Top Reasons to Hire Construction Cleaning Services from Clean Group

Top Reasons to Hire Construction Cleaning Services from Clean Group from Clean Group
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After a recent construction or renovation, your place doesn’t become ready to move until it has been cleaned properly and thoroughly. It may be possible that your construction workers will not clean the place after the project is finished either due to time constraints or because they weren’t paid for the same.

In any case, you know that you cannot just move into a newly constructed or renovated property without getting it thoroughly cleaned first. You must also know that construction cleaning is unlike general cleaning and is definitely more complex and time-consuming. Thankfully, we have professional construction cleaners to help you out!

Clean Group is a full-service commercial cleaning company that also provides after-builders cleaning services, or construction cleaning services, to properties that have been recently constructed or renovated.

We are expert construction cleaners and have been doing this for nearly two decades now. Our cleaners are experienced and well-trained and provide thorough cleaning and waste disposal services to property owners in Sydney.

Why Do You Need Construction Cleaning?

Once the construction or renovation work on your building is finished, there will remain a lot of construction waste, debris and dust, which your construction workers will not likely clean.

You cannot do it yourself because cleaning a construction site can be both troublesome and time-consuming. Construction cleaning is complex because there are many tasks involved in cleaning such a site, including cleaning up heavy construction dust, careful & safe disposal of construction waste, cleaning paint & other stains, and removing health hazards. There are literally hundreds of potential risk hazards on a construction site, so you need to know what you’re doing.

Because you cannot move into or use a place after construction/renovation without cleaning it first, you might need expert help from professional commercial cleaners.

Why Clean Group is the best company for Construction Cleaning Services in Sydney

At Clean Group, we have a dedicated team of cleaners who specialise in after-builders cleaning and have the right tools and training for this kind of job.

Our staff has completed multiple construction cleaning projects successfully over the years across a range of buildings of all sizes and types. Here’s why you should hire Clean Group for construction cleaning in Sydney.

Thorough After-Builders Cleaning

Because a construction site can have large amounts and varieties of dirt, there might be the need to perform a range of cleaning tasks, some of which not even many expert cleaners would be up for. But, we are.

We at Clean Group do comprehensive cleaning. When cleaning a place after construction, we’ll not just clean up dust and remove debris, but we will go deep and dust, mop, scrub and vacuum the entire place.

We’ll also dispose of the construction waste in the best possible safe and legal manner, remove tripping hazards such as heavy stones, and clean any paint stains on walls, floors, windows and doors.

Complete and thorough cleaning is a must to ensure that the place is safe for use, and our team can do it all. We work discreetly, can be hired to come in after your builders have left to not interfere with their work, and will clean up nicely and thoroughly to produce results that you’ll absolutely love.

Whether you’re planning to use the property for yourself or want to sell or hand it over to a new buyer, our expert after-build cleaning service will ensure your place is ready to leave a great impression.

We Keep Your People Safe

Thorough cleaning of a newly constructed building is important to ensure the safety of people who’ll be working on the site.

A construction site can have all kinds of dirt and debris. The huge amounts of dust on the site can cause detrimental effects on the health of those working on the site.

Hazardous construction waste such as loose nails, paint thinners, lead, mercury, and glass pieces can create potential risks to the health and safety of your people. Sawdust can get into and deteriorate people’s lungs. Liquid waste such as paint and thinner if spread on the floor can become a tripping hazard.

As we said before, cleaning a construction site can be messy and full of risks. DO NOT CLEAN it yourself unless you’re a professional and/or trained construction cleaner.

We at Clean Group are really good when it comes to keeping our customers & their people safe through high-quality cleaning. Trust us to deep clean your place after construction and make it ready & safe to use for your staff.

You can hire our experienced construction cleaners for cleaning your building before or after work hours or at whatever schedule suits you.

High-Quality Cleaning by Professionals

Let us worry about cleaning while you work on rebuilding your business or selling the property to a worthy buyer.

We understand that your construction workers may not have the time or patience to clean after they’ve just finished constructing an entire building. And we do not blame them. Construction is heavy work and is certainly not everyone’s cup of team.

This is why you need our expert construction cleaners, who can take cleaning off your hands and guarantee the best, high-quality results to meet your expectations and goals.

While you look after the construction work or get ready to move into your new office or home, we’ll make sure that your construction site is safe and clean for use.

Our cleaners are all verified professionals who have the best knowledge and cleaning resources and are qualified for after-builders cleaning. You should not only expect but want high-quality results from them.

Instead of cleaning it on your own or getting it done by your construction workers, you can simply hire professional cleaners to maintain cleanliness on your property. This will also allow you to have more time to focus on other important things.

Flexible Cleaning Schedule

Another reason to hire our professionals for your construction cleaning needs is that we can build our schedule around your particular needs.

You may want cleaners to come and clean as the construction work progresses. Alternatively, you may be looking for after-build cleaning Sydney for a property that has already been constructed and needs to be made spotless before it can be shown to prospective buyers. In any case, we can come and clean as and when you want.

Having a large, in-house team of talented cleaners on our payroll allows us to be flexible when it comes to scheduling cleaning services for our customers. We understand that different construction projects may have different cleaning needs, which is why we try to be available for our customers as and when they need our construction cleaning services in Sydney.

We offer free on-site quotes, so you can call us to set up a meeting with our cleaners. We’ll visit your place to sit down and discuss your cleaning needs in detail and figure out the best way to clean your under-construction or constructed property according to your preferred schedule.

Our cleaners will visit and clean your place as scheduled. They are always on time.

One of the benefits of hiring a professional construction cleaning company over a regular cleaner is that we know about the legal requirements and guidelines for the responsible disposal of construction waste.

Construction waste can cause serious damage when handled carelessly and without precaution. There are rules that one must follow when looking to dispose of such material.

In fact, there is a fine for irresponsible disposal of construction waste. This is why you need us to help you with the careful handling of your construction materials and waste.

At Clean Group, our cleaners have a good understanding of the best way to dispose of construction waste so as to minimise potential risks and health hazards. They will do this automatically as this comes as a part of our cleaning service package.

We make sure that you have complete peace of mind knowing that any and all construction waste on your site is being handled professionally by our cleaners. We understand and follow the legal requirements when it comes to disposing of waste originating from construction sites.

We’re Great at What We Do!

If you need more reasons to hire our qualified construction cleaners or after-builders cleaning services, just know that we’re really good at what we do. And we have been doing this for many years now.

Though Clean Group is a commercial cleaning company, we also specialise in after-builders cleaning. Our cleaning is thorough and will cover every inch of your newly constructed or renovated building.

From removing and disposing of construction waste and clearing dust to mopping floors, cleaning doors, windows & walls, wiping down surfaces, removing paint & oil marks, and disinfecting touchpoints, we do it all.

Our construction cleaners have experience in cleaning a large variety of buildings, from commercial facilities to houses, apartments, and large strata buildings.

Our extensive cleaning knowledge and skills allow us to confidently clean and manage any building, whether big or small, and produce efficient results that surpass our clients’ expectations every time.

No matter the size or type of your property, we’ll clean and handle it with the same care as all our projects and make sure that you have a spotless and safe building ready to use.

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