How Do You Clean Business Buildings in Sydney?

How Do You Clean Commercial Buildings in Sydney
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When you think about the word “commercial“, the first thing that comes to mind is the step-up or level-up process from the residential. For example – a commercial refrigerator can handle more than a residential refrigerator. Or a commercial range can cook better than the residential model. This distinction between the commercial and the residential leads to many questions when it comes to cleaning too.

People often find themselves in between these two terms, especially when it comes to cleaning. The question is what is best for your home? Should one consider a commercial cleaner in Sydney or stick to the residential cleaning service? Well, cleaning is a process and it is nothing like equipment.

When it comes to different distinctions or commercial and residential, the words have a different meaning. So, all in all, if you are living in a residential home, you will want to stick to the residential cleaning service.

What Is a Business Cleaning Service in Sydney?

Commercial cleaning service in Sydney is a service that is more suitable for those who are in business. This means that these services can do different things like commercial waste clean-up, hazardous cleanup, or heavy cleaning.

These are just some of the things that are definitely the commercial cleaning. That Is why some people think that if you hire a commercial cleaning service for your home, you will get better results because they clean better.

This is just a myth. The truth is that a commercial cleaning company does not clean better than a residential cleaning company. The thing is that they clean differently, and different things. Those who need residential service should stick to that type of service instead of thinking that the commercial approach will deliver a deeper and better clean.

In the world of cleaning, the word commercial does not refer to the more industrial type of cleaning. It literally means just industrial – plain and simple as it is.

Cleaning machinery, blank spaces, chemicals, and other industrial solvents are just some of the things that the commercial cleaning services deal with, as well as with the different types of conditions and clientele.

A residential cleaning service specializes in cleaning things around the home such as cleaning floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, includes cleaning things such as offices, buildings, or retail stores.

There is a big difference between these two types of cleaning, especially if you compare the retail store versus someone’s home. The residential cleaning service is much more detailed and thorough.

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney focus on cleaning at special events. These events include fire or flood cleaning. They are equipped to clean things that have succumbed to severe water or other types of damage.

It is a choice to call when you need a construction clean-up, cleaning after building or renovations are done. This type of cleaning is a much better choice than any other because these professionals know how to make sure that the place is safe for the right of air and other related needs.

What Does a Business Cleaning Company in Sydney Do?

The answer to this topic is more complex than some people might think. In particular, on a surface and basic level, one can characterize the commercial cleaning in Sydney as a process where the trash cans are being emptied, as well as the addition of a routine of cleaning various floors and surfaces.

These surfaces and floors include carpeted and hard floor tile. Besides this, the cleaning company ensures that all the walls, both physical and cubical walls, are cleaned.

Another routine is keeping the dust down on drop ceilings, HVAC vents, and lighting fixtures. The other part of the commercial building cleaning in Sydney includes cleaning desktop surfaces and monitors and all the office furniture.

Besides the offices, the toilets are included too. All the restrooms are included with a deep clean of the toilets, urinals, stall partitions, sinks, faucets, mirrors and a full restock of paper products.

The service can also include window cleaning, commercial kitchens, dining areas, break room, and anything additional that might be desired by the client.

These are not the only services the commercial cleaning company that specializes in cleaning buildings can do and offer. There are many other aspects that they can cover that will contribute to the prosperity of the business. The latest trends show that commercial cleaners manage supply orders.

They are also experts on cleaning chemicals and know where to use them, and what is more important is where not to use them. This all refers to the commercial buildings, where there are lots of people, and equipment, and the hygiene needs to be maintained at a high level.

Cleaning Business Buildings in Sydney Is Not Just About Making Them Look Good, It Is About Keeping the People Safe

Commercial buildings cleaning means not only maintaining proper hygiene but also keeping the people safe. With the appearance of the pandemic, many buildings and companies were forced to re-evaluate their cleaning protocols. Because the virus itself was not clearly defined how long would last on the surface, the cleaning became a must.

And this does not only refer to the virus itself but also different bacterial. Commercial buildings in Sydney are places where a huge number of people go to work every day, and depending on the type of the business, there might be an additional daily number of those who visit.

That is why proper cleaning and disinfecting are extremely important. With the cleaning, not only would the surfaces be clean and without dirt, but also the people will be healthier too.

Most companies are worried about the restrooms. They consider the restrooms a place where most bacteria and flu are being transmitted. However, many researchers have shown that bathrooms are cleaned frequently and people wash their hands when living in the restroom, which helps in stopping the spread of germs.

The commercial buildings need to pay greater attention to common areas and frequently used items. Light switches, door handles, computers, phones, keyboards, copy machines, office chairs, and a lot of other office equipment are far more common places that need regular cleaning.

These are the exact places that are the greatest source of contamination. A good commercial cleaning company would know to pay special attention to these touchpoints, which will ensure everyone’s safety.

Cleaning Business Buildings in Sydney Is About Consistency and Efficiency

A great commercial cleaning approach consists of two main things. That is the consistency and the efficiency. The cleaning team needs to move through the building quickly, working top-down which allows covering large areas with quick routines and processes.

When the right cleaning process and approach are mixed with the great cleaning tools, the cleaning of large spaces will become much less daunting than expected.

With all of that in mind, quality commercial cleaning comes down to training. It is a process and it needs to be followed carefully. Having a quality checklist that is regularly followed by the cleaning team is essential both to the success of the cleaners but also for the commercial buildings in Sydney too. Not having a process might disrupt the entire flow and not deliver the desired results.

