The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cleaning Tips

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cleaning Tips

Even during a pandemic, people will find ways to celebrate Christmas and Holiday Season all over the world. Employees will soon be planning or maybe partying in small groups. Family members will definitely set up their Christmas tree to feel the spirit of the holiday.

So, let us practice a few Christmas cleaning tips as we want you to enjoy the holiday season and be stress-free with all the other things that can come up at home or in the office. Join us as we share our useful tips that will make your holiday fun and stress-free.

Many businesses grab this chance to do a deep cleaning because most of the employees are enjoying their time off at home. How do professional cleaners do seasonal office cleaning in Sydney? Who knows better than us? Believe us when we say that the holiday season is the best time to reach the nooks and crooks for the hidden part of your office.

A lot of things can be done during the holiday break. Many companies have their air vents clean during this season. This is also the best time to fumigate, run pest control, or steam clean all the carpets and rags.

Because you have been excellent throughout the year, Santa Claus will share with you our very own Christmas cleaning tips to make sure that you are on the right track and you will start fresh, ready for the next year.

Before Going on Break, Make Sure to Do the Following:

Empty All Bins, Including the Recycling, Sanitary Bins, Paper Bins, and General Bins.

Get your professional cleaner and have them clean the insides of the fridge, freezers, and microwave. Make sure that there are no leftover foods left inside the fridge before everyone goes on break. Leftovers can elicit unwanted smells that can stick inside the refrigerator.

Not only that, it will welcome moulds and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. You can use baking soda to absorb unwanted smell on both fridges and microwave ovens.

Wash All Dirty Cups and Cutleries.

This tip applies to both office and home cleaning. As your guests leave after the party, there would be loads of dirty cups and cutleries that are due for washing. Make sure not to leave any dirty dishes behind.

Feed the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and store them nicely in the cabinet once the cycle has been completed.

Ask Your Employees to Clear Their Desks from Any Clutters Before Going on the Holiday Break.

Ask your staff to go through their paperwork and sort out which papers can go to the shredding bin and which ones to go to the filing cabinet. Advise them to clear their desks as much as possible.

In this way, it will be easier for your assigned office cleaner to perform a good wiping on their desks while they are away.

During the Holiday Break, Do These Cleaning Tips:

Air Vent Cleaning

This is the best time to call your professional commercial cleaner and have them clean your office’s air vent. Clean air passage constitutes cleaner, fresher air for you and your employee to breathe in. Apart from that, you are ensuring that the chances of allergies will be very minimal if you have this in place.

Deep Cleaning of Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets

Professional cleaners usually wipe the insides and the outsides of the kitchen cabinets during the deep cleaning. This will make sure that food spills, dust, and dirt are eliminated from the surface of the kitchen.

Food spills invite pests so better be sure that your cleaner will cover this when the holiday starts as no one will be in the office. This is also the best time to wash your cloth hand towels.

Cleaning of Skirting Boards and Baseboards

These areas are often neglected. During the holiday season, cleaners have more time. They can perform a detailed cleaning that will make your skirting boards and baseboards new.

Steam Cleaning

Carpets take time to dry. Having no one report for work in the office is the best time to have this scheduled. Steam cleaning will make your carpet and other upholstery look and smell new.

Apart from its aesthetic benefits, you can make sure that your carpets and furniture are free of dust and dirt. Having regular steam cleaning also increases the life of your carpet.

Internal and External Window Cleaning

Routine cleaning can indeed get rid of dust and marks off of any glass that may be present in your office. If you want it to appear new, you need to get the help of a professional to do a thorough glass cleaning. In some cases, cleaning the glass externally can pose a challenge to some cleaning companies.

It can be too high, or they are not equipped with the proper tools to do it. There are plenty of cleaning companies in Australia that specialise in glass cleaning. You can call your local service provider for this.

The key to a successful, stress-free holiday cleaning is planning ahead. Call your professional cleaner of choice and let them know of your intent to have the office deep cleaned during the holiday break.

In this way, they will be able to advise you if there is an extra cost to have your workspace cleaned.

You can also provide your cleaning provider with a list of all the tasks that you want to be completed during the break. In this way, it will be easier for them to know what your expectations are, and they can accomplish the tasks more straightforward for the big day.

As you determine the area that needs attention, walk around the office and have a keen eye. List down the things that you wanted to clean during the holiday. Make it a point that you are looking at your office from a guests’ perspective.

You also need to make sure that toilets get the attention they require during the holiday break. This area is badly beaten every day, and it also deserves an excellent cleaning.

Christmas cleaning tips are brought to you by a professional cleaner who has been in the market for more than two decades. We want you to have a stress-free holiday and be ready for the big day.

Workspace Cleaning tips are easy to follow and only require a few special Christmas cleaning products and chemicals to achieve the desired result.

I want to hear how you or your cleaning company prepares for Christmas or holiday cleaning. Do we have the same list of chores lined up? Please drop us a comment below.

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