8 Things to Look for in a Business Cleaning Services Company

8 things to look for in a commercial cleaning services company8 things to look for in a commercial cleaning services company
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If you are the owner of a commercial space or manage an office in Sydney NSW (Australia) and are looking for a perfect commercial cleaning services company for your regular office cleaning needs, here’s everything you need to know about hiring a commercial cleaner in Sydney.

A commercial cleaning firm provides professional cleaning services to other businesses. Some of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service include efficient results, time-saving, fewer management needs and costs, and reliable services.

When you book cleaning services from a reputable company like Clean Group, you get high-quality services along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee that your workplace will be cleaned in line with the highest standards and as per your specific needs.

Even if you are booking a cleaning service with another provider in Sydney Australia, make sure to choose a cleaning partner that you can completely trust.

Why it’s crucial to trust your commercial cleaning services provider

When hiring a full-time cleaner for your office or outsourcing a cleaning service, you are essentially trusting a third party with the safety of your premises and people.

This is why you need to know that your cleaner is not only a good person but will use safe (non-toxic) products and eco-friendly cleaning methods to deliver the desired results without risking the health of your workers. At the same time, you want to ensure the cleaner has good experience and training in sustainable cleaning methods.

For businesses hiring full-time, in-house cleaners, trust is even more crucial. If you are going to leave your office in the responsibility of your cleaners, make sure that you can at least trust the person to properly clean, care for and maintain the place while you are away.

Things to Know and Look for When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

There are a number of things one needs to consider when looking to hire a cleaning company or cleaner for their business. These include the cleaner’s experience in the industry, the services they provide, the cost of cleaning services, whether fairly priced or not, traits of the business, whether the cleaners are trained and have the required skills for the job, cleaning products and equipment they use, flexibility, punctuality, insurance, dedication, previous work and clients feedback, among others.

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Here are some of the things that you should look for when hiring a commercial cleaning services provider.

#1 Cleaning Services you want

First of all, you need to determine the range of commercial cleaning services that you want for your facility. Do you need just basic cleaning like floor mopping, etc. or are you looking for deep cleaning? Do you also need covid disinfection? Do you want cleaners to also clean your carpets, shine your windows and do other non-basic things? Does your facility have a dedicated car park that also needs cleaning? What extra services do you want the team to offer?

There are various other types of cleaning services that you may or may not want. These include glass, high-rise windows, deep carpet vacuum, disinfection cleaning, bathrooms & toilets, pest and mould removal equipment (Solar Panels etc.), and others. The idea is to find services that match your needs.

Besides that, you need to think about your budget or the maximum amount you are ready to spend on cleaning services.

Once you have your own requirements figured out clearly, you are ready to talk with prospects.

Based on your cleaning needs, you can further enquire about the company’s experience in handling similar jobs or providing services to similar types of businesses in similar industries.

For example, a cleaning services agency that normally works with small businesses may not have the best experience or resources to handle a large strata cleaning project.

Similarly, companies that specialize in your particular niche or industry are generally the best suited for handling your cleaning needs.

Not all cleaning companies provide services in all locations. So, another thing to enquire about is whether the cleaner provides services in your location or area. Also, they must be able to tailor their offerings to fit your particular needs.

#2 Onsite estimate & quote

While some cleaning companies offer quotations on call, you should preferably choose the one that provides an on-site quotation for free. An onsite estimate will involve the company personnel visiting your place to survey your office property on the basis of size, type and cleaning needs in order to determine the best price quote.

This is important because on-site quotations are specific and will avoid unnecessary charges and cost estimation, ensuring you get the best quote for your requirements.

Moreover, when the team visits your place, you can personally talk to them and explain your cleaning requirements and expectations more clearly than you could on a call.

Try and take free quotes from more than one provider and compare them in order to find the best cleaning services at the right price.

#3 Traits & values of the business

Things that make them unique or better than other cleaning companies.

Every business has certain traits and values that make them different from its competitors. When searching for a commercial office cleaning service, be sure to check out the things that make a prospect stand out from the crowd.

