A Comprehensive Guide to Fitness Center Cleaning

People go to gyms to burn calories, increase their strength, and improve their health and fitness. Many germs and bacteria accumulate in the gym because of numerous people using the same machine continuously. Over the course of a day, gym machines and equipment are subject to sweaty-dirty hands, dirty shoes and sometimes literally, blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears! And if you don’t know, germs can be spread easily with all these.

Gyms are a well-researched hotspot for germs, viruses and bacteria that can cause illness or infection. And as gym equipment comes into contact with multiple people in a short period of time, they can transmit these germs and bacteria faster than you might think. Thus, if your gym lacks hygiene and cleanliness, your customers will leave your gym with a lot more than ripped abs!

Now, gym owners employ a few local cleaners to clean the gym daily or several times a day, but cleaning and health experts agree that just mopping and sweeping is not enough. All the equipment, machines and even the complete area are needed to be first properly cleaned and then sanitized to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. That’s where professional cleaners are required. Gym cleaning is referred to as cleaning of gyms and fitness facilities.

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Gym Cleaning

Gyms belong to the list of places that are at high risk for germs. When a fitness equipment company conducted a study and tested common equipment at three different gyms, it reached the conclusion that: 

  • The free weights contained 362 times more germs compared to the average toilet seat.
  • Treadmills contain 74 times more bacteria than public bathroom taps.
  • The exercise bike had 39 times more bacteria than the food court tray.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your gym is and how much equipment you have, your gym should include all the equipment, the spaces where people exercise, other places such as changing and locker rooms or leisure spaces, and other items, need to be kept clean and sanitized all the time.

Hired cleaners can’t keep up with the cleaning needs of a gym due to a lack of experience, knowledge, equipment, and quality products. They will also take more time and resources than required. That’s why hiring a professional gym cleaning service provider is the best choice.

If you are a gym owner and looking for a professional cleaning company for gym cleaning services, Clean Group is here to help. Clean Group is a Sydney, NSW based professional cleaning company that is known for providing quality gym cleaning services in and around Sydney at really economical costs.

Clean Group has been one of the preferred commercial cleaning companies in Australia providing commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning and strata cleaning services. The company has a team of trained cleaners, access to all the resources, quality cleaning products, and practical experience in handling the cleaning needs of gyms of any size. 

Gym Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning companies provide gym cleaning services to maintain a higher standard of cleaning and hygiene at your gym. These services include many cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting tasks.

Here are the tasks Gym Cleaning Services normally includes:

Cleaning of Entrance and High Areas

Before conducting any in-depth cleaning, we will remove spots of dirt and debris. We will also dispose of all the garbage and then we will clean all the high areas and electronic stuff like bulbs, tube lights, fans, ventilators, etc. Then we will clean windows, walls and doors before cleaning the floor. These all tasks will be performed either weekly or monthly, thus if you are hiring a cleaning company make sure to check the monthly, daily and weekly tasks.

Floor Cleaning

We will vacuum frequently and remove any spills quickly. Backpack vacuums are an efficient and non-intrusive way for our staff to remove debris from the floor throughout the day. Mopping and washing with hot water is also very effective, thus, if it will be required we will conduct it as well. Normally, floor cleaning can be performed on a daily basis or a few times a day to keep all the areas germs-free.

Equipment cleaning

Using disinfectant wipes and sprays for gym members before and after equipment use will help slow the spread of germs, but germs are not completely killed. It is important for gym cleaners to take a set amount of time to thoroughly clean all touch areas on equipment. Our cleaners will use long-lasting sanitisers, which will eliminate all the germs and viruses, but it will also remove the chances for their return for a stretched time.

Restroom/locker rooms

Clean restrooms and toilets are very important for any business, but for gyms, it becomes more important in the gym and other fitness facilities. Bacteria and germs can easily spread in the restroom area, on lockers, benches, and floors. We will clean the floor of debris throughout the day, disinfect handles and benches consistently. We will also clean the shower and shower tap regularly throughout the day to prevent mould and fungus.

Gym cleaning products

Quality gym cleaning products help cleaners to clean the area faster and will provide you with a germ-free environment. We use only government-approved cleaning and disinfection products.

Our cleaners use various types of hand-held cleaning too9ls and equipment. For floor cleaning, they use sweeping, moping and a combination of soap and hot water. We also use damp and dry dust cloth along with fitness equipment wipes, gym spray bottles, High-strength anti-bacterial cleaner, High filtration vacuums and floor scrubbers, and sanitisers. 

If the machine is concerned, then we also have access to vacuum machines and air blowers of different sizes. We also have fog machines, cleaning and polishing machines. However, specific for gyms, these machines are required only occasionally. 

Gym Cleaning Tips and Checklist

To keep the gym and all the equipment clean and germ-free all the time, you can follow some precautions and tips and tricks. Some effective ones are listed below.

