Deep Workplace Cleaning VS Regular Worksite Cleaning In Sydney?

Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning
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Cleaning and maintaining the workplace clean and safe in Sydney, for all the employees and the personnel, is one of the most important things that speaks a lot about the corporate culture of the company. Especially in a time of the pandemic, the cleaning is put on an even higher level, with higher demands and more frequent attention to all the surfaces, rooms, and floors.

One company, in addition to the regular commercial cleaning, can ask for seasonal deep cleaning of its commercial spaces. Many corporate brands do not know the difference and what office deep cleaning entails, and why it is important.

Maintaining a clean office space is essential in protecting the health of the employees and keeping a professional image of the company. Keeping a clean working environment is not an easy task.

The best way to do this is to hire professional and trusted experts that will give a thorough clean every once in a while and regular cleaning services day today. This is a great way to ensure maximum cleanliness levels, which will contribute to employees’ motivation and boost productivity.

Commercial spaces are the first thing people notice when they enter some business establishment, the offices, the cabins, the desks – all of them are part of the company’s image. Having them clean and regularly cleaned is crucial for good business.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, clubs, entertainment centres, and malls.

This is an essential type of cleaning for all those who want to promote a neat, clean, and hygienic work environment. Companies that hire cleaners and then provide corporate cleaning services are known as Commercial cleaning companies.

They carry out cleaning jobs on a variety of different premises and provide cleaning services by trained professional cleaners. This type of commercial cleaner is well trained and experienced. They also take responsibility for all the cleaning works in the business space.

Commercial cleaning service providers are contracted to uplift and maintain the visual beauty and hygienic appearance of the commercial properties. That’s why, for the commercial buildings in Sydney, hiring the finest cleaning services in Sydney are is exceptionally important.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning?

Cleaning is a process that can be carried out through different methods and in different places. According to the needs of the place, the cleaning can be divided into commercial and domestic cleaning.

These are two different types of cleaning between Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning, which cater to different needs of the space, require different tools, time, and techniques.

As the name suggests itself, commercial cleaning refers to commercial spaces and areas, while domestic cleaning refers to residential areas, houses, and buildings.

But the division between these two meanings’ and processes is more varied than this basic definition. So what makes them different?
Additionally to the type of cleaning, the distinction has a lot to do with the quantity of use of power.

Domestic cleaning does not require any heavy power tools. However, commercial cleaning takes place on larger buildings, so it does require powerful cleaning tools and devices. Some of the cleaning tools and devices are so powerful that their use in residential places might cause damage to the home furniture.

Some examples are floor polishers, huge vacuum cleaners, and other devices that are suitable for cleaning larger areas like hotels, schools, restaurants, malls, and hospitals. However, domestic cleaning can be done with simpler cleaning tools, which are more convenient for use in smaller areas.

This leads directly to the time needed for cleaning. At commercial places, the cleaning tasks are divided, whereas the residential cleaning process is simpler and on point. Additionally, the cleaning processes can vary from business to business.

Deep Commercial Cleaning vs. Regular Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, not all are the services and the processes are delivered the same way. One important thing to notice and to remember is that the cleaning can refer both to deep and regular cleaning, which might be confusing for some.

But there’s a difference between Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning, and it comes down to the level of cleaning that will be performed. So before you look up office cleaning services near me, make sure to understand the difference and what you’re paying for.

What is Regular Commercial Cleaning?

Generally, “the regular commercial ” cleaning refers to any cleaning that would normally be done regularly. Such examples of “regular commercial” cleaning performed by professional office cleaning companies can include wiping down hard surfaces in the bathroom or kitchenette, vacuuming carpets, and collecting and disposing of trash. Regular commercial cleaning can happen on a daily or weekly basis.

This is not suggested for those who are hiring a cleaner’s service for the first time and have not been on top of cleaning for a while. The regular commercial cleaning is designed for maintenance, and not to get rid of dirt and grime that may have been accumulating for a long period of time.

Regular commercial cleaning is important for those businesses that run on office or commercial space that is often used because those are places where germs and dirt can constantly accumulate.

However, if the business is just moving into a new space, or is a place that has not had any professional cleaning done for a while, then the best way is to go with a professional office cleaning service that specifies deep cleaning.

A regular commercial cleaning includes:

• Sweeping and mopping the floors
• Garbage Clearing away
• Furniture Dusting
• Cleaning the toilets
• Restocking towels and toilet paper rolls
• Cleaning the windows
• Vacuuming and cleaning the carpets

Why Do You Need to Perform a Regular Commercial Cleaning?

