Secrets That Make Clean Group The Best Business Cleaning Company

Secrets That Make Clean Group The Best Office and Commercial Cleaning Company
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Today you’re going to know the secrets that make Clean Group the best office and commercial cleaning company in Australia. Let’s kick things off with secret#1

What’s the secret to having a fast-growing and profitable cleaning business? The isn’t one secret. There are several strategies and steps that you need to learn, which help to build the company that you desire. It is also not advisable for an office and Sydney commercial cleaning company to have one secret.

Why? When everyone learns that one secret, you will have a ton of competition beating up on you. Instead, when you learn several strategies, you will build up a company that can be very stable and can isolate you against the competition.

Second, picture the cleaning business that you would like to have. If you have a cleaning business the way you wanted it, what would it look like? What would it feel like? While we thought about that for the first time, we had gotten to the point where we had said, “We like to have customers.” “We want to have a lot of customers.”

The only secret to surviving this business is keeping our customers happy. The only question is, how are we going to make them happy.

Keys to Your Success

Here are a few objectives that every commercial cleaning companies like Office Cleaning have in mind: 

  • Happy and satisfied customers
  • Great and reliable employees who do a great job and like to work for us
  • We want our cleaning business to be financially stable
  • Have fun while running the business

In short, we want our customers, our employees, and ourselves to be happy and productive with what we are doing.


Your customers are the number factor that will determine the success of your business. The world is waiting for commentaries and feedback from your customers that will pretty much summarize the reputation of your company.

It is essential to pay attention to online reviews. Invest in a system that can gather as much feedback as possible. Before you do that, make sure that you have the following:

  • An active website where customers can leave comments and feedback
  • You are engaged in all social media channels
  • You are searchable in google

Not online reviews from clients will stick to potential customers. Your challenge is how you will make your online review sticks. I will share some of the things that we do to achieve the “stick” factor with our potential clients.

  • Again, we use a system to get reviews. Your main goal is to secure as much feedback and reviews as possible. The more reviews you get, the better the chance that you will go to have good reviews. It will go without saying that you are giving excellent service to your customers.
  • If your customer uses Yelp, have them go to Google first. Have them click the link to your website first, before clicking the Yelp sign for the review.

What To Do When You Get a Negative Review

Before calling your customer to tell them to remove the bad review, ask them first why they had left negative feedback. Hear them out first. Empathize with your customers. For Office Cleaning Sydney, communication plays a vital part in this section.

Try to deescalate the issue by offering them a solution to fix the initial complaint that they had brought to you. When that is all settled, and you feel like the customer is delighted, that is the time that you ask them to take down the bad reviews.

Let your customers know that you are serious about what you are doing, and you care about the review and would like to hear what they say. Do whatever you can to make amends with your customers.

Hire a Customer Service Representative

Invest in customer service. Have a dedicated staff in the office that will cover all day-to-day tasks. This will also involve dealing with complaints through phone or via email. Train the person in charge to be as pleasant, friendly, and positive as possible.

The person in charge of customer service needs to feel and think like the customer. This will help them understand the situation more. By doing that, the solution to whatever issue will be straightforward to overcome.

Hire someone confident to talk on the phone. This displays authority, and it gives the air of security to the client as well.

A good customer representative is responsive. Having a fast response time makes the customers feel important. Always remind your representative to respond promptly if they received a query or complaint via email. Tell them to call back if they had missed a call.

These simple things will translate to how vital your customers are to you. Do not let the day end without calling the customer, especially if you had received a complaint about your service.

Customer’s Feelings First

Customer satisfaction should always be our number one priority. Clean’ Group office and commercial cleaning Services are proud that we can put our customers first. Customers are the blood of each business.

As the saying goes, the customer is always right. This is very true in our industry. We need to pamper each customer in a way that they never expect. We need to go beyond what they expect from us.

Talk to your customers, and do not be afraid to show them that you care about them.

At the end of the day, your customers will make you shine in whatever field you are in. Customers’ recommendation is also the most effective and cheapest form of marketing. If you treat your customers well and they value your service, they will tell it to the world.


Hiring and choosing the right people to run your business is also a must. In-Office Cleaning, we make sure that our employees are here for one purpose.

They are part of every success and failure of our company. Keeping them happy and motivated is our serious campaign too.

Our employees represent us every step of the way. They carry the name of our company in every company that they clean. We want our employees to be efficient and effective with the task that is assigned to them.

