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A Comprehensive Guide to Worship Cleaning

When it comes to cleanliness, every day the government announces some new programs and urges people to make their surroundings and public places clean. They even made some policies on behalf of it. In Australia or any other places, religious places like churches have their own value as it is considered as the purest venue for everyone. And that’s why Church Cleaning is one important service that everyone should know about. 

Churches are not only religious places but also a lot of crowd visits for their mental peace and some to fulfil their wishes. As it is an overcrowded and rushed place, people neglect the cleanliness of these places. Not only this but also many churches offer facilities to the devotees who visit there which might have chances of not being hygienic properly for the people. 

Churches serve the communities around them daily. Commercial cleaning your church requires an organized approach that doesn’t interfere with regular church functions. So, it is the basic and primary job of the individual authority to look after the cleanliness and hygiene in these areas. Because many people aren’t aware of the cleanliness and hygiene, keep aside the aspect in these religious places also. 

Obviously, we are all suffering from a major pandemic that took many lives. This corona has taught us a big lesson to always keep ourselves clean. If someone does not understand the value of cleanliness, then they also can’t explain it.

Things happen when religious places are not clean – 

  • People get easily infected by one another if one could have any illness. 
  • Peace of mind distracts an unhygienic place.
  • People may suffer from some small accidents like they may slip or injure their hand or leg with any edges. 
  • Due to the excessive crowd, many precious things inside the church might get damaged.

Thus, cleanliness should be a top-notch priority for every place, especially where a lot of throngs visit at a time, although when it comes to pious places. Surrounded in unhygienic places causes several health issues and most importantly dirty places never allow people to let their brains in peace.

Today in this article we will talk about church cleaning, its procedure, services, checklist, and why hiring a professional cleaner is a must. 

Local Cleaners v/s Professional Cleaners

The DIY way of cleaning is not beneficial by any means at these places so there are only two options available: either hire some local people for cleaning or take help from a professional cleaning company.

Apparently, If you hire local people you have to guide them, train them and provide the proper knowledge of the areas before leaving everything up to them. It will take time and the most important thing is that you have to spend a lot of money on buying equipment and cleaning products. Above all, one cleaner will not be enough, if the area is big, so you have to loosen your pocket more.

Large cleaning projects require more staff, special tools, machines, and products. Outsourcing church cleaning jobs to a commercial cleaning service provider can be a cost-effective strategy. It gives you access to additional services, tested equipment, effective cleaning products, and many more things along with their knowledge. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning company will be a wise step.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company that provides church cleaning services at a very economical rate, Clean Group is here for you. Clean Group is a leading commercial cleaning company located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. And their services and checklist related to church are given below.

Church Cleaning Services

A Church is not just a building, it is a religious and gathering place, a place of refuge and celebration, and an active part of the community. Whether it is a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or any other religious place, you need a cleaning service provider who understands your religious facility and provides the highest level of cleanliness and flexibility that you and your members expect.

The best way to avoid the spread of viruses, germs, bacteria, and illness among church-goers is to hire a professional church cleaning company and implement a regular cleaning and maintenance program. A clean and hygienic environment ensures that your members remain happy and healthy. With Clean Group’s church cleaning services, we can evaluate your facility, and design a cleaning and maintenance program tailored to your needs and preferences. Our church cleaning services include:

  • Dusting of all surfaces
  • Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting,
  • Pew cleaning and sanitation
  • Floor maintenance
  • Doors and Window cleaning and sanitation
  • Sitting areas, Children’s area cleaning
  • Stained glass window cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Wooden furniture cleaning
  • Polish wood surfaces
  • And many More! (take a look at checklist first)

Under our church cleaning service package all the tasks from the checklist will be included, however, the schedule will be decided by you. Our cleaning packages can be customized to include:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Bi-weekly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning

Other than this we also provide two more services that can help you to keep church ready for some special occasions. For more detail read this guide on church cleaning services.

Special Occasion Cleaning

If there’s a special occasion like events, changes, and celebrations. We can clean the church before it, give you more than enough time for the preparation for the event, and afterwards make sure the church is tidy for this special occasion. One-time cleaning or cleaning on special occasions can involve the entire church or the areas where your event will take place. We can provide services that include the following:

  • Cleaning throughout the church: Which include cleaning of the parts such as entrance, nave, aisles, transept, chancel, and tower/steeple areas. 
  • Bathroom/restroom cleaning: Cleaning and sanitizing shower/tub/jet, sink and vanity, toilet, mirror, lights, wipe down cabinet fronts, vacuum and mop the floor. Restocking all the stuff.
  • Kitchen: Wipe/clean and sanitize the countertops and backsplash, sanitize all appliances outside, microwave from inside and out, wipe down cabinet fronts, wipe/clean the faucet and sink area, vacuum and mop floors.
  • Additional tasks: We will also Wipe down doors, baseboards, trim & molding around doors and windows, banisters and railings; and kitchen appliances- refrigerator, oven, dishwasher.

Christmas Cleaning

Christmas is the biggest festival, it is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus, celebrated on 25 December as a religious and cultural celebration by billions of people around the world. Other than special occasion cleaning, we also provide Christmas cleaning services at residential, commercial, industrial places including churches as well. Under this service, we will make sure that we clean the church before Christmas Eve. Contact us to know more about this service.  

