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Religious Organisation Cleaning – Checklist, Prices and Many More

Religious Organisations are an essential part of our community. It is a place where people worship, takes refuge, and celebrate. Commercial Cleaning is the best fit for you because we understand and treat your particular place of worship with a level of flexibility and service more than your expectations.

This article will let you know how did we manage to get successful contracts for church cleaning. We hope that this inspires and guides you in succeeding in this industry.

Clean Group Brisbane is an expert in providing cleaning for churches and other religious organisations all across Brisbane. We are not a franchise. Our church cleaning includes overall facility cleaning, giving more detailed cleaning to spaces like pews, sanctuary, altar, and children areas. We also do special events after cleaning like weddings and baptism.

We are in business for over 20 years, and all our church cleaners are screened with proper background checks, unlike the other church cleaning company. Clean Group provides all the cleaning chemicals and equipment needed to do the job. It will be hassle-free for you because you are 100% sure of the cleaning materials that we are using are the right ones.

Hire us and be amazed at how shiny your church can be after our ordeal is done.

What Types of Religious Facilities Do Clean Group Caters To?

  • Basilicas
  • Cathedrals
  • Chapels
  • Churches
  • Meeting Houses
  • Temples
  • Kingdom Halls
  • Orthodox Temples

How Much Does Church Cleaning Cost?

The fee for this service varies depending on your budget and needs. Clean Group Brisbane determines the cost typically by identifying the scope of work, the amount of time needed for the job, and the frequency on how it needs to get done.

Our quote will always include the cleaning materials and supplies needed to achieve your most anticipated quality of cleaning.

What Is Included in the Quote?

Apart from the cleaning materials and supplies, you can always expect that Clean Group Brisbane’s proposal will always include the top of the line routine cleaning for your premises.

Everyday duties will consist of disposing of trash, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, wiping, cleaning and disinfecting of toilets and a lot more. A more detailed scope of work is presented in the comprehensive proposal submitted by our Sales Manager at the end of the onsite visit.

Church cleaning Brisbane also considers the condition of your religious facility in quoting for the job. Apart from the frequency, we also take a look at the overall square footage. We also accept special considerations like heavy traffic in the area or unusual cleaning requests.

We take notes for us to come up with a realistic price. We take the following lists in consideration when we create a proposal:

  • How long will it take for the job to be completed
  • How much labour cost will we incur in a month
  • How much will we spend on the cleaning materials and supplies in a month
  • How much mark up should we add

We suggest you gather at least three quotations in your area before coming up into a decision. It is always good to know the rates in the area where the church is at.

Ask the company what the church cleaning services that they offer and what types of materials and equipment will they use are. It is also good to ask if you are required to sign a long term contract.

Ask the church cleaning company to provide you with their cleaner’s identification and who will supervise the cleaner when they are at work. Chuch cleaning is usually done at night. It is vital that the cleaning company you will deal with is insured and bonded.

The Complete Church Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Guide

Religious facilities are often visited by thousand churchgoers every week. Apart from the usual activities in the church, regular footfalls are also observed from their employees and volunteers. Children are also spotted to get education from the church. The church’s regular cleaning is essential to maintain its sanctity.

Clean Group Brisbane wants your church to be in the best condition every day. We devised a checklist that will show each job scope needed to be done in a particular frequency. Churches always have these vast spaces, and it is impossible of it to be cleaned thoroughly in a day. For best cleaning results, we suggest you follow this simple checklist.

Daily Cleaning

  • Collect the trash and replace the liners if it is soiled or torn
  • Dust and wipe the walls
  • Water the plants in the yard and the garden
  • Dust and wipe lights and fixtures
  • Refill water dispensers
  • Dust and wipe window handles and windows
  • Clean classrooms
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors
  • Wash dishes, cutleries and cooking utensils
  • Clean the lobby, sanctuary and nursery

Weekly Cleaning

  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum the front entrance
  • Dust and wipe all visible areas
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum the staircase
  • Collect all literature, hymn books, and bible
  • Refill all hand soap dispenser and toiletries
  • Keep away all old newspaper and magazines
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop the kitchen floor
  • Clean the altar
  • Sweep and clean the side and back sidewalk
  • Spot clean all glass surfaces
  • Wipe and clean kitchen countertops and backsplashes
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Wipe all cabinets and drawers
  • Change sheets in the nursery
  • Disinfect all toys in the nursery
  • Collect all trash and replace liners if it is soiled or torn
  • Thoroughly clean the restrooms
  • Wipe and polish chrome fixtures and faucets

Monthly Cleaning

  • Sweep the parking lot
  • Clean the kitchen tops and sink thoroughly
  • Check insect infestation in the yard and garden
  • Clean and shine faucets
  • Sweep and mop porches
  • Check if lights and switches need replacement
  • Wipe and dust window sills and panes
  • Wipe and dust window blinds
  • Trim the grass

Quarterly Cleaning

  • Deep clean fridges and freezers
  • Remove weeds from the garden
  • Clean and sanitized the dishwasher
  • Replace aircon filters
  • High dust all ceiling fans
  • Sweep and mop the pulpit
  • Remove cobwebs if there’s any

Semi-Annual Cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean the garden area
  • Restock all kitchen supplies
  • Restock all shelvings
  • Wipe and sanitize all switches
  • Deep clean all cabinets inside and out
  • Clean and charge the gutter with clean water
  • Strip and sealing of hardwood floors
  • Steam carpet cleaning for carpeted areas
  • Pressure washing of outside floors

Annual Cleaning

  • Clean stoves and oven thoroughly
  • Clean and degrease hood
  • Wipe and dust all lights and fixtures
  • Clean air vents
  • Wipe and clean front door

Best Cleaning Services for Religious Facilities

A church is also known as a place for gathering inside and outside of the community. A lot of events also take place in a church. We understand how important is this place of the congregation to you that is why Clean Group Brisbane only provides the best church cleaning services in your area.

Why trust Clean Group with your church cleaning? Because we are just simply the only cleaning company that provides all possible cleaning solutions for you.

We Take Pride in the Quality of Our Work.

Clean Group Brisbane never cuts corners. There is no spot too dirty for us. No matter high your church’s ceiling is, we will make sure that every corner is dusted. If we failed to achieve your expectation, just let us know and we will make it right for you. You can always rely on the quality that we provide.

We Aid Against Bacteria and Viruses.

We know that churches house a lot of people every week. This makes everyone vulnerable to airborne diseases. Clean Group dedicates ourselves not just in cleaning. We make sure that every surface, every touchpoint are sanitized and disinfected.

We Are Cleaning Experts.

We are in business for over twenty years and had accumulated more than enough experiences to be trusted by many. Our work quality has been tested and proven by time. The owner himself personally trains all our cleaners. All of our cleaners are knowledgable with every job scope and are very competitive when it comes to delivering results.

We Know How to Take Good Care of Your Expensive Floors.

We are aware of how much investment you put into your floors. Our professional cleaners receive adequate training on how to anchor different cleaning methods to your different floor materials. We deliver nothing but impeccable floor care.

We Are Insured and Bonded.

You can never be too trusting with all the people and companies you choose to deal with. It will always be best to have a backup plan if something went astray or if we met accidents along the road. With Clean Group, you can put your mind at ease that everything inside the church is protected.

We Tailor-Fit Your Needs.

We understand that some of the churches have to be on a budget to get the cleaning attention that they need. Clean Group is more than happy to talk to you and offer an onsite quotation depending on your budget and needs. We have so many services to choose from, and you will never feel short-handed with the services you hired us for.

Finding the Best Chuch Cleaning Company for Your Needs

Now that you pretty much know what Clean Group Brisbane can offer you, I want you to consider the following questions when hiring a church cleaner.

There are a lot of commercial companies out there that claims to know how to handle the church’s unique needs but really do not know much about it. Protect yourself from bogus cleaner by having your contractors answer the following questions:

  • Will a Cleaning Supervisor monitors the cleaning crew onsite?
  • Who is in-charge in opening and closing the church before and after cleaning?
  • What is written in the Maintenance Agreement?
  • What clause is in place for dissatisfaction in service?
  • How long have you been in the cleaning industry?
  • What action plan do you have in place if the cleaner has to be absent?
  • How do you qualify your employees?
  • Can you give us a list of character reference?
  • What cleaning materials and equipment are you using?

Once you collected the proposals from different cleaning providers, you may compare the prices and the services that they are willing to give your church. After obtaining multiple quotes, you can start determining whether it is worth hiring an outsourced professional cleaning company or engage your employees to do the cleaning.

You may come up with a logical decision between improved cleaning quality versus the full cost of hiring your cleaning team.

Again, considering the vast space and broad job scope needed for church cleaning, we assure you that not all commercial cleaners can achieve your full expectations when it comes to having the church spotless.

Everything in this article is all based on facts and collated by the number of years of experience. Please let us know your thoughts on this matter by dropping a message below. Feel free to share or ask a question. Do not hesitate to start a conversation with us. Let us share ideas on how we can be all successful in our chosen career.

