Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Your After-Build Cleaning By Yourself

Building work and construction like repair, renovation, construction of a new build will create and leave behind debris, dust, and a tremendous amount of debris which can leave the area looking untidy and unsafe.

There are a lot of after-builder cleaners that offer a thorough and comprehensive post-after-builders cleaning service to remove dust build-up and debris, both internally and externally.

The job is to ensure that premises or property is clear, clean and ready for use. Post-construction cleaning applies to both business and home cleaning. The cleaning bill can be a bit expensive because the amount of work is demanding. For home post-construction cleaning, the commercial cleaners will make sure that the construction site is safe to all family members.

It will include cleaning of all surfaces and areas. The cleaner’s job is to ensure that light switches, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, door handles are free from dust and dirt. For building and other businesses, the service provider works to pretty much ensure that all surfaces and everything that is inside the premise are clean and safe.

Cleaners in Australia provide their phone number, name, email addresses, and other contact information for you to find them. Good air quality should be flowing throughout. Join us and let us talk about what commercial and industrial cleaners do during pre and construction cleaning.

Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Cleaners for Post Construction Cleaning?

After Builders cleaning is difficult and can consume time and resources, you will not get your desired result if you give the job to someone who not knowledgeable about this field. Here are the top answers to your whys.

  • Commercial companies employ experienced cleaners who know how to handle situations in the post-
  • construction cleaning.
  • Experienced cleaners can offer varieties of cleaning techniques.
  • Cleaning companies offer a survey, and they will value your feedback based on the job that they perform.
  • Commercial and industrial cleaners can provide you with a significant character reference that can vouch for their services.

Apart from the workload, post-construction jobs leave dust and debris that can present serious health hazards. Risk-assessment is essential before you accept an after builder’s job.

After builders cleaning should include wiping of different surfaces like stainless steel counters and a lot more. As an industrial cleaner, you are also expected to clean tiles, windows, skirting boards, and furniture.

Different Types of After Build Cleaning

Settlement Cleaning – This is also called as the final clean. It is similar to a deep cleaning where the cleaners have to ensure that all corners and every surface are immaculate from top to bottom. Settlement cleaning ensures that the place is safe for the occupants. No one can do this job as perfect as a professional can.

Pre-build Cleaning – Construction companies typically hire professional cleaners to clean and prepare for construction. It will secure the health and safety of the construction worker since we know the dangers and hazards that can be present during the construction.

The cleaning service provider will ensure that floors and light fixtures are ready so that the people constructing the project can work freely and safely.

Initial Cleaning – This type of cleaning extracts the dirt, dust, and rubbish that is accumulated during the construction. Most of these cleanings are done during the closing stages of a project.

Maintenance Cleaning – This type of cleaning is where the construction company hires a regular service provider that will clean while they work on the construction.

This one is the suggested method, but most construction companies choose not to do this because it can result in an expensive cleaning bill. The maintenance cleaners will make sure that all of the areas are clean and safe for the construction people.

Practical After Build Cleaning Tips

  • Start by focusing on removing all dust and debris left behind from the construction. Starting with the dust and debris will make sure that it will not get into the air ducts. All post-construction works produce dust. Layers of dust will make the areas and floors to look old.
  • Vacuum all carpets and upholstery with a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Professional cleaners give attention to details. If you ignore this, dust and dirt will settle making the floors, areas and surfaces looking filthy.
  • Remove and vacuum each one of the furniture cushion frames. Repeat the process if you feel that there is a need to do so.
  • Thoroughly wipe down all dust from all surfaces and floors from top to bottom. You can start by dry dusting the walls.
  • Next to dust are mouldings and cabinet areas. In doing so, start from the inside first. Pay closer attention to hard to reach areas. Wipe off the countertops and other flat surfaces. Finish off by sweeping and visible dust and mopping the hard floors.
  • Cleaning air vents and replacing filters is crucial after the renovation or construction. Remove vent covers and wash each one with soap and warm water. Let them dry thoroughly after the process.
  • Make sure to clean any other furniture or items that are exposed during the construction. Even the smallest thing can retain dust and debris.

How to Quote the After Builder’s Cleaning

This is one of the questions that are frequently asked by cleaning companies who are new to the trade. There is no secret formula for this.

The cleaning company can only dictate the cost of the after builder’s clean. Some cleaning companies do not understand the factors that they need to consider in doing this type of cleaning. Always think about the cleaning industry when quoting your price. You shouldn’t devalue the market to win the project.

Do not quote base on square metres! – Pricing by the square is not always applicable after builders cleaning. It can only be used if we are talking about an empty floor.

This a rare case after builders cleaning since most of the time the floors are all covered with dust and dirt that are not easy to get rid of. It would help if you evaluated how much amount of time will be spent cleaning on what’s on that floor.

Visit the site before and after the quote has been accepted. – Visiting the area is so crucial for accurate pricing. It is also essential for you to visit the site after you confirmed the contract. It will finalize the price that you quoted, and it will also ensure that there will be no changes in what the customer requires.

Quote from experience – One of the best sayings is “Charge to experience”. It will always be right in the cleaning industry. If you have never done a builder’s cleaning project in the past, it will be challenging for you to understand all the dynamics that play an essential part in your pricing.

If you are new to the trade, we suggest that you visit the site with someone you know that is experienced in this kind of job and learn from what they are about to tell you. That person will give you the idea of how to price your job correctly—having someone who is experienced can lead your team.

