Tips on How to Organise and Clean the Workplace Fridge

Tips on How to Organise and Clean the Office Fridge
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Maintaining cleanliness is very important for any business. Most business owners implement various cleaning techniques for their employees to practice. Nevertheless, particular areas are often not taken seriously – like the office refrigerator. 

Keeping an office fridge organized and clean can be a hassle since different people at work use it. Although office cleaning service providers can ease the task, here are some tips to follow to keep the fridge presentable, organized, and clean.

More importantly, keeping an office refrigerator neat and clean prevents the shoving of lunches or snacks. Additionally, it can protect food spillages that can result in unpleasant smells in your commercial fridge.

The Seven Steps to Clean Your Office Fridge

Before you even re-organize the commercial fridge, prioritize eliminating all expired foods. Then, clean it out and sanitize. Here is an ultimate step-by-step guide to office cleaning your refrigerator:

1. Disconnect all the Refrigeration Units

To eliminate the probability of electrocution, you need first to disconnect your freezer or refrigerator. It is an easy and quick step, though it is also essential to protect against electrical incidents.

2. Empty all the Shelves, Individually

Start by removing all the foods from your freezer or chiller. Ensure also to take out the containers, do not just shift them to the other shelf of the fridge.

3. Throw any Moldy or Expired Food

Perishable foods can easily get lost inside the fridge. Employees usually push it back behind other products, especially if you have a huge fridge. Do not ignore anything your suspect being spoilt- it is not worth the risk of making your employees or customers sick.

4. Make Sure to Wipe the Inside of Your Refrigerator

Use a bucket of soapy, warm water and the sponge of your choice to clean your office freezer or fridge carefully. Highly absorbent mitts or cloths are ideal for scrubbing down all inches of your refrigerator.

5. Sterilize with a Disinfectant

Mould and bacteria can eventually accumulate in an office fridge; thus, it is critical to sterilize all surfaces with a disinfectant. Ensure to utilize a food-safe disinfectant since you will be placing products back into their respective. 

6. Vacuum the Coils and Condenser

Debris and dust can clog the air circulation of your freezer. So check your coils and condenser regularly. If not, these specks of dirt can accumulate on your refrigeration units.

When air ducts are clogged, freezer coils will need to utilize more energy to take in air and maintain your refrigerator cool. You don’t want this to happen. It will lead to higher utility bills and a less effective fridge.

7. Clean the Top and Bottom Parts of the Freezer or Refrigerator

Maintaining cleanliness on every surface of your refrigeration units is as critical as cleaning the interior itself. Carefully mop the floor around and under the freezer and fridge. Never forget to dust the countertop of your units.

How to Organize Your Office Refrigerator

Here are the most important tips to consider when organizing your commercial fridge:

Utilize Sorting Baskets

Organize the contents of the fridge using sorting baskets. Sorting baskets does not only help you organise your fridge; it will also help you from food spillages. Group your lunches and snacks according to the type of food, teams, or any sorting technique that best suits your office.

Label all Food Items

Place labels on the lunches and snacks in your fridge to avoid confusion and missing food. Labelling will also make it easy for everybody to identify their foodstuff.

During tea or lunch breaks, they will not have to rummage the whole fridge to get their snacks or lunches. Additionally, they will not mess up with the fridge’s contents, spill their co-workers’ snacks or mess with any other product.

Make a List of the Contents in the Fridge

you can post sticky notes on the fridge’s door with a list of its contents. The list should indicate all the foodstuff with their respective owners. It will help to tell who owns which easily. Further, it will help you identify who is responsible for messes and leftovers in the freezer or refrigerator.

How Often Should You Clean Your Office Fridge?

You can wait a couple of months before deep-cleanings if you try easy steps to keep your office refrigerator clean for that long. Here is our recommended schedule to keep your fridge smelling fresh and presentable.

  • Immediately: You should routinely rinse off ketchup bottles, salsa containers, and jam jars, among other items that seem to get grimy in the fridge.
  • Once per week: Remove any old food products and scan all the fridge’s contents. Dispose of them before their start stinking.
  • After every two months: leaving a carton of baking soda in the fridge is a perfect and cost-effective technique for eliminating odours. Ensure to indicate the date on the carton.
  • After every three to four months: Ask your cleaners to deep clean your office fridge after three to four months so you can keep it fresh and neat.

Why Should You Clean Your Office Fridge? 

Cleaning your office fridge frequently can help keep a pleasant smell in your office. Although, there are two main reasons for cleaning an office fridge:

To Reduce Office Ailments

With many workers sharing the same fridge and reaching a similar fridge door, it is no surprise that viruses and germs spread quickly among the employees. Regular cleaning can help to minimize these diseases and increase the productivity of your business.

Increase the Productivity of Your Workplace

A clean and neat fridge encourages productivity among employees as they can keep their food safe in the office fridge. There’s no need for them to go outside having long breaks.

Maintaining the office fridge neat and clean can be difficult. However, since everyone in the business uses it, they are all equally responsible for keeping it clean. To help you achieve a high level of neatness and cleanliness in your office, contact our team at Clean Group for professional cleaning services for fridge and dishwasher naturally. Related Article: How to clean a dog-friendly office in Sydney pet-friendly cleaning guide

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