Difference Between DIY Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses

DIY VS Professional Cleaning

Most businesses compromise on cleaning duties when talking about the budget. You need to think twice when you take a look at your expenses. Consider very carefully if you want to sacrifice the cleanliness and sanitation of your business.

We are not just talking about paying the person in charge of cleaning by the hour. Cleaning plays a vital role in taking care of your investment. You invest in your business aesthetics by buying furniture. You also invest in human resources when you hire your employees. Regular commercial cleaning services done by a professional will ensure that your aesthetic investment will last longer and be taken care of.

On the other hand, cleaning will also safeguard the health and security of your employees.

In this article, we will talk about DIY cleaning vs Professional cleaning. 

Here are the many benefits of professional cleaning that you will not achieve if you choose to hire an untrained employee to perform the cleaning tasks. 

Concerns about Liability

Professional cleaners are bonded and licensed. It only means that you will not be held financially accountable to whatever it was that took place in the event of loss or damage in the workplace.

It serves as an extra layer of protection for you. This is something that you will not have if you opted to do your DIY cleaning.

If an employee breaks something, it will be on you. You have to carry the financial burden of repair and other things that may come along with an accident.


If you remember earlier, I have mentioned that professional cleaning has a significant part in your business investment’s preventive maintenance.

Imagine if you had invested in a $5,000 carpet or a more expensive flooring of choice, will you leave it in the hands of an inexperienced person? Professional cleaners have all the appropriate equipment to clean this floor properly.

Apart from the equipment, they also know the right choices of cleaning chemicals that are compatible with your business.

On the other hand, DIY cleaning can be more affordable than commercial cleaning, but your assigned person may not be well-versed in the right cleaning technique and right cleaning chemical to use.

Lack of knowledge can damage the floors and furniture in your office. If you think of it, it can be more costly if accidents and mishaps happen.

In the long-term therefore professional cleaning is better and more profitable when comparing DIY cleaning vs professional cleaning.


You can indeed save cost on labour if you hire or task your own employee to do the cleaning. But if you look at it closer, you have to buy your own chemical and invest in cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment is not cheap.

Commercial cleaners include the cost of cleaning chemicals and supplies. They also invest in cleaning equipment, and you can be sure that they have the newest technology to make the cleaning more efficient and effective.

If you also think about it, you are using your own employee to clean your business in DIY set up.

It can somehow affect your employee’s morale, and it can also hinder their productivity because they have to juggle with their timetables too.

Whereas, if you hire a commercial cleaner, you can be assured that you will have assigned cleaners dedicated to cleaning.

The difference in DIY Cleaning vs Professional Cleaning

I could not stress more that hiring a professional cleaner on board comes with many benefits.

Apart from the previous things that we mentioned above, the professional’s expertise and knowledge are the main selling points of professional cleaners.

They know the quickest and most effective way of getting rid of stubborn stains and deeply seated dirt.


Businesses may seek professional help for emergency cleaning. Your inhouse cleaner may not help you because emergency cleaning has a different requirement than routine cleaning.

Your regular in house cleaner may not know how to protect your business from the pandemic. By not hiring a professional cleaner, you are putting your employee’s health at risk.

It has been a long debate on whether or not a business should hire a professional commercial cleaning team to clean your business.

We do not want to force this on you. We want you to realize on your own that this will be the best choice for you Between DIY cleaning vs professional cleaning, the cost of commercial cleaning is reasonable

Now is the best time to search for a local cleaning provider. For all of you who have hired professional cleaners, how did it affect your overall business? Please write your comment below and let us convince other business owners that it is about time for them to get a professional cleaner.

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