How has Covid-19 Affected the Workplace Cleaning Industry in Sydney?

How has Covid-19 Affected the Commercial Cleaning Industry in Sydney
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Covid-19 brought changes to both individuals and businesses, and nothing will be the same anymore. As a respiratory disease, that might have mild or strong effects, the first way to prevention of its spreading is hygiene. For both domestic and commercial properties, cleaning is not something new, but, with the appearance of the virus, some of the practices have changed.

Covid cleaning in Sydney Industry is one of the most important parts of a company and a business It is essential for the health of the workers, good results, inspiration, and motivation.

When there is a lack of clean space, people might get sick or get hurt, something that is quite not what any commercial business wants.

Covid-19 imposed a new way of cleaning. Not only did the office cleaning set a higher standard but it was required by the employees too to maintain the best possible level of hygiene, both on them and in their workplace.

Not only that has affected the lives of everyone and got a different turn, but it also greatly affected the commercial cleaning industry in Sydney.

Due to the inability to keep paying salaries to their employees, many commercial businesses were forced to close.

They would remain closed for a long time, and employees were either laid off or sent at home. This has had an impact on the commercial industry too.

Those who were no longer in business would start canceling their contracts and appointments with professional cleaning services, to save money. Since there were no employees at the property, there was no need for regular cleaning.

If there is one thing that is for sure, that is the pandemic affecting global awareness of cleaning.

Up until now, cleaning was seen as an additional process, something that is needed, but not necessarily important to uphold almost every day.

Today, no matter if it is facility cleaning, residential cleaning, hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, or any type of cleaning, people are very much dedicated to it, especially after seeing the devastating results that the pandemic brought.

People see the value of clean offices and believe that is what is important. Cleaning is not anymore a thing about appearance issues, it is a way of life and necessity.

For commercial cleaning in Sydney, the pandemic is writing a new history. The cleaning companies will have more data, science, and evidence to push their companies to the next level.

This applies both to the regular and restoration cleaning business. People and companies are willing to pay more for quality service, which will directly influence the increase in the company’s budget when it comes to cleaning.

Commercial cleaning will become an even more competitive and profitable business for cleaning companies and crews.

This change is also going to be noticeable in the products that are used for commercial cleaning. The future will bring more innovation with cleaning equipment, tools, and solutions. Companies and the cleaning business will spend more money on research and development.

What Does Professional Commercial Covid-19 Cleaning Mean?

Keeping the workplace safe and free from infection is not a primary concern for all commercial businesses.

This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and to preserve peace of mind for all occupants, so they know that all steps are being taken to keep them safe and they can do their work in a more relaxed way.

For every commercial business, it is essential to “clean and disinfect all areas…routinely.” Additionally, at this point, it is clear that individuals can be asymptomatic and still transmit COVID-19, which might require taking up all necessary actions.

As a result of that, many commercial businesses are taking steps to keep their facilities sanitized, such as wiping down areas with disinfecting wipes and cleaning more regularly than normal.

These steps are important but not sufficient to maintain a safe work environment during an epidemic and they will definitely shape the future of commercial cleaning.

Hiring a professional cleaning company service will disinfect the facility in a way that will keep the employees and occupants safe and keep essential personnel working in this time of crisis, as well as set new cleaning rules and guidelines. Here are three of the reasons why:

1. Professional Sanitizing Can Reach All Corners of the Facility.

By applying disinfectant using a combination of techniques—including fogging, surface wiping, and spraying—all the areas of the commercial building will be addressed. Normally, they would otherwise be missed by ordinary cleaning. These methods include:

Fogging— It is a technique that uses a fine spray to deliver disinfectant so that it reaches all interior spaces. The process can be done in interior spaces as well as in air duct systems.
Surface wiping—it is a process that includes wiping down all surfaces with industrial-grade disinfectant. The solution is applied wet, allowed to dwell, and then wiped for maximum effectiveness.
Spraying—This is a method that includes applying a “wet” spray to completely coat a surface in sanitizing solution. After the solution is applied, it is allowed to dry to ensure effectiveness.

You’ve probably seen footage of this on the news, as cities have been wet-spraying public spaces. Through these techniques, every part of the commercial facility—from high-touch surfaces to the interior of the air duct system—will be sanitized.

Professional Cleaning Utilizes a Different Quality of Sanitizing Product

Off-the-shelf products can be effective at addressing Covid-19, but they will not have the efficacy of a higher-strength disinfectant. The professional commercial cleaning industry in Sydney puts special attention on disinfecting products:

• The disinfecting and sanitizing products that are used for cleaning commercial buildings include both professional-strength and off-the-shelf products.
• There are new terms for cleaning products labeled as “hospital grade” or “industrial grade.” These are purely marketing terms and don’t represent anything about the quality of the product.

