How Often Should I Clean Every Area of My Business Space?

How Often Should I Clean Every Area of My Commercial Space?
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As important as it is to keep your commercial space or office clean and well-maintained, it is equally important to get the cleaning done at a predetermined routine for the best results. Both regular commercial cleaning and deep cleaning of offices must be done on the basis of a schedule.

This is because different commercial properties have different cleaning needs, and one commercial cleaning package or plan cannot be expected to meet everyone’s needs.

This is why we at Clean Group recommend tailored cleaning services after an on-site inspection of each customer’s property for its particular cleaning requirements.

In general, commercial premises must be cleaned every day. Just like we clean our house every day because we know that dust, dirt and germs will accumulate over time without regular cleaning.

Routine cleaning of commercial establishments is even more important because these facilities receive heavier foot traffic and host all kinds of people coming from different locations, which is why the risk of infections and the amount of dirt accumulation is higher in commercial settings.

In addition to general cleaning every day or at least every other day, deep cleaning once a month or fortnight is also recommended.

What Are Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning services refer to cleaning services provided to a commercial entity such as an office or a retail store. These services are provided by professional agencies called commercial cleaning companies.

If you are wondering what is commercial cleaning services or who needs them, here you go. The cleaning services used by any type of commercial property fall under commercial cleaning services.

This includes but is not limited to office cleaning, medical facilities cleaning, gym cleaning, strata cleaning, end of lease cleaning, school cleaning, childcare centre cleaning, and others.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

The benefits of cleaning a commercial place are numerous. Routine commercial cleaning not only helps keep the place spotless but also reduces the number of germs and bacteria, thereby ensuring good health for office workers and visitors.

Also, cleaning is often associated with workplace productivity. Routine cleaning can help businesses make consistently great impressions on their office visitors, including potential clients, partners and investors.

This might also help maintain or even increase business reputation in the market and build a healthier work environment for employees.

Here are some other benefits of commercial cleaning service:

  • increases employee productivity
  • prevents the spread of disease & reduces sick leaves
  • a safer and healthier workplace
  • clean and professional-looking office
  • boosts company morale
  • better cost savings in the long run
  • workers are naturally happy when the office smells fresh

For those who are wondering how often a commercial place should be deep cleaned, here’s a detailed guide by professionals from Clean Group – a top commercial cleaning services provider based in Sydney.

What Is the Ideal Frequency of Cleaning?

The ideal frequency of cleaning depends on a number of things, including the target area, foot traffic, property type, etc. While high-traffic areas of a commercial property, such as floors, toilets, etc. and high contact surfaces must be cleaned multiple times through the day (depending on the property type and office hours), other less intensive areas can do with once a day cleaning. Seldomly used spaces such as IT rooms, webinar rooms, storerooms, etc. can do with less frequent commercial cleaning.

In addition, every commercial facility must go through deep cleaning at least once a week or fortnight or month, depending on the property.

Regular Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning Frequency

Regular cleaning refers to routine cleaning of a property. For example, offices in Sydney are generally cleaned every day in order to maintain their cleanliness and aesthetic appearance and also to ensure workers’ safety from office germs.

Routine commercial cleaning will normally involve basic cleaning of floors, toilets, desks, kitchens, etc. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping and wiping are the activities performed during a routine office cleaning in Sydney.

Deep commercial cleaning, on the other hand, refers to an in-depth cleaning of a property, including a thorough cleaning of objects and areas that may or may not have been covered in regular cleaning.

Deep carpet cleaning, external window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, in-depth floor cleaning, scrubbing & washing, toilet floor cleaning, etc. are some of the examples or parts of a deep commercial cleaning job. The goal of deep office cleaning is to remove hidden dust, dirt and germs that are otherwise ignored in a basic routine cleaning job.

As for the frequency, routine cleaning is done on a more frequent basis than deep office cleaning. The two types of cleaning have different purposes.

While routine cleaning helps keep the commercial place looking attractive and free of dust, dirt and germs, deep cleaning is done occasionally to eliminate hidden dirt and germs left in regular cleaning.

