Best Practices in Welcoming your Visitors During Covid 19 in Sydney

office visitors during covid 19
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When the trade slowly opens at the start of 2021, safety and health become the top priority of every business. Everyone follows the CDC guidelines set for Covid 19 protocol. Crowd control is the number one factor in ensuring the safety of office visitors during covid 19. Read through with us to know these helpful steps and techniques to safeguard the people involved in your business.  

Every day, you are expecting a different pool of people to visit your office. You can never be too sure with these people because the Coronavirus is airborne and there is a 14-day lapse to know if someone is infected. Businesses will need to be prepared to carry out the safety protocol while Coronavirus still poses a severe health threat to humanity. Covid deep cleaning Sydney training for cleaners is an important task during this pandemic season.

Review and Revise Your Visitor’s Policy Guide

Your visitor’s policy guideline should outline and describe the personnel who are allowed to visit your office. It should say who, when, where, and under what circumstances are they allowed to enter your office. The employer should anticipate how likely it is for a person to spread the virus in a specific space. 

Effective Contact Tracing

Before the pandemic, putting a tag on anyone can be rude or intrusive. Now that the disease had spread to an uncontrollable number, it became a norm to keep track of the name, address, and contact information of the people who visited a specific place.

This contact tracing has been in place for all good reasons. It will make it easier for the government to trace the people that may have been exposed to a Covid-positive person.

As a business, you just have to ensure that these details are kept private and will only be used for this sole purpose. It is also your responsibility to help mitigate the increasing numbers of Covid-positive people through the Electrostatic Disinfection process.


Almost all businesses comply with the guidelines that have been set by the CDC. Sharing facts about the Covid 19 virus and how you can avoid it will come a long way if your staff and office visitors during covid 19.

Indeed, it is no new matter, and everyone has a basic knowledge about what Covid is, but, it will always be a valued effort if reminders can be seen and observed. Post a “wash your hands” reminder in washrooms.

You can also put a “wear facemask” sign near the entrance. Employees and staff should be mindful of social distancing too.

Screen Your Visitors

Assign a Covid Ambassador per day that will screen the visitors that you may have. A simple temperature check can go a long way. Encourage your employee to stay at home too if they are unwell.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Individual effort in mitigating Covid will be for the greater good. Let us not set aside the fact that not all of us know the proper cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

This is the best time to hire cleaning professionals that will do the right thing for us. Top Professional commercial cleaners will be, in no doubt, the best answer to your cleaning needs.

The cleaning professionals know the proper way of Covid deep cleaning Sydney services and the right chemical to use to make your business safe in welcome people.

Hire a Professional Cleaner in Sydney

Doing everything in your power to keep your workplace and employees safe from the virus and prevent the infection from spreading within your premises is one thing. But, it’s not enough when you are fighting something as dangerous as the COVID-19 virus.

The best you can do is ensure proper and routine cleaning of your work premises, but beyond that, it gets out of your hands. This is where professional disinfecting cleaners come into play.

Cleaning can help reduce the number of germs on your office surfaces, but it will not remove them completely. What you need is the professional disinfection services of an expert covid cleaning company in Sydney.

A disinfection cleaner company like the Clean Group would have the right tools and expertise to meticulously clean and disinfect your commercial facility deeply and effectively. We provide covid disinfection cleaning services to all types of businesses, no matter the size.

Having the best team of trained covid cleaners gives us an edge over the competitors and our unique tailormade cleaning approach enables us to consistently offer outstanding quality services at inexpensive rates. You can hire our covid cleaners or book covid cleaning service in Sydney for any day, including weekends and holidays.

We charge on an hourly basis, so you will only pay for the number of hours it takes to clean your workplace, which should not be more than 3-4 hours for a typical deep clean plus disinfection job.

Clean Group is a highly trusted and experienced commercial cleaning services provider. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our services. You won’t regret hiring us. In fact, we have an over 97% customer retention rate.

To hire an expert professional covid cleaner in Sydney, give us a call or visit our website.

Welcoming Office Visitors During Covid 19

With the world changing drastically, it is time for smart leaders and business owners to start thinking about welcoming their team members, suppliers, and visitors. It can be challenging, but we need to set their expectations.

As the team leader, we need to identify and communicate what will change and what will remain the same. Your commitment to your customers and your team will not change.

Some things that might change may be how you do meetings, how you greet your guests and visitors, and specific policies and procedures.

It builds trust when we identify what will change and what will remain the same. It will also create less frustration for the people working around you.

Increase positive vibes by describing your positive vision of the future. If your people and visiting customers are happy and striving to keep your business on the surface, ensure that you offer them a safe workplace.

After some time and you have time to spare, make it a habit to call your visitors and customers to check how they are doing. Let them know that you care and you are with them until we face the end of this crisis.

We all want a new and positive view as the trade starts to reopen. Please write your suggestions and tips on how you are managing office visitors during Covid 19.

We want to hear how you effectively follow the strata cleaners Sydney guidelines and how your visitors reacted to them. Please join us in our next article.

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