5 Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Your Business Needs

5 Types of Cleaning Solutions Your Business Needs

Throughout the world of the cleaning industry, the golden question will always be, “Why should we hire a commercial cleaning service?” If you are someone who runs a business, this is something that you do not want to stress yourself with. Cleaning companies nowadays amid pandemics have started providing various types of cleaning solutions that your business needs.

You should dedicate your time and effort in thinking of ways to grow your business. It is also not right to burden your own employees about the overall state of cleanliness of their workplace because they have more important things to do.

More often than not, the job is not done adequately if we put it in the hands of a person who does not know the meaning of “famous cleaning services”. Cleaning can indeed be simple if you look at it.

Behind the scene, it is not at all simple. Professional cleaners have their own skills to brag about that your regular employees do not have.

In this article, we will make you realize why it is about time to hire a competent cleaner that will leave your office shining and spotless.

Before we enumerate the types of cleaning solutions services that your business needs, I want you to carefully consider the next sentences that I am about to say.

Hiring a professional cleaner is the most practical thing on earth if you are going to maintain health and safety in your workplace.

Why? A business owner, you do not know anything about cleaning (unless you own a cleaning company). It will cost you time, money, and effort if you hire your very own cleaning staff. Not to mention that you need to buy your own cleaning equipment, materials, and chemicals.

Why will you bother from all of those when you can look on the internet for a local cleaning provider that will shoulder this cost for you with no hassle. Plus, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your cleaner knows what they are doing and they are a pro at it.

Types of Cleaning Solutions That Your Business Needs

Routine Cleaning

We cannot stress even more about how the pandemic had changed so many things. CoronaVirus had spread worry and concern to the workgroup who are tasked to report for work.

It is your duty as the business owner to offer and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for your people. We cannot deny the fact that we cannot be lenient about our health and safety protocols, especially now during the pandemic.

A lot of studies have shown the regular cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection will protect your employees from contact with the virus. Even before the Covid 19, we were already encouraging businesses to employ regular cleaners – what much more now that we have more reasons to hire one.

Types of cleaning solutions company will know what to do if one of your employees, unfortunately, had tested positive from Covid 19. Covid-19 Cleaners are equipped with their own PPE without you being burdened by its cost. They have the proper cleaning chemicals and the right tools and knowledge to address the situation.

Professional cleaners know the touchpoints, surfaces, nooks and crooks that they need to look after to protect their employees.

Most importantly, you do not have to tire yourself and do the dirty job in case the needs arise. Convenient, right?

Initial Deep Cleaning and End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is required if you are moving out of the premise that you rented for your business. Usually, the landlord or the broker will give you a list of what needs to be cleaned before you move out. It is a heavy and challenging cleaning job as it requires a lot of scrubbing, dusting, and washing.

Initial commercial cleaning is a process of thorough cleaning before moving in. It is the opposite of the end of lease cleaning, but both require a whole deal of strength, expertise and knowledge.

Both of these cleanings may require things like air vent cleaning, external and internal window cleaning, pressure washing, and the whole nine yards. These tasks require special equipment that you do not have if you choose not to hire a commercial cleaner.

Floor Maintenance

Do you know that the overall cleanliness of a business usually is being judged depending on how you maintain your floors? The floor is the very first thing that you will see the moment you walk in any businesses.

Floor maintenance can get very tricky, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge about your floor material. Taking care of the floors is not a “one size fits all” deal.

  • Carpet needs regular vacuuming and occasional steam carpet cleaning.
  • Hardwood floors require constant vacuuming and mopping. You need to choose the right cleaning chemicals. Some cleaning agents are not friendly to the wood surface. Hardwood floors are expensive, which is why you need to get someone who knows how to deal with it.
  • Vinyl floors are okay with vacuuming and mopping, but over time, it can lose its shine. When it happens, you need to get someone knowledgeable about stripping and sealing the vinyl floors.
  • Hardstone floors can be mopped and vacuumed regularly. Be careful in choosing the cleaning chemical because not all cleaning chemicals are safe for hard stone floors. It may be hard on the surface, but it is porous on the inside. Some cleaning agents have corrosive compounds that may damage the floors.

You will never achieve the cleaning results that you want if you will procrastinate on hiring a commercial cleaner. You can rarely find an employee who knows how to correctly care for all types of floor materials. Floors are an expensive investment. It is about right that you give it the proper cleaning solution it deserves.

Health and Sanitation Audit

An audit is crucial for health-related and food businesses. It is highly critical that it can make or break your company’s reputation. Most of the time, the audit requirements come from the government. 

Sanitation and cleanliness are the key factors when running food and health-related businesses. These kinds of requirements will need more than routine cleaning. Deep cleaning coupled with the highest sanitation will keep your business running a long way. 

Because of their unique cleaning requirements, people who run the business in this industry often hire professional commercial cleaners. Getting professional help will ensure that you get the things you need in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Covid 19 Cleaning Services

More and more people are being infected, and it can be far from over. What would you do if one of your employees had tested positive with the virus? We know that the virus is contagious and can harm the entire population of your workgroup.

On the contrary, commercial cleaners uses different methods, approaches and cleaning solutions to leave your workspace Covid free even if someone had tested positive.

They can use the fogging method and the electrostatic disinfection method. Commercial cleaning companies deploy their cleaning technicians with proper training and appropriate PPE to carry out the job safely.

With all these reasons, are you still contemplating hiring a professional cleaning provider? I want you to leave a comment below and share with us why you are hesitating about hiring one. I also want to hear from the business owners who had hired their commercial cleaners.

Tell us how your commercial cleaners manage the cleanliness and safety of your business. Please share this article and let us convince more businesses that it is about time for them to get professional famous cleaning services.

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