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What Are Some Office Cleaning Activities(Task List)?

What Are Some Office Cleaning Activities(Task List)

Many believed that a clean working environment offers many benefits to both the business and the employees. Now that Covid 19 is continuously posing health threats to many, office cleaning activities gives an unwarranted piece of mind to many.

Many businesses in Australia are now back on track. Business owners seek professional assistance from professional office cleaners to provide continuous cleaning and disinfection of their entire premise.

In this article, we will talk about the many benefits a clean office brings to your business. To add to this, we will also tackle the usual cleaning requirements for the office cleaning task list. ...  read more

List Of Commercial Cleaning Services Terminology (Glossary of Cleaning Terms)

different cleaning services

The cleaning industry has many branches. The biggest of them all is the commercial cleaning. Many had tested setting their foot and venturing in this industry. Many had triumphed and now enjoying the financial freedom this business had given them. Clean Group is one of the many few that surfaced in the cleaning industry for over twenty years.

In this article, we will tell you the different cleaning services under commercial cleaning. We aim to give you the knowledge and maybe answer some of the questions that may be lingering in your mind for quite some time. This article hopes to inspire you that with hard work and dedication, you can also establish a cleaning business that will be famous all across Australia.  ...  read more

Why Showroom Commercial Cleaning is Important? Know the Right Way of Showroom Cleaning

Why Showroom Commercial Cleaning is Important? Knows the Right Way of Showroom Cleaning

What do you first notice when you walk into a showroom? Is it the floors, walls, paint, the very display that is in front of you? Your business will need meticulous showroom commercial cleaning if you are dealing with a blank, vast space. You do not want your customers to catch any imperfections like dust, small rubbish, clutters, etc.

Spotless floors, shining glasses, and luxurious displays all play an exciting part as your customers walk into your showroom. The vastness of a showroom is the very reason for you to consider hiring a commercial cleaner.

Cleaning this spot can be tedious to someone who is not experienced in showroom commercial cleaning. Apart from the lack of knowledge and experience in cleaning, they may end up damaging your investment.

This article will discuss the many benefits of hiring professional cleaners to do the job correctly.

World-Class Image

Many studies show that the ambience and the overall look of a showroom positively affect conversion rates. You do not want to leave a cheap impression to your customers and potential buyers. Let your sparkly showroom speak for your brand.

Shiny Showrooms

As your customers walk into your showroom, their eyes should be fixed on the product being showcased. It is no secret to any trades that having a clean workplace positively affects your employees and customers. Therefore you need to regularly maintain the cleanliness of your showroom to secure profitable business.

Why do you need professional showroom commercial cleaners to do the job? Because these people are the godfather of cleaning.

They have an excellent eye for details, and they do not joke around when it comes to quality. Professional commercial cleaners know how to make it right and look best for you and your potential buyers.

Dusting and Detailing

If your business has a showroom, it only means that you are showcasing something expensive. Let us say cars, kitchen models, appliances, costly tools and gadgets, etc.

Whatever the case may be, we want your customers to have undivided attention as they walk into your store. Do not get dust, dirt, and other things come in your customer’s way and their eagerness to know more about the product. A small amount of dust can totally distract a person, which is the least you want to happen.

You do not want your potential customers walking away because of your unmanaged showroom. Always make cleaning part of your investment because your image significantly affects your brand.

Knows the Right Way of Cleaning

Many cleaners know how to clean, but only professionals showroom cleaners know the efficient way of doing it. With the Covid 19 around, we need to be a step ahead when it comes to securing our showrooms. We cannot deny that cleanliness plays an important part. Yet, we cannot set aside the disinfection process.

The Covid 19 pandemic had taught us that cleaning alone is not enough. We need to continually disinfect the areas and surfaces that may come in contact with individuals frequently. Only professional cleaners know the proper way of cleaning and disinfecting.

They also take pride in their knowledge about the appropriate cleaning chemical and the right approach to achieve the best result. You do not want your customers and potential customers to pick up germs and viruses in your premise that can make them sick.

Make your showroom to be the front and centre of your customer’s attraction. Apart from your brand’s reputation, beautiful employees, competitive price, and other things that can make the buyers want you, always bring your premise’s cleanliness as your top priority.

This will surely pave your way to success and get the conversion amount that you desire.

Showrooms and items that are displayed there are one of your greatest assets. It is about time that it gets the proper care it needs.

Do not ever consider cutting the cost of cleaning and maintenance. showroom cleaning has many benefits that you can take advantage of.

Showroom owners and commercial cleaners who are currently servicing showrooms – how do you find your experience? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

You can also drop us questions about showroom commercial cleaning, and we are happy to answer and offer help. Let us exchange helpful ideas that will encourage more potential clients to hire commercial cleaners like us.