  1. Stinky and bad odor are a common problem in gyms. You should use air fresheners and dehumidifiers in the room.
  2. Towels also help people remain hygienic in the gym, so request every customer to bring their own towels and use it whenever needed.
  3. As disinfecting wipes are used by cleaners frequently. You can place a garbage can in the room so everything dirtier with the wipes will be properly disposed.
  4. Put some posters that make your customers aware of the importance of cleaning, washing hands regularly, use of sanitation, etc.
  5. If you are using disinfectant liquid, it must remain on the surface for a specific amount of time-based upon the product recommendations.

Gym Cleaning Checklist includes: 

We will create a specific quote and gym cleaning checklist after the initial inspection of your site. All our cleaners will have this checklist and they will make sure that nothing remains untouched. A basic gym cleaning checklist includes the following tasks.

  • Welcoming Entrance
    • Dust cleaning of furnishings and fixtures
    • Clean floor mats from debris and tripping hazards
    • Clean windows, shine doors
    • Polish fixtures
  • Inviting workout areas
    • Clean wall mirrors
    • Clean light fixtures
    • Keep Windows Streak free
  • Clean, safe equipment
    • Clean and disinfect touch-points on every piece of equipment
    • Maintain and follow a fitness facility maintenance checklist
  • Fresh gym mates
    • Sweep exercise areas
    • Trade out mats after each use
    • Clean mates with a neutral pH product and disinfectant.
  • Cardio machines
    • Wipe machines down with cleaner
    • Clean bottom surfaces
  • Weight equipment
    • Dust surfaces
    • Spot clean all equipment
    • Wipe down with cleaner
  • Office or check-in area
    • Dust all tables, chairs, desks and furniture
    • Clean and disinfect tables and chairs
    • Dust all displays and window sills
    • Wipe surfaces with cleaner
    • Disinfect high touch surfaces (door knob, phones, keyboards)
    • Empty trash cans
    • Sweep floors & dust mop
    • Vacuum floors
    • Wet mop floors
  • Restrooms/locker rooms
    • Clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, sinks and counters
    • Clean mirrors and fixtures
    • Clean shower areas
    • Dust surfaces
    • Refill restroom supplies

Cost to Hire a Gym Cleaning Service

There are many variables involved in determining the cost of a cleaning service, so it is not possible to give an accurate “you can expect to pay X” statement. Gym cleaning cost varies based on size of the building, geographic location, and your personal cleaning needs. However, there are general categories and billing methods.

Most Professional cleaners charge by the hour or by the square foot. Deep cleaning, such as waxing of carpets and rugs, windows, and floors, cleaning usually costs more. The cost also depends on the schedule of cleaning like daily, weekly, or monthly.

Thus, the gym cleaning cost depends on the various factors:

  • Square footage of the area you want to clean
  • How much traffic does your facility get
  • How often do you want to clean it
  • Staff Required
  • Cleaning Products and other stuff
  • Age and condition of the building
  • Any special cleaning requests

There are many companies that may ask you to sign a contract of at least 12 months. It is our advice to don’t get into this trap, don’t sign anything unless it includes a cancellation clause. It will protect you in case you are not happy with the cleaning company’s services.

Clean Group Sydney: The best Gym Cleaner in Sydney

Clean Group is a professional cleaning company providing services in and around Sydney, Australia. The company is a licensed cleaning company and guarantees quality cleaning for your space. The company has been providing its cleaning services for more than 15 years.

It is committed to provide commercial cleaning,  church cleaning, office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, medical center cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, child care center cleaning, and other cleaning services at very affordable prices. Clean Group’s customer base is more prominent and is perceived through them.

The Clean Group has the latest cleaning tools and equipment, which presently are the most upgraded ones in Sydney.  Clean Group is good at utilizing the latest technology in cleaning equipment. Most equipment allows the adjustment in it to provide according to the need.

The company also has trained and experienced cleaning experts who always stays up-to-date with the latest trends, cleaning techniques, products and equipment. We also organise training programs and practice sessions to improve them and their techniques. These all help us to provide the most effective cleaning solution in less time.

Clean Group gives priority to “safe for environmental products” during cleaning operations. This is done to protect the environment from chemicals and acids that can also cause damage to your floors and other things in the long run. To mitigate the harmful effect some people also choose green cleaning as it reduces the inorganic supplies and is environmentally friendly.

Clean Group is also good at providing green cleaning services. It becomes more important because most of the time cleaning is done in the presence of the people. In this situation, use of chemical solutions is risky and hazardous, as it can cause allergic reactions if it gets into contact with people who have some problem with it. 

During our cleaning operation, you will also observe that all the staff of Clean Group follows the safety rules and authoritative guidelines under the companies of bodies like OSHA and CDC. Which adds another layer of trust and safety during the cleaning job.

At Clean Group, we understand the importance of good hygiene in the fitness industry and our cleaning services and solutions will ensure that you have a positive image and a superior fitness experience for our customers.