What is a Pub Cleaning? Cleaning Tips, Types and Checklist for Bars, Pubs, Discos, and Lounges

Clean Group understands your customers’ high expectations. We cater to hospitality businesses from traditional restaurants and bars to high-end pubs. In our present economy, every penny counts. With over two decades of cleaning experience, we are confident that we can meet and exceed your cleaning expectations with our very cost-effective cleaning solutions. This article will tell you how our commercial cleaning managed to be on top of every commercial cleaner that provides the same services in the same market. We will tell you how we were able to make it in the number one spot here in Australia.

Do not spoil the party. Be the life of the party. Many patrons expect that each bar and pub they go to offer the best hospitality. Part of this expectation is the cleanliness and hygiene of the place.

As we all know, partying can be messy. Drinks and alcohol spills are given. Floors are abused to the highest level. A lot of disco cleaning companies in the market offer basic lounge cleaning. Clean Group goes over the top by making sure that toilets are getting the attention that it needs. We take away trash and help you maintain the welcoming vibe of your business.

Local authorities and councils often visit this type of establishments for random checks and inspection. This is also one of the reasons why your business needs to be immaculate at all times. Your customers have high demands on your facilities too. Think about social media. One wrong choice of not having your club clean can spread a bad reputation for you and your business like wildfire.

Keeping your pub clean means:

  • No food poisoning
  • Happy and satisfied customers
  • Good word of mouth
  • Return guests
  • Higher revenue

Types of Services for Pub and Bar Cleaning

Types of Services for Pub and Bar Cleaning

Lounge cleaning services can be tricky especially if you need to clean in the dark. On the contrary, we know how you and patron love to drink out and socialize with friends or their families. To give your customers a wonderful total party experience, you need to hire a bar cleaning company that will maintain the highest modern hygiene requirements for you and your business. We offer:

  • Cleaning of Bar Area
  • Cleaning of Point of Sale Areas
  • Cleaning of Walk-In Fridges, Coolers, and Fridges
  • Overall Cleaning of Front Areas
  • Cleaning of Tables, Chairs, Couches, and Benches
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Toilets
  • Cleaning of Drinking and Eating Areas
  • Cleaning of Guest Rooms
  • Cleaning of Floors
  • Pressure Washing of Exterior Floors
  • Restocking of Toilet Consumables
  • Canopy and Window Cleaning

What is the Difference Between Bars, Pubs, Discos, and Lounges

What is the Difference Between Bars, Pubs, Discos, and Lounges

Bar – in simple words, this business is licensed to sell drinks and alcoholic beverages. They are allowed to stock and trade alcohol drinks. They offer a wide selection of wine, mixed drinks, fruit punches, specialty brew and many more.

Disco – is a place where you can drink, eat, party and dance the night out. Disco is also recognized for its loud music and elaborate lighting and effects.

Lounge – It is a public place where you can just simply relax and release your stress out. Normally, lounges offer a comfortable place to sit, good music, and a selection of drinks and beverages.

Club – this place is more private. Oftentimes, it requires membership. Same as what the other hospitality businesses can offer, Club also offers music, drinks, and pure relaxation.

These businesses may differ by definition but Clean Group understands that their optimal goal is to keep their house clean and inviting to patrons and friends.
If you would like more information about our pub and bar cleaning, drop us a message on the comment box provided below. Feel free to share your insights and your trade secret on how you can make your pub cleaning business a success.

Clean Group offers pub cleaning services that are client-centric. We have an outstanding cleaning team and offer a competitive price that delivers the real value for your money.

Five Ways on How to Keep Your Pub Clean

Five Ways on How to Keep Your Pub Clean

Bars and Clubs are an excellent place to get together. People go to hospitality businesses for various reasons. People get together to party, celebrate, mourn, or to simply destress. Regardless of what it is, no one will appreciate a dirty pub.

A well-maintained pub is welcoming to patrons and clientele. In the age of social media, people will highly likely give you a good review and recommendation if you offer a clean, cozy, and fun ambience. Cleanliness will also eliminate the possibilities of food poisoning and cross-contamination. It is also important for your business to pass the regular inspection to make sure that you are on the right side of the law and avoid closure.

Here are some ways to keep your pub clean and sanitized:

Hire a company that offers professional pub cleaning services.

Most of the jobs inside the pub cannot be done by your employees alone. If you want your pub to be at its best, do not hesitate to get professional help. Hiring pub cleaners will help you save time, effort, and money. It eliminates the pressure in your staff and at the same time, you can put your mind at ease because you know that you are meeting the standards required by the authorities.

Adhere to a regular cleaning schedule.

It is easier for you to have a routine cleaning after you had hired a professional cleaner that will take care of your pub cleaning needs. Make sure that your cleaners follow a certain checklist to ensure that job scopes are done perfectly. The cleaning schedule will tell the cleaners which particular area is due for a cleaning. Normal cleaning frequencies are daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly.

Make your employees follow a hygiene rule.

You cannot achieve an absolute clean space if your employees are not into it. Make them wash their hands before and after a certain task or as often as possible. Create signages that will remind them to follow this rule. Put sanitizer containers in highly used areas, especially in the kitchen. Advise your food handlers to always sanitized their hands. Apart from handwashing, your staff should be cleanly dressed at all times.

Proper Hygiene also includes the following:

  • Showering and bathing regularly
  • Keeping hair clean and covered or tied back
  • Using clean utensils for tasting food
  • Using separate cloth for cleaning and wiping plates

Practice “Clean As You Go”

Cleaning as you go means developing a habit of cleaning a mess immediately. It is helpful to designate a cleaner in each area of the pub to ensure all areas are kept clean. Each cleaner will be your eyes and they can act immediately should the need arise. If a customer spilled a drink, your cleaner can mop it right away.

Deal with bad smell immediately.

The bad smell does not have a room for a pub or club. It indicates poor cleaning and low maintenance. Always identify where the smell is coming from. One of the sources is thrash bins. Make sure to collect and dispose of the trash before it overflows or before it emits an unwelcome smell. Toilets are also notorious for bad smell. Assign a cleaner that will monitor the status of the restroom during your business hours. Place exhaust fans at different places inside the pub to make sure that rooms are adequately ventilated.

Pub Cleaning Checklist

Pub Cleaning Checklist

The checklist will always ensure that jobs are not forgotten. As an owner or manager, it is your responsibility to maintain a clean and welcoming environment for all of your patrons. Do not wait for your club to look disorganized before you hire professional help. Pub cleaners follow a checklist to help them achieve the quality of the premises that you are dreaming of. Besides, you need your business to be as pristine to attract more customers.

Sanitation Procedures

We all know that all businesses that serve food and beverages have to comply with local health laws and regulations. Following the proper sanitation, the procedure is a must when creating a checklist.

Sanitation procedures include regular and proper handwashing. It is critical for all businesses that serve food and beverages. Advise your staff to wash their hands after:

  • Coughing, sneezing or touching mouth or nose
  • Handling objects like garbage and money
  • Using bathroom
  • Smoking
  • Cleaning tables
  • Handling raw foods

Sanitation has two components. These are:

  • Cleaning schedule showing each section or item to be cleaned, who will clean it and how frequently does it need to be cleaned.
  • List of cleaning sanitizing agents and cleaning supplies showing instructions on how you can use and store it safely.

To effectively create a list, you should categorize the scopes that need to be done during the start of the shift, at the end of the shift, and throughout the day. You can include the cleaning frequency on each scope to easily identify if the cleaner needs to do it on a daily or weekly schedule.

Place the checklist in an area that your employee can easily see. They should understand that they are also responsible for keeping certain areas clean.

Opening Checklist

  • Prepare garnishes like lime, lemon, olives, and cherries
  • Wipe and clean cabinets and fridges
  • Prepare the things you need like straws, bar mats, picks, and other items
  • Sanitize your bar and stool
  • Put the dishes away

Closing Checklist

  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors
  • Throw empty bottles
  • Restock fridges with drinks for the next shift
  • Sanitized bottles
  • Throw out fruit mixers at the end of your shift
  • Clean and sanitize taps
  • Clean and sanitize soda nozzles
  • Clean floor drains
  • Wipe and sanitize all tables and counters
  • Put used napkins, aprons, and rags in the laundry bin
  • Turn on the dishwasher
  • Wash all dirty dishes before you go home.

3 Effective Cleaning Tips for Bars and Pubs

3 Effective Cleaning Tips for Bars and Pubs

Always use Personal Protective Equipment when cleaning.

Employees’ safety is vital when working with hot equipment. You can advise your cleaner to use Clamshell Grill Gloves or Oven Mittens to protect their hands from hot oil and equipment.

Wash hands and put disposable gloves before beginning to clean the beverage tower.

Remove the nozzles and diffusers and place it into a sanitizer solution. Use a beverage tower brush to clean the underside of the diffuser and valve areas inside the lower valve bodies. Dip and rinse beverage tower brush in sanitizer solution between each cleaning. Wipe diffuser and valve areas with a clean, sanitizer-soaked towel. Rinse nozzles and diffusers and allow them to soak in the solution for one minute. After a minute, reinstall the nozzles and diffusers.

