you the results that you need. For you to save time, get a specialized industrial-grade scrubber.
  • Vinegar for scissors – scissors are widely used in child care, if you feel like your pair is no longer looking good and need some shine to it, get a cloth with vinegar and wipe the blades with it. Apart from the shine that it will the scissors, it will also protect it from rusting.
  • Condiment Cap Vacuum – sometimes, your usual vacuum head will not do its work. It will not be able to fit into tight spaces. You may use the lid of the condiment bottle. Attach it to the end of the vacuum hose with a rubber band. Now, your vacuum cleaner has a smaller nozzle that can go between tight spaces.
  • Bread for Broken glasses – in a childcare setting, accidents can happen all the time. For cases of broken glasses, the most effective way to pick up the broken shreds is with the use of bread. Use it like how you use the sponge to pick up the tiny pieces of broken glass.
  • Sticky notes – if you do not have compressed air to clean your keyboard, the sticky notes will do the trick for you. You can use the edge of the sticky note to grab the small pieces in between the keys.
  • Microfibre cloths – this can keep the dust at a minimum. It is always good that you have this to wipe surfaces. It is very efficient in cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Removing permanent markers from a whiteboard – this is one of the usual challenges in childcare cleaning. Do not panic; just get a whiteboard marker and write on top of the permanent marker and erase it.

Now that we have our big reveal with our tips and hacks, we want to hear more from you.

Do you think these hacks are amazing too?

See for yourself and analyze if it is practical for you to follow what we shared.

If you know more amazing stuff like these, please feel free to share it with us by typing in the comment section.

Let us know what you think about this article. We hoped that you learned from it and used it in your daily routine.

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