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Hire The Best Commercial Cleaning Company In Sydney
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In times of a pandemic, COVID-19 disinfection became the number one priority for business owners when it came to hiring a commercial cleaning company in Sydney

At the beginning of 2020, the world will be hit by a pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Like never seen before, everyone became obsessed with cleaning and disinfecting at home to prevent the virus from spreading there, but what about the office? We are still facing this problem and it is not something that will go away with a simple vacuuming session.

Commercial cleaning is more important than ever to carry out disinfection and deep clean of your workplace. As we have seen over recent months, the virus can spread quickly and easily, so it is important that you do all you can as a responsible business owner to assure your staff and customers that you’re taking the necessary precautions to guarantee their health and safety.

When hiring a commercial cleaning company in Sydney, make sure they offer COVID-19 disinfection to protect your employees.

As a new infection, there is not much information about how to remove the virus from a facility, therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Australian health authorities have released lists of disinfectants that are effective against the virus.

Australian Health Department TGA-approved chemical is the most effective and complete surface sanitiser that has been found effective in removing the coronavirus.

Constant Cleaning

As we mentioned above, this is not terminated by a simple vacuuming session, but a constant cleaning method that can only be performed by experts, this means a commercial cleaning company in Sydney.

As the virus can survive on surfaces of different materials for at least 2 to 3 days, surfaces potentially contaminated with the COVID-19 virus (e.g. commonly touched surfaces, surfaces that may have been exposed to respiratory droplets such as sneezes or coughs, and floors) should be sanitised.

Thoroughly clean toilets, using different sets of cleaning equipment (disposable cloths, mop, etc). Pay attention to the disinfectant of frequently touched areas such as sinks, taps, toilet bowls, and seat covers.

When you are looking for a cleaning jobs company in Sydney, make sure they cover all of these guidelines to ensure their and your safety.


It is very important that the company you choose has the right materials and equipment to guarantee a deep and effective cleaning. Items such as gloves, masks, eye goggles, or facial shields are just the beginning.

Disposable gowns or a change of clothes are very important too, people are advised to remove their shoes and change into other clothes when they arrive to prevent any germs from spreading at home, a cleaning company should have their employees use specific clothing just for cleaning and then change back when they arrive at another facility.

As for materials, an appropriate disinfectant with an indication of effectiveness against coronaviruses, or bleach solution is required. Disinfectants should be prepared and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Other basic materials and gadgets include plastic or trash bags, water, pails, and mops. Make sure to ask which disinfectants and materials a cleaning company uses to check if they are likely to guarantee their service.


COVID-19 is a serious matter, and a good commercial cleaning company in Sydney should have a protocol to ensure a complete sanitization of the facility.

Keeping your employees and customers safe is a priority for business owners and managers. While hiring professional cleaning services can promote safety in your workplace, you don’t want to introduce any additional hazards in the process.

There are several questions you should ask potential cleaning providers to ensure you are protecting your space and the people in it, such as which areas do they clean with more attention than others and why, and how do they disinfect while being in the same environment as workers, and so on.

We at Clean Group use an Electrostatic Virus Shield disinfection which technique involves the use of a specialised sprayer machine. The sprayer is filled with the Australian Health Department TGA-approved chemical and used to disinfect surfaces and high-touch areas.

The machine transmits electrically charged sanitiser particles, which have the ability to quickly wrap themselves across the surface that they are sprayed on.

The sanitiser solution will automatically cover the entire surface, including the corners, and add shapes such as underneath the chair armrest and behind the door handle.

The machine makes it easy for the sanitiser solution to reach and cover different surfaces like walls, door handles, and carpets properly and completely, removing germs effectively.

Our standard, precautionary covid-19 disinfection service includes basic cleaning of your premises, followed by disinfecting all areas and surfaces to minimize the spread of the infection.

We particularly focus on cleaning the entrance, including door handles, lifts, handrails, doorknobs, reception area, etc. to stop the infection from entering your premises.

This type of disinfection cleaning is ideal for properties and workplaces with low to medium-risk environments. The purpose of this covid-19 cleaning service is to prevent the risk of infection in your workplace through the use of manual and automatic sanitisation techniques.

For businesses that have already been exposed to the virus, we recommend decontamination Commercial cleaning, which includes in-depth cleaning and disinfection of the place in order to protect your people and your business.

Our terminal disinfection service covers in-depth cleaning of your premises followed by disinfection of high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas such as door handles, lift buttons, tabletops, keyboards, computer mice, chairs, and water faucets, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces.

All Covid cleaning and disinfection services are followed by routine inspections to ensure all of the customers’ expectations are met.

Clean Group provides comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services to commercial, strata, and government properties across Sydney and Northern NSW. We are operating 24×7 and are able to provide services to meet your emergency cleaning need. We have over 50 qualified workers to carry out the job in Australia.

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