Rinse the beverage tower brush to remove soil before storing to help extend product life.

Do not be overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning your pub. You can always hire a professional to do the job for you. Hire a pub cleaner so that you can focus more on how you will grow your business. If you are interested in getting a free, non-binding quote from the best commercial cleaner for your restaurant, pub, or bar, call us today and we would like to hear from you.

Law Office Cleaning : Services and Cleaners Skills Required in Melbourne

The image of your office equates to the quality of the service or product you provide. Clean Group Melbourne has been setting unprecedented records in cleaning commercial spaces. In this article, we will show you how we were able to keep and maintain our customers in the legal sector.

This only goes to show that we prioritize our customer’s trust in what we can do.

Do not go to the road of embarrassment, especially when you can embrace effortless maintenance by hiring a reliable law office cleaning company. Clean Group Melbourne will be there for you every step of the way, offering all possible cleaning solutions for your business.

We provide legal office cleaning to its highest standards. All of our law office cleaners are quality driven and live by the purpose of cleaning. Clean Group cleaners are highly trained and knowledgeable in this field.

They are just merely remarkable with what they are doing. There is No need for you to fret or worry about these little things because we offer a one-stop solution to all of your cleaning needs.

Clean Group understands that your professional image is the reflection of your business. We know how to keep your office exceptionally clean. We do cleaning above and beyond.

Law Office Cleaning Services, Clean Group Offers in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning for Law Office

Apart from the routine law office cleaning, Clean Group Melbourne offers carpet cleaning. We know that work in the Law Office is not easy, and we want to eliminate as much burden in your shoulders. Cleaning should not be one of your problems. Make the right decision by hiring Clean Group, and we will have it all covered for you.

Furniture and Textile Care for Lawyer Office

This involves office partitions, chairs, couches, and pretty much every piece of furniture that has textile in it. Being in the cleaning industry for over two decades, Clean Group knows that improper use of chemicals and equipment can create severe damage to your assets. This cleaning service ensures to increase the lifetime of your furniture, remove allergens, reduce or eliminates marks and stains, and reduce drying time.

Here are the types of textile that we can clean for Law Office regularly:

  • Wallcoverings
  • Lobby reception and furniture
  • Couches
  • Office partitions
  • Drapes
  • Office chairs
  • Conference room’s furniture

Hardwood Floor Care and Metal Surfaces Care

Mistreating this type of floor material can cost you an enormous amount of money for restoration and repair. The law office cleaning company that you need to hire is someone who knows how to handle these types of materials. It is difficult to find a craftsman or a cleaning company who does the work as they claim it.

Always remember that the risk of trusting the wrong company can damage this expensive investment that you put in your building or office. It is just right that you take good care of your assets with proper floor maintenance care.

Routine Cleaning for Law Offices

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne can take care of your day-in, day-out cleaning needs. We are a one-stop-shop that offers both routine and specialized cleaning. We do:

  • Maintenance of common areas like kitchens, foyers, balconies, and lobbies
  • Cleaning and monitoring of restroom and the supplies needed inside the toilet
  • Rubbish collection and cleaning of bins
  • Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping
  • Dusting fixtures and frames

Sanitized and Disinfects Touchpoints in Law Offices

One of the common issues with public or shared areas is the touchpoints. Most of the germs and bacteria manifest and breeds on buttons or any surfaces that get touched often. Wherever you may be, office, hospitals, schools, or just by being outside, you become a target for bacteria and allergens.

With Clean Group, we not clean the surface. We understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting as bright as day. We do not use the typical bleach type based cleaning chemicals.

Unlike the ideal law office cleaning company, Clean Group only uses the most effective and the safest cleaning and disinfecting agents available in the market.

Secrets of Law Office Cleaners You Must Know

Clean Group Melbourne believes that being organized and having a clean workspace helps with your employee’s ability to get things done and be more productive. The more cluttered we feel, the more disorganized our brain will be. Working in a clean office helps your mind to work better.

We will teach you how to be more efficient and effective in cleaning.

Keep your cleaning tools close

One of the easiest ways to waste time when you are cleaning is to run around looking for tools and different cleaning products. In the professional cleaning world, we collect everything ahead of time and prepare all of our products and tools.

We assess the room first before starting to clean. We think about what we need to clean the room. Products, tools, and techniques that we will apply in cleaning.

Have a system

Professional cleaners have a planned action. They know exactly what they need to do when they enter the room. Having a system will tell you precisely what you need to do every time you get into a place that needs cleaning.

Amongst these techniques are working clockwise and cleaning from top to bottom. This is the most efficient way to clean a space. We do not want to waste time as professional cleaner. We do not spend time because time is money.

Identify the most critical area

We have this habit of thinking about job holistically, which is why we are overwhelmed sometimes. There can be so many things to accomplish in office cleaning.

Law office cleaning does not need to be complicated. Professional cleaners can identify the most critical part of the office and focus on it. Clean Group calls this pattern the task rotation.

An example of this is, some cleaning businesses might say that they will not clean your baseboards every visit, but they will do it every fortnight. That way, you know that your baseboards are being attended to every two weeks.

We do this because we know that baseboards are not that important in an office set up. This will change if the customer calls in and specifically say that they need their baseboards clean every visit.

Learn how to multitask

This applies to the cleaning procedures that can be done while waiting for your chemicals and cleaning products to do their magic. You must allow your cleaning product to sit based on the time specified on each label.

While waiting, you can clean other areas and save time. Cleaning products need time to work. Clean Group works smart. We leave the product sitting on a surface for five or ten minutes for you to get the optimum results out of it.

Keep it sample

Do not complicate cleaning. Use necessary cleaning products without compromising safety and effectiveness.

Practice Safety First

Always use the proper tool, product, and technique to avoid accidents and issues while cleaning. Sometimes, rectifying issues can be expensive and can create permanent damage to customer’s property.

Make sure to read the product label to understand where it can be used on. Also, make sure that you are using the appropriate tool to avoid scratching or damaging surfaces. Apart from this, a professional cleaner also has to take good care of himself when cleaning.

He needs to use proper protective goggles and gloves and other protection while cleaning.

The use of the 3-wave system

  • Wave 1 – In the law office set-up, cleaners need to start with tidying and organizing. The cleaner begins at the starting point of the room with a garbage bag. Anything that he finds along the way can be tossed in the garbage or be put back to where it needs to be. We work our way from top to bottom, section to section. Anything that we see that does not belong has to be put back to where it needs to go.
  • Wave 2 – This is where the actual cleaning takes place. Clean Group Melbourne has always been efficient because we get rid of the clutter first for us to see the full area that needs cleaning. We are trying to get rid of dust and dirt. We are aiming for all surfaces to be steak-free and disinfecting when required.
  • Wave 3 – Get yourself back to the starting point in the room. If your cleaner is vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, we always want them to start at the opposite corner to the entry point of the room. If they need to use an extension cord, they can plug it from the outside door.

The 3-wave system will guarantee to cut the cleaning time more effectively. In the cleaning business, time translates to money.

Detailed Cleaning Checklist for Law Office

The checklist outlines the cleaning requirements that are needed to be performed by our professional cleaner. These were agreed between the customers and us.

Usually, these items are identified during the initial meeting when our Sales Managers go to the premise and offer a quotation.

The cleaning checklist had made us successful and has proven its effectivity.

Daily Task

Reception and Common Area

  • Collect and pick up clutter
  • Remove visible cobwebs
  • Dust and wipe all desks
  • Empty all bins and replace liners if necessary
  • Wipe and disinfect door handles

Office Area

  • Wipe and dust all desks
  • Vacuum all floors including mats
  • Wipe and disinfect phones

Toilet Area

  • Wash and disinfect floor
  • Clean and brush toilet bowls and sinks including taps
  • Clean and sanitize toilet seats, cisterns, and exterior part of the bowl
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Refill all toiletries

Kitchen Area

  • Clean the interior and exterior of microwave and fridges
  • Wash and clean sink
  • Refill kitchen items like hand towels and hand soap
  • Empty all bins and replace liners if needed
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Weekly and Monthly Tasks

  • Dust all surfaces (desks, horizontal and vertical surfaces, light fixtures, frames, skirting boards, cabinets, window sills, and frames)
  • Wipe walls and painted surfaces

What Skills Do You Need For A Law Office Cleaner

Here are the relevant skills if you aspire to be a law office cleaner:

Careful and dedicated – Clean Group cleaners treat your office as if we own the place. We take extra care in handling all the equipment and gadgets that we may be exposed to when cleaning.

An eye for detail – our cleaners do not need to be reminded of what is required to be done. They know how to deal with it the moment they see it.

Able to work in a physically demanding environment – cleaning requires pushing and lifting. Our cleaners are all healthy enough to endure a full day shift cleaning.

Adaptable to change – they are trainable and is not afraid to try new techniques.

Honest and discreet – law firms deal with client’s sensitive information. We make sure that the cleaner does not touch-sensitive files and read and tell what is written on them.

