What Are the Different Types of Workplace Cleaning Services in Sydney

What Are the Different Types of Cleaning Services
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Cleaning, keeping the hygiene on the highest possible level as well as maintaining the places you live and work in clean and tidy, has never been more important as it is now. With the appearance of the pandemic, people have started to spend more time cleaning and disinfecting the places, all to prevent the spread of the virus. For those who were not crazy about cleaning, this was a motivation to both get in shape and keep a regular commercial cleaning schedule.

However, the busy everyday life, as well as different situations, and conditions of certain places that we move around, do not allow us to keep that impeccable cleanliness.

That is why, many individuals, as well as private entities, opt for hiring professionals, who are skilled and specialize in this department. They are called the Commercial cleaning services or the cleaners.

The cleaning service is something entirely different that individual cleaning. The cleaning service professionals – the cleaners have the tools, the equipment, and the products to clean a place faster, more efficiently, and more in detail, compared to an individual who can do as much. Not only does it save time, but hiring a professional cleaning service delivers fabulous results.

Cleaning is a whole industry, that is needed and used by the majority of people and companies. Today, there are a lot of different companies that provide different cleaning services. This is due to the varsity of the demand, as well as the opportunity to cater to the different cleaning needs of the customers.

Some companies might be specialized in cleaning only homes, while others can do the offices and other spaces. That is why, when choosing a cleaning company, you need to know what you are looking for so that you can make the right choice according to your cleaning needs.

People and companies, in general, have acknowledged the fact that cleaning is essential and sometimes a daily-needed thing. That is why, there are so many different types of cleaning, cleaners, and cleaning services that one can choose from.

Particularly to the Office cleaners in Sydney, the options are pretty varied and tailored to the needs of the consumers – both individuals and companies.

As a process, cleaning is a way of maintaining hygiene in the personal spaces that we live and work in. Each person has the obligation to keep their home clean, as well as the workstations.

This is the base meaning of cleaning, and there is so much that an individual is capable and has the ability to do. For all of the harder, more detailed, and demanding cleaning, there are professionals and specialists that can take over.

With all of the above said, it is safe to say that the main distinction with the cleaning comes down to types of cleaning: residential and commercial cleaning. These are two different types, that apply to different places and require different approaches, skills, tools, and cleaning products.

They also require a different number of people included in the process, and it all depends on the area that is covered by the cleaning as well as the time

What is Residential Cleaning in Sydney?

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning services are services that are provided to homeowners or residents. For the majority of people, this is known as home cleaning. As the name suggests, residential cleaning pertains to cleaning services for domestic settings.

It includes general housework in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Residential cleaning companies usually offer daily cleaning, weekly or monthly – depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

In this type of cleaning service, residential cleaners usually perform cleaning tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. They can also perform sanitation and disinfection processes as necessary. 

What is Commercial Cleaning in Sydney?

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are services offered to businesses. This is known as office cleaning.

With this main distinction, come the types of services that can be chosen according to the needs. The list is diverse, long, and varied, and there are options to satisfy different demands.

If you are in need of cleaning for your business premises, commercial cleaning is what you need. This type of cleaning service pertains to cleaning properties used for commercial purposes. This includes offices, buildings, apartments, retail stores, medical clinics, and others.

Similar to residential cleaning, commercial cleaners can provide you with daily, weekly, monthly cleaning, or just once-off. They can also come to your site after hours to avoid disrupting your business operations.

Moreover, the cleaning tasks the cleaners will perform depend on the property type you have. If you own a restaurant, your cleaning needs will differ from that of a retail store and a medical facility. That is why, before hiring a cleaning company, you need to know the specific industry they cater to.

Window Cleaning in Sydney

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a very required and necessary service, which includes cleaning the interior and exterior windows of the buildings. Other services that can be added to this one are gutter cleaning, screen repairs, pressure washing.

Window cleaning is a specialised type of cleaning service you can hire regardless of whether you own a commercial building or a residential property.

This type of service, as the name suggests, solely focuses on cleaning glass windows and surfaces. It requires special tools, such as a squeegee, soap applicators, microfibre cloths, and water-fed poles or scissor lifts to reach high windows.

Unlike residential cleaning, window cleaning cannot be performed by untrained professionals. It because the job involves risks, especially when dealing with multi-story buildings.