Today, a neat and fresh building is an important thing for the commercial image of the business. Failing to do so usually results in unpleasant consequences like poor health and air quality. These are the benefits of regular commercial cleaning:

Better Air Quality

When dust and dirt build up on the commercial furniture surfaces, like the carpets, floors, ceilings, and windows, the air that the employees and the visitors breathe will be uncomfortable. This usually leads to allergies, asthma attacks, and respiratory ailments.

All these situations cause a direct health issue to the workers. That is why, every surface must be dust-free and gleaming, and the regular cleaning will deliver just that.

A More Beautiful look of the Office

When the office is cleaned from all the stains, spots, trash, and other elements, it will instantly become a more beautiful place the employees will enjoy. The dust and dirt can make the area look dull and faded. With regular commercial cleaning, the place will look brighter and more appealing.

A Pest-Free Environment

Pests can appear in places that are not cleaned regularly. Things like food leftovers, containers, wrappers, and clutter are the main reasons why cockroaches, flies, mice, and other pests appear. If the cleaning is performed regularly and on time, that means that the cleanliness is taken seriously, and that will prevent the pests from appearing.

A Happy Workspace

A clean place is a happy place. A health-friendly workplace is a place where the employees will be healthier and happier while on the premises. The overall well-being will be improved, there will be greater motivation for working and finishing the tasks on time. All of that will lead to a more productive environment.

What is Deep Commercial Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a cleaning process that goes deeper than regular cleaning. It is designed and created to target all spaces in an office and a commercial building. These are the places that do not get attention during regular cleanings.

For example, professional commercial cleaning companies that perform a deep clean might include works such as cleaning under sinks, washing the inside of windows and blinds, removing all dust and cobwebs, and even steam cleaning carpets to go beyond the surface to where germs and allergens can hide.

An important thing to remember is that “deep commercial cleaning” is not something that needs to be done every time then commercial cleaning company is booked for their service.

Deep commercial cleaning is most commonly done during the first visit to a corporate site because then can be established as a baseline for future “regular commercial” cleanings. Additionally, a business can also request a deep cleaning, from time to time, to ensure that the corporate offices are as spotless as possible.

Deep commercial cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming all carpets thoroughly (moving furniture if necessary).
  • Detailed mopping and scrubbing of all floors.
  • Cleaning light switches, fixtures, and door handles.
  • Vacuuming drapes, blinds, windowsills, etc.
  • Emptying and cleaning inside cabinets.
  • Cleaning inside appliances (microwave, fridge, etc.).
  • Comprehensive bathroom and toilet cleaning.
  • Sanitizing computer keyboards & screens.
  • Dusting vents, baseboards, ledges, etc.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces with effective green cleaning agents.

When is time for deep commercial cleaning?

The offices and the other areas are regularly cleaned and they might not look like they would need a deep clean. However, a regular corporate cleaning service usually tackles the areas that are easy to reach.

This means that dust will accumulate behind the appliances, under desks, and on the carpets, unless these areas are given the proper and deep attention they deserve.

So, the first moment when there is more dust than usual, or when the light fixtures need extra attention, it is time for a deep commercial clean. This way, all the dangerous germs will be removed and the number of dust mites will be effectively reduced, which directly leads to alleviating allergy symptoms of the employees.

How often do commercial offices need a deep cleaning?

The process of regular dusting and vacuuming does the trick for most of the offices, but the commercial space does require a more thorough clean every once in a while. This is important and gives the less accessible areas a good scrub and keeps the dirt in check.

A general rule is that deep commercial cleaning should be booked every six months to ensure an optimal level of cleanliness. That way, the commercial space will not get too dusty and messy and the regular weekly or daily cleaning will be just enough to maintain desirable hygiene standards at all times.
At Clean Group you will find the most unique and varied commercial cleaning service. We know and understand how important cleanliness and health care are for the employees and the managers, as well as for the image of a brand.

That is why we offer both Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning services in Sydney. Each of these services can be customized according to the needs of the commercial building and the workplace. Today, a clean and enjoyable working environment can easily be achieved by hiring the right professional for the job.

Be sure to reach out and schedule an appointment. We will come to take a look at the commercial building and the premises and we will arrange a cleaning schedule that will be the most beneficial for you and your company.

Whether you are looking for regular office cleaning or deep cleaning services, Clean Group is your best choice for many reasons. Not only do we have immense experience in commercial cleaning but also our cleaners are provided with cutting-edge equipment and best-in-class, eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Our basic office cleaning includes more than just dusting and mopping. We go the extra mile and will deep scrub your floors as well as clean the toilets and remove the garbage to ensure all-round cleaning of your workplace and maintain freshness all day long.

As for deep cleaning, we go really deep and thoroughly disinfect the place to remove dust and germs from all corners. Contact us to book a cleaning service today.

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