How To Hire High Rise or Abseiling Window Cleaners in Australia?

How To Hire High Rise or Abseiling Window Washers in Australia?
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A lot of businesses require professional help in cleaning their windows and glasses. Not all commercial cleaning companies can perform high-rise cleaning because they need to put more investment into the gears and equipment required to do the job.

Moreover, the high-rise window cleaners who show this job have to undergo another set of training that will ensure their safety while on the job. This article will give you an overview of high-rise windows and abseiling cleaning in Australia. We hope that this helps you in deciding whether this is the right track for you as you venture into the cleaning industry.

What is High Rise or Rope Access or Abseiling Cleaning?

It is a constant challenge to care for high-rise buildings and properties. In most cases, scaffolding will not allow our cleaners to reach the spots. The ideal cleaning method that will create less fuss and hassle is rope-access or abseiling high-rise window washer cleaning.

This cleaning method uses rope as how the name implies it. Rope access enables the window washer cleaner to perform the job conveniently and practically. The rope has to be compliant and proven to have high quality.

Reasons Why Do You Need to Hire Professionals for High-Rise Cleaning

As mentioned above, not all commercial cleaning companies can perform the job. There are three categories for window cleaning. They are as follows:

  • Residential Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning of High-Rise Building

Many cleaning companies offer residential window cleaning because it is essential and does not need specialised training and equipment.

In contrast to commercial window cleaning and cleaning of high-rise buildings, the cleaning requirement is stiff and unique. This is the kind of surface that will require specialised equipment, skills, and tools. The hazards are high, which is all the more reason for you to leave it to professional window washer cleaners.

Experts will deliver the results you want.

Qualifications of a Perfect High-Rise Cleaning Provider

  • Insured – A responsible commercial cleaning company will always look after the welfare and safety of its employees. The insurance will also cover accidents, damages, and injuries. As their customer, this is something that you do not want to get yourself stressed with.
  • Experience and Expertise – You can evaluate the expertise of a professional cleaning company in Australia by asking how long they have been in the industry. Ask for references and check for feedback.
  • Reliability – Ask the cleaning company if they can come based on the schedule that you want. An excellent cleaning company will have a good number of employees that can perform the job efficiently.

Safety Gear for High-Rise Window Cleaning

These are the things that you are going to need if you want to venture into high-rise or abseiling window washing:

  • Proper Training – Working on height is seriously dangerous. You need to make sure that you know what you are doing.
  • Full-Body Harness – It is important to note that you need a full-body harness with at least a back and a front gear. Your harness will support you in case of a fall.
  • Bosun’s Chair – There is a lot of different Bosun’s Chair out there. There are two things that you need to decide between. Do you need a four-point or a two-point chair (and that is the number of connections we have off of the side of the chair)? Do you want a cushion or not? The cushion makes it more comfortable. Your chair will be connected to your mainline and descender.
  • Descent Device – The descent device is connected to your main line to your Bosun’s seat. You will operate your descent device to lower yourself down the rope. We recommend that you get a decent device that is anti-panic and self-breaking. Anti-panic means that if you were to panic, you can lock up and pull on the device too hard and it would come to a stop. Self-breaking means you are going to come to a halt no matter what position you are in.
  • Back-up Device – Your backup device will go on the secondary safety rope. It will trail with you unless you will have an incident like a mainline failure and you fall. The backup device will catch you and will help you prevent injury.
  • Carabiners – You will need some carabiners on hand to connect your Bosun’s chair to your descender, your rope grab to your lanyard, and your lanyard to yourself. It is good to have them around. Carabiners are not expensive. Make sure that you have a couple of extra around. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and materials.
  • Helmets – Helmet is a good idea because they will protect you from falling objects from above and hitting your head on the building in front of you.
  • Gloves – We recommend you have gloves because they will protect your hands during your rope descent.
  • Professional window cleaners use suction cups – The suction cups for sticking to the windows to hold them in place as they do their squeegee as you get more and more rope into play, and swinging becomes to be a problem, you will need your suction cup to solve that.
  • Rope – Rope is needed for the mainline and safety line. You can get whatever diameter you want, make sure that you are getting the rope that will match all the other gears. Make sure to get the right length for the tallest job that you need to perform.
  • Rope Protectors – Rope protectors are inexpensive and they will protect your rope from sharp edges, extending its life, and increasing your safety.
  • Anchor Sling – A lot of job sites will have nice and neat anchors to hook your carabiners to, but there are places where you need to get a little bit more creative. This goes back to the training. You will need to get training to make sure you are anchoring to proper things and not just any things to anchor. A great device to have would be an anchor sling. They are very versatile for wrapping around practically anything. They usually come in three feet or six feet, and they are not expensive. It is a good idea to at least have two of these on hand.
  • Roof Rig – A common misconception is that you must have a roof rig for every job site. That is not the case. Roof rigs are fantastic devices that can come in
  • handy on a lot of job sites, but they are not an absolute necessity for getting started if you are getting on high-rise cleaning or you do not plan to do it that much.

Responsibilities and Duties of Professional High-Rise Commercial Cleaners

  • Exterior and interior squeegee work
  • Can follow the safety guidelines and procedures
  • Can work outdoors even in adverse weather conditions
  • Can provide you with daily progress reports
  • Aptitude for working well with others

Things You Need To Know About High-Rise Window Cleaning

Insights into different cleaning techniques and methods with high-rise window cleaning will take you to distant places. There are various ways in which you can deliver high-quality cleaning in this kind of setup, and they are as follows:

  • Water-Fed Pole System – This is the simplest and most straightforward method in many commercial setups. This low-cost technique can give you a perfect finish for your windows. It is also considered as eco-friendly because you do not need to use detergents. It is achieved by using pressurised water equipment strong enough to lift dirt and dust, but gentle enough not to damage the infrastructure.
  • Cradles – A cradle is suspended over the building exterior for the cleaner to reach the windows in some high-rise buildings. The cleaner needs to consider the height and integrity of the building, and the scale of the set-up.
  • Mounted Platforms – This is a method where a platform is lifted by compact machinery or a unique vehicle.
  • Abseiling or Rope Access Window Cleaning – This method poses a high risk to cleaners. A responsible cleaning company will ensure that this method is executed in a way that will not damage the building’s exterior. It has its complex set-up, but once done, the cleaner’s team can maneuver reasonably quickly and efficiently to clean hard-to-reach places.

Same to other industries, high-rise cleaning can pose hazards, but these can be eliminated if we follow the strict requirements that the job demands. As an aspiring window cleaner, you should get the proper training and use the right equipment and tools to perform the job efficiently. We hope that this article helps you realise if you are for this niche.

Please feel free to share your insights and experience. A lot of our audience is seriously considering this business opportunity. Let us share helpful tips that will simplify their decision-making process.

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