Whether it is on a large campus or in a small congregation, a church features many different areas, each with its own unique function. Want to know how cleaners will clean a church efficiently? They will prepare and follow a religious organization cleaning checklist specific to your job.

A cleaning checklist is important because it keeps clear what needs cleaning, how often it will be cleaned, and sometimes a cleaning process. Cleaning checklists and frequency are easy to follow, but the “how-to” is achieved through a regular cleaning training program. However, this church cleaning checklist can help you organize everything from daily housekeeping duties to weekly and monthly tasks.

Our Basic Church Cleaning Checklist includes the following tasks:

Entrance & Lobby

  • Sweeping of exterior entrance area
  • Sweep or vacuum interior floors
  • Dusting of all lobby surfaces
  • Resurfacing of tile floor 

Nave and Sanctuary

  • Empty the trash cans and dispose of the waste to the designated disposal area.
  • Replace plastic liner as needed.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all the wooden surfaces inside the Worship Room
  • Cleaning, wipe down of pews, altars
  • Vacuuming, dusting, and other necessary cleaning of these areas.
  • Vacuum & sweep carpets and floors as needed

Fellowship Hall & Kitchen

  • Sweep/mop/vacuum full-floor areas as needed.
  • Clean the horizontal surfaces of all furniture.
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Empty trash
  • Keep kitchen clean of dirty dishes
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize all countertops including coffee/food areas and vending machines.
  • Clean ovens, stove, toasters, or microwaves, inside and outside.
  • Cleaning of refrigerators on all surfaces and handles outside.
  • Clean all light fixtures, fossetts, and sinks.

Staff, Administrative Offices, and Library

  • Sweep & vacuum floors as needed
  • Empty and remove trash to the designated disposal area.
  • Replace trash plastic liners as necessary.
  • Sanitize touchpoints (keyboards, light switches)
  • Dusting of all desks, shelves, chairs, cabinets, and partitions.
  • Clean all glass surfaces and windows.
  • Sweep and vacuum all floors and carpet areas.
  • Recyclable materials shall not be mixed with trash. Replace the recycling in the non-Preschool areas at designated pick-up times.
  • If found something broken from inoperative lights, broken windows, and doors, leaking sinks, urinals, commodes, broken fixtures, etc. report it to the party.

Classrooms & Nurseries

  • Sweep and/or vacuum and mop full-floor areas.
  • Disinfectant using wipes and spray while mopping.
  • Clean all surfaces within the classrooms and nurseries.
  • Clean door knobs, light switches, windows and door glass every week on our day of choice.
  • Clean and disinfect changing table surfaces.
  • Empty the trash cans and dispose of the waste to the designated disposal area.


  • Report damaged items, eg, broken windows, idle lights, and doors, leaking sinks, urinals, commodes, broken fixtures, etc.
  • Sweep and wet mop the complete floor with a cleanser-disinfectant.
  • Clean & sanitize sinks, fixtures, countertops, toilets and touchpoints.
  • Sweep floors
  • Refill towel and soap dispensers
  • Empty trash
  • All plumbing fixtures and brightwork shall be wiped clean.
  • Cleaning of all mirrors and glass, to remove all stains, streaks and smudges.
  • Disinfect all toilet walls, doors, windows, countertops, window frames, sills, vents, and full surface areas of waste paper receptacles, mirrors, and glass, etc.

To make cleaning easy we first divide the facility into areas and then the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual) by which the cleaning tasks should be carried out. All the tasks can be divided as per daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis. 

Choose Clean Group Sydney for Best Church Cleaning Services

Clean Group is a Sydney, NSW based commercial cleaning services provider. The company is engaged in providing all types of commercial, start, industrial, residential cleaning services. Clean Group features various types of quality cleaning compounds, cleaning equipment, tools, and techniques. With all these the company has been providing quality services at gyms, churches, offices, medical facilities, industrial facilities, schools, healthcare centres, warehouses, etc places.  

The company’s packages are tailored to provide the needs of every customer whether it is a property owner or a tenant. The company provides all types of cleaning services to the property. Swachh Group has an experienced team of cleaning experts whom we have trained with the latest cleaning technology.

We use the most advanced and relevant cleaning tools and equipment that can go through any cleaning process or any type of surface shape that can be cleaned through this advanced cleaning technology. We have various sizes of vacuum cleaners, rotary and polishing machines, various types of spray machines, and many other deep cleaning machines.

Clean Group is currently the leader in the commercial cleaning industry as we recently invested in the latest technology equipment along with investment in providing training to our staff. No other company has made such an exorbitant investment compared to ours. Our process is still very straightforward and understandable to our clients.

When you contact us, we will ask for basic details, addresses, and requirements. Then we will inspect the site, and prepare the checklist. After getting your approval we will follow the checklist to make your church clean and germ-free.

That’s all about church cleaning, cleaning services for such religious places, church cleaning checklist and how hiring Clean Group Sydney will be the best choice for cleaning a church.

Go through the complete article carefully, check all details, take a look at the cleaning checklist and then compare with any other company, make a call to Clean Group. We will make sure that you receive the highest level of cleaning at a very economical cost. Contact us and make these religious places clean, and virus-free.

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