Supermarkets and Retail Store Cleaning Guide By Clean Group Brisbane

Supermarkets and Retail Store Cleaning Guide By Clean Group Brisbane

Supermarkets are one of my favourite places. I enjoy my time spent inside a store. I can see a lot of nice and unique items that can be both useful and affordable. Most people get their food and cooking needs from a grocery. It is a massive place with so many shelvings. Don’t you ever wonder how the supermarket’s management maintain cleanliness for the whole store? A lot of store owners invest in commercial cleaners. These commercial cleaners also do data centre cleaning.

Clean Group Brisbane is one of the largest commercial cleaning company that has been successful for so many years in providing nothing but excellent services to different commercial businesses such as schools, data centres, gyms, medical institutions, etc. Our Childcare Cleaners Brisbane, School Cleaners Brisbane, Medical Cleaners Brisbane and other professional cleaners never failed to make the place shine by leaving it spotless. We want everyone to know that maintaining a business like this is not easy, but it is worth your time and effort if you know how to hire the right people and how to run a business with all honesty. ...  read more

5 Types of Cleaning Solutions Your Business Needs (Provided By Clean Group)

5 Types of Cleaning Solutions Your Business Needs

Throughout the world of the cleaning industry, the golden question will always be, “Why should we hire a commercial cleaning company?” If you are someone who runs a business, this is something that you do not want to stress yourself with.Cleaning companies nowadays amid pandemic have started providing various types of cleaning solutions that your business needs.

You should dedicate your time and effort in thinking of ways to grow your business. It is also not right to burden your own employees about the overall state of cleanliness of their workplace because they have more important things to do. ...  read more

The Reflection of a Dirty and Messy Office

As you know a clean workspace increases the working efficiency of employees similarly, a messy office can distract the employees at work thus, reducing their productivity. Here is an article, that shall highlight the reflection of a messy and dirty office.

The overall appearance of the office dramatically affects the people who work in it. It may be true that some employees can deliver high results while working inside a disorganized and dirty office, but these are just exceptions to the majority. Majority of the employee population still prefer their workspace to be neat, decent, safe, and healthy for the sake of everyone. ...  read more

Sick At Work: Why Are Employees Calling in Sick Too Often?

Sick At Work: Why Are Employees Calling in Sick Too Often ?

We all get it, as a business owner, you need to ensure the health and safety of all the people working under your roof. Sick employees in the workplace should be something that you need to manage effectively. Apart from their health, you need to ensure that they are happy and content with their jobs. Why are employees calling in sick too often? In this article, we will talk to you about the common reasons why an employee falls sick, and we will also share with you practical tips on how you can properly manage these numbers. ...  read more

Who Do You Call When You Need An Emergency Cleaning?

Who Do You Call When You Need An Emergency Cleaning?

Business owners are not exempted when it comes to an emergency. Businesses will require early morning, evening, and emergency office cleaning services in Australia. Most of the cleaning companies which offer commercial and industrial cleaning cater to emergency cleaning. This type of cleaning is far from regular cleaning. It requires special cleaning products and special cleaning methods. In this article, we will share with you our comprehensive knowledge about dealing with cleaning in times of crisis. We hope that this information will do you good. ...  read more

Hotel Cleaning – A Detail Guide You Should Read Before Choosing A Hotel Cleaner in Sydney

Hotel Cleaning

“Hotel Cleaning” – This is a complete guide you should read before choosing a hotel cleaner in Sydney. Let’s dive right in.

When you hear “hotel”, the first thing that will come to mind is a vacation or anything related to travelling. As a traveller, you have your expectations and needs when choosing a hotel.

Your number one concern is the cleanliness of the facilities and all the amenities that you will be given access to during your stay.

This article will serve as your comprehensive guide on how we do what we do in the hotel commercial cleaning industry. There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies that claimed to be the best, but only Clean Group remains at the top. ...  read more

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company During Covid 19

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company During Covid 19

People around the world were hit by the effects of Covid 19. Different countries, along with the government work hand and hand with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Slowly, businesses like retail stores and offices are opening. Employees who were working from home are now transitioning to the new work environment thus it has become more important to hire a professional cleaning company during Covid 19 and keep the employees safe to increase productivity.

Antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning should be the number one priority of all the businesses, including the office that you are working in. This is precisely the same reason why your workplace should be considering a full-time office cleaner during Covid 19. In this article, we will tell you more reasons to validate a cleaning technicians role in providing a safe workplace for your workers. ...  read more

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cleaning Tips

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cleaning Tips

Even during a pandemic, people will find ways to celebrate Christmas and Holiday Season all over the world. Employees will soon be planning or maybe partying in small groups. Family members will definitely set up their Christmas tree to feel the spirit of the holiday.

So, let us practice a few Christmas cleaning tips as we want you to enjoy the holiday season and be stress-free with all the other things that can come up at home or in the office. Join us as we share our useful tips that will make your holiday fun and stress-free...  read more

How To Do Office Waste Management and Recycling in Australia

There are many benefits to recycling. It preserves natural resources, and it is good for the environment. Office waste statistics – According to many studies, an average worker generates a substantial amount of waste each year. In this article, we will teach you how to recycle and effectively manage your office waste in Sydney, Australia.

Recycling is also the best way of reducing your disposal bill. However, recycling only works if the waste is reusable. The trash in the recycling is considered as contamination. Incorrect trash in the recycling bin is regarded as contamination which makes other materials dirty. ...  read more

Industrial Cleaning – 101 Tips and Techniques By Sydney’ Cleaners

Today you’re going to see 101 industrial cleaning tips and techniques that will help your cleaners. Let’s get started.

101 Industrial Cleaning Tips By Sydney Cleaning Company

There are so many industrial cleaning businesses, and each one of them varies on techniques and tips on how they do industrial cleaning. In this article, we will talk about the significant steps that successful office cleaners in Sydney practice.  Please be ready to take note of each one of them if you want to be a part of this growing industry.

Proper Mopping Techniques

The floor is one of the most critical areas in the industrial office. The entire state of cleanliness in your office can be judged by merely looking at your floors. How do you know if you are caring and cleaning this properly? ...  read more