Work harder! Work Smarter: 5 Worksite Cleaning Tips (In Sydney)

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Working for 40 hours a week or 8 hours a day can be draining and stressful. It can be harder if your office is disorganised and dirty.

It is about time for you to work smarter. Let us share with you the 5 effective ways how we can make it possible. Most people will entrust the cleaning of Sydney office cleaning.

There is a practical cleaning checklist out there that will make your office life more productive, and you will be surprised by its after-effect if you follow these tips. Let us dive in and begin the work smarter process.

How Do You Motivate Employees To Keep Their Office and Desks Clean in Sydney?

We all get it; people come to the office not to clean their desks. They go to the office to perform the tasks given to them and cleaning and organising their desks will always be in the backseat.

What if your employee is sharing a desk or a shared workspace? What about if the messy desk is an eyeshot to customers and potential clients? Will you let it affect your company’s brand or your other employee’s performance? There are so many ways how you can encourage your people to balance cleanliness and productivity.

Please continue reading if you want to solve these mysteries and walk into an office cleaner in Sydney for a more organised office.

Write a Memo

You can encourage everyone in your team to participate in your work-smarter campaign by making a memo that will be signed by your team members.

These are some of the simple things to spread awareness to your team that they need to follow a clean desk policy.
You can circulate an actual memo, or you can send an email about it.

You can also advise your HR to put signage that will remind your employees, like using the proper bins when discarding trash.

Office management can be difficult because you need to deal with individuals with different personalities. Be creative. After all, you are doing this for your own benefit.

Incentivised Your Office Cleaning Drive in Sydney

After you put it into writing, you can follow it up by recognising the employee in their effort for keeping their desk clean. You can also encourage them to share their office cleaning trick to encourage other colleagues.

Get them a coffee gift card or maybe a small token like a certificate of recognition. You can get this campaign to work if your employee will understand what is in it for them.

Hire a Professional Cleaner in Sydney

You need to hire a professional office cleaning company if you want to achieve your workspace to be pristine. You cannot expect your office staff to clean the toilet or scrub the sink for the benefit of everyone.

You can only ask them to at least look after their own desks and hire somebody that will do the other things that require regular cleaning.

This is a smarter way of keeping the office tidy and clean. After all, a clean workspace has a huge positive impact on your staff’s productivity.

5 Smart Office Cleaning Tips in Sydney

A clean office has many benefits for employees. Follow these simple tips that work.

Ditch all unimportant paper and piles of paper

Follow the paperless transaction as much as you could and maximise the use of email for communication. Think twice and consider if you need to print documents. This is a smarter way of getting rid of unnecessary piles of paper on everyone’s desk.

Clean your electronics

Do not wait for the office cleaner to come and wipe these for you. You are using it every day. Consider them as your things and care for them like how you would with your electronics. Do not let dust and dirt sit on it as it will further harbour allergens that are harmful to your health.

Declutter your workstation

Organise your desk and minimise decorations on it. Keep those essential supplies in the drawer. Start with the pen, check them one by one and throw out those that do not write anymore.

Working on a cluttered desk is way harder than you think. Do not finish your day with a messy table. Try to arrange all of your things in an orderly way before leaving. Work smarter by starting your day with a clean and fresh desk.

Assign a space for everything

It will all start from there. If you sign something, put the pen back to where you got it. Arrange your desk in a fashion that will make it easy for you to navigate and move. This will make your work easier.

Let go of the stuff that you no longer need

Hoarding and procrastination are significant reasons why a desk can be messy. Do not hold on to piles of paper and printed emails. Get them in the shredder and help yourself achieve a clutter-free desk.

You can always work smarter and get the best result out of everything from finding the best office cleaners in Sydney. Start with your desk and be surprised by the impact. Always remember that small efforts can get huge results.

Please drop us a comment and share with us how you contribute to the overall office cleaning tips of your workspace. Does it give you satisfaction? Are you happy with the results? Let us hear about it. Please join us next time in our next release.

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