On the contrary, our employees also expect us to be supportive of the training and equipment that they need. These will make them more confident and competitive with the career that they have chosen.

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated?

Motivation is a process of getting the need of the people realized to induce them to work for the accomplishment of an individual job assignment. 

  • Extensive Training – before we assign our cleaners in Commercial Cleaning Sydney to their cleaning assignments, we make sure that they were trained by our Cleaning Supervisor. The Cleaning Supervisor ensures that the job scopes are explained to the person doing the job. A checklist is provided so that the cleaner can quickly identify the responsibilities that are being bestowed upon him on each site that he needs to work on.
  • Access and Equipment – Each cleaner is provided with calendar access. The calendar will give them quick and easy access to know where do they need to go and what are the companies that we had lined up for them that day. We also ensure that our cleaners are well equipped with working cleaning equipment, and they are only using the safest cleaning chemicals that will make their job easier.
  • Autonomy versus Control – Autonomy, by definition, gives someone the freedom to do the task in whatever way he or she can produce the same result. This is the opposite of controlling someone by telling them what they need to do every step of the way. Autonomy promotes creativity since your employees will exercise the power of thinking for them to accomplish a particular task.

When a task is mostly creative and conceptual, the approach should be a bit different. An adequate remuneration is required the money issue off the table.

When money is off the table, we want to create an environment that then creates autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

The people who work for us are more inner-driven than we think. Creating the right environment will help us awaken that internal drive in each of us as we seek enjoyment and achievements.

  • Value Choices – We value our self-directed employees. We take pride in creating an environment that pushes our employees to choose what they do. We want all our employees to feel that the people that they work with are someone that they can trust. They work for us because they wanted to assist us and watch over the well-being of our company.
  • We push each other – It is nice to work with people that you can depend on. It is also very unusual to see that all our employees are pushing each other to meet a specific goal and having fun.

Using the stick and the carrot method to motivate employees is outdated. It is time that we work on a new generation of work environments.

An environment where we focus on autonomy and not control by letting people choose their task, their time, their teammate, and their way of doing the job. A place that encouraged people to accomplish their best work.

Show your employees that you are there for them. Recognize their milestones and reward them for a job well done. Always emphasize what they contribute to your organization.

It is also crucial that your cleaners and subordinates know that you trust and depend on them.

Confidence can get them through. Encourage your employees to have a life-work balance. Give them paid time off to relax and recharge.

Always remember that a successful company is a fruit of successful and happy individuals who work tirelessly to achieve the common goal that you set for your business. The quality of your cleaner’s job will become the face of your business.

Financial Aspects of the Business

This is the usual gauge of how successful the business is. Cash flow determines the ability of your business to grow. Do you have a credit line, or are you purchasing your supplies in cash? Can you afford wages? Are you covered with insurance?

Tips on How to Be Financially Stable

    • Do not do cheap labor. Some business owners are already trapped into thinking that offering cheap labor will give them the number of customers that they desire. You pretty much know what’s the fair price for a cleaning service so why offer something less than what the market is offering. Cheap labor usually constitutes shortcut jobs and unsecured workers. Underselling your service is a bad practice that will make them fall from your business.
    • Do not take every cleaning opportunity that comes along your way. Choose a niche on where you would like to focus and be an expert on it. After all, taking every opportunity is really not a good idea because you have to train people on how to do almost all kinds of cleaning and you need to purchase equipment and cleaning materials for all types of cleaning too.
    • Choose a reliable supplier. Purchase all of the things that you need in one store as much as possible. Build a relationship with the supplier so that you can apply for credit in the long run.
    • Understand how the economy works and level the cost of your service with that movement. Always consider the price of petrol and the cost to operate your business when bidding for a cleaning job.
    • Always check your labor cost as this is the most expensive part of your business costing. Make sure that your labor cost is parallel with your revenue. If you are paying for so much workforce and your sales are dropping, you need to study and find out why as soon as possible.

Invest in modern marketing. Make an online presence since marketing traffic is now online. Take time to read or study or hire someone who is an expert in this field to level up your game.

  • Get insurance. Accidents can happen anytime, and you do not want your company to be caught up with something you are not ready for. Damages may be extremely expensive, and you do not want this cash to be coming out of your company’s revenue. Insurance is a good investment. It will also give you tremendous peace of mind.

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