Values integrity – they do what is right every time.

Pleasing personality – they work well in a team and can maintain a harmonious relationship with co-workers and customers

Possess a current driver’s license – they need to drive their way to their workplaces.

This is a comprehensive article that will guide you through cleaning law firms. If you feel like something needs to be added to this list, please feel free to comment down below.

Ask us a question or let us hear your opinion. You can also share your best practices on how you keep your law office cleaning business a success.

Hospital Cleaning – The Ultimate Guide for Hospital Cleaner in Melbourne

It is common knowledge that medical institutions, especially hospitals, follow the highest standard of cleaning and sanitation. A lot of patients, visitors, employees, and other people coming to and fro can be exposed to cross-contamination and other diseases.

Study shows that a clean and well-sanitized hospital increases the patient’s recovery rates. Clean Group commercial cleaning Melbourne offers the highest standard hospital and medical cleaning all across Melbourne. We had proven the quality of our works through various health clinics, hospitals, mental health facilities, and many more.

Being in the cleaning industry for over two decades, we encountered many ups and downs and had gone trials and errors to see which practice works and which does not.

In this hospital cleaning guide, we will share with you how we were able to secure hospital cleaning contracts and how do we manage to keep them all satisfied. Let’s get started.

Hospital Cleanliness Impacts Overall Patient Experience

Hospitals are different than other kinds of businesses when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. The reasons for this include:

  • Bad germs in this kind of setting are more common. The germs are often difficult to remove or kill. Germs are invisible which makes it very hard to know if the hospital cleaner has been successful in their cleaning practices.
  • Patients and residents who stay in hospitals and other health care facilities are often ill, elderly, and debilitated. This makes them more likely to catch infections. Patients also have many more chances to be exposed to the germs that are found in their surroundings since they have frequent contact with health care workers.
  • One fact that you need to know is that the hands of the health workers are the most common way that the germs can travel around medical facilities.

Clean Group Melbourne medical cleaning includes cleaning, disinfecting, and preparing the environment of the entire facility. Cleaning ensures that the whole premise is safe for patients, visitors, and staff members.

Clean Group cleaners have been trained by our Cleaning Supervisors on how to properly clean and disinfect patient’s rooms.

Clean Group cleaners have to demonstrate the proper techniques they have learned before they were allowed to work independently. We ensure that the rooms are clean after the patient has been discharged.

We prepare the clean the room thoroughly to prevent the transfer of any germs left behind from the previous patient to the next new patient.

Facts About Hospital Cleanliness

  • 1 in 20 patients gets infected from unsupervised hospital cleaning
  • Hospital bugs multiply faster because they are 40% antibiotic-resistant. Hospital’s pharmacy had allotted 20% of their budget for treating these hospital bed bugs.
  • Dirty hands and poor disinfection practices are the top reasons for infection.

Cleanliness becomes a target of improvement to many hospitals because patients are highly likely to recommend a hospital that they perceived to be clean. Apart from cleanliness, patient’s loyalty also depends on how a hospital can deliver a safe, utmost quality, and effective care through a reduced risk of infections acquired in the hospital.

Where Are the Dirtiest Places in Your Hospital?

We all have the impression that a hospital is always clean and spotless. Do you know that germs and bacteria can hover, hide, and fester in the least expected places? This is why Hospital Cleaning Melbourne ventured into health care facility cleaning.

It is our advocacy to provide safe and clean hospitals to people who may be in need of medical care. Please continue reading as we expose the five dirtiest places and spots that you can find in a hospital.

Hands – hands are the main reason why the following dirt contributors will land on their spot. Dirty hands touched them passing germs and bacteria from one place to another.

Hospitals are known to follow strict handwashing protocols to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. Doctors and nurses are also expected to clean or wash their hands each time they interact with patients.

Handwashing or sanitation stations can be found in almost every door of the hospitals. These are available for doctors, nurses, and visitor’s use to fight contamination.

Bed Curtains or Partitions – Hospitals put curtains around the bed to provide privacy and comfort to patients. Curtains are not intended to have direct contact with people but there are many instances that these curtains catch germs and bacteria that can, later on, contaminate the space and affect the health of the patient.

These curtains are not replaced as often and get laundered as frequently as the linens.

Elevator Buttons – Human traffic can be heavy in the elevator. Doctors, nurses, patients, visitors, and all other people who use the elevator. People who work in the hospital practice handwashing routine but the majority of the population who use the elevator do not.

Think of the accumulated germs that are already seated at each button. Plus, the elevator is not on the list of priorities when it comes to cleaning.

Computer Keyboards – Like in the office setting, hospital’s computer keyboards are notorious when it comes to dirt, germs, and bacteria.

Doctors, nurses, and other health workers use the keyboard to track the progress of each patient. Most of the time, this computer is operational in a 24-hour shift being used by one nurse to another. Honestly, these computer keyboards are not even wiped down at least once a day.

Mobile Phones – we touch our phones many times in a day. Screens and phone buttons are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

We are often not as mindful as the other health workers in following handwashing protocols. It is a good practice to wipe the phone screen with disinfecting wipes once in a while too.

Keeping Hospitals Clean and Safe Without Breaking the Bank

Maintaining the hospital’s cleanliness is crucial. Studies show that keeping the overall hygiene of the hospital environment helps fight infection. Hospital Cleaner Melbourne had designed a platform for cleaning professionals.

The platform is designed to summarize the knowledge and create awareness. It prioritizes the development of hospital hygiene and environmental control.

We all understand that hospital hygiene is more complex as compared to other types of cleaning. Clean Group Melbourne provide cleaner’s education like training and career development.

We reevaluated how hospitals view their environmental hygiene to understand how our services can add value to the overall well being of all the patients and people working inside the hospital.

Cleaning as Initiative to Safety

Clean Group makes sure that every room is cleaned well and sanitized. We all understand that no one wants to be in a contaminated room. Contamination can easily be combated by simple handwashing protocols.

Hands are the main vectors for spreading infections and diseases. We practice handwashing as often as we could to make sure that germs and bacteria are being washed off before touching anything inside the room. Clean Group knows the process of disinfection methods.

Logistics of Hospital Cleaning

The process of logistics in hospital cleaning involves assigning tasks to each and every person that is responsible for keeping the hospital clean and safe.

Nursing assistants are expected for cleaning one part of the patient’s environment while the hospital cleaner is in charge of the overall cleaning of the hospital.

Each person needs to know which area are they assigned for. Assigning areas to people is important so as not to miss a spot that needs to be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning in Healthcare

Hospital cleaning is purely dependent on the pathogens that are present in the environment and the chemicals and cleaning agents that are used by the cleaners to clean the area.

5 Main Variables in Hospital Cleaning:

  • What products and cleaning chemicals are applied?
  • What are the techniques and equipment used to apply the product?
  • Which surface was it applied to?
  • What is the contamination level of the environment?
  • Who does the cleaning?

These main variables should always be present. Otherwise, the cleaning will be considered substandard. Maintaining hospital cleanliness not only talks about removing dirt, dust, and soil. We also take patient’s safety into account at all times.

Training and Communication

Hospitals have ranges of environments. Cleaning the office inside the hospital is different from cleaning the intensive care units. Some of these rooms and areas require specialized approaches. Cleaners should understand that there are different requirements for different sectors within the same department too. Patient’s vulnerability to pathogens is the primary concern why hospitals must hire a professional cleaner.

Cleaning Products

Alcohol, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonium compounds are the common cleaning agents being used in disinfecting hospitals. These products are ideal to fight germs, bacteria, viruses, and spores.

They are also known to be safe in the environment and easy to use. Always take into account that chemicals and cleaning agents are useless if not used properly.

The Human Component

Attention to detail is one of the valuable traits of a hospital cleaner. Cleaning cannot be dependent on chemicals alone. The person who does the cleaning should be meticulous enough to identify what are the areas that he or she needs to focus on.

He should know the right methods, techniques, cleaning materials, chemicals, and equipment to simplify the job. Hospital cleaning Melbourne makes sure that all cleaning professionals have certification. We trained our cleaner to make them understand why they hold a very important place in the hospital.

What Skills Does a Hospital Cleaner Needs?

A new cleaner gets their training by observing and helping a tenured cleaner on the job. Hospitals have high demands for cleaning casualties because of the nature of their business.

Basically, hospital cleaners need to have the same qualification as those who do the cleaning in commercial businesses.

Only that, they have to be well-versed on how cleaning and disinfecting plays an important role in hospital cleaning. The cleaners need to put the patient’s safety as their priority.

Physical Skills

The cleaner has to be healthy and has strong stamina. Cleaning may require you to carry and lift things. Cleaners mostly spend the whole day cleaning on their feet, pushing, lifting, and moving equipment.

It is a must that a cleaner has good eyesight for him to see what he is doing and to read the instructions on the chemical’s labels.

Basic Cleaning Skills

Hospital cleaners have to know how to perform basic housekeeping tasks. They need to know how to get rid of dust and polish floors. They are also expected to know the basics of cleaning the rooms, toilets, hallways, and common areas. Cleaners also look after trash collection.