Australia’s Top Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends in 2021

's Top Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends in 2021

The commercial cleaning industry trends in Australia speak versatility. Commercial cleaning had surpassed and emerged from the threat of recessions. We cannot deny that it has many challenges, but this is one of the oldest professions that has won many economic changes.

During the break of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to cease operations. The commercial cleaning trends had seen this opportunity to grow even more. It is like, the cleaning industry is the only man standing amid the pandemic.

Almost everyone is forced to stay at home, but our cleaning technicians are considered essential workers. They are there front and centre of the crisis, cleaning and disinfecting the best way they can to create a safer place for everyone.

This article will show you how the cleaning industry evolved over the years and its trending path. It will be an exciting journey for those who own cleaning businesses.

The Rise of the Cleaning Industry

Cleaning is very straight forward. It serves one goal: to provide a clean and safe place for your employees, customers, and even family members. It means that you need to do whatever you can to give your customers a clear and spotless space. There are three divisions in cleaning. They are as follows:

Residential Cleaning

As the word entails, residential cleaning focuses on home cleaning. It can be a single-family home, apartment units, strata, etc. Cleaning companies deal with homeowners.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning involves office cleaning, warehouses, medical facilities, learning facilities, factories, warehouses, and other businesses that require cleaning. Here, the commercial cleaning company deals with a delegated company representative.
The cleaning job is presented in a more formal way wherein the commercial company visits the place, prepares a quote, and gets hired. Sometimes, the cleaning job will undergo a bidding process.

Special Cleaning

Special cleaning can be both commercial and residential. Special cleaning is bond cleaning, steam carpet and couch cleaning, strip and sealing of floors, internal and external window cleaning, floor pressure washing, and many others.
These are the types of cleaning that are not done regularly. It usually requires a longer time and more effort.

Same as the examples stated above, these three main divisions are divided into more specific branches depending on the scope of work needed in a business.

In a study made last 2015, it was said that the cleaning industry had 875,000 businesses that created 3.5 million employments. Obviously, these statistics had increased six years ahead.

When the recession hit, the cleaning industry dropped by 6.1 per cent. During this stretch, the commercial cleaning trend and all its sub-services were forced to make ends meet.

Residential cleaning was severely affected because family members will prioritize other necessities other than having their home clean. Some family members also lost their jobs during that time, which pushed them to clean their house independently.

But of course, these are temporary setbacks. When 2015 hit, the revenue increased to $50 million, bringing the commercial cleaning industry trends back to their glory spot.

Risks for new and existing cleaning companies

The commercial cleaning industry is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Indeed it is a profitable business. Like all other industries, it warrants hard work and loads of marketing strategies to get the profit that everyone dreams of. This industry strongly banks on quality.

Start-up cleaning businesses may find it challenging to retain regular customers. Whereas, cleaning companies that have been around for quite a while benefit from the lucrative profit this commercial cleaning industry trends offers.

The difference between the two – is the quality of the cleaning being provided to their patrons. Pioneer cleaning companies pretty much have an enormous amount of experience to put them on the spot where they are right now.

I am not saying to discourage the start-up cleaning business. I want this to serve as their inspiration to not give up in this industry. We are banking on experience.

As the old saying goes, the experience is the best teacher; this is true in the commercial cleaning trends business.

The cleaning industry is competitive for small, medium, and extensive cleaning businesses. Those individuals who want to get into the cleaning industry but do not want to bank on introducing their brand can sign up for cleaning franchises.

In this set-up, they will adopt a bigger cleaning company brand, get trained, and operate under the mother company name.

For those brave individuals who want to venture independently, there are minimal barriers to overcome because cleaning equipment and supplies are easy to acquire and do not require too much capital.

Your only challenge is how you will market your brand and get the training to take you through the day.

Infinite Opportunities in The Cleaning Business

As mentioned earlier, the commercial cleaning business promises the excellent potential for growth to both new and existing companies. Choosing a specific niche is highly suggested. We always advise start-up companies to focus on a particular area and niche.

This will make it easier for you to establish your brand and be known for the service that you offer. Your marketing efforts, reputation, and location play a crucial role and how your business will fare moving forward.

Speaking of opportunities, Covid 19 had opened enumerable opportunities for humble and big cleaning enterprises. People are more conscious and demand for a safer and cleaner workplace or home. Business and homeowners trust commercial cleaners’ specialty when it comes to safeguarding their place with proper disinfection.

