Cost of Strata Cleaning Services, Maintenance, and Management in Australia

Strata is a vast industry in Australia. There are a lot of things that happen every day that change things which are why the Strata Cleaners in Australia play an important role. Strata allow individuals to have part ownership of a property and share ownership of a specific area. Strata include:

  • Apartment
  • Units
  • Townhouses

An individual owns space and shares ownership of shared driveways, gardens, and land. The set up is standard in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

How Much Does Strata Cleaning Cost?

Prices for the services will vary depending on what type of work is required. We consider the amount of time, chemicals and equipment needed, and the number of cleaners to arrive at a fair price.

Bear in mind that this price also varies depending on what state you are in. For an exact quote, you can contact us at any time with your project details.

What Are The Different Categories in Strata Cleaning?

  • Corrective Measures – This category involves repairs and major replacements.
  • Routine Strata Maintenance – These are the types of work that has to be done regularly. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Cleaning the property is included in the routine strata maintenance.
  • Preventive Maintenance – These are the types of work that is being done regularly to avoid severe problems in the strata.

What Are The Property Maintenance Services That Strata Cleaning Offers?

  • Internal and external property cleaning
  • Cleaning, repair, and replacement of gutters
  • Painting
  • Repair and replacement of the roof
  • Inspection and compliance work for electrical and fire safety
  • General repairs
  • Gardening

What is Strata Management?

Strata Management includes both the building and the facilities manager. The building manager is responsible for looking after the building maintenance and the day to day operation of your building, contract supervision, liaising with contractors and ensuring that your building runs like a well-oiled machine.

In addition to the building manager, your unit will also have a facilities manager. Facilities Management involves having a strategic overview of sinking fund plans, asset registers, contractor compliance undertaken with any contractors that are engaged by your owner’s corporation, quality assurance, site-specific inductions for contractors, and contract management and negotiation.

This ensures that the life cycle of your building is prolonged and ages well. The role of the facility manager also involves assisting the building manager, contractor, and your strata manager in coordinating with large scale projects such as repainting, refurbishment of common areas, driveway replacement and on occasions, assisting with defect coordination with the owner corporation and developer.

Different Types of Strata Cleaning

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retails Businesses
  • Retirement Homes
  • Apartment Blocks
  • Theme Parks
  • Home Trucks

Routine Cleaning for Strata

Cleaning companies in Australia offer various services. Large cleaning companies can provide special cleaning, and others are open to accepting both routine and specialised cleaning. Cleaning companies in Australia offer various services. Large cleaning companies can provide special cleaning, and others are open to accepting both routine and specialised cleaning. Where to choose Strata maintenance services in Australia.

You can go through the entire list of commercial cleaners to find out which will deliver the service for the unique needs of your strata.

Different areas of strata require daily routine cleaning. Here is the list of areas and a few job scopes to guide you through.

The size and cleaning requirements of strata are a significant challenge. Hiring a professional strata cleaning company will surely give your customers an excellent experience.


Parking lots are prone to clutter. You will not want to embarrass your strata by presenting a dirty parking lot to your potential buyers, customers, and visitors. Parking lots should not be neglected.

It also requires detailed attention and must be kept clutter-free. Your cleaner should get rid of the unnecessary clutter and keep this spot welcoming and neat.

Garden and Lawn Area

Gardens add an additional aesthetic appearance to your building. Overlooking view is one of the many contributing factors to your selling price. Commercial strata can offer basic gardening while doing their routine cleaning.

Sweeping of dead leaves and bushes, removal of dead weeds and grass, necessary grass cutting, collections of bins, and many more are included in this package. Routine cleaning of lawns and gardens will make sure that this area will look its best.

Common Areas Like Hallways, Lobbies, and Receptions

These areas receive the highest foot traffic. Walkway and pathway are prone to dust and dirt because of the people coming in and going out of the place.

As the cleaner, you need to be confident that the people in the building will be healthy and safe after your job is done correctly. Maintaining a routine cleaning will be very beneficial for your customers, employees, and visitors.


The staircase ranked next from the common areas in getting the highest foot traffic. Hiring a commercial cleaner will ensure that the steps are clean and hazard free.

Regular wiping of handrails is very important to keep bacteria and virus away. Your cleaner is also responsible for notifying you of any safety hazards.


Lifts are prone to germs and bacteria because it has limited ventilation and close space. Frequently, a large number of people use the lift every day. The same number of people touches the elevator buttons.

These people can cough or sneeze and spread viruses in this tight space.

Sydney commercial cleaners wipe the buttons and switches and surfaces of the lifts as frequent as possible to ensure your customer’s and visitor’s safety.

Specialised Cleaning in Strata

  • Strip and sealing of hardwood floors
  • Collection and proper segregation of rubbish
  • Cleaning of emergency exits
  • Cleaning of roof
  • High-dusting
  • Cleaning of air vents
  • Pressure washing of concrete walkways and eternal patios
  • Steam cleaning for carpet and other furniture
  • External and internal window cleaning

Strata Checklist for Routine Cleaning

  • Thoroughly vacuum the common walkways like reception, lobby, and stairwell
  • Damp-mop all hard floor surfaces to get rid of dirt and marks
  • Dust-off cobwebs, foyers, light fittings and frames
  • Collect visible rubbish
  • Clean and dust letterboxes
  • Wipe and clean all windows and glasses
  • Vacuuming and mopping of stairwells
  • The dusting of furniture and all vertical surfaces
  • Sanitising all door handles and light switches
  • Spot cleaning of walls
  • Spot cleaning of all glasses and windows internally

Overview of Strata Management

Strata Management can be categorized into an apartment, flat, condominium, and other residential or commercial properties that share common areas. Normally, strata management will elect board members to divide the responsibilities that are needed to be performed in the entire building. 

Strata cleaning can be challenging depending on the size of the property. It usually requires the cleaning of high windows. 

Commercial cleaners are the go-to-solution of every strata management to cover their special cleaning needs. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and the proper equipment to perform the job at its utmost quality.

A lot of commercial cleaners in Sydney are competitive enough to give you a comprehensive quote for your strata cleaning needs.

How Much Is Strata Management In Australia?

Fully managed – the owner will be given a team of specialists who knows how to manage strata affairs. They will have access to platforms and systems that the specialist is using. To know the cost of this service, contact us.

Controlled by the owner – in this setting, the unit owners are still capable of managing their properties. Strata management will give them access to the system and platforms. To know the monthly cost of this Strata management service, contact us.

Administration Support Package – This package gives the owners the ability to manage their meetings and budgets.

We hope that this article helps you in deciding if Strata Cleaning in Australia is for you. Please feel free to write your comment down below.

Let us hear your questions if you have any. You are also free to share your insights and helpful suggestions to help our fellow business owners.

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