There are also different approaches to window cleaning, which depend on the season. Winter cleaning, to be exact, requires a different strategy from spring cleaning or during rainy seasons.

Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also a highly demanded cleaning service. It includes steam cleaning, carpet repairs, stain and odour removal

Carpet cleaning is another specialised type of cleaning. And just like the latter, both homeowners and business owners can avail of this service. Despite its name, carpet cleaning does not only cover carpets alone. It can also include upholstery and rugs.

Since carpet cleaning is a specialised service, it also requires skills, expertise, as well as quality equipment. There are also different techniques in Industrial cleaning depending on your needs and carpet type. The five main types are hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, and dry cleaning.

Basic House Cleaning in Sydney

Basic House Cleaning is a service that involves general house cleaning jobs. This means cleaning the areas like the kitchen, the lounge, the bathroom, and the bedroom. The most general activities involve mopping, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, sweeping.

Deep Cleaning / Spring Cleaning in Sydney

This is a more comprehensive clean than a basic clean, which includes hand ashing cabinets, vacuuming upholstery, polishing wood, cleaning the oven, ceiling fan blades, and more. This is a recommendation for people who have never had their homes professionally cleaned.

Laundry Services

Laundry services are an excellent addition to the cleaning services. It is a super-needed service for homeowners. With this service, the laundry is being washed, dried and folded, while the team is still in the house.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is one of the most requested services. It involves following safe and Eco-friendly practices. For example, the cleaning is done with non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe products, not only for the people but for the environment too. This service is highly demanded and it is also a good way to support the sustainable way of life.

Sanitization Services

Sanitization services are in high demand because most working places need regular disinfection of the place and the objects in it. This type of service can be specially tailored to the needs of the place or the situation.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Although ceiling and wall cleaning might be a part of the general house cleaning, or office cleaning, they also come as a separate service. This service particularly focuses on removing dirt, oil, and other grime that might be pilled up on the ceilings and walls. This is a service that as a final result provides cleanliness, better lighting and is great for many different health reasons.

Blind Cleaning

Blinds are one of the items in the home that attract and collect a lot of dust. Whether they are aluminium, wooden, or PVC Venetian blinds, this special service deeply cleans them. Depending on the type of the blinds, there is special equipment and products used.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning services include both on and off-site cleaning methods. What is the difference? Well, the on-site process involves dry cleaning and it is generally recommended because it is more convenient for the homeowners.

The curtains in this case are not taken down and then rehung, but the entire process is happening directly on the curtains. This process is much gentler on the fabric and it provides a superior clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is another special cleaning service that includes cleaning fabric on furniture, for example, sofas and armchairs. The process includes the per-treating of the material, which is later rinsed with water.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning falls under the area of commercial cleaning. It usually includes cleaning work areas, common areas, cubicles, restrooms, kitchens, and reception areas. The general services are mopping, dusting, polishing, sanitizing, and waste removal.

Disaster Cleaning and Restoration

This type of service might be covered by some other name, however, it requires special expertise in smoke, water, and fire damage, as well as mould remediation.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a service that is done by using a jet washer to deliver a powerful water stream to remove dirt and clean the surfaces. This is required with paint removal, restoration, maintenance.

Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning the restroom may also be a part of some other service, for example, office or home cleaning. However, it is also a very demanded standalone service. It applies to different venues that have restrooms such as stadiums, schools, one-off events, and open public spaces.

Janitorial Services

The janitorial services cover the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of schools, businesses, and large office spaces. This can be best performed with a team of professionals and efficient janitors.

The janitorial duties include mopping, sweeping, taking out the trash, and general building maintenance like changing light bulbs and fixing broken doors. This is a type of service that is often chosen by people who live in buildings and need to keep the entry, staircases, and other areas clean.

School Cleaning

As the name suggests, school cleaning is a service that is offered exclusively to schools. This can include both public or private schools. The service offers cleaning floors, classrooms, desks, tables, and bathrooms.

Medical Cleaning

Medical cleaning services are services provided to clinics and hospitals. These are facilities where hygiene must be on the highest level possible, which means there are high standards to be met. It is a specialized type of cleaning, that used the right cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as demanding cleaning practices.

