Your Guide To Daily Workplace Cleaning Maintenance

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A lot of us had underestimated the importance of having our workspace clear and clean. Disorganized environments decrease a person’s focus, performance, and time management. It also increases the stress level.

Maintaining a clean office will save you a significant amount of time in decluttering, and it will promote harmony in the workplace. When someone is disorganized, that person will tend to be frustrated. It is frustrating that you cannot find something when you need it.

When you are productive and efficient, you are confident, and you feel good because you are accomplishing things. Join us as we ponder on some guide on how we do the daily and monthly cleaning in an office set-up.

What is Maintenance Cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning is also called general cleaning. It is the usual cleaning schedule and cleaning tasks that you follow in office cleaning. It can be a daily office cleaning in Sydney or a monthly cleaning depending on your customer’s requirements. When you walk into a job, you need to make sure that you carry your cleaning checklist with you.

Your office cleaning checklist will show you all the required scope that needs to be completed for that day. Most of the time, commercial cleaners who offer cleaning services will provide a walkthrough for a free quote.

During this stage, the manager will take note of all the damages and broken items that he can spot to make sure that it is clear to the customer that it is not your company that damaged it.

In the absence of a checklist, here are the everyday tasks that are part of a general clean-up:

Check for cobwebs and hot pockets that need extra attention in all areas.

You need to clean the toilets in every bathroom. You need to clean it from top to bottom and around the toilet. It is non-negotiable.

The glass door and partitions in the office need to be spot cleaned to get rid of fingerprints and dust. Vanities are part of office cleaning tasks. Companies that offer cleaning services need to leave the toilet area clean and sanitized.

Mopping and sweeping the toilet floors is also part of the office cleaning checklist. You have to dust anything along the way, including the shelves.

Emptying the rubbish bins across the office is also part of the non-negotiable. It has to be completed on every visit.

Wiping all surfaces clean should be done during each visit too. It includes all the desks, fronts of shared kitchen appliances, and kitchen counters.

How do you Maintain a Cleaning Schedule?

There is no definite answer to this question as businesses such as offices, schools, medical centres, and factories have different cleaning needs. In these needs come different sections and areas where traffic can be high as the common areas.

Some require daily office cleaning, and some can get away with it once a month. This is the ultimate reason why commercial cleaners conduct an onsite walkthrough with their potential client.

With this, they will be able to recommend the appropriate cleaning frequency that will make the office clean all the time.

Office Cleaning Tasks

As we all know, a clean office greatly affects the health and productivity of your staff. It can also invite more customers and potential clients. These are the many reasons why you should get a professional cleaner to take care of your daily, and weekly cleaning needs.

Areas that require Daily Cleaning:

Reception or waiting area, Entrance, Toilets and Kitchens

  • All hard floors have to be mopped.
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors, entrance mats, and rugs.
  • Collect and empty rubbish bins and replace the bin liners if needed.
  • Sanitize door handles and doorknobs.
  • Remove all cobwebs, dirt, and fingerprints on walls and glass.
  • Wipe and sanitize all office desks, office phones, chairs, and other fixtures that are shared and commonly used.

Toilet Daily Cleaning

  • Vacuum and mop the hard floor.
  • Collect and empty rubbish bins and replace the bin liners if needed.
  • Replenish toiletries like toilet paper, hand towels, and hand soap.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet seat, door handles, and knobs.
  • Clean and disinfect the insides and the outsides of the toilet bowl.
  • Clean the sink and shine the chrome and metal fixtures.
  • Wipe and polish mirrors and glass.

Pantry Daily/ Weekly Cleaning

  • Vacuum and mop the hard floor.
  • Sanitize doorknobs and cabinet handles.
  • Clean the outside of microwave ovens, fridge, and coffee maker.
  • Wipe, sanitize, and disinfect all surfaces.

What Are The Other Reasons for you to Hire Professional Office Cleaners?

You need to get help from professional cleaning companies if your cleaning requirements are outside the daily, weekly, or monthly office cleaning. It can be like the end-of-lease cleaning, or deep cleaning of neglected areas in your office. These are the following scenarios:

  • Moving out of your office, also known as the end of lease cleaning.
  • There is an infection or disease breakout in your workplace.
  • Mould is building up.
  • The office is infested.

How long have you been in the cleaning business? Does your checklist look like ours? Write us a comment below and share with us the other scope of work you do for your clients who require routine cleaning.

Many aspiring cleaners are not familiar with devising their list, and this article will help them a lot. Let us spread this reading material and promote awareness on how we do it successfully and how it effectively makes the business successful. Join us in our next article. See you later.

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