Get to Pre-Meet – Be competitive with your pricing. People buy from people. Attend the meeting and get shortlisted. Always prove your worth and show that your workmanship is beyond compare.

If you are not having many returns on pricing and getting shortlisted, you need to adjust your price to at least 20 per cent cheaper than your current cost.

When you get face to face with the decision-maker, you can gauge if they are interested in what you are offering. If the pricing does not work, and they are not willing to work with you, turn down the work and do not undersell your value.

Chemicals, Tools, and Equipment needed for After Builder’s Cleaning

1. Cleaning Chemicals – you need a chemical that is strong enough for industrial cleaning. We recommend that you get a cleaning chemical that works the same way as a disinfectant does.

Not all-purpose cleaners can be used as disinfectants. By buying cleaning chemicals that can clean and disinfect at the same time, you can also save money for the chemical expense. You can use this chemical for toilets, kitchens, and offices. You can also use this for a mopping solution.

Cleaning chemicals may include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and other chemicals that can remove elbow grease and other impurities on the surface. You can also use this chemical for cleaning lighting fixtures.

2. Spray Bottles – See to it that all of your spray bottles are labelled depending on what type of chemicals it contains. Make sure that the nozzle of each bottle is commercial grade and rights reserved. Get a quality spray bottle that you can use efficiently.

3. Measuring Tool – You need to have this tool, especially if you are quoting by square footage. You can also use a laser measurement.

4. Mop Heads – We recommend you to purchase and use a microfiber string mop head because they absorb the water better, unlike the cotton ones.

5. Toilet Bowl Cleaners – If the all-purpose cleaner failed to do its job on the toilet, you need to use a more potent chemical like the toilet bowl cleaner. It can remove the deep-seated dirt that accumulated on the sides of the bowl.

6. Vacuum Bags – This item is applicable for both upright vacuum cleaners and backpack vacuum cleaners.

7. Flat mops and microfibre pads – Flat mops are best for dry mopping and cleaning hard to reach wall area. This type of mop can also finish the job faster than the traditional mop head because of its coverage.

8. Mop Bucket – You to have this to store clean and dirty water as you mop the hard surfaces.

9. Toilet Brush – You should keep this handy because some customers do not have this available in their toilets.

10. Dust Mop – It will allow you to dust high, hard to reach surfaces. Dusting air vents is possible with this tool. It can also help you dust ceiling fans and ceiling corners. Dust mops also come with extenders.

11. Broom and Dustpan you need to have this to pick up loose dust and debris from the floor.

12. Microfibre Cloth – They work the best on any type of surface. Microfibre cloths pick up dust and moisture efficiently compared to cotton cloths. Colour coding of microfibre cloths is recommended to prevent cross-contamination.

13. Cleaning Cart – This cart will make it easier for you to transport all of the things that you need to clean. You can quickly move around the area if you have this trolley with you.

What is included in After Builder’s Clean?

This is only an example list that you can follow if you wish to expand your business too after the builder’s projects. Always remember that each project is unique and all rights reserved.

The list guides the cleaner on which task does he need to do. It will help to clear out the confusion over what we should not do on the property.

General Room

  • Move all furniture to free the area for vacuuming tasks. Clean all skirting boards even the ones behind the furniture
  • Wash and scrub all hard floors with the use of the proper chemicals and tools
  • Clean and wash all glasses
  • Clean inside of windows and window sills
  • Remove all wall decorations and clean them
  • Clean all curtain rails and cornice
  • Clear out all clutters
  • Clean the interior and exterior of all cabinets and shelvings
  • Clean and polish all mirrors and glasses
  • Washdown all woodworks and polish all wooden furniture
  • Clean walls
  • Clean the interior and exterior of rubbish bins
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean blinds

Kitchen and Utility Room

  • Clean inside of windows and window sills
  • Remove all wall decorations and clean them
  • Vacuum behind and underneath appliances
  • Clean the inside and the outside of all kitchen cupboards, drawers, and shelves
  • Clean the inside and outside of fridges and freezers
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Remove mould and grease from wall tiles
  • Wash and polish countertops
  • Clean the exterior of all kitchen appliance
  • Clean and polish sink. Remove limescale and shine all chrome works
  • Washdown all woodworks
  • Clean walls
  • Clean the inside and the outside of all rubbish bins
  • Vacuum and wash hard floors
  • 10Remove cobwebs


  • Clean inside of windows and window sills
  • Remove all wall decorations and clean them
  • Clean cornice and curtain rails
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glasses
  • Clean the inside, outside, and top of cabinets and shelves
  • Clean behind and under furniture
  • Clean and disinfect inside and outside of the toilet
  • Remove mould from wall tiles
  • Clean the sink and remove any limescale
  • Clean walls
  • Remove Cobwebs

Post Construction

  • Remove all rubbish and leftover debris from the construction
  • Professionally clean all carpets and floors removing all dirt and dust which will include paint marks left by painters and plasters
  • Professionally clean windows and glasses internally and externally.
  • Thorough clean of walls and ceilings
  • Ensure to leave the property dust-free
  • Remove all labels and stickers from doors, windows, appliances, and furniture.

On a builder’s cleaning, there will always be the element of extra works needed that is outside the scope of your original order. Bear that in mind when you do your costing.

Do not use extra and recleans to decrease your bid with the intention of winning a project. Please send us an email or drop us a comment below on how you do yours after builder’s projects.

You can also call us on the phone number listed below if you want to learn the depths of the commercial cleaners. Please share this article for us to spread the word.

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