Workplace Blind Cleaning (How to Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds?)

Office Blind Cleaning How to Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds
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Office blind cleaning is not part of routine cleaning in most cases. Most often than not, it is always neglected and left dirty and dusty. As professional cleaners clean blinds, we know that this is one of your many frustrations when we talk about getting your workplace dust-free.

In this article, we will demonstrate to you how we effectively clean office blinds. Be amazed at its effects on your business’s overall facade and how it helps improve your employees’ health.

Office cleaning company has much expertise, and not all of them are willing to do tedious jobs like cleaning the blinds and shutters. We recommend that you only choose the cleaning company that knows the proper way of attending to these unique needs.

How Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds?

professional cleaners clean blinds

There are two types of office blind cleaning – deep cleaning and routine cleaning. It is the same as the other areas in your business that need both.

If your business has not got the blinds cleaned for a very long time, you will need to have a one-time deep cleaning. After that comes the maintenance cleaning.

The secret to maintenance cleaning is that you have to do it often.
If you have a fortnightly customer and attend to the business once a fortnight, you will need to attend to the blinds on each visit.

In this way, they will be maintained and will look excellent and deep cleaning is no longer required.

We only need four tools to get the blinds clean. It goes the same for deep cleaning and routine cleaning. The only difference is the amount of effort that you need to exert to make the blinds clean.

Tools and Cleaning Chemicals Needed for Blinds Cleaning

Degreaser – choose the ones that are designed to be safe for the environment. Since you are using a degreaser, it will take out all the grease, dirt, and gunk build-up on the blinds.

Terry Cloth – This is where you have to spray the degreaser on. You can find this easily on the internet or in your local supermarket under the household section.

Duster – this is used for maintenance cleaning.

Scrubbing Brush – is needed to remove deep-seated gunk and dust that is difficult to remove.

Wood blinds tend to warp with the weather. They can expand and contract depending on their likes. This is the reason why many people choose to use fake wood blinds. Our focus is to teach you how to clean these fake wood blinds.

Our best recommendation is to hire a Professional Cleaners Clean blind to deal with mini-metal blinds. There is a professional blind cleaner in the cleaning industry.

They have these great big trucks which have walls. They can hang up the metal blinds outside the truck, hose them down, and let them air dry. Most regular commercial cleaning companies do not have these kinds of trucks.

Mini-metal blinds bend easily and deserve the proper care. Hiring a Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds who knows the right way of cleaning these types of blinds will save us from the worries of breaking and replacing these blinds.

Do not offer to clean mini-blinds if you do not know how to do it. It will cost you a lot of money to buy a new set if you break it.

Cleaning Steps

Steps for cleaning your blinds

  • Get a stepping stool that has one or two steps. Place it next to the window where you can reach the top.
  • Use the duster and go over the top ledge and then go to the sides of the window.
  • Run your fingers between the blinds and check to see how thick the dust or the grease is.
  • If it is light dust, simply use the duster to dust off the surface. There is no sense for you to use a degreaser of heavier gear.
  • If there is a build-up, spray a liberal amount of degreaser on the towel. Place the towel between your fingers and then go between the slat one by one, from top to bottom.
  • When you got to the bottom and cleaned all the gunk with the cloth, turn the blinds upward. Use the other side of your towel, and give the blinds another wipe, this time from bottom to top. Follow the grains of the blinds.
  • Turn the blinds facing down. Following the grain of blinds one more time, give another pass from top to bottom.
  • Dry them off using a clean cloth.

These steps are too easy, and it will only take you minimal time to do a whole set of blinds.

When your blinds are clean, the cleaning process’s maintenance version is exactly the same as the deep cleaning which we mentioned above. You will only need a duster the next time you clean your office blinds.

It is also advisable to take off the blind’s handle after closing the blinds and before wiping your way to clean it. There is a little hook attached to the twist bar. You may bump into it during the process of cleaning, and you may break it.

There are a couple of things to remember while dusting. First, skip all the wiping down parts. For the maintenance cleaning, turn the blinds in the upward position and go across the back of the blinds. Then, turn the blinds over, then wipe them in a sideways motion.

You can also dust using a Z pattern. It bumps the slats up, and it will let you get the underneath side of the blinds that is below it. This is an easy process. It will allow you to go all the way down, and the slats will bump into each other nicely, which will enable you to get the whole front part of the office blinds cleaned.

When you are done, you can pull the string to pull the blind up. Run your duster on the ledges and at the bottom of the window sills. Use both hands as you close the blinds. Straighten up the thread line in the middle that holds the blinds together. Attach the handle and twist it in the right direction.

The whole office blinds cleaning will only take a few minutes. It will not consume much time at all. You can maintain this every fortnight so that no dust will settle on them. Cleaners will only have to deal with light dust that you accumulate over two weeks.

The secret is to maintain your window blinds. As a professional blinds cleaner, you can do this on a Saturday when there is no one in the office to bump into. It is a straightforward process once you are done with the deep cleaning. This is something that does not require daily cleaning. Dust does not generate that quickly.

I hope that this article helps you. If you have any questions and suggestions about window blinds cleaning, please feel free to write us a comment below. Please join us in our next article.

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