We have a variety of cleaning equipment specifically designed for gyms and fitness facilities, including personal training studios, martial arts studios, yoga and Pilates studios, CrossFit providers, aquatic centers, boxing and weightlifting gyms.

Our Process of Gym Cleaning

It is important to come up with a strategy to ensure that as our customer you feel safe, comfortable, and informed about what we are doing to enhance the cleaning and sanitation of your place. The process depends on the area, cleaning challenges, and many other factors but here is our basic cleaning process.


If you want us to clean your gym, first you have to call us, share your location and schedule an inspection of your place. After receiving your request we will send a few of our members to your place. During the inspection, we will make sure that we inspect each and every corner carefully. We will also try to know of any special cleaning requests. Additionally, we will also prepare rough notes of our observation and measurement so we can prepare the gym cleaning quote for you.

Gym Cleaning Quote, and cleaning plan

After proper inspection we will prepare a gym cleaning quote for your job and share with you. It will have all the details like price, staff required, time required. Cleaning schedule, products, equipment and all the important details. Check it and accept it and if you need any changes feel free to get into touch with us.

Cleaning and disinfecting will be an important part of our cleaning plan and your operational approach going forward. As we make our plans, we will keep in mind that the world has changed because of the pandemic. Moving forward in our “new normal” will be new cleaning protocols, not just a short-term solution for your gym. We will prioritize the tasks accordingly.


After getting your approval on our quote we will load all the required supplies and tools in our van and we will reach your place. We will place caution signs wherever required and then we will follow the checklist to provide the satisfaction level of cleaning. We will arrange a few things and equipment to reach each and every corner. We will prepare the cleaning solutions, tools and equipment. Along with it we will also wear all the safety gears to make cleaning safe.

Gym Cleaning

After preparing everything and placing the wet floor caution sign boards. We will start conducting cleaning tasks as per the prepared gym cleaning checklist. The complete cleaning process will have various tasks and steps, we can divide our cleaning process into the following.

Rough Cleaning: This is the initial stage in which we will eliminate objects such as debris, garbage, leftovers as well as some other things that cannot be vacuumed. After that, normal sweeping and vacuuming is to be done. Removal of stickers on doors and windows depends on your choice but it all can be covered under this section.

Light clean: This stage covers more and more tasks and is difficult to implement. It requires a variety of cleaning tools and equipment. Spaces such as restrooms, locker rooms will be covered in this part. These include installed items like sinks, toilets, windows, towel dispensers,  cabinets that need to be cleaned. This part will also cover the floor, windows, glass areas, doors, walls, etc.

Cleaning of Gym Equipment : Although it is not possible for the cleaning staff to wipe the machines after each use, frequent cleaning and sanitization of such equipment will reduce the amount of exposure to harmful bacteria, members may come into contact with.

We will use disinfectant wipes to clean facility equipment several times per day. These gym cleaner wipes will help eliminate germs, grime and sweat left on the machines. We will thoroughly wipe the full surface of the gym equipment.

For best results we will allow the disinfectant to rest on the equipment for at least 2-3 minutes. We will also use gym disinfectant spray or sprayers filled with electrostatic or disinfectant solution to make the entire gym germ and virus free.

The final clean: This includes final cleaning or touch-up cleaning is the last thing. It can be conducted on various days after the second cleaning section as their purpose was to settle the dust and dirt. This allows the cleaners more time to focus on the final cleaning of the mess.

This cleaning section takes much less time than usual to pay attention to because the common things that are being cleaned at this point are fingerprints, smudges, and other imperfections from the areas cleaned in all previous steps.

Final Inspection before leaving

We will inspect the complete property again, we will remove all the caution signs, re-arrange all the stuff we moved to clean, and analyse the checklist, before leaving we will also take your sign as acknowledgement that all the tasks have been completed. It will also make sure that we are missing nothing from the checklist. We will also dispose of all the garbage and disposable safety gears.

This is our process of gym cleaning. We will take care of everything from equipment, to the floor, to outer space. You can hire us for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning at affordable rates.


Not just gyms and fitness centers, Clean Group will assist you in the cleaning of the school, warehouse, office, restaurant, church, storage facilities, etc. We have immense experience in cleaning even the most difficult space that is hard to clean and disinfectant, we are also good at cleaning spaces located at height such as chimney outlets, windows, air vents, etc. These places are considered as areas prone to accident. All these mentioned cleaning tasks can be performed by our experienced team with no risk at very affordable costs. 

That’s all about our Gym Cleaning, where we explained gym cleaning services, process, and tips and tricks. Clean Group is a leading professional cleaning company that provides cleaning services to every type of commercial facilities whether it is cafe, office, gym, restaurant, school, public places, medical buildings, childcare centre, malls, and entertainment centers.

We are ready to take care of all your commercial cleaning needs. So, if you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Sydney for your gym, call us now or send us an email to experience world-class cleaning at the most economical cost.

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