Safety and Sanitation

Hospital cleaners are trained to know the proper usage of chemicals and disinfectants for it to work effectively. They should know how to follow the hospital’s rules and procedures on safety.

Attention to detail is very crucial in a hospital set up. The cleaners are expected to be alert to dangers and hazards and they need to report it immediately.

Interpersonal Skills

The cleaners need to know how to communicate to be able to work effectively with other people working in the hospital. They should be compassionate enough as some patients may talk to them.

The cleaners must know how to communicate in English so that reading labels and understanding them will not be a challenge.

Do you agree with this hospital cleaning guide?

Please feel free to let us know how you feel about it. Please write your comments and questions below and let us help you out in becoming successful in the hospital cleaning business.

What is After Builders Cleaning? Including Checklist, Job Skills and Services in Melbourne

Clean Group takes pride in providing after builders cleaning services to different commercial businesses in Melbourne. We are known to be the number one provider of after builders cleaning all over Melbourne.

Recently, Clean Group ventures in construction companies. We make businesses and commercial spaces shiny clean after construction or renovation.

Cleanliness comes first when it comes to selling properties. Well-kept buildings and spaces are more appealing to leads. Clean Group makes it easy by providing a wide-range after builders cleaning solution for construction firms.

This article will tell you how After Builders Cleaning ventured into this type of cleaning and how we became successful in doing so. Let’s get started.

What is After Builders Cleaning?

What is After Builder’s Clean

By definition, after builder’s clean is done after renovation or construction of a building, office, or any business. Most construction companies partner with their cleaning provider or vendor or sometimes, they also hire their cleaner.

Whatever the case may be, after builder’s cleaning business is booming and we are part of it. We make your building and store ready for operation. Melbourne strata cleaners are here to offer the professional builders cleaning Melbourne solution for you. After Builder’s Cleaning Company Clean Group makes your premises dust-free, fresh, and squeaky clean like construction never happened.

Our team of professionals builders cleaners in Melbourne will find ways to ensure the very first impression for all of your after builders cleaning business needs.
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We offer Melbourne after builders cleaning services for:

  • Business Expansion
  • Office Renovation
  • Post-construction clean-up

Different Types of Builders Cleaning Services in Australia

After Builders Cleaning Services Options

Move-out Cleaning

This type of cleaning is required if a person or a business is done leasing a property or strata. Before vacating the premises, the lessee is required to clean it. The building management or the owner will inspect before the previous tenant returns the key. It is easier to hire a professional cleaner to ensure that you will not be encountering issues like uncollected garbage or furniture being left behind or uncleaned carpet. These problems may cause financial burdens to you if not properly dealt with.

After Construction or Renovation Cleaning

After Construction or Renovation Cleaning

This type of cleaning requires a pool of professional cleaners. Longer working hours are expected as you can imagine the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that is present in the area. Cleaning the building from top to bottom is necessary to make the premises look like new. Employees will appreciate the improvement and the renovation done in the workplace once Clean Group did its magic for making the area sparkly clean.

What Can Clean Group Do For You?

What Can Clean Group Do

Bathroom – Clean, sanitize, and disinfects all parts of the bathroom

Doors – Clean and wipe doors. Remove marks and stains.

Floors – Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors for hard and resilient floors

Positioning – Properly places and positions furniture

Spot Cleaning – Maintains cleanliness of walls, light switches, chairs, doors, and carpets

Vacuum – Vacuum all carpeted areas and upholstery

Kitchen – Clean and sanitize all parts of the kitchen. The service includes trash removal and proper segregation.

Trash Removal – Empty all bins and replace all liners if needed

Dusting – Dust all horizontal surfaces like window sills, picture frames, and other surfaces

Required Skills For Renovation or Builders Cleaners in Melbourne

Required Skills For Real Estate Cleaning Job

Many people think that a cleaning job is an easy job. Clean Group makes sure that all our after builder’s cleaning contracts are being done by professional commercial cleaners. All our cleaners follow ours after builder’s cleaning checklist.

We design this list to make sure that all requirements are met. This will seal and ensure the satisfaction of all our clients. Aside from these technicalities, we make sure that all our cleaners possess the core value, which sets them apart from the regular cleaner.

Clean Group’ Melbourne builders cleaners are driven with one purpose, and they work with integrity. Here are the required skills and values that we look for in an after builder’s cleaners cleaner:

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As the old saying goes, honesty is the best policy. In all fields and any business, customers will trust you if you prove your honesty to them. In the cleaning industry, cleaners will have access to strata and offices. Honest people do not need to be reminded that they do not have to take what is not theirs. Integrity and honesty play a very crucial part in this business. Your cleaner is the face of your business. They will build the reputation of your logo. Dishonest employees can tarnish and destroy your business.

Stamina and Vitality

Let us admit it; cleaning can be very tiring. A cleaner should be physically fit for the job in able to perform well. Often, the after builder’s cleaning checklist will require the cleaner to work under the heat of the sun. Your cleaner should be able to endure this work condition without compromising the quality of his or her performance. The bottom line is, the cleaner should be healthy enough for the job.

Skills to Manage Time

After builder’s cleaning quotes a cleaning job depending on the cleaning duration. An excellent cleaner should know how to manage his time to complete all the requirements stipulated in his real estate cleaning checklist. He needs to work his way efficiently based on the cleaning duration given to him.

Knows How To Exercise Autonomy

This is the ability of the cleaner to work under minimal to zero supervision after adequate training was provided. This skill demonstrates the trustworthiness of your employees. Being able to work without supervision is a skill that can be learned over time.

Consistency and Attention To Details

Complacency is the enemy of most tenured cleaners. They tend to relax when they know the routine. When this happens, small details are often being left out and overlooked. Consistency is essential because this is where a cleaning contract relies on. If your customer found the quality of your work decreases over time, they will not renew or extend the deal anymore. You should hire a cleaner who is passionate enough. Someone who is driven and motivated to provide the same level of performance time and time again.

Good Judgement and Disposition

Our customers frequently give keys to their premises. They trust us that we will safeguard all things and information that we can find inside their property. Cleaners may come across customer’s sensitive data. The cleaner should be honest enough not to touch these things or not to discuss details and disclose information to his colleagues inside and outside of the premises. A cleaner should know how to be discreet and to keep secrets.

Ability to Solve Problems

One of the valued traits of a cleaner is their ability to solve problems or their ability to think out of the box. Clean Group cleaners are very known to be resourceful. Professional cleaners know how to deal and resolve daily issues that may arise in the workplace even without the aid of their managers.

Friendly and Pleasing Personality

A professional cleaner needs to have a certain degree of people skills. This person needs to be warm enough to sustain a harmonious relationship with his peers and his customers. A good cleaner needs to be a team player. These traits will ensure a light and friendly working environment for the cleaner and the rest of the team members. It is easier to complete a task if we work as a team.


Your employees need to be trainable. Apart from being trainable, you also need to look for their adaptability traits. Along the line, they need to unlearn the things that they are very used to do to make way for innovations and improvement. Your cleaners should learn how to love and embrace changes, especially if your company will benefit from it.


As a professional cleaner, he needs to take pride in what he does and what he can do. Hire someone who will be proud to say that they work as a cleaner. A person will only excel in a particular field if they are pleased and happy with what they are doing.

The Only After Builders Cleaning Checklist You’ll Ever Need

After Builder’s Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness plays the most significant advantage in determining the value of the strata or property that you are trying to sell or lease in the market. Cleaning is also the fastest and most economical way of increasing the selling price of your property. You need to hire a professional after builder’s cleaner, and they will get the job done for you. After builder’s cleaning, companies can also help you maintain the cleanliness of the property during the whole selling process. Many sellers receive unexpected calls, and short notice advises from potential buyers seeking viewings.

Tackle all the duties from after builders cleaning checklist, and you will never need to look at another one:


  • Put away all personal things and items like gadgets, prescription drugs, bills, etc.
  • Declutter and clean all counters
  • Clean the refrigerator inside and outside. Remove decorative magnets from the exterior.
  • Set a reasonable temperature for the entire property
  • Empty trash bins
  • Remove or minimize family photos
  • Deep clean the bathroom including the toilets, shower area, bathtub, and sink
  • Make sure that all light bulbs and switches are working
  • Keep away pet items like food bowls, toys, litter boxes, beds, etc.
  • Make sure that the entire property smells clean and fresh.


  • Make sure that the grass has not overgrown
  • Trim overgrown shrubs and plants
  • Paint the shutters
  • Remove weeds from the garden
  • Fix walkways
  • Clean the exterior windows and glasses
  • Pressure wash walkways and cement
  • Clear the pathway leading to and from the property

After Builders Cleaning Service Provided by Clean Group

After Builder’s Cleaning Service Provided by Clean Group

In general, Commercial Cleaning Company Clean Group provides two different types of After Builder’s Cleaning. These are Initial or rough cleaning, and the other one is Final Detail Cleaning.