Professional cleaners know the right cleaning chemicals, the right cleaning tools to use, and the appropriate cleaning approaches suitable for you. You can take advantage of the Covid 19 to broaden your horizon.

Stats and Target: Cleaning Industry

A successful business set a clear target for them to work on in a calendar year. They keep a close eye on where they are heading month after month by showing their achievements.

You need to keep track of your numbers to see if you are winning or losing. This is an essential key to success, and it applies to all commercial cleaning industries.

Residential Cleaning

You need to understand that residential cleaning may be successful in areas where residents can afford your service. Typically, this population has above average wealth.

Your target market can be married couples who want to have free time or professionals who have more important things to do other than cleaning their own home.

Commercial Cleaning

The commercial cleaning industry is a broad spectrum in this. These services apply to offices, warehouses, medical facilities, educational facilities, and many others.

Commercial cleaning usually transpires after hours or when there is no one on the premise. In this set-up, the cleaning business supplies the cleaning chemicals and provides their cleaning equipment.

Specialty Cleaning

This branch of the commercial cleaning industry demands training and special equipment. The demand is not as high as the regular cleaning, but it guarantees a high pay rate when the job is offered.

The cleaning business is fluid and flows depending on the emerging needs. We can see how commercial cleaning trends evolved. Many have prevailed, and some are still getting there.

Now your market and be great at what you do. Excel on your chosen niche as this will determine your success. How long have you been in the commercial cleaning industry? Do you want to be part of this bandwagon? Please leave us a comment below and feel free to let us know all your thoughts about this commercial cleaning industry trends.

Is Your Factory Covid Safe? Get a Factory Commercial Cleaner Now

Factory Commercial Cleaner

The world came to a slow turn throughout this long pandemic period. Businesses stopped their operation. Some were forced to decrease working hours. Apart from the economic impact, Covid 19 makes us all worried about our health and our family’s safety. Economics is slowly opening, and trade is beginning to adapt to the new normal.

The question now is if your business is ready. Can you promise a safe and healthy workplace for your employees and customers alike? Does your business adhere to the government-mandated Covid 19 protocol to ensure the wellness of everyone? In this article, we wish to talk to you about securing your employees’ health by hiring professional Factory Commercial Cleaners...  read more

Appropriate Disinfection of Places of Worship During Covid 19

Appropriate Disinfection of Places of Worship During Covid 19

Today, we will talk about how to clean and disinfection of places of worship parishes, churches, and other religious congregations between masses and gatherings during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Churches receive high traffic and can therefore be the source of spread of the virus if not sanitised and churches cleaning properly. We will also tell you what cleaning chemicals and PPE are appropriate for these cleaning requirements.

What Do You Need When Disinfecting Surfaces Inside the Church?

  • Bigfoot sprayer – for huge areas.
  • Hand-held sprayer – medium to a small area

Disinfecting Pews

You can load any of these sprayers with ready to use antibacterial disinfectant. You have to dilute the disinfectant with water. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s label for proper dilution.

Disinfectant demands adequate contact time for it to work. You have to let the product sit after spraying it from the surface.

There are also special sprayers available in the market. The container has a different partition where you need to pour in the water, and another portion to click in the concentrated disinfectant. You can spray these disinfectants directly to surfaces.

  • Microfibre Wipe – we need to use a disposable wipe. You may use these after spraying the chemicals. Make sure to follow the proper contact time before wiping the surface. Fold the microfibre wipe in a way that will use all eight sides of it.
  •  ...  read more

    Deep Cleaning for Child Care and Schools During the Covid 19 Pandemic

    Deep Cleaning for Child Care and Schools During the Covid 19 Pandemic

    We will help you understand the benefits of deep cleaning and providing best practices for your education facility’s most common rooms. You may use these in any of the areas that we will not talk about in this article.

    What Are the Benefits of Deep Cleaning for Child Care and Schools?

    Let us talk about the reason why we are doing all these precautions. Is child care deep cleaning helpful while Covid 19 is here to stay? It will take rigorous study and some time to understand the virus that has caused this pandemic wholly. Here are our fundamental understanding of the CoronaVirus:

  • Covid 19 can stay active floating in the air for up to 3 hours.
  • CoronaVirus can stand on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours.
  • The virus can live on copper surfaces for up to 4 hours.
  • It can also live on plastic and steel surfaces for up to 2 to 3 days.
  •  ...  read more

    4 Key Components of Right Cleaning Services for Your Business

    Right Cleaning Services for Your Business

    A spotless, clean workplace is a must for everyone. Now is not the time to compromise cleaning. With Covid and the new variant around, you are putting your employee’s life at risks by not hiring the best right commercial cleaning in town.