These may include but are not limited to having a highly trained and qualified team, flexibility, punctuality, integrity, ability to perform a thorough service, fair pricing, experience, etc.

Having a qualified team of trained and skilled cleaners is the basic requirement. To handle the cleaning work, they must be able to provide their best team, preferably professionals who have some experience in the maintenance of similar commercial premises. Also, the cleaners must be able to deliver a thorough clean with attention to detail.

Also, the cleaning company should be flexible enough to accommodate your special requirements and re-schedule bookings as and when needed.

They must be punctual and able to get the work completed on time and meet deadlines. To check this, you can read testimonials of their previous customers and clients.

 #4 The cost of cleaning

Ask about the cleaning services cost or pricing of the provider. Not only the commercial cleaning services should be fairly priced (in line with the market standards) and affordable but also the cost should fit your budget.

Remember, cleaning is not a one-time job and you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to pricing. Settle for a service provider that can offer high-quality services at a reasonable price that meets your expectations.

Fair pricing is all about keeping a balance between service quality and price. Though many cleaning companies in Sydney offer great quality services, they are generally too expensive to afford for every business.

This is why having a budget is important so that you do not spend more than you should and can still manage to find the cleaning service you are looking for.

Also, ask your cleaner about their preferred payment option, i.e. how they accept money for their services. Most companies would need you to pay in advance before they start working on your place.

#5 Eco-friendly

With so many incidents of physical and health damages caused by the use of toxic chemicals lately, eco-friendly cleaning is the need of the hour. It is crucial that the cleaning institution you are planning to hire provides green cleaning services using high-quality products and methods that are friendly to the environment.

It’s also important for the safety of your own employees, office visitors and loved ones, as the solution used in some cleaners can do significant health damage to those who inhale them, accidentally or otherwise.

Contrary to general belief, green cleaning is totally affordable and feasible. So, it’s no longer a matter of cost.

Also, when looking for a green cleaning service, make certain the provider actually uses a green and non-toxic cleaning solution. Some providers have been using products that are eco-friendly on the poster but still use toxic chemicals or materials that are not environmentally friendly.

#6 Cleaning Equipment

Ask if the cleaning firm also provides tools and equipment for the job. Generally, a reputable cleaning services provider will bring their own tools and supplies for the cleaning project. This has two benefits. First, you can save money on cleaning supplies.

Second, a professional cleaner better knows which solutions and tools are the best for a particular service and will ensure your cleaning is done using the best products purchased from renowned suppliers.

At Clean Group, we not only bring our own cleaning supplies but use many cutting-edge equipment and tools, including the latest i-mop floor scrubber for all-around commercial cleaning while delivering great results in less than the standard time.

Make sure to get the cost of cleaning products, if any, mentioned separately at the time of getting a quotation from the provider. Furthermore, they should have a plentiful stock of these supplies.

#7 Cleaners’ Insurance

Cleaners’ insurance is not only important but mandatory nowadays. This is important because a cleaning job involves substantial risk. It is possible for the cleaner to meet an accident during the work, and insurance will take care of their medical expenses and other costs.

In most cases, the cleaning firm will provide insurance cover for its employees and staff. But if it doesn’t in your case, you might have to arrange the insurance from your side or be ready to bear the blame along with the medical costs if any misfortunate event occurs during your project.

#8 Clients and testimonials

Last but not the least, read customer testimonials about the cleaning company to check what kind of experience their past customers and clients had with the agency and its services.

Also, note that it is possible to fake these customer reviews, especially the ones you find on Google and other online portals. So, if possible, try to get in touch with the customers or clients directly to seek their feedback and reviews of the cleaning company.

If all is good, arrange an on-site free quote with the commercial cleaning company of your choice and talk in detail about your cleaning requirements and expectations.

Conclusion – Hire a top commercial cleaning services provider

Finding a commercial or office cleaning service is not difficult, but finding the right service is. With these simple tips, you can manage to find a reliable commercial cleaning partner for your cleaning needs in any location and on a budget. Even after you hire a cleaner, you can always decide to quit if you are not 100% happy with their cleaning results.

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