Initial or rough cleaning

The first stage of the after builder’s cleaning. It entails rubbish removal, first dusting, and removal of dirt and debris all over the building. This is typically being done halfway during the construction or renovation process. This cleaning is done to spot construction defects and other trade defects easily.

Final Detail Cleaning

This is where the real cleaning takes place. The final detail clean will give you the premises the final quality finish that you are aiming for. This process takes a long cleaning duration because of the amount of work required. This service includes removal of trade defects, straightening of grout lines and removing haze on tiles, tile detailing, removal of paint marks from floorboards and much more.

To make it simple, final detail cleaning can be anything apart from the cleaning required for a regular cleaning job. You may need specialized tools and equipment to complete this process successfully. Cleaning in Group or team can be beneficial in this type of project. You may expedite the cleaning process without compromising the quality of the job if you can come up with a team of professional cleaners.

After builder’s cleaning demands are increasing, which makes the professional cleaning business very fast-moving, it is vital to choose a cleaning company that meets the challenging need for this type of cleaning. If you agree with all the things that I mentioned in this article, please leave a comment below. Ask us a question or share your tips on how did you become successful in this venture.

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Factory Cleaning – Sydney Cleaner Explaining Complete Warehouse / Factory Cleaning Process

Today you’re going to learn the factory cleaning process by Sydney cleaner. So if you want to learn read the complete blog till the end.

One of the challenges in maintaining a factory clean is the fact that there are a lot of people coming and going on the premises. On top of that, there are also machines and equipment that can spoil the cleanliness of the surroundings if not maintained in an orderly manner.

When there is human traffic, the first thing that comes that is being questioned is the status of the toilet, next is the floor. Join us as we unravel the secrets of factory cleaning and how Clean Group manages to be on top of the game for over 20 years.

This article will tell you how commercial cleaning Sydney keep up with the daily challenges and win over it day after day.

Making Sure That Your Factory is Clean and Running Well

A well-maintained and working facility are the secrets to run a successful factory. This will also maximize productivity and eliminate setbacks. We all know that keeping a factory in top shape is not an easy job.

Many factories rely on professional factory cleaners for this. The factory cleaning company has its techniques and strategies on how to make this task simpler.

Clean Group follows three easy and straightforward ways that guarantee efficiency and productivity for your factory today and throughout the years.

Have a routine check for machines and systems.

Always look after the condition of your machines by doing regular system checks. This is the only way for you to avoid maintenance issues. Keeping a consistent check with these things will ensure that there will be no debris, gunk, and grime build-up.

Debris will eventually lead to rust. Build-up can severely affect the performance of your machine. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. With routine check-ups, you can quickly identify impending issues and solving the problems sooner.

  • Hire a regular factory cleaner.
  • Hiring a factory cleaner that knows the technicality of the job is another way of preventing severe issues with your machines and equipment. Clean Group factory cleaners are trained in special cleaning wide range of equipment and surfaces. We had undergone extensive training. With Clean Group, you can rest assured that:
  • No harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions will be used on machines and surfaces
  • We do not do messy clean-ups.
  • We guarantee that we will do anything to protect your machines and equipment.

Provide a safe workplace environment.

Your customers, employees, and guests will feel more at ease and secure if you provide them with a pleasant, less hazardous working place. The overall safety in your factory has to be your top priority.

Here lies the success or failure of your business. By hiring a professional Sydney factory cleaning company, you can ensure safety by:

  • Removing potential slip and trip hazards
    Factory cleaner can immediately attend to spills and slippery substances on the floor.
  • Clean Group regularly cleans air vents to provide cleaner air inside the factory.
  • Correctly labeling hazardous substances.

Clean Group can help you keep your factory running smoothly all year-round. We can ensure the safety and efficiency of your facility for the long term by providing you with our convenient hours of operation and experienced Sydney factory cleaners.

The Importance of Keeping a Factory Neat and Tidy

In a typical factory set up, people and products move just about everywhere. Being aware of how much an end-product is available, where is it placed, and how fast is the turnaround time is a critical factor in a manufacturing firm. These challenges can be made more accessible by maintaining a clean, neat, and tidy factory.

Clean Group partners with many manufacturing firms in Sydney to maintain a well-rounded, orderly factory. This is our top priority which works very well with our customers because it allows them to fill their orders on time.

Clean Group understands that unattended dirt, dust, and residue can eventually turn into hazards. These can cause a severe effect on machines and pose serious safety hazards.

Clean Group factory cleaners are aware of the following reasons. These give them the drive to put their best effort behind each cleaning procedure.

  • Avoid infestation of pest
  • Reducing the risk of food hazards like food poisoning and foreign body contamination
  • Follow the regulations set by local and international legislations
  • Provide safe working conditions for visitors, customers, and employees
  • Meet specific customer’s requirements
  • Offer a hygienic visual image
  • Obtain positive results for inspections and audits
  • Boost maximum factory’s productivity

Cleanliness translates to efficiency.

Many studies show that employees are highly likely to enjoy a safe and clean workplace. Employees tend to perform their job efficiently when they are happy. It is a domino effect.

A clean factory prevents accidents and injuries.

Industrial factories are full of danger and potential hazards. Clean Group manages safety a step ahead by carefully controlling the chemicals, tools, equipment, metal shavings, excess materials, and unexpected spills. We take care of these problems as it occurs to maintain excellent safety records.

A well-maintained factory boosts employees morale.

Clean Group believes that the factory’s employee’s physical and psychological health is an essential qualification in maintaining top productivity. Cleanliness promotes good mental and physical health.

A clean factory creates a signature image.

You would want to leave a good lasting impression to every customer and potential customers who visit your plant. Clean Group knows that maintaining a clean facility will give you an advantage when it comes to demonstrating your commitment to excellence.

How to Maintain a Clean and Organized Factory

The production line in a factory set up is the busiest section in the premise. There are two types of routine cleaning that a factory needs to undertake. These are deep cleaning and regular cleaning. It is essential that your factory cleaner layouts a warehouse cleaning plan according to your needs and requirements.

Deep Cleaning

Your factory needs to be deeply cleaned by a factory cleaning company before it reaches a point where your floors are dirty, and dust and grime had built-up in your equipment. Both scenarios can gravely affect your productivity. The duration of a deep cleaning depends on the work that needs to be carried out, and it will be different for all the sections of the factory.

Before you begin the deep cleaning, you need to identify which time of the day will you set aside to give way for this ordeal. Deep cleaning requires time and use of heavy-duty cleaning equipment and supplies, which may affect the production line. Clean Group usually does this on the weekend.

It is also a good practice to communicate with your employees. Advise them to clean their section before the deep cleaning commences.

Clean Group takes this opportunity to get rid of any clutter that has accumulated. This is highly applicable in problematic areas such as storage areas and communal workspaces. These two areas are often cluttered and very difficult to manage.

Simple Deep Cleaning Guide

  • Schedule a regular date when do you want to deep clean your factory.
  • Hire a professional factory cleaner for the cleaning to be more reliable and efficient.
  • Ask the factory cleaning company if they will provide all the cleaning materials needed for the job.
  • Ask the factory cleaner to take down the cleaning duration for each task that they perform. This will help you plan the next deep cleaning.
  • Solicit feedback from the factory cleaner on how the process could be sped up.

Regular Cleaning

Routine cleaning is designed to keep on top of things and to extend the amount of time needed for the next deep cleaning.

These are the factors on how you will determine your desired frequency for the routine cleaning:

  • What kind of product do you manufacture?
  • Do you use machines and equipment that creates a lot of debris, dust, and dirt?
  • How often do you get a customer’s or client’s visit?
  • Do you use machines and equipment that require a sterile environment for getting optimal performance?

Routine cleaning has to be planned whenever needed. Clean Group also suggests that your employees should be provided with their supplies to take care of emergency spills to prevent health and safety hazards.

Secrets to Having a Clean Factory Part of Your Company Culture

It is impossible to keep your factory clean, even with the help of factory cleaners, if you own employee do not have their heart and soul in it. All of your employees must be invested in this drive if you are aiming for a clean workplace.

Here is how you will promote this drive to your people:

Lead by example.

Make sure that everyone in the factory takes his part and responsibility for this whole campaign to be effective.

Give adequate training on how to do the necessary cleaning.

Train your employees to make sure that a high standard is maintained during cleaning protocols. Appoint senior members to teach the recruits the best practices.

Communicate the benefits of having a clean workspace to your staff.

Your employees must understand your motives and agenda on why you have to them through this cleaning campaign. Communicate with them through meetings, email correspondence, announcements, etc.

Give your employees and adequate cleaning time.

Dedicate staff time for cleaning. The resource you put into this will be paid back a hundred times over in improved productivity.

Provide your staff with the right cleaning materials or equipment.

Make sure to invest in the necessary equipment and cleaning materials and make it available for your staff to use.

Why More Businesses Choose Clean Group For Their Factory Cleaning in Sydney

Maintaining a clean and tidy factory is essential for various important reasons. Clean Group offers a wide selection of factory cleaning solutions to match all kinds of factories in Sydney.

