How Often Should Workplace Restrooms Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Office Restrooms Be Cleaned
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Nowadays, cleaning and disinfecting common areas and areas of high touch are extremely important. In the light of COVID-19 health awareness, the importance of hygiene cannot be overstated.

Maintaining the office’s clean and hygienic environment is the key to healthy staff members and visitors. Needless to say, restrooms are the breeding environment for viruses and bacteria if they’re not cleaned and disinfected regularly.

So, how many times a day should the office restroom be disinfected and cleaned? Well, this depends on many things including the number of your staff members, the frequency of restroom visitors, and the size of your facility.

Keep reading to find out the factors that Clean Group thinks will affect your Sydney office cleaning schedules and to reach a final cleaning pattern that will help keep you, your employees, and your loved ones safe and healthy. Related Article: a guide on complete workplace cleaning

Does Your Facility Include More Than One Company?

If your company’s building has more than one company, it can heavily affect the cleanliness of the area. Sharing the building with more companies means more employees in the same area, which eventually calls for more frequent disinfecting and cleaning.

The type of business you share your company building with also matters a lot, for instance, if you are sharing the building with a medical centre, then it is important to do a deep daily cleaning of the office to maintain the health and safety of your employees and the visiting patients.

The number of companies in the same building affects the frequency of cleaning as well, for example, If your facility has a childcare centre or a tutoring area, then the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting has to be much higher.

This is because children are hyperactive by nature, they move a lot and touch many things, put toys in their mouths, and share games. This leads to the vast spread of diseases among children and the areas they play in.

Maintaining the cleanliness of these areas will help prevent the spread of viruses and germs in these areas, which should be cleaned and disinfected more than once per day. However, if you work in a workspace that has a separate office air purifier, desks and chairs, then that’s a different scenario.

If the employees are already distanced from each other and keep a safe space between desks and chairs, you will need to do deep cleaning once or twice per week, which is changeable according to the number of visitors you get daily.

Sharing your office building with more than one company also means that you will be sharing the same restrooms and kitchen areas, therefore, daily cleaning and disinfecting is of the utmost importance, especially in high-touch areas such as counters, tables, door handles, and toilets.

How Many Employees Work in the Same Building?

If you share your office with lots of employees, then it’s essential to have carpets and floors cleaned weekly. Employees going in and out of the office can result in facing more dirt and dust, especially on rainy days.

Consider deep cleaning the carpets and polishing the floors at least once per week to avoid viruses spreading. However, if your building does not have too many employees, you can do deep cleaning every other week and regular cleaning on a daily basis.

How Does the Office Size Affect Cleaning Patterns?

The size of your facility affects the cleaning patterns as offices have different sizes and need different requirements for proper cleaning. Regardless of the number of employees in the office, a bigger space will need more time and more cleaners to get office spaces disinfected properly.

Therefore, if you work at a huge office such as a department store, you will need to hire professional cleaning services as they can clean and disinfect the whole company one zone at a time, and their entire process could be done within one week.

How Frequently Do Your Customers Visit your Office?

If your company receives visitors regularly, you need to maintain the cleanliness of the lobbies, countertops, restrooms, or any other common space they might visit. Maintaining these areas clean will leave a good impression on your customers and will prevent infections and viruses.

For offices that have frequent visitors, it’s recommended to hire a professional office cleaning service to clean and disinfect the office more than once a day to maintain a fresh and hygienic environment. But how to create an urgent office cleaning checklist in Sydney?

Different Office Areas that Require Different Cleaning Methods

Each area in your office building needs its dedicated cleaning schedule and method. Especially when it comes to medical centres as they need daily cleaning more than once per day, while on the other hand, insurance companies only need to clean weekly.

Restrooms require a professional cleaning service more than once per day. Restrooms could be the home to so many viruses and bacteria, disinfecting and sanitizing these areas frequently will ensure the safety of your employees and visitors.

In case you have high traffic in the office restrooms, then you should consider having the restrooms disinfected and sanitized several times a day to prevent any germs spread.

When it comes to kitchens, it’s only normal to have high traffic in these areas as people prepare food in there, accordingly, you need to clean the kitchen area once or twice a day including cleaning the microwave and cleaning the floors.

Lastly, your lobby area is the first thing your clients see when they walk into your office, therefore, these areas should be always cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. This helps to present a professional appearance to all of your visitors.

Lobby cleaning should include polishing, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, and disinfecting the surfaces especially if you welcome a large number of visitors. These tiny tasks will dramatically impact the appearance and cleanliness of your office.

Keeping your office cleaned and disinfected is extremely important especially nowadays with the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider hiring professional cleaning services to prevent the spread of viruses and to maintain your employee’s and client’s health and safety.

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