The ideal frequency of deep commercial cleaning is weekly, monthly or fortnightly, depending on the property type and foot traffic.

The ideal routine cleaning frequency is daily or by any routine that fits a particular property’s cleaning requirements. For premises that are used by a lot of people or receive heavy foot traffic, daily cleaning is preferred to not let dirt and germs accumulate.

Since floors are generally the dirtiest area in an office, they must be vacuumed and mopped daily using a TGA-approved disinfectant.

Cleaning Routine for Different Areas in a Commercial Place

Different areas in the same place may have different commercial cleaning needs. High-traffic areas or places that are more exposed to dirt and germs should be cleaned more frequently than other less occupied areas.

  • Reception – daily
  • Kitchen – daily
  • IT rooms – once every two days
  • Meeting rooms – once every two or three days, depending on use
  • Toilets – multiple times a day
  • Office floors – daily
  • Cafeteria – daily
  • Upholstery – once a week
  • Drawers (inside out), closets, wardrobes, etc. – once a week
  • Work desks, monitors, etc. – daily
  • Appliances – daily wipe, deep clean inside out once a week or so
  • High contact areas cleaning & disinfection – daily, preferably multiple times a day to keep infections away

All high contact areas and surfaces must be disinfected at least once a day. These include door handles, handrails, lift buttons, water taps, toilets, light boards & switches, phone receivers, keyboards, door glass, kitchen appliances, etc.

While general cleaning of all common areas, floors, surfaces, toilets, etc. must be done every day, other less occupied or frequent areas can be cleaned once a week or month when deep cleaning an office.

In-depth cleaning along with general cleaning is very crucial to occasionally remove germs and dirt that remain unnoticed or may have been ignored by cleaners during daily cleaning.

How to Get the Best Quality Routine Cleaning for Your Commercial Space?

One of the major problems that businesses in Sydney face when looking to keep their facilities clean and well-maintained is not being able to find a reliable and professional cleaning service. If you are facing the same problem, here’s how you can find and hire a top commercial cleaning company for your business in Sydney.

Get your requirements sorted: What kind of commercial cleaning do you want, should the commercial cleaners be experienced, what is your cleaning budget, how frequently do you want/need cleaners to come, etc.

Make a list of the best commercial cleaning services company in your area that fits your budget: it should be easy to find companies providing professional commercial cleaning services in Sydney. Now, your job is to filter them out to find the best commercial cleaning business for your particular needs.

Look for professional, experienced and trained commercial cleaners in your local cleaning industry. Regular, inexperienced cleaners will not be ideal for a commercial cleaning job. You need a specialist commercial cleaner or team that understands your problem and has the necessary resources, skills & experience to do the right job.

A professional commercial cleaning service provider like Clean Group can help you find the right person for your commercial cleaning job.

For commercial cleaning, avoid hiring a domestic cleaning provider. They may be good cleaners but most probably lack experience in business cleaning and will end up wasting your money and time.

A commercial cleaner must be equipped with the best cutting-edge cleaning equipment, advanced cleaning technology, tools and supplies and should preferably use eco-friendly products and cleaning methods that are safe for people and the environment.

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, make sure that it provides valid insurance for its commercial cleaning experts and services.

The most convenient option is, of course, to hire commercial cleaners or professional cleaning services from a well-respected company like Clean Group. We provide services to all types of commercial and industrial properties.

Based on your preferred cleaning schedule, we can offer office cleaning services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis at very competitive prices.

Clean Group uses certified and trained professional cleaners who you can hire for routine or one-off cleaning of your commercial premises in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other locations. We offer affordable industrial cleaning services for factories, warehouses, self-storage and construction companies.

Clean Group’s professional commercial cleaners you can hire on an hourly or project basis. The cleaning costs may vary from project to project and depending on the type and size of your property and the cleaning frequency.

For a free professionally cleaning commercial quote, you can call our 24×7 team at 1300 141 946 or visit our website to read more about our cleaning services and team.

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