Ideas To Please Your Customers in Workplace Cleaning Business

Ideas To Please Your Customers in Cleaning Business
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As business owners in the Sydney commercial cleaning business, our primary goal is to please and wow our customers. Their loyalty depends on their satisfaction. Our number one question is how to please them and make them stay with us.

This article will talk about how our company manages to be on top of this. We will share tips and best practices that will surely help you work your way through this industry.

By now, you already know that cleaning is a necessity for all types of businesses. Proprietors depend on this in making a lasting impression on their existing customers and potential clients.

If you are already in this field for so long, you already know the basic needs of your customers the same way as you had memorized the back of your hand.

Knowing that you can give something extra to your customers will make you stand out from the rest.

Ideas To Please Your Customers in Cleaning Business

As a cleaning provider, it is empowering to hear that your customers are excited to receive the service that you promised them.

The challenge is now focusing on making them stay and make them coming back for more.

Improve Your Cleaning Customer Service

We all know by now that your company’s reputation is a reflection of how you treat your customers. When faced with a complaint, it is always a good

practice to under-promise and over-deliver and not the other way around. Under-deliver resolution creates frustration for both you and your customers.

Also, who is your frontline? Who answers the phone? Is that person-friendly and welcoming? Attitude plays an integral part in this business.

You will go a long way if you know how to show kindness and willingness. These will make you ahead of your competition.

Politely Refuse People Who Want Free Cleaning Service

Not all clients are the right clients. Some of them are just fishing for free trial cleaning and will not sign up for anything regular.

Some of them have been with different cleaning contractors because they are hard to please. Remember, cleaning is a perception. What is clean for someone may not be clean for the other person.

Do not get into a deal because you are after getting many customers. If your gut feeling tells you that this customer is up to no good, listen to it. You can politely decline the offer and move on.

Use Technologies To Build Relationships With Customers

Technology makes our life more comfortable. Most traditional cleaning companies are intimidated by it.

Be familiar with helpful software that is being offered online. You can also subscribe to trial periods and see if this works for you.

There are accounting, scheduling, marketing, and much more software that can help you grow your business. Take advantage of free social media marketing.

Maximize the use of your email. Be responsive to all customers and potential customers who are reaching out to you on different social media platforms.

Give Better Suggestions for Cleaning Methods According To Requirements

Being knowledgeable about cleaning chemicals and effective cleaning techniques will make you stand out among the rest.

Plus, you will be more confident in dealing with your customers if you know the ins and outs of the business.

You can give them suggestions on the cleaning methods which are highly applicable to their requirements.

Focusing on a Specific Cleaning Niche Can Help To Grow Your Name

Same as being smart. You do not need to take on every call and every job that requires your service. Choose a niche where you will be an expert.

Do good at it and be known for that specific niche. Later on, your brand will speak of this niche.

This will save you time and effort, and by doing so, you do not have to compete with everyone in the market.

As your name grows and becomes known to the market, referrals and more potential clients will pour in.

Tell Your Customers The Benefit Of Switching To Green Cleaning

Almost everyone is taking their part in responsible cleaning by using environment-safe products. You can also use this as an edge.

You can brag about how safe your cleaning chemicals are and how your office cleaners in Sydney are using them.

Tell your customers the benefit of switching to green cleaning and stress how beneficial it will be for their employees.

Clean It Like It Is Yours

One way to get positive feedback from your customers is to treat their premises like it is your own office.

If you stick to this kind of mentality, your cleaner will not be spotted slacking off in every job.

They will have the same drive in cleaning and perform their best.

Create A Better Cleaning System and Be Systematic

As your business grows, you will be expected to hire people.

This is where it gets complicated because employees have their own set of skills and struggles.

To ensure that you are going in one direction, it is better to create a system that everyone follows.

As you start, you have to explain the system to them and make your cleaners understand the reason behind the system.

Once they are familiar with it, they will work their way to the top to achieve the same goal.

Haste Makes Waste: Don’t Get Caught, Rushing

As the old saying goes, haste makes waste. Create an effective way of scheduling the cleaning required to be completed on a particular day.

This will ensure the quality of the cleaning that you provide to the customers. No one wants to rush on cleaning only to get a complaint the following day.

Doing the job right will also save you time and effort by avoiding potential claims.

Quote A Reasonable Price To Your Cleaning Customers

Balance your pricing. Underquoting and over-quoting will never be healthy for your business.

Learn to compare your price with your competition and consider a fair amount of profit and margin that you can survive from.

You are not just quoting yourself; you also have employees to pay.

Hire Effective Employees Who Can Better Represent Your Cleaning Company 

Make sure that your Human Resources are sourcing the best candidate. A high turnover rate is one of the most significant challenges in the commercial cleaning business.

Cleaners’ commitment and dedication are often put to the test. When you came across the best candidate, value them and treat them like a family.

Do not put your company at risk by constantly changing employees. Also, run a quick background check for your employees to make sure that they are trustworthy. Your cleaners will represent you and your company.

Have An Insured Cleaning Staff To Protect From Unnecessary Expenses.

Be insured. This is one of the best ways for you to sleep soundly at night.

Accidents may happen anytime, and you do not want to get in trouble by paying out of pocket if one of your cleaners slipped or damaged a piece of expensive furniture on the premise while working.

Insurances and bonds will also help you with lost items.

Be On The Lookout For The Economy.

Most businesses are affected by the economy. Sadly, in the cleaning business, we are the first ones to be let go when the economy goes down the drain.

Not only that, but you also need to consider other economic factors when quoting for a job.

You need to think of the tax percentage that you need to pay the government back, the price of petrol, and other stuff like toilet paper and hand towels that are all required in your business.

Be Updated About Labour Cost and Other Employee-Related Issues

You should be on top of any changes that are mandated by the government. You do not want to be caught not following these.

You may subscribe to newsletters and alerts that will notify you should a change arise. It is easy to follow a specific rule if you know what to follow. Do not get blindsided.

Upgrade And Build Your Brand

As your business grows and you are earning the right amount of profit. You can start investing in other visual antics that will speak about your logo and your brand.

You may invest with vans, uniforms, business cards, and an improvement to your website and social media accounts.

Going beyond your customer’s expectations should not be a struggle for your business. It is easy if you just realize the importance of these ideas presented to you.

Do not be intimidated if you are just starting up because all companies had been there. Do not feel frustrated if you are not able to accomplish everything because everything has its proper timing.

Always remember that satisfying your customers and giving them something extra will take you a long way.

They will love you and will carry you to far places. Let us know if you agree with us. Feel free to drop a comment below and let us know how you feel about this article.

You can also share your own experience in going above and beyond your customer’s expectations.


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