Industrial Cleaning Vs Commercial Cleaning in Sydney

Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning

Industrial and commercial cleaners services are two different and very important cleaning branches in Sydney. Since cleaning is one of the most important aspects of functioning, preservation, and keeping a good look both of the inner and the outer parts of buildings, the cleaning must be performed accordingly.

There might be a misunderstanding in Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning when it comes to commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning. Since they both cater to business areas instead of residential homes, one might think that this is the same type of cleaning. However, commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning are two separate cleaning services in Sydney.

What Is Industrial Cleaning in Sydney?

Industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning which includes catering to hazardous areas in industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and other types of industrial facilities. This is the simplest definition of the general meaning of industrial cleaning.

It is very needed for cleaning factories, generating plants, or other industrial job sites because there is such a variety of needs in different facilities that a building service contractor may come across.

The industrial cleaning service may be contracted to clean large facilities, like factories, plants, warehouses, and various other industrial settings. A cleaning position like this will most certainly require appropriate job training and knowledge about safety. This type of cleaning additionally requires handling special equipment, or the use of specific chemicals needed for the process.

The job of an industrial cleaner is dirty work and it is nothing like the job of a corporate cleaner. This difference can immediately be spotted on-site, as well as in the tools and the equipment that are used for the cleaning.

Maintaining and cleaning the offices of industrial sites is very demanding because there is dirt being constantly tracked in from the outside areas of the factory floors.

Furthermore, The cleaner faces the challenges of working around heavy machinery, and the safety risks that are involved, such as paints, lubricants, metal shavings, and fibreglass are even higher.

There is also some machinery that is sensitive to things like dust and dirt, and cleaning them will be essential and must be performed with utmost precaution. Another big concern when it comes to cleaning industrial sites is the staffing areas.

For example, employees that do the industrial cleaning will need to be in good health and in condition to perform the duties required. Industrial cleaners also need to be concerned with effective communication.

Industrial cleaning services are most commonly based on the type of industrial operations within that particular business. If you think deeper, it all comes back to health and safety and meeting Sydney’s high standards that it has to be done right.

Industrial cleaning services are not just basic cleaning services. They require the correct training, equipment, tools, and knowledge so that the job can be completed thoroughly and successfully. In general, industrial cleaning has more hazards than commercial buildings, which makes it one of the biggest differences in the cleaning industry.

Industrial cleaning can apply to many businesses and different things. For example, cleaning dairy plants or food manufacturing plants come with their own set of techniques and specialty areas that require deep and correct cleans more regularly.

This includes specialty machinery and equipment. Breweries, on the other hand, are a good example of industrial cleaning. Here, the fermenters and large vats need to be regularly cleaned with the correct chemicals to ensure the end product is not contaminated and to minimize loss of product.

When it comes to industrial cleaning, sterilization and extra attention to detail are key to properly ensuring that the industrial environment is safe, healthy, and free of contaminants.

It is important to mention that when a business produces hazardous waste it does requires extra attention and knowledge from the cleaning professionals. Understanding how to properly deal is crucial in the process, as well as cleaning and disposing of the hazardous waste which is not just something that can be learned overnight. It requires specialized training and certifications.

With all of the above mentioned, Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning, it is more than evident the industrial cleaning in Sydney is a complex and demanding job, because it holds and carries different requirements that come from the different types of cleaning services.

Types of Industrial Cleaning Services in Sydney

Industrial cleaning services can be more generally defined as a type of cleaning services that are performed in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities. Industrial cleaning services are usually handled by an industrial cleaning company vs a residential or commercial cleaning company

There are many different types of industrial cleaning services including:

  • Floors
  • Restrooms
  • Surfaces
  • Office cubicles
  • Conference rooms
  • Labs
  • Locker rooms
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Cafeterias
  • Storage areas
  • Industrial equipment
  • Exhaust systems
  • Silos
  • and more

Some additional industrial cleaning services, that can be arranged according to the needs on-site can include:

Asbestos Removal – Asbestos removal is one of the most popular types of industrial cleaning services. Much older buildings in Sydney are known for having asbestos in fireproofing, drywall, and more.

Hydro Blasting – Hydro blasting is also known as pressure washing. It is a high-pressure waster blasting method used for paint and lead removal. It’s mostly used for large mastic and epoxy coating removal projects on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Its use goes even further for paint removal on highways, parking lots, and airports.

