What Is Strata Cleaning? Where To Choose Strata Maintenance Services in Australia?

What Is Strata Cleaning? Where To Choose Strata Maintenance Services in Australia?

What Is Strata Cleaning?

The concept of strata maintenance services originated in Australia. Strata Cleaners usually attends to subdivided rooms and buildings that can either be used commercially or as a residence. This management style was adapted by so many countries worldwide because it offers convenience to the tenant, and the building management can easily oversee the needs of the entire property.

Types of Strata Cleaning 

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Business Retails
  • Retirement Villages
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Resorts
  • Caravan Parks

Typically, Australians outsourced people for Strata cleaning. The building management will get in touch with a commercial cleaner to find out if the cleaning company can cover the overall maintenance of the common area of the entire strata building. Some of the building managers that work in this set up choose to hire their cleaner internally.

Why Is Strata Cleaning Important?

Commercial cleaners are a perfect fit for strata setup. A building may have different maintenance and cleaning requirements depending on the type of business they wish to carry. Some buildings require extra care, especially those that have expensive finishing and floor coverings.

Cleanliness has to be observed at all times because, for the same reason as the other businesses, strata also caters to customers and potential strata owners. The property will highly likely sell if the place is pleasing to the eye.

You cannot just hire a person and have him clean the entire building. For one reason, this person may not know the proper ways of caring for your property. There are a lot of commercial strata cleaners in Sydney that offer the service for a reasonable price. Hiring one is a great choice.

Why Hire Experienced Strata Cleaners for Strata Maintenance Services?

I know you may be thinking of the economical cost of getting professional help when it comes to cleaning. A lot of building managers think that commercial strata cleaners can be costly. You will be surprised to know that commercial cleaning charges are reasonable.

Many strata and building managers entrust their cleaning needs to professionals like strata cleaning services in Sydney because it gives them peace of mind.

Here are other reasons why you need to hire professional cleaners:

  • In strata set up, you will be dealing with tenants, owners, customers, visitors, and your employees. Hiring a professional cleaner will ensure that they will stay in a hygienic and healthy environment. Professional cleaners prevent the formation of detrimental bacteria that can cause diseases. Say no more to allergies and asthma!
  • You will get the best cleaning result if you entrust your cleaning needs to professional cleaners. All the common areas will be spotless beyond imagination. Commercial cleaning companies hire professional cleaners who are all well-versed with the proper cleaning techniques, products, and methods when coming face-to-face with the toughest dirt.
  • Professional cleaners can keep up with the rigorous demands of cleaning. Cleaning can be exhausting and tiring because of the amount of effort and time that it requires. This is one of the many reasons why many companies choose to outsource and leave this part to professionals.
  • There are a lot of touchpoints in strata set up that can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. You do not need to remind professional cleaners because they know what they are doing, and they know which part of the entire strata requires more attention.
  • There is no better feeling than walking into an immaculate space. Instead of worrying about the cleanliness of your premises, you can use your valuable time and energy in making more sales and potential business partnerships for the strata.
  • Meeting, launches, and parties are not new in strata. You do not want to stress yourself cleaning after the party or whatever event took place. Hire a professional cleaner and have the job done. Hiring a professional will save you time and energy, plus, you can rely on the outcome.
  • Professional cleaners include the cleaning supplies and equipment when they quote for the job. Entrusting your cleaning needs to a professional means you do not have to keep an inventory of all the cleaning chemicals required to perform the task. You also do not need to shoulder the overhead cost of purchasing brand new cleaning equipment because they already have one.
  • Whether we admit it or not, professional cleaners have better eyes on details. You may miss a couple or more spots, but these people know the hidden areas where dirt and dust settle. They know where to look and how to tough dirt and grimes efficiently.
  • Strata invest in their expensive facade to attract more buyers and lessee. Do not put your investment to waste by hiring someone who does not know anything about the unique requirements of your building. To help you know whether the strata cleaners you hired are real experts in their trade. Strata cleaners know how to clean surfaces that require special care
  • Admit it or not, a professional strata cleaner will do this job better than you do. Do not waste your time and effort in trying to handle these unique demands as there is someone fit to do this job for you.

Strata Routine Cleaning 

Commercial cleaning companies offer different services. Some provide special cleaning, and others are willing to do routine cleaning. Luckily, in Australia, many commercial cleaning companies in Sydney deliver both. We recommend that you look for a cleaning company that can partner with you for routine and specialized cleaning.

You may be wondering which areas in strata require regular attention and which do not. Just read on to know more about these.

Strata can pose a significant challenge when it comes to cleaning. The size and cleaning requirements are intimidating. Hire a professional strata cleaner and give your customers a superb experience of living or renting in an immaculate space.

  • Garden and Lawn Area

The garden intensifies the aesthetic appearance of strata. It also provides the owners and the lessee a magnificent overlooking view. Commercial strata cleaners can do a bit of gardening while providing you with regular garden cleaning.

