How to Clean Commercial Windows Without Streaks

How to Clean Commercial Windows Without Streaks

There are plenty of products that you can use to clean your windows, some are commercial products and some are homemade solutions. But the job gets more difficult when you want to have a window cleaned streaks-free.

It’s only normal to want to have a spotless window that looks as good as new. Clean windows allow more sunshine into your home and make you feel more comfortable and more connected to the outdoors.

Since it’s a struggle many people are suffering with, So Clean Group decided to write a guide that will take you through the steps to cleaning your windows properly without leaving any streaks, just like professional window cleaners do it!

Remove Curtains and Blinds

The first step you need to do is to remove the curtains and blinds. Also, if you have time on your hands, you can wash the drapes using a fabric freshener such as Febreze.

You can use a dusting attachment on your vacuum or a dry brush to clean any cobwebs or dust from around the corners of the windowsills and the windows.

Dust and Brush Down the Windows

The next step to have clean windows without streaks is to clean any dust or excess dirt using a dustpan brush or a broom or any similar object. Then you can start brushing down the windows to remove any built-up cobwebs or dirt.

It’s always better to start at the top and work your way down to make sure the cleaned area stays clean while you continue dusting off the dirt. Afterward, you can brush down the window sill and use a vacuum to clean up the dirt that fell on the floor or windowsill.

Pick a Detergent and Begin Washing

There are lots of different products for cleaning windows. There are plenty of options in the local stores, but if you prefer to use something that you already have in the house, then you can try a mix of a little bit of dishwashing detergent and water, some people also like to add vinegar to the mix.

If you have already bought a product from the store, you can go ahead and start spraying it on the window, then use a newspaper or a paper towel to wipe the product on the window in a circular motion. Some people also like to use a microfiber cloth instead of a paper towel.

If you are using a homemade product like a detergent with water mix, you only need to dip the microfibre cloth or a sponge into the water and wipe the window with it in a circular motion.

For stubborn marks, you might need to use a store-bought product to help wipe it off faster. Or instead, you can add some methylated spirits to your water and detergent mix.

Make sure to always use cold water while you are cleaning the windows as hot water evaporates way too quickly. Moreover, try wiping the windows from the top down, that way, you will not drip any water on a spot that has already been cleaned.

Squeegee the Window Dry

Using a squeegee will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. But to use a squeegee properly, you might need a bit of practice. Follow the next steps to properly use a squeegee:

  • Hold the squeegee so the handle is set at a 45-degree angle to the glass
  • Begin at the top left part of the window
  • Move your way down from left to right and then do the same in the opposite direction
  • Use a piece of cloth to dry the squeegee between strokes

This will help you get your windows cleaned more quickly and efficiently.

Wipe Down the Window with a Cloth

Many people have tried to only dry their windows with a squeegee, but unfortunately, they failed. Even professionals have tried but it’s not always successful.

To make sure you eliminate the streaks, you need to use a microfiber cloth, newspaper, or a paper towel to dry windows after you dry them with a squeegee.

For better results, dry the windows in circular motions and from the top all the way to the bottom. Most importantly, make sure the cloth or newspaper you are using is dry and completely clean to not leave any small stains on the windows.

Clean Up the Windowsills and Floors

After you’ve cleaned up the windows and wiped them dry, you will probably find some water on the window sill or the floor. To clean that up, use a towel to dry up these areas. If you find any leftover marks on the window, rub it with the microfiber cloth till it’s gone.

Once you are done cleaning the inside part of your windows, go ahead and repeat the same process on the outside window. Following these steps, your windows will look spotless and as good as new. Why Should You Outsource Cleaning?

What Are the Best Things to Clean Windows With?

There are many options and all of them give almost the same result if applied properly. Some people prefer to use vinegar to clean windows, some prefer to do a homemade mix of water and detergent, and some prefer store-bought products.

Whichever product or method they are using will work just fine, as long as the water and dishwashing soap mix does not include too much soap (as it leaves marks afterwards) then the result will be satisfying.

Moreover, using a clean cloth, paper towel, or newspaper to dry out the windows right after they’ve been cleaned will be of extra help to you as those are the best fabrics to clean your window and leave it spotless without any marks after cleaning.

Cleaning windows and mirrors could be the most annoying part of the whole home cleaning process, as it’s too easy to leave stains or soap marks on the mirrors. But with the right techniques, using home remedies will be more than enough to give you spotless windows.

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