We understand the strict guidelines and quality controls that you need to comply with. With Clean Group, you can put your mind at ease and be assured that you are compliant and insured.

Clean Group employes licensed factory cleaners who possess in-depth knowledge on how to clean and take care of machines and equipment. We designed a safety method that is being used in all the factories that we are servicing.


Clean Group factory cleaners are all knowledgable on the right approach and cleaning procedures for all types of flooring materials. We can do the vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping as the primary floor care. We also offer speciality floor cleanings like steam carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and strip and sealing.

Factory and Office Toilets

Toilets are often neglected, especially if a large population is using it. With Clean Group, we make sure that no matter how many people need to use the toilet, it will always smell good and feel fresh. We keep toilets clean, and we disinfect and sanitize it as often as we could to fight the spread of bacteria and germs.

Internal and External Glass Windows and Doors

We spot clean glass doors and windows to make sure that dirt and dust will not leave unpleasant marks on it. Clean Group has specialized in internal and external window and glass cleaning. We can get rid of streak marks and fingerprints anytime, anywhere.

Kitchen Area

Clean Group ensures that all counters are sanitized and disinfected as often as possible. The kitchen area is notorious for bacteria and germs. Constant wiping is our practice. We also make sure that food scraps will not stay long in the communal bin so as not to invite flies and other pests.


We hope that this post signifies that cleaning has direct benefits for businesses and companies. It is time for you to hire a professional factory cleaner if you do not have time to organize the clean-up yourself. Write a comment down below or share your tips and practices on how you are managing the overall cleanliness of your whole facility.

Corporate Cleaning – Get A Complete Cleaning Solution in Sydney

Corporate cleaning is one of the most common avenues for commercial cleaning in Sydney.  Commercial cleaners had saturated this market. Google can attest to that.

In this article, I will tell you what sets Clean Group Sydney apart from the flood of competitors out there. Clean Group Sydney is still the number one corporate cleaner for most of the businesses in Sydney.

What is Corporate Cleaning?

When I was not a part of this industry, I look at residential and commercial cleaning Sydney at the same standpoint. I thought that the basic knowledge about cleaning will answer all the possible qualms about cleanliness.

As I looked into it, I realized that corporate cleaning services need more attention to everything. More attention to details, more knowledge, stricter training, wider scopes.

Corporate cleaning is something that you need to specialize in. You will not be successful in this field if you will just hold on to basic cleaning knowledge.

Complete corporate cleaning solutions include handling waste and some hazardous chemicals that you will not encounter in the residential cleaning business. Corporate cleaning normally requires heavy cleaning.

It involves the cleaning of machines and equipment too. The corporate cleaner should know how to handle this equipment and which chemicals are applied to each.

Clean Group, as one of the biggest corporate cleaning company, specializes in different fields of corporate cleaning. We do steam carpet cleaning, high-surfaces cleaning, pest controls, and many more.

We also offer emergency big clean such as after floor, fire, and other events that require special cleaning attention. We also handle the cleaning after renovation or construction. End of lease cleaning is also a part of corporate cleaning.

When you talk about residential cleaning, these are normally the things that a person can do with a little aid from equipment.

These normally entails deep cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchen. Special needs for residential cleaning may include carpet cleaning, window cleaning and bank cleaning.

What Types of Cleaning Solution are Included in Corporate Cleaning?

After Builder’s Clean – Corporate Cleaner Sydney will never run out of professional cleaners who can deliver a shiny, dust and dirt free office for you.

We know how to get rid of stubborn dust that may be deeply seated in your carpet or just sitting on each of your office furniture after a renovation. Our price is always reasonable and guarantees quality.

Initial Deep Clean – Same as after builder’s clean, if you just rented your commercial space and would like to start fresh. Call us up for a quick estimate.

Clean Group Sydney is equipped with the know-how to make cleaning easy and effective. We have corporate cleaners Sydney to make it possible.

Carpet Cleaning – Knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner is not enough for you to be called as an expert with carpet. You need to hire experts like us to take care of stubborn dirt and stains that are very visible on your carpet.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Drying
  • Shampooing

Office Cleaning –  80 percent of our customers are from this group. Clean Group Sydney offers complete corporate cleaning solutions like routine office cleaning.

We can come in to perform the duties of a professional cleaner depending on your requirements and needs. Office routine cleaning entails:

  • Carpet care
  • Upholstery care
  • Dusting
  • Air Vents Dusting
  • Toilet Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Gym Cleaning – Fitness Centres require special attention since foot traffic can easily make their floors and mats look dirty.

Let us know your budget and we can tailor fit a solution for you that will make your gym welcoming to your existing and potential customers. Corporate cleaners can:

  • Mirror or Glass Cleaning
  • Equipment
  • Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning
  • Carpet and Mat Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning – Clean Group Sydney offers complete warehouse cleaning. We adjust with our customer’s schedule to ensure minimal interruption to your business. Our cleaners are experts in the removal of all dust, dirt, and debris on all surfaces.

The floor work is also carefully managed, and we only use eco-friendly cleaners to scrub the dirt away. Cleaning a warehouse is not an easy task because the cleaners need to ensure that their job is in line with the code of conduct set by the government. We offer:

  • Dusting of Shelves
  • Floor Pressure Washing
  • Bond Cleaning
  • Proper Recycling Disposal
  • Strip and Sealing of Warehouse Floor

Church Cleaning – Church is a high-traffic place, especially if there is mass, weddings, funerals, and other religious events.

Maintaining a clean church in between events and regular mass schedules is a painful task. Your cleaner should be dedicated enough to make the church healthy and immaculate as possible.

Church Cleaning used a state of the art technology and eco-friendly chemicals that will leave the church dry, clean, and sanitized as little as two hours. Services for churches are as follows:

  • High Dusting
  • Wiping
  • Window Cleaning
  • Overall church cleaning

Child Care Cleaning – Corporate cleaning Sydney offers a state of the art cleaning that meets the sensitive requirements of childcare facilities.

We understand that your children’s health and safety are your top priority, and that is also on top of our list. Quality cleaning does not only speak about appearance.

Quality cleaning means that we are committed to cleaning the entire facility for you to focus more on teaching our children.

Our professional commercial cleaners hold a valid police check and had undergone rigorous training on how to work with kids.

Childcare Cleaning Includes:

  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Floor restoration
  • Routine childcare cleaning
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Toilet consumables

School Cleaning
– In Clean Group Sydney, we leverage our tremendous experience in cleaning schools and offices. We know and recognize the standard health and cleanliness issues that may affect the classroom’s productivity.

We make sure that:

  • Toilets are all well attended
  • Shelves and desks are free of dust
  • No graffiti on walls
  • Trash cans are not overflowing
  • Overall sanitation of the area

Medical Cleaning – Medical cleaning is a specialty type of cleaning that requires a keen eye for detail. Clean Group Sydney ensures that the medical facility is properly sanitized before the next patient comes in. Our cleaners secure a clean and sanitary area for patients.

The vital role of cleaners in Medical Facilities:

  • Exceptional handling and cleaning of examination rooms
  • We provide clean reception that welcomes patients, visitors, and employees
  • Doctors office are well maintained because this is where they receive their patients
  • We make sure that blinds and windows are dust-free
  • Our cleaners ensure that chairs, couches, and beds are germ-free
  • Cleaners also maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the toilets

Strata Cleaning – Strata cleaning is booming nowadays. A lot of homeowners, potential homeowners, real estate agents, and unit owners employ strata cleaners to do comprehensive cleaning.

We usually deal with common areas like the reception, shared toilet, office, hallways, and lifts. We ensure that these areas are clutter-free.

Corporate Cleaner’s Responsibilities:

  • Rubbish collection
  • Ensuring that walkways and lift are clutter-free
  • Reception desk needs to be appealingly clean and organized
  • Glasses and mirrors should be mark and streak-free
  • Toilets should be cleaned and sanitized at all times
  • Window ledges and frames should be dust-free

5 Reasons Why You Should Contact a Corporate Cleaner in Sydney

Keep your employees healthy and happy

  • Healthy employees equate to less sick days
  • Employees are happier in a clean environment
  • A clean workplace creates a professional environment
  • Corporate cleaners can directly result in employees being more productive

Higher Quality Cleaning

  • A professional corporate cleaning solution.
  • Takes care of the dirty works so your business can run smoothly
  • Increases employees productivity
  • Improve corporate culture

Saves Money

  • A professional cleaner can complete the job in ½ the time
  • Know tips and tricks to do the job quicker and more effectively
  • Corporate cleaning companies have the right tools, equipment, and techniques
  • Corporate cleaners can also suggest effective cost-saving tips

A better first impression

  • A clean building creates a good impression.
  • The clean environment feels more welcoming and can positively influence your business’s reputation

You never have to worry

  • The corporate cleaning company will take responsibility for hiring and training the cleaning staff that they need to get the job done right.
  • Your company is saved from liability and other concerns with managing additional staff
  • Corporate cleaners will clean your premises no matter what.

Clean Group Sydney – A Corporate Cleaning Company in Australia

Company Profile

Clean Group Sydney has been effectively offering complete corporate cleaning solutions for more than a decade. Our cleaners have vast cleaning experience.