Garden and lawn cleaning includes sweeping of dead leaves and bushes, removal of dead weeds and grass, necessary grass cutting, collections of bins, and many more. Regular cleaning of the garden and lawns will make sure that this area will look its best.

  • Lobbies, Receptions, and Hallways

The areas mentioned above receive the highest foot traffic. Halls are prone to dirt and dust because of the people coming in and going out of the place. Apart from ensuring your customer and employee’s health, keeping a clean lobby will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers and visitors.

  • Stairwells

Next to lobbies, receptions, and hallway, the staircase ranked second in getting the highest foot traffic. Hiring a commercial cleaner will ensure that the steps are vacuumed to get rid of the dust. Regular wiping of handrails will also be carried out. It is also good to have a regular cleaner in place for safety reasons. Your cleaner can notify you of any safety hazards immediately.

  • Lifts

Lifts can be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria because it is an enclosed space with limited ventilation. Frequently, this space is occupied by a large number of people that can sneeze or cough and then touch the buttons absentmindedly.

Because of this close space, germs and bacteria will harbour in the area. Commercial cleaners play an essential role in making sure that all the buttons and the high touchpoints inside and outside the lift are cleaned and disinfected.

  • Driveways

The parking lot is the first spot your customer and guest will see the moment when they drive in. You do not want to have your driveway look as if it is neglected and cluttered with rubbish.
Often, this is also the same spot where wheelie bins are stored. Strata cleaners will make sure that your parking lot will not smell and free from unnecessary clutters.

Strata Specialized Cleaning Requirements

  • Hard Floor strip and sealing
  • Rubbish bin collection
  • Emergency exit cleaning
  • Roof cleaning
  • High dusting
  • Air Vent cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Internal and external window cleaning

Sample of Strata Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum stairwell, lobby, reception, and common areas
  • Mop all hard surfaces
  • Remove cobwebs from corners, light fittings, foyers, and where visible
  • Pick up litter
  • Clean the letterbox area
  • Clean all glasses and windows
  • Cleaning of common walkways and steps
  • Dusting of furniture
  • Wiping of all flat surfaces
  • Wiping and sanitizing of all light switches and door handles
  • Spot clean all walls
  • Wipe all door frames and doors
  • Clean all windows internally

Points to Consider When Hiring a Strata Cleaner 

With all the things that I mentioned above, you are now seriously considering choosing the right cleaning provider for you. Sydney has a big market for commercial cleaners that will be a perfect fit for you. How will you know that you had come across the right company? What are the indicators that you are with the wrong one?

  • Length of Service – you can determine a company’s reputation by looking at the years they have been in business. At this stage, it is easy for us to have quick research about a specific company. You can easily ask for their website, and you will get all the information needed for you to decide whether this cleaning company is a perfect fit for you. There are also helpful links on their website where you can see all feedback and testimonials of their existing clients.
  • Price – for most businesses, this is their number one contributing factor when hiring a contractor. Do not be caught off guard with low price offers because it can also mean a sloppy job. Other cleaning companies can bargain at little cost because they are not bonded and insured. Some do not have all the background checks ideal for running a cleaning business. Consider the reputation of the cleaning company over the cost.
  • Pricing a cleaning job will depend on the cleaning requirements. A good cleaning company will be able to tailor-fit your needs based on the budget you set. It is just right for you to be upfront when you talk about the price to save time on bargaining.
  • Cleaning cost also includes the cleaning materials and equipment a professional cleaner needs to get the job done. You may want to check what kinds of materials and equipment do they own to help you make a sound decision.
  • Services – we recommend that you go for a cleaning company that provides a wide array of services. Your strata business is dynamic and being stuck with a cleaning business with limited options will not do you good. Always keep an eye for a provider with a diverse selection of services. This type of cleaning company can be relied on in times of emergency.
  • Reliability – high turnaround rate is one of the most significant challenges in the cleaning industry. Cleaner coming and going affects the overall reputation of the cleaning company that they work for. Quickly ask the cleaning company how they screen their employees and how likely it is that you will get the same cleaner every time. Cleaners who failed to follow their schedule are not a good sign. Always be on the lookout for these signs.
  • Insurance and Bond – for added security, an ideal cleaning company has to be bonded and insured. This encourages their potential and existing clients to trust them more. You can sleep soundly knowing that you will not be responsible should any accidents happen while your cleaner is onsite. Insurance is also ideal because most of the cleaning is being done after working hours where no one is in the office. As a business, you do not want to experience should you wish to outsource your cleaning provider.

We trust that this article is comprehensive and offers you complete knowledge should you wish to venture into strata cleaning. Sydney is an excellent market to start with. Strata cleaning services provide countless opportunities. Do not hesitate to test the waters if you are a start-up cleaning business.

Strata cleaning services have a lot to offer. Do you find this article helpful? Let us know what you think. Ask us a question or share your best practices with strata cleaning. You can also drop a comment or suggestion about what topic you want us to discuss next. See you again next time.


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