Lead Removal & Abatement – Lead removal is a cleaning process that includes using chemicals to break down various coatings that contain lead and lead derivatives. For this type of cleaning, the industrial cleaning company must be accredited with the EPA to perform lead abatement products.

Mercury Spill Cleanup – Mercury spill cleanup is a cleaning process that is used to eliminate mercury vapour and mercury vapour sources. Common areas where mercury spill cleanup is performed are in industrial facilities, warehouse floors, production floors, assembly floors, and more.

Mold Removal & Remediation. In the cleaning and the health industry, mould is known as one of the issues that might cause serious health hazards. Certain types of mould such as Stachybotrys mould, Fusarium, Cladosporium, Penicillium mould, and Aspergillus mould can cause serious health problems.

Removing the mould falls under the area of the industrial cleaning and it needs to be performed by a trained mould remediation specialist which will first have to do mould testing, air testing, secure the containment area, and provide mould removal services.

Decontamination – In the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, any type of chemical spill is considered very dangerous. A great industrial cleaning company will include professional decontamination services to make sure that the factory or the labs are a safe place to work.

Industrial Vacuuming – The floors in any facility that is not commercial contain chemicals, metal shavings, debris, dirt, and more. The standard janitorial services cannot remove these substances. That is why, power vacuuming with industrial cleaners is the only way to remove the objects and substances from the equipment, walls, and flooring.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services are services that often rely on a regular cleaning schedule. Additionally, depending on the needs of the commercial place, there is a possibility of a deep clean which is needed less often than an industrial cleaning service.

The commercial cleaning services in Sydney cover the cleaning of commercial premises such as retail, office, supermarkets, schools, banks, and other high traffic areas that have a constant flow of people. These are the places with so many visitors, and there is a good chance that colds, flu, and germs are coming through the door too.

Contrary to industrial cleaning, the commercial premises need attention to a completely different set of key areas that require a thorough clean. Again, it all relates to health and safety. That is why commercial buildings have a different set of standards.

Of course, it is important to mention that with the impact of COVID19 and the collective understanding of the general population, the cleaning companies now do the cleaning on the commercial premises more frequently. With that, the commercial cleaners need to ensure that the commercial space is tidy, well presented, and free of germs and bacteria, which is going to be safer for the staff and customers.

Besides the commercial building that mainly includes offices, this type of cleaning can also be performed in schools and daycare centres. Cleaning a school or daycare is vastly different from cleaning a bank or supermarket. As mentioned before, all premises are different and bring with them a unique set of cleaning challenges.

Why Do You Need a Regular Commercial Cleaning?

Staying on top of the commercial cleaning with regular maintenance and cleaning means less work and fewer costs for the business, considered in the long run. The commercial and retail spaces often fail to schedule regular cleaning plans which is not good from many different aspects. Not only the health of the employees and the visitors are being endangered, but working in a dirty environment does not bring good working results.

Schedule a customized plan for regular cleaning is a very suggested thing to do. That way, the commercial premises will be more manageable and it will result in saving some money.

Overall, commercial cleaning has more to do with the health and safety of customers, clients, and staff, whereas industrial refers to the cleanliness and health of the facility and the appliances.

Commercial spaces are the areas that see and face more traffic, so it is very important to ensure that the commonly used areas and spaces are cleaned well to avoid the appearance of bugs, pests, and bacteria. Diverse spaces have various areas that need extra attention, and the list here is endless.

How Is Industrial Cleaning Different?

As mentioned above, Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning is generally cleaning on a larger scale, which includes large-scale buildings which are often complicated. These buildings have so many places where dust, bacteria, and mould can be found.

A larger team of industrial cleaners who have specialist training in that area is what is required for performing such tasks thoroughly and deeply. Industrial cleaners differ from commercial cleaners in the types of tools and equipment needed for the job.

For those who are looking for a team of cleaners, one good cleaning company has to have a wide range of services. By having that, they can deliver everything the business needs to ensure a proper clean.

Industrial buildings can operate on a 24/7 basis, which might require a cleaning team to be:

  • flexible with times, days, etc.
  • have a sound knowledge and experience of specialty cleans
  • be highly trained in chemical handling, working at heights and difficult areas
  • able to work around your operations and are non-disruptive

As a well-established and reputable commercial and industrial cleaning company, the Clean Group offers a variety of commercial cleaning services and tips that will cater to everyone’s different needs and requirements. Our staff has the know-how, a can-do attitude, experience, and the right qualifications to get the job done right.

If you want more information about industrial and commercial cleaning services our website covers many frequently asked questions be sure to schedule an appointment.

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