Where to Find Workplace Cleaning for Co-working Places

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The answer to this question is simple. Commercial cleaners in Australia are everywhere. You can search on the internet or search for a local provider in your location. You can use social media in finding the best cleaner that will meet your demands.

Most of the cleaning businesses that offer commercial cleaning services can handle the demands of coworking space. It is almost identical.

The definition of office is changing. A lot of start-up businesses believe that coworking breeds success. They say that the future of the office does not include walls or privacy. It is everyone working together in one big room.

Different types of spaces are popping up around Australia, and they range from minimal and boot-strapped to high-end and luxurious. A growing number of corporations are also getting into this kind of set-up.

All companies want to promote entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. Coworking spaces and many offices are now being designed as open office environments.

Most of the commercial cleaning companies in Australia can meet the cleaning requirements of coworking spaces. It is very close to the cleaning scope provided in a regular office set up.

Coworking space generally hires professional cleaners to ensure the safety of their workers and the areas that are up for lease.

Like a traditional office, a coworking workspace has its own different areas that are high-trafficked and require constant and professional attention. Businesses who choose to rent workspace pay a fee per month.

This individual will have access to all areas and amenities that the office space provides. They also get to enjoy internet access and other pantry supplies as part of their membership.

How do Professionals Clean Offices?

Covid 19 pandemic scare will always surface along with the other germs and viruses that can be present on a desk or rooms.

Hiring a professional cleaner will be your best bet if you want to take care of the people and the areas of your coworking space business. To attract more clients, coworking spaces should have a clean environment.

Shared Desks

In a coworking set-up, an employee will not have his own desk. Coworkers have access to all the desks that are vacant and can sit wherever he pleases. They are not used to having their own private space.

This is the top signs why a cleaning company should take care of your routine cleaning needs. It is very important to have all the surfaces clean and disinfected to stop the spread of germs and viruses that can be harmful to coworkers.

Most of the clients in coworking space work in flexible time. They come and go as they please, and having a cleaner on-site will be your best bet to keep up with the cleanliness of your building.

Shared office spaces will have multiple desks to house their clients. A quick wipe and disinfection is a sure way to provide a safe workplace for everyone.

Mouse and Keyboards

Mouse and keyboards in a traditional office set-up are notorious for breeding germs and viruses. It will be the same in coworking offices.

A workplace that is shared can spread contaminants and pathogens that can harm your team. Constant cleaning and disinfection may be practised and observed every time.

Conference Room

Businesses who rent office space in this kind of set-up also share access to the conference room. Workers who rent the area can take turns in using the conference room or meeting room.

In-house cleaners can give the room a quick clean before a new team occupies the area. This will ensure that the room is free from dirt and germs every after use.

Water Cooler and Mugs

Germs and viruses are definitely present in high-trafficked areas. In a shared workspace, the pantry is one of the areas that has to receive the most attention when it comes to cleaning and sanitation.

Do not let your clients be sharing cutleries, mugs, and cups. Ask them to bring their own stuff or purchase disposable ones. You also need to put a sign to remind people of proper hand hygiene.

Many cleaning companies can offer you all the services that you need in one go. Usually, cleaning companies can also provide things like paper towels, hand soap, and hand sanitiser.

You can incorporate the cost of these supplies into their leasing fee per month. It is good to have these supplies handy to promote hygiene and to keep the area and people safe.


Clean the shared printer by using a damp microfiber cloth. It will also help if you put a small amount of disinfectant in it. Wipe it at least every four hours. As for the person printing, make it a point that you will wash your hands after you use the shared printer.

We can never be too sure about all the people who work in a shared office. Having a cleaning team in your office is excellent, but it will also help if you look after your own being. Based on studies, germs and bacteria linger on surfaces that are often touched by different people.

Pros and Cons of Coworking Offices and Home Offices

Based on studies, by 2025, it will be the era of independent contractors. They will not be going to have a permanent corporate office to go to.

These independent contractors will work on their own. They can work from the comforts of their home, or they can hire a shared space.

What is excellent about a Home Office?

  • You can set your own hour. You have the liberty to have your own schedule and can be flexible.
  • It is a controlled environment and minimal noise.
  • You are not required to wear proper clothes when you are working from home.

Cons of Home Office

  • It can be lonely as there is no social interaction other than phone calls or seldom video conferences with your colleagues.
  • There can be a lot of distractions at home that can lead to non-productive hours.

Coworking Spaces Pros

  • It is more social. You will be in an environment with people. You can have face to face conversation and interaction with everyone around you. You can also get the chance to hear or see what other people are working on, which can stimulate your own ideas.
  • Working in coworking spaces is a big help if you want to grow your network. There will be different independent contractors who choose to use in a coworking space that you can get to meet. You may be able to find ways to work for them or get referrals from them.
  • Coworking space can help you save a lot of money as compared to setting up a traditional office for your business. You are just required to pay a fee per month, and you are free to use all the amenities that they have in store for you.
  • You can easily separate your home and your work life. Psychological separation is beneficial, especially if you want to detach yourself from your work.

Cons of Coworking offices

  • You have to pay for it. It is not free. It can be an investment in your business and your productivity that pays a lot of dividends both in networking connections and also in focus groups.
  • You have to travel and leave your home and go somewhere else. It can cost time and fuel.
  • You have to set up your laptop or your other working device every time you arrive at the working area.

There are private offices that offer the leasing service for a workplace, and this is something that you should be focusing on in a cleaning business.

Cleaning a workplace is almost the same as office cleaning. You just have to make sure that shared desks, rooms, surfaces and other areas are disinfected at least every four hours.

This is one way to have your cleaning business earn a higher revenue since this is the new trend. Share with us your own tips and practices if you are currently offering services to coworking spaces.

Is it worth it? Do you like how you are getting paid by delivering the services that they need? Please drop us a comment below and let us collaborate on our ideas to promote the cleaning industry. See you next time.

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