Checklist for Hiring Business Cleaning Services in Sydney

Checklist for Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney
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Hire the right commercial cleaners with the help of this checklist.

Managing a commercial space involves heaps of administrative work. You spend lots of time making sure everyone gets to work comfortably, safely, and productively. With that said, one of the workplace factors that can’t be overlooked — especially with the rise of the COVID pandemic — is office cleanliness and sanitation.

You and your colleagues are more than likely busy with day-to-day work tasks. Although cleanliness in commercial spaces is essential, that doesn’t mean you and your colleagues will need to keep the commercial space clean on your own; it’s much more time-efficient to outsource the work to professional cleaners. Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about hiring commercial cleaning services in Sydney and how you can find the right company for your business using a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask. To learn more, read below.

Why Should I Hire Commercial Cleaners?

Experience & Ability

Instead of leaving the responsibility of cleaning to an untrained employee, it would be best to hire professionals. These professionals know exactly how to keep things clean and sanitized up to the highest standard; this is even more important now that customers and clients care more about deep sanitation due to the COVID pandemic.

A Better Working Environment

Aside from keeping your employees safe, hiring professionals to keep your workplace spotless can encourage higher productivity. Your employees won’t waste time navigating through messy piles of knick-knacks; instead, they’ll have more time to do what you hired them to do — work and attend to customers and clients.

Germ Removal

Although your employees may be doing the basics — throwing their trash in the right bin and generally tidying up — they aren’t thinking about disinfecting surfaces. A commercial cleaning crew knows precisely where the germ hotspots are and how to disinfect them.

Setting & Forgetting

Once you’ve settled on hiring outstanding commercial cleaning services in Sydney, the professional cleaners should be able to do their job with little intervention on your part. All you’ll need to do is decide on when you want them to come in, and they’ll show up without fail.

Is There a Right Time to Hire Cleaners?

There is no one right time for all businesses to hire cleaners; however, there are a few tell-tale signs that you can look out for that suggest now would be a good time to outsource the cleaning tasks to the professionals.

Your Team Is Busy

Every member of your team is an expert in what they do. However, it’s more than likely that they don’t have the time — nor the experience — to clean the workplace regularly on top of doing the tasks they were hired to do.

Instead of allowing your team to waste more time cleaning instead of doing more productive tasks, hiring a commercial cleaning team to cut down on time wasted each week would be better. Commercial cleaning is great for your brand image.

Your Cleaning Solution Isn’t Working

You might have been able to manage cleaning your commercial space on your own for some time. But if you cannot consistently clean your space up to a high standard, your customers or clients may notice. When your current cleaning solution doesn’t work, it’s time to hire a new team of professional cleaners.

You Transferred To a New Space

If you’ve recently bought that hot new commercial spot at the local shopping centre, it’s an excellent time to set new expectations and set up new protocols to keep the space clean and prevent it from becoming an eyesore for customers and clients. You can do this by hiring commercial cleaning services in Sydney as soon as possible.

What Should I Ask Potential Cleaners Before Hiring?

How Many Years Have You Been In Business?

The first thing you should ask any commercial cleaning company before hiring them is how long they’ve been in business. Many years in business show that the company has remained profitable due to many satisfied businesses hiring them in the long term.
You’ll want to hire commercial cleaning services in Sydney who understands the ins and outs of cleaning like the back of their hands. To follow up, you may wish to ask the company what other businesses like yours hired them for their cleaning services.

How Do You Screen Your Employees?

Next, you’re going to want to ask the company how they carefully select whom they hire to be cleaners. After all, the person you talk to on the phone may not be the same person who’ll be visiting your business to clean your commercial space; you’ll want to make sure anyone who comes in to do the cleaning has been adequately vetted.

At the very least, you’re going to want to work with a cleaning company that screens and performs background checks on its employees.

As follow-up questions, you may consider asking the following:

  • Do your cleaners wear uniforms to work so that they can be easily identified?
  • How do you make sure your employees have the skills to do their jobs?
  • Do you train your staff in the importance of maintaining security while cleaning a commercial space — especially if they clean after hours?

How Do You Ensure Cleaning Standards?

After asking the company how they vet their potential hires, you’re going to want to ask about their quality control. You would be surprised by how many cleaning companies don’t set clear and consistent cleaning standards for their employees to follow.

The best cleaning companies will use the latest cleaning equipment and will be up to date on the most recent cleaning procedures and rules for your business. If the person you talk to can’t explain how they ensure their cleaning standards, it would be best to look for another commercial cleaning service in Sydney.

What Insurance Coverage Does Your Company Have?

Your cleaning company must be insured. If the cleaning company you’re talking to is not insured, immediately look for better options.

Aside from the cleaning company being insured, it should also have plans to help protect you too. Ideally, the cleaning company you’ll be working with should have liability insurance, workers’ compensation, auto liability, and an umbrella policy.

Will You Connect Us With a Dedicated Contact Person?

Ask the company if you’ll be able to easily contact a dedicated point person if a problem arises during business hours.

The commercial cleaners you’ll be working with should have a communication process that’s effective yet simple. You should be able to reach out to someone from the company to resolve any issues or ask any questions about your commercial cleaning plan.

Relating to communication, you may consider asking how the company communicates requirements and issues to the on-site cleaners to make sure they get resolved.

What Kind of Training Do Your Employees Undergo?

When hiring commercial cleaning services in Sydney, it’s important to make sure their employees undergo the right kind of training and have the proper certifications to perform any cleaning procedures that they may need to do. The more types of training their employees undergo, the better; they’ll be ready to handle any cleaning situation thrown their way.

How Comprehensive Is Your Schedule and Work Scope?

Before deciding on which cleaning company to hire, you’re going to want to ask about their cleaning schedule and the scope of their work. More specifically, you’ll want to understand the following:

  • How often the company will clean your commercial space
  • Whether they charge extra for other services
  • Whether your commercial cleaning plan is personalized

Is the Cleaning Contract Clear and Understandable?

Of course, you won’t ask the company upfront whether their contract is clear and understandable because they will surely say yes; instead, you should go through the contract carefully and bring up any questions you may have.

If the representative from the company you talk to can’t answer your questions until you are satisfied, it’s best to move on to a different commercial cleaning service provider. You’ll want to be sure you understand the contract completely and are satisfied with the terms.

How Much Do You Charge?

Finally, you’ll want to ask each company you’re considering for a quote.

You’ll want to make sure you communicate your business’s cleaning needs. That way, the commercial cleaning service provider will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

If a quote doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s okay to walk away. Part of choosing the right cleaning service provider for your commercial space is choosing one that fits your budget. After all, you have other business expenses.

But be sure not to choose a company only because they offer you the lowest prices. More often than not, you get what you pay for — so choose wisely.

Using This Checklist

With this checklist of things to consider, you’ll be able to hire the best commercial cleaning services in Sydney provider for your business Sydney in no time at all.

Ideally, you’d want to interview at least three or four different cleaning companies to get a feel for what kind of services are offered in your area. Once you narrow down your choices to one or two companies, they’ll come over to your workspace to better understand what cleaning services you’ll need and how much they’ll charge.

During their on-site visit, be sure to get to know the staff and ask any questions you may have forgotten to ask over the phone.

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