That said, there is a distinction between professional-strength cleaning products such as the ones that professional cleaning companies use, and off-the-shelf products that can be found at the store.

By Not Using Your Employees or Staff to Clean and Disinfect the Premises, Utilizing a Commercial Cleaning Service Will Keep Them Safe

The professional commercial cleaning service is trained to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and clean in such a way as to minimize risk to the cleaners themselves. This might not be the case if the cleaning is performed or asked by the employees.

In addition, commercial cleaning companies can schedule after-hours work to avoid contact with your occupants and eliminate any person-to-person interaction.

This is much safer than having staff clean during regular business hours. (If it is not possible to schedule after-hours work—as in the case of facilities that are open 24 hours a day—such companies are open to finding a solution.)

For all of the reasons above, every commercial business should regularly be conducting professional cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. This is not something that is needed now, but it will also become a regular practice post-Covid-19.

What Are the Current Covid-19 Prevention Techniques That Apply to the Commercial Sector?

Commercial businesses must protect people from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps in protecting the workers and others that enter the commercial premises from Covid-19.

It is very well-known that the coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces, and it can also be passed on the others that will touch the same surfaces.

Keeping the workplace clean and frequently washing hands can potentially prevent the coronavirus from spreading. That is a critical part of making keeping any business working safely.

That is why hygiene must be maintained, surfaces regularly cleaned and the people must be provided with the right facilities to control the risk of Covid-19.

Hand Sanitizer

The works, duties, and obligations of the commercial cleaning services have been broadened to a whole new level, that goes beyond the regular janitorial services.

Due to Covid-19, here is what every commercial business owner must provide in their facility, which is carried out by professional covid cleaning services.

Hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In those terms, the commercial cleaning business use signs and posters to help the workers practice good handwashing technique and to remind them to catch their coughs and sneeze in tissue and avoid touching their face. The commercial cleaning service will provide:

  • soap and paper in the hand-washing facilities;
  • hand sanitizer at locations where there is a lot of human traffic.

    Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entry/exit points so that people can disinfect their hands when they arrive and leave work. Additionally, they can be placed as an additional handwashing product in places where people can wash their hands frequently. All of these services will be followed by constantly checking the level of remaining sanitizer and refilling it.

Cleaning the Workplace

Because of Covid-19, the cleaning of commercial spaces needs to be increased, and it should be done thoroughly, especially referring to surfaces that are not normally cleaned. The professional commercial cleaning service will.

  • keep surfaces clear so that cleaning can be carried out more effectively;
  • the areas will be cleaned regularly in line with the cleaning regime;
  • there will be clear guidelines set for the use and cleaning of toilets, showers, and changing facilities to make sure they are kept clean;
  • the work areas and equipment between uses will be cleaned;
  • frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly;
  • If equipment like tools or vehicles is shared, they will also be cleaned after each use.

Identifying Frequently Touched Surfaces

Doors, banisters, buttons, and anything that is frequently touched, especially if it’s touched by lots of people, may need more regular cleaning than normal. Examples of frequently touched objects include:

  • work surfaces like desks, platforms, and workstations;
  • handles on doors, windows, rails, dispensers, and water coolers;
  • common areas like toilets, reception, changing rooms, corridors, and lifts;
  • the vehicle handles, steering wheels, seat belts, and internal surfaces;
  • control panels for machinery, control pads, and switches;
  • computer keyboards, printers, touch screens, monitors, and phones;
  • taps, kettles, water heaters, fridges, microwaves, and cupboards;
  • shared equipment like tools, machines, vehicles, pallet trucks, and delivery boxes;
  • post and goods coming in or being shipped out.

Bathrooms and Toilets

As mentioned above, the frequent washing of hands is absolutely necessary, so the commercial cleaning service will also see that:

• the facilities are well-ventilated, by opening the windows and vents where possible and making sure that the mechanical ventilation is working properly;
• scheduling a plan for cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, and handwashing facilities;
• providing soap and replenishing the towels and the hand sanitiser;
• putting up signs and posters to increase awareness of a good hand-washing technique.

If the commercial business does have vehicles, the commercial cleaning service will also see that they are properly cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning of the vehicles should be done regularly, particularly between different users. Cleaning will include going over the commonly touched areas in the vehicles such as:

  • handles (inside and out)
  • steering wheel and starter button
  • centre touchscreen and stereo
  • handbrake and gearstick
  • keys and key fob
  • indicators and wiper stalks
  • windows, mirrors and mirror switches, seat adjusters, and any other controls

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