Must-Haves When Looking For Office Cleaning Services

During this pandemic, almost all businesses are looking for the right cleaning company that will make their workplace a haven. Commercial cleaning business is indeed on the rise.

A lot of business owners who operate office cleaning services make sure that they are faring well in terms of the competition in the market. Employee productivity depends on the cleanliness of the workspace.

Employees are happy and more confident when they know the smart office cleaning tips to take care of.

Customers are highly likely to do business with offices and stores that are welcoming and spotless. Keeping superb health conditions is the number one priority of a business that operates a cleaning service.

The right cleaning company knows the right cleaning supplies and knows the proper cleaning products.

Commercial cleaning is a vast market. It includes carpet cleaning, window washing, office and retail stores cleaning, and a lot more.

Office cleaning services demands dedication from cleaners as it is not as easy as home cleaning. In commercial cleaning, we are putting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and guests to the hands of the cleaner.

What Does Office Cleaning Services Include?

In this section of the article, we will talk about the basic things that are included in office cleaning services that every business and company needs. The basic cleaning is a little different for every company or business. Regular office

cleaning can be different from warehouses and factories. Remember, a commercial cleaning service offers a broad scope. Basic office cleaning will depend on the business requirements.

A big office will have different needs than a small office. As a professional cleaner who offers commercial cleaning services, you need to determine what services you want to do every single visit.

There are office cleaners who will include dishwashing as a part of their routine office cleaning services. Other cleaners will do the same service but charge extra for the same task. It depends on what you want to do and the time that you have given to do each particular company or business.

Our best suggestion is to create a worksheet. It can include things like emptying the trash and vacuuming the floors and cleaning the baseboards and the entire toilet. The worksheet will help you stay on track with all the things that you need to accomplish in one visit.

You do not have to include areas that are reserved for deep cleaning as services like this require more time and therefore, more expensive. You can offer this service as one of your ala cartes. Carpet cleaning is also considered as special cleaning.

Only include the regular cleaning in the worksheet. These are the scopes that you will do every time you go, and you will check those off as you go.

When you do an initial walk through with the customer for business and company, some customers may not need the things that are listed on your worksheet. Draw a line through it, and you replace it with something that your customers want.

In that way, you are creating a custom sheet for that specific company. Some customers will change things up. This should be okay as long as they give you a heads up in advance. These alterations must fall within the same duration that you have for the regular cleaning service.

If you agreed to do ala cartes or extra cleanings like fridge cleaning or microwave cleaning, you need to charge an additional fee for that. These types of services cost extra, so make sure that you consider the amount of time that you need to spend in that task.

Regular cleaning must include the toilet, shower area, kitchen, desks, sinks and vanity. Wiping all surfaces is part of the routine cleaning too. Sweeping and mopping the floors as well as emptying the bins are all part of daily visits. You need to include all flat surfaces in the office area.

You need to dust everything down. There are basic scopes that are done in every single cleaning. It will come down to your skills as a cleaning service provider.

There is a wide array of cleaning scope in office cleaning service. Your company needs to establish your brand for commercial cleaning service through your skills and professionalism.

As mentioned earlier, many businesses are looking for an excellent cleaning service that will offer a safe environment for their employees and customers and be that someone for them.

What Should I Look For When Hiring a Cleaner?

How can you say that you have hired the right office cleaning provider? A company has its rights reserved in terms of hiring people. Businesses subcontract most of the cleaning services.

Now, what are the must-haves of your chosen cleaner? Just imagine the benefit that you can get for having a dedicated cleaner do the job for you. You will come into a clean, fresh, and safe environment every day.

Excellent Customer Reviews

In the world of social media, reviews and feedback are easy to come by. A reputable office cleaning service has a decent website where people can leave their comments about the service that they received from you. A company who has a good reputation will stand out from the rest.

Having a positive review summarizes all the qualifications that you are after. It is a living testimony that you have found the right office cleaning services.

Years of Experience

As you hire a professional cleaner, you will have a chance to meet and interview a company’s representative. Do not miss out on the opportunity to ask them how long they have been in business and what kind of companies they cater. By doing so, you can make sure that you are not dealing with a fly by nights.

Value for Money

Like all other businesses, cleaning services is an excellent opportunity to make a good profit. Most of the time, enterprises have pricing concerns. A good office cleaning company can fit into the budget.

They can tailor fit the cleaning requirement of the customers based on the cost provided to them. The cost of the cleaning also factors in the expense of cleaning supplies.


Cleaning services have to be consistent when it comes to delivering a high-quality experience. Consistency can include how competitive the cleaners are. Are they trained? Can they commit to their cleaning schedules? These factors play an essential role in delivering a consistent job.

Trust and Insurance

Hiring an office cleaning service that holds valid insurance will save you from unwanted headaches. You do not want to be the one to pay the employee if an accident happens on the premises. Trust, bond, and insurance are in place, and only credible cleaning companies can provide this.

Apart from using high-performing cleaning supplies, your chosen cleaning provider should be ensured before they perform any services.

Wide Range of Service

Office cleaning services can be straightforward, but there are situations where it will require unexpected services. Your cleaning company should be ready for it. These can be services like high dusting, cleaning of air vents, and things like that.

Effective Communication Process

Be prepared to deal and handle complaints. Your customers may not be happy all the time, and you can experience challenging clients. A good company which offers cleaning services will set a strong customer service process that will involve effective communication between their company and its patrons.

There will be no issue too challenging if they can meet in between by talking about a resolution that will be beneficial to both parties.

Careful Selection of Employees

We all know that employees represent the company that they work for. An excellent company that offers cleaning service hires outstanding employees.

They only recruit the best people in the market. These are the committed individuals who can deliver what their clients are expected from them. Guide for office cleaning is a more informative article on everything you need to know about office cleaning.

Variety of Cleaning Supplies

A company that offers cleaning services needs a wide selection of cleaning supplies. The right cleaner knows the right chemicals to use and which tool to use to achieve maximum satisfaction on the job.

Australia’s market for cleaning services is already saturated. Many cleaners offer almost the same services all across the country, and it is challenging to choose the best provider. We have been in the commercial cleaning business for more than a couple of decades, and we know a good company when we come across one.

As a tip, always do a background check—research before you hire someone. Do not choose a company that can offer you cheap service.

Cheap always begets cheap. Do you agree with us? Please drop us a comment below on how you feel about the cleaning business in Australia and what can you do to contribute more to the community.

Do you uphold the qualities of an excellent commercial cleaner? Let us hear your thoughts on this. Until next time.

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