The Complete Workplace Cleaning Checklist 2022 – Best Practices by Clean Group

The Complete Commercial Cleaning Checklist 2022 – Best Practices by Clean Group
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The appearance of your business structure will automatically give the first impression of your business to clients before any business is done. It’s, therefore, essential to keep it clean and in fantastic shape. A simple commercial cleaning checklist from Clean Group can make your office space look tidy, improving your reputation positively as a business. Before delving into the cleaning checklist, let’s first discuss the importance of cleaning your commercial space.

Why Cleaning Your Commercial Space Is Important

Cleaning your commercial space is inevitable for various reasons. Here are reasons why cleaning your office with a team of experts should be done regularly:

Creating a Healthy Environment

Overall, cleaning your office regularly ensures your employees and clients are in a safe working environment and conduct their business properly. A safe environment free of disease-causing germs is a healthy workspace.

You will not have instances of an increased percentage of absentees from employees, thereby ensuring higher productivity, which reflects in sales and a happy customer experience.

Improves the Appeal of Your Workspace to Customers

A neat workspace will always be more appealing to customers than one that isn’t. Customers will see that you care about them and your business. They’ll also feel comfortable coming into your business or recommending other customers to your business.

Devote Time for Other Tasks

When you hire Clean Group to tidy up and organize your workspace, it allows you to have time that you can devote to accomplishing other essential tasks for your business. It also helps your business grow while still ensuring you maintain cleanliness to make the office functional for you, employees, and customers.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Schedule professionals to clean your office regularly. You can create a checklist that these professionals can go by while cleaning to ensure that everything gets done. The best checklist should contain all areas of your office to eliminate any chance of overlooking some areas and how items should be cleaned.

The Reception Area

First, the reception is the most common area that customers visiting your business first see. Therefore, it should always be kept and maintained in pristine shape. This means that it must be cleaned daily and a few spot-checks as the day unfolds.

The business reputation hangs on the line. You must make sure the appearance of the reception area reflects the business. Here are steps to follow when cleaning the reception area:

  1. Welcome mats should be tidy and in place. Dust, sweep and mop everything that has dust and dirt in this section.
  1. Wipe out the front door; both inside and out, especially if it is made of glass.
  1. Empty all trash cans, wipe them down and replace the liners with new ones.
  1. Disinfect and wipe desks, the reception counter, and tables.
  1. Organize all magazines, and make all coffee tables look neat.
  1. Dust lamps, chairs, window shades, vents, tables, among other items.
  1. Mop, sweep and vacuum the floors. Carpets must be cleaned after a few months.

Office, Desk, and Cubicles

The following cleaning processes should suffice in areas where people sit to work, like the cubicles, desks, and shared tables.

  1. Dust all shelves, cabinets, and any other hard surfaces.
  1. Empty the trash can, wipe them and replace the liners with clean ones.
  1. Wipeout dust from the computer. Dust monitors, keyboards, and any other part of the computer.
  1. If applicable, disinfect areas like the desks, phones, and even the armchair. Don’t move on to the next phase without wiping the earpieces.
  1. Collect all kitchenware you find here, for example, mugs, plates, and utensils, and put them on the kitchen sink. 
  1. Next, dust the HVAC ducts.
  1. If you have windows, then they should be dusted. Dust the window shades/blinds as well as the window sill.
  1. Using a microfibre cloth, clean the glass window and any other glass area.
  1. Finally, vacuum, sweep or mop the floors.

Kitchen or Break Area

  1. Remove all unclaimed items from the refrigerator. Ensure you tell people beforehand so that they can label their items.
  1. Disinfect and wipe all refrigerator shelves, put all items that people want to keep back into the fridge.
  1. Wash all countertops with disinfectants.
  1. Organize items on the countertops to make them look neat.
  1. Empty to clean the coffee maker.
  1. Remove trash from the dustbin, wipe them, and replace liners with new ones.
  1. Wash all dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.
  1. Clean the faucet and sink with a disinfecting solution
  1. Mop, sweep and vacuum the floors.


  1. Empty and disinfect the receptacles; sanitise napkin dispensers where applicable.
  1. Using a disinfecting solution, wipe paper towel dispensers, sinks, and hand dryers.
  1. Disinfect toilets and toilet paper dispensers. 
  1. Use an all-purpose toilet bowl to clean and brush the toilet bowl.
  1. While using a microfibre cloth and a glass cleaning solution, wipe all glass areas like the mirror over the sink.
  1. Refill all items missing, like paper towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers.
  1. Be on the lookout for items that aren’t functioning properly, like ensuring the hand dryer is working properly.
  1. Sweep and mop floors using a disinfecting solution.

Cleaning the Front View of Your Office

The exterior of your office deserves some TLC. It’s the first area that your clients see and visit. Clean the following areas. 

  1. Sweep all leaves, debris, and branches on the sidewalk and near the front door.
  1. The welcome mats should be in place and tidy.
  1. Clean glass doors and windows to remove dirt and be streak-free to make them shiny.
  1. Remove and replace trash receptacles to avoid smells and pests.
  1. Trim branches and trees that are on the way of walkways, sidewalks, and doors.
  1. Ensure the parking lot is free of hazards like snow piles or branches that prevent visitors from parking or walking.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s vital to counter-check your work. A lot of work needs to get done, and you can easily forget and skip doing a particular cleaning process unintentionally.

Go over the checklist after finishing a section of commercial cleaning. Notice all the little things. Check the trash receptacles liners as you can easily overlook them.

While cleaning areas like the HVAC vents and under desks where applicable, it’s wise to do a deep clean. Light fixtures, countertops, closets, and public areas must be dusted to leave them in speck and span shapes.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What you don’t like in terms of cleanliness, your customers won’t like them either. Therefore, it’s imperative to clean them up.

The Best Commercial Cleaning Checklist: Hire Clean Group

To get the best outcome when cleaning your commercial area, hire professional cleaners at your disposal. They will be able to carry out the task within the stipulated timelines. Our experience has ensured we only provide quality services each time.

The cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products we use promises satisfactory results and give us an edge over our competitors. Reach out to us at 1300-141-946 if you need this and other related cleaning services. We’re just a phone call away!

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