Sports Cleaning

Sports cleaning is services provided to facilities such as gyms. These are areas where a lot of people attend, and they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The common tasks of sports cleaning include sanitizing all the equipment, surfaces, and floors. If there are bathrooms or showers, them too.

Additionally, there are the following types of service, based on how frequently you need cleaning.

Daily Cleaning in Sydney

Daily cleaning services allow maintaining the premises in perfect condition. This service is especially demanded in private homes, offices, cafes, and other places with high traffic.

This service includes dust removal from all surfaces, equipment, and electronics, washing mirrors, and frames, vacuuming floors and carpets, dry and wet floor treatment, cleaning window sills and countertops, and disinfection of door handles.

General Cleaning in Sydney

General cleaning is important to remove the local contaminants. It can be carried out with a certain frequency, weekly or biweekly, which depends on the client’s needs.

The service includes vacuuming and washing flooring, removing dirt from surfaces, wiping mirrors and frames, disinfecting doorknobs and faucets, removing stains.

Why Choose Clean Group Sydney?

As the cleaning services are currently in high demand, people have seen the benefits of having professionals and skilled people keep the hygiene of different places in areas in check. This does not only save time, but it also provides far better results.

Cleaning is not a basic thing. Since there are a lot of different products and equipment used, the results greatly vary from some basic cleaning. A lot of people do not know or have at least been in the situation where they have used the wrong cleaning product.

A wrong cleaning product not only will not deliver the desired results, but it can also ruin the furniture, the floor, the tiles, or the place where it has been applied to and leave it completely unusable or look unattractive.

This is the most common case with furniture and materials that require special care and special products. Another place where you can make more damage than good is the bathroom. The bathroom utilities should not be cleaned with some harsh chemicals since they can live the surface colourless or shineless.

There are many different examples when it is better to call the professionals rather than try it yourself or hire some amateurs. That is why, we, the Clean Group are the best at what we do.

What separates us from the others are some very important and useful things such as:


The most important area when choosing a professional cleaning service is the experience. Experience is invaluable and very important when considering who to hire. The importance of the experience can never be underestimated, since you as a client want the best possible service.

As specialists in this area, our experience and the satisfaction of the customers show that the results we deliver are constant. Clean Group is a serious company and the positive feedback we get from our clients adds to our wide portfolio.


The reputation that we as a company enjoys, is something that we have worked very hard for. This means that we value your reviews, which help us attend to the smallest details. It is a kind of feedback that is important to every company since we work with people.

Customer Focus

Clean Group is a customer-oriented company. We are open in the dialogues with our clients. We support strong communication because it is the key to developing worthy working relationships with customers. It also applies to the problems and issues that might arise.

They can be addressed swiftly and in an efficient manner. The ability to understand the customers’ unique needs and demands, and carry them out in the most professional and best manner is the most positive pointer to the dedication to customer’s focus.

Chores Performed

Each service comes with a regular set of services that are being part of it. However, there is always the possibility for the add-ones, according to the clients’ needs and wishes. Each service can be tailored according to demand, which is why we as a company, are highly required both for the residential and commercial sites.

Cleaning Products

Just like any other products, cleaning products are essential in providing the best possible results, in this case, clean and shiny surfaces and objects. As a cleaning company, we provide the best solution for any surface or fabric.

When it comes to green cleaning, we use products that without any toxins and are healthier both for the inhabitants in the place and the environment too. Many chemicals in classic, old-fashioned products can be highly toxic and can cause side effects in certain people.
These are just some of the most common cleaning services that are created according to the place and the function it has.

Treatment of Staff

Clean Group treats its staff with respect care and worth. By doing that, we ensure providing the highest standards of work. We care for our staff by providing suitable training, necessary tools for work and a great atmosphere.

If you are looking for the best possible solution for cleaning in Sydney, look no further. The Clean Group is the best choice.

So What?

You are probably thinking, so what? Now that you know the different kinds of cleaning contractor services, what can you get from them? The answer is quite simple.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, this bit of information can be very useful to you. The knowledge of the different types of cleaning services will help you choose which one to get for your home or business property.

It will help ensure you are getting the service that is right for your needs. You also won’t have to waste money, time, and resources on the wrong cleaning service provider.

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