    Many commercial cleaning providers in Australia can offer you various types of cleaning services, depending on your needs. Since the cleaning industry is on the rise, many individual contractors choose to partner with a more prominent cleaning company to cast a broader net in the market. ...  read more

    Easy Steps for High-Quality Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

    Easy Steps for High-Quality Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

    The floor is one of the most expensive investments a business may have. Different floor materials bring out additional grandeur and sophistication. It may be hard on the surface, but to not get fooled by its physical attributes because floors deserve proper care too.

    Many tile & grout cleaning services provider in Australia offer different methods and techniques for cleaning and maintaining a shiny floor. This article will talk to you about these standard grout cleaning practices.

    We also hope that you find these tips practical and apply it to your cleaning business. Remember that knowledge about different types of floors will help you understand the right technique.

    You can never go wrong if you did your research and study it well. This article will be in two parts. The first section is about tile floors, and the second part is about grout cleaning.

    Methods Of Tile & Grout Cleaning

    How to Properly Clean a Tile Floor?

    This section will show you how to do a thorough tile & grout cleaning services and bring your tiles back to life. You will need to have the following:

    • Broom
    • Mop
    • Bucket of warm water
    • Scourer for tough spots
    • Heavy-duty tile cleaner
    • Appropriate PPE like gloves and goggles

    Step by Step Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

    1. Sweep the surface to get rid of dirt and dust. Use microfibre cloth for cleaning wall tiles, for example, kitchen and toilet. The microfibre cloth can clean dirt and dust sitting on the surface of your tiles.
    2. Mop the floor with warm water before using a heavy-duty tile cleaner. This process will help protect your grout.
    3. Add the tile cleaner to the warm bucket of water. Always practice using the appropriate PPE before starting the cleaning. You need to wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself.
    4. Read the label and follow the ceramic tile & grout manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning.
    5. Choose a suitable scourer for tough dirt and marks. Soak the scourer in the solution and scrub the tiles.
    6. Mop the entire floor with warm water when you are done. To make the process easier, mop using the S-pattern and keep your back straight at all times.

    Wait until the surface is dry. Do not walk all over the tiles if they are not dry enough as it will invite dirt and dust once again. Make sure that you mop regularly to make your tile look fresh and clean.

    Do’s and Don’ts for Mopping Tile Floors

    Cleaning floors on hands and knees is not scalable in the commercial cleaning business. Professional ceramic tile & grout cleaners use the appropriate mop to carry out the job.

    Most mops and steamers have pads as an attachment. These are the ones that touch the floors. Tile & Grout cleaning attachments can be removed, washed, and sanitized.

    If you feel that every customer needs to have their own mops, you can add the mop’s cost on their initial cleaning. You can show up in that new job with a brand new set of colour-coded mops and leave it at your customer’s premise.

    You have to mop floors as this is an integral part of your office tile cleaning job. You can use either a dry mop, wet mop, steamer, scrubber, or on your hands and knees, but you have to always remember the following:

    Sweep or vacuum first. Pick up all the debris and collect the dust.

    Then come in with your mop or steamer. Mop your way out of the house.

    If there is anyone in the office, let them know that the floor is wet by putting the appropriate signage.

    Process Of Grout Cleaning

    Tiles can be everywhere. It can be in the hallway, kitchen, showers, and toilet. The grout in between the tiles can be challenging to clean.

    You need:

    • Spray bottle
    • Cleaning toothbrush
    • Cotton cloth
    • Cleaning solution
    • Baking soda

    Grout is porous by nature which is the main reason why it traps dirt and dust easily. Grout can absorb almost everything that is why sealing your grout is very important.

    Grout can get dirty because it was not sealed properly in the first place or the sealant has come off. You are making the situation worse when you mop the floor with dirty water. You are pushing the dirty mop water into the grout.


  • Spray the grout line with the cleaning solution of your choice.
  • Apply baking soda to the dampen grout line.
  • Leave the baking soda for about 15 minutes.
  • Get the cleaning toothbrush and scrub the grime away.
  • Wipe the grout line with a clean cotton cloth to absorb the remaining moisture from the surface.
  •  ...  read more

    DIY VS Professional Cleaning – Difference Between DIY Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning for Businesses

    DIY VS Professional Cleaning

    Most businesses compromise on cleaning duties when talking about the budget. You need to think twice when you take a look at your expenses. Consider very carefully if you want to sacrifice the cleanliness and sanitation of your business.

    We are not just talking about paying the person in charge of cleaning by the hour. Cleaning plays a vital role in taking care of your investment.

    You invest in your business aesthetics by buying furniture. You also invest in human resources when you hire your employees.  ...  read more

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