Our experiences honed us to outperform ourselves time and again. You will hire us if you want to experience the overwhelming satisfaction that our loyal customers have been telling the market about.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding result each time we visit your premises. With the Clean Group Sydney, it is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Over the years Clean Group Sydney has employed many cleaners who pride themselves on their cleaning so much. We understand that our customer’s real pain is almost never the superior quality of clean that you can give.

Every company advertises that they care and are the best at cleaning. If you want to really start growing past your competition, you’re going to need to find the pain of your niche, and come up with a way to solve it. Which is how

Clean Group Sydney The Brand You Can Trust

Training and Experience

Clean Group Sydney takes full responsibility for the safety knowledge of our cleaners. They are highly trained and fully knowledgable about proper chemical and equipment usages.

The Best Employees

We only deploy highly trained with prolific skills commercial cleaners. We take enormous pride that our office cleaners Sydney can deliver high standard work in commercial cleaning.

Pioneer in the Corporate Cleaning Solution

In over 20 years of experience, the owner of the business could not go wrong on how to run a cleaning business. He had founded the businesses because his heart knows what cleaning means.

He instills the same principle and works ethics to each and every employee who works for the Clean Group Sydney.

This corporate outline and characteristics helped Clean Group Sydney achieve the reputation that we have right now. We believe that the superb work of our employees and the loyalty of our customers had made us the leading cleaning business in Sydney. With this, we will continue to grow and evolve as our customer’s requirements and expectations change.

Let us exchange ideas and practices. Do not hesitate to write your comments and suggestions down below. Ask us a question or let us know how you become successful in the corporate cleaning business.

Restaurant Cleaning – Services and Checklist by Sydney Restaurant Cleaner Company

Restaurant cleaning is one of the most complex cleaning jobs in the industry because of the health and safety of the diners that go along with it. This article will teach you the basics of how to be an excellent restaurant cleaner.

Cleanliness and good food are the top priorities of people who dine-in restaurants. Cleanliness in restaurants can be gauged on how well the restaurant owners kept their kitchen. How clean is their toilet? How presentable their cutleries and linens are? These are all in addition to the food that you order from them. Clean Group has been known to provide commercial cleaning for restaurants, pubs, patisseries, and food stalls across Sydney.

Importance of Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness. A good cook is a clean cook. Those are the things that a good restaurant owner knows by heart. They are equally, if not more important than ever today in a restaurant kitchen. The cleanliness in your kitchen says a lot about the success of your restaurant.

Clients hire Clean Group to come out and consult with them in their restaurants. Most of the restaurant cleaners think that their kitchen and the restaurant are clean enough, but it is not. That is why it is best to hire a professional restaurant cleaner to save you the time and effort in cleaning the whole space.

Save yourself from cross-contamination

Restaurants need to be clean and sanitized each time for the simple reason that they serve food. We eat that food that they serve, which will make us susceptible to whatever it is that they have to offer. Restaurant owners need to be cautious with contaminants that can make get easily transferred to the food and then to the customers.

You need to comply with health inspections.

We all know that health inspectors do rounds in the kitchen of every establishment to make sure that all restaurants are compliant. Health inspectors will usually look at some indicators that will point to hazardous bacterial growth that can be present in each of the working stations of your restaurants. Save your business the heartache by hiring a professional restaurant cleaner.

Attract more customers and spread the news about your restaurant through good reviews and word of mouth.

This is very basic. If your restaurant is clean and you serve good food, you are increasing the number of your potential customers just by being consistent with these two essential things.

Good work habits from employees.

If you provide a good, clean, and sanitized workspace for your employees, they will learn to love the things that they are doing, and you will not observe complacency from them. They will always perform at their best keeping in mind that they need to follow a specific protocol that denotes cleanliness and sanitation to protect your business’s reputation too.

What Are The Things That You Should Consider Before Hiring A Professional Restaurant Cleaner?

Cost of hiring a professional office cleaners Sydney. Check your books first and see if your establishment can afford to pay for the service. This is not cheap, but you can always customize the services depending on your needs. When finding out how much this service cost, restaurant cleaners consider the location of the business, the size of the restaurant, the number of cleaners needed, and the cleaning scope that you require.

Must-Haves for Clean and Sanitized Kitchen

Cleanliness and Sanitation

A clean kitchen is free of visible debris. A clean kitchen is free of 99.9% of bacteria. They are two completely different things you can have when you hire Clean Group – Restaurant Cleaner Sydney. General Cleanliness involves answering the question like are things organized? Are they in the right place? Are they clean? Are they labeled properly?

Proper Food Storage

Meat should always be at the bottom of the fridge and the vegetable at the top. This will prevent the juices of the meat from dripping to the vegetables.

Time and Temperature

Professional restaurant cleaning companies know that time and temperature differ from one state to the other. Clean Group knows about the Temperature Danger Zone. This is the key indicator as far as bacterial growth is concerned.

Sanitation Buckets

These are the clean red buckets with clean sanitizer. This is the replacement of commercial bleach in a restaurant set up. This is the sanitizer that a cook or a chef used to wipe knives, chopping boards, and countertops. This is safe for food.

What Areas in Your Restaurant That Needs Cleaning

As mentioned, you can customize the areas on which you want to restaurant cleaning companies need to focus on. Most of the areas that professional deal with are as follows:

  • Lobby
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Behind the Bar
  • Office
  • Break room

Sample Checklists for Common Areas In Restaurant Cleaning Sydney


  • Collecting trash from bins
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Refilling toilet consumables like toilet paper, hand towel, and hand soap
  • Deep cleaning of toilets, sinks, and counters

Dining and Waiting Area

  • Sanitize tabletops
  • Dust corners, hard surfaces, and light fixtures
  • Wash down walls
  • Window Cleaning
  • Dust chairs and booths
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors

Kitchen Area

  • Degrease exhaust hoods and fans
  • Deep cleaning of equipment including stoves, broiler, fryers, and ovens
  • Collecting of trash
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming of floors
  • Wipe and sanitize all countertops of work stations

It is always best to hire a restaurant cleaning company that has all the necessary certifications and insurances. You can quickly request a copy of their certificate of coverage to make sure that you are hiring the right restaurant cleaner.

Types of Restaurant Cleaning Services Provided by Clean Group in Sydney

Cleanliness and sanitation play an essential role in the food industry. You cannot be too careful in choosing the right cleaning provider for your business because this also, can make or break your business — Clean Group partners with you every step of the way. We think ahead of every possible solution your business may need. We aim to make every restaurant spotlessly clean, putting safety and health as our priority.

Clean Group is an expert. All Clean Group professionals are 100% trained and equipped with the knowledge to carry on the job with optimal care. Our restaurant cleaners are thought and guided by a certified trainer on how to clean the kitchen and dining area. Clean Group only uses food-grade cleaning chemicals to make sure that we will not harm the food quality being delivered by the restaurant.

Clean Group disinfects and deodorizes. We only use top of the line cleaning chemicals that are safe and eco-friendly. This chemical has the composition to eliminate 99.9% harbouring germs and bacteria on any surface.

Clean Group makes immaculate toilets. Restaurant owners can rest assured that toilets are attended to wall-to-wall and roof-to-floor. We know and identify spots where bacteria are highly likely to linger and breed.

Clean Group fights cross-contamination. Clean Group understands the underlying concern about cross-contamination and how important it is to fight this. We implemented a simple colour-coding scheme for all the wiping cloths, mops, and mop buckets. This ensures that each cleaning materials will only be used in their assigned area and not elsewhere.

Clean Group takes pride and guarantee our work. Cleaning Supervisors are asked to do routine inspections every eight weeks to ensure that all restaurants are in line with the standard that we had devised. Restaurant cleaners are given feedback on what they did best and which area do they need to improve on.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist by Professional Restaurant Cleaners

With so many things that you need to consider and remember in cleaning a restaurant, it is wise to follow a standard checklist that will guide you along the way. Clean Group had devised this sheet to help our restaurant cleaners on their daily tasks. This sheet had also ensured the businesses that we service to pass the regular health inspection that is being done regularly.


Daily Routine

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors
  • Wiping down of walls where there are visible splashes
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of rubbish bins
  • Regular spot cleaning of range, fryer, flattop, and griddle.
  • Regular collection of rubbish bins
  • Disinfecting prep area workstations
  • Replenish soap dispensers and paper hand towels
  • Regular cleaning of beverage dispenser heads
  • Cleans and disinfects sink
  • Spot cleaning of storage areas

Weekly Routine

  • Charge the floor drain with water
  • Cleaning of walls, doors, and racks
  • Deep cleaning of storage area
  • Deep cleaning of the sink area

Monthly Routine

  • Replace pest traps
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the freezer
  • Washing of vent hoods
  • Removal of grease build-up
  • Emptying of grease traps
  • Cleaning of refrigerator coils to remove dust

Dining Area

Daily Routine

  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of floors
  • Collecting trash and recyclables
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • Wiