The Importance Of Childcare Cleaning

This guide will show you exactly the importance of childcare cleaning by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.

As a working parent, it is hard to look after your kid all by yourself. In this case, you opt to take them to a childcare centre. Here kids learn different things and play with any toy at their disposal. Kids will often spend most of their daytime in these facilities. That means these childcare centres have a huge impact on the growth and development of your children.

Apart from playing with toys and other kids, they are taught different things. Proper hygiene is one of them. They learn the importance of washing hands after visiting washrooms or before eating a meal. They also learn how to cover their mouth when they cough.

As they grow, they will continue practising whatever they already learned. That is why kids have different behaviours when they grow up. A sanitary and safe environment falls under what every parent would want for their children. Unfortunately, not all companies meet the required standards of safety and cleanliness.

That is where we come in. Our commercial cleaning services aim at keeping your daycare centre sparkling clean.

Child’s health is the first priority

Luckily our professionals are highly educated and experienced in childcare cleaning. A clean childcare centre promotes everyone’s health – including those who visit your premises and daily clients.

Surface and special floor care

Any service provider in childcare cleaning should have the necessary training to sanitise and identify those hot-spots for germs.

The floor should be a focal point. Daycare workers and small kids spend lots of time playing on the floor. Play areas, desktops, toys and door handles are areas that need extra attention when cleaning.

Green materials for cleaning

Our cleaning entails the use of green practices and chemical to clean a childcare facility. Our cleaning materials are effective in cleaning and are healthy for the environment and people. Our vacuum cleaners are HEPA filtered (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) and we use paper products that are friendly to the environment.

Following regulations and green cleaning

It is possible to use green cleaning procedures in a daycare environment. We use microfibre cloths because others contain harmful chemicals. Most importantly, these cloths effectively pick up dust and are washable to reduce trash.

Similarly, we don’t use chemicals that have a strong odour. Instead, we use the ones that are effective, yet safe for the environment and for the children to play on. Most importantly, our cleaning tools and procedures comply with all the safety and standards for a childcare centre.

Clean Group’s Childcare Cleaning

Getting professional childcare cleaning services in Sydney such as Clean Group means that you can focus on the more important matters. We are a commercial and full-service cleaning company that focuses on keeping your business in the best shape possible. With more 30 years of industrial experience, we have been entrusted to handle childcare centres across Sydney.

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