Cleaning Business Building in Sydney Consists of Streamlining Chemicals and Providing Information on Them

Sometimes less is more. And in the case of cleaning commercial buildings, that applies very well. It is a common practice that people and janitors in general use all different kinds of cleaning products, and mix them with some other ones, all with the purpose to receive a stronger solution.

However, the stronger solutions are not always the right answers. Generally, the commercial cleaning companies are useless and the right ones. Examples, a strong disinfectant cleaner, a great dilatable multi-purpose cleaner, dish soap, and similar products.

These basic products are considered good commercial cleaning supplies and can clean the building very well. Of course, different situations require different cleaners.

But what matters is that good commercial cleaning consists of Streamlining Chemicals and providing information on them being organized and having the right tools for the job.

How Do You Clean Commercial Business in Sydney?

Keeping a clean and organized office building has a lot to do with the reputation and helps in getting and keeping clients. If your office or commercial building space is dirty and dusty, your clients, as well as the employees in the building, might look elsewhere.

No one wants that to happen, and above all, it is humans’ health that is in question. So, cleaning commercial buildings in Sydney is different from residential cleaning. For those who are willing to explore this process, several steps make one commercial building cleaning in Sydney.

If you take those necessary steps, you will most certainly ensure that the commercial building is kept well and looking its best. So, how do you clean a commercial building in Sydney?


The first space that the potential and current clients, visitors, and employees see is the commercial building entryway. This space should always look its best. The cleaning service here includes everything from dusting and polishing to vacuuming and picking up debris.

Keeping an entryway looking great is a daily affair and it requires dedication and regular touch-ups. It also means that hiring a cleaner for this area will be on a daily level. If this space gets a lot of traffic through it day by day, the cleaning routine might need to get revised.

This means that entryway might need to be cleaned a few times a day so it always looks nice. It is important to also clean the bathrooms regularly and think about touching them up during the day as well.

Hallways and Stairs

The hallways and the stairs are also very important places in the buildings that see a lot of foot traffic. Although the building might have elevators, the stairs are an additional way of moving around the floors. Most usually, they are covered in tiles, and that can collect dirt like any other surface.

When cleaning each floor, it is essential to never forget the stairs. They can be vacuumed and then mopped. That is the most common and suitable way of maintaining hygiene on the stairs.

The same goes for the hallways. The big hallways and the lobbies need to be vacuumed and then mopped. That way the tiles will shine and look clean and appealing.


It might be an oversight or a common practice but the elevators tend to get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. However, these spaces do get a lot of use throughout the day. Many people pass through that closed area, which means it is subject to spreading viruses and bacteria.

The cleaning of the elevators means cleaning the hard surfaces like walls, mirrors, handles, and doors for fingerprints and smudges. Another good thing is quick polishing. A quick polishing during the day will help it shine and look professional.

It will leave a good impression on all the visitors and staff. Additionally, it is important to pick up any debris tracked on the floor and do a quick vacuum if it is necessary.

Windows and Mirrors

Windows and mirrors are surfaces that tend to become grimy many times a day. The best way to maintain them is to walk around a few times a day and polish any mirrors that get touched or smudged. The same can be done with the windows in the doors and outside of offices. The window ledges need to be cleaned, too, to ensure a nice, clean look.

Offices and Conference Rooms

Offices and conference rooms need regular dusting, polishing, and vacuuming. That type of cleaning makes them look ready for business. It is essential to take the time to wipe any open table and desk spaces, phones, as well as areas that are touched often like door handles, chairs, and other office equipment.

When cleaning, pick up any supplies and trash that might be left behind. Another important aspect of office and conference room cleaning is to always empty the waste bins and push in chairs so the space looks inviting to guests and clients.

Restrooms and Break Room

The office restrooms need attention daily. The main restrooms in the lobby and on busy floors in the commercial building tend to get a lot of use. That is why regular cleaning is simply a must.

When cleaning these areas, it is important to stay on top of the toilet and sink sanitizing to avoid the spread of germs. Also, timely emptying of the waste bins prevents them from spilling over. The floors should be picked up and mopped regularly so the space always looks clean and fresh.

Breakrooms have a variety of furniture and appliances. This furniture includes pieces like microwaves and refrigerators all the way to tables and chairs. These areas should be wiped down often.

The old food should be tossed from the refrigerator once a week. Trash should be emptied regularly to avoid smells. All of that will keep the area from looking unsightly. Crumbs and spills should be wiped up daily, if not more often, depending on the traffic.

Dishes should be washed by the end of the day so they don’t pile up in the sink. This approach to cleaning the kitchen and breakroom spaces will always ensure they look nice and welcoming.

Terraces and Balconies

Most of the commercial buildings have terraces and balconies where people go out for a smoke, break, or just to catch air. Cleaning these places is also part of cleaning a commercial building. The floor, the balcony furniture as well as the fence, need to be cleaned regularly.

These are the main things and points that should never be missed or left out when it comes to cleaning. Excluding the floors and the offices that might be present there, these points are present in every building and they require special care and maintenance. The best way to achieve that is to do it with a professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney.

The easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to help keep the commercial building clean and looking great, is to hire a professional cleaning team. We at Clean Group Sydney are dedicated to providing the best possible results.

We will come and clean the facility. The cleaning staff is trained and educated on any special sanitizing needs, procedures, and requirements that are involved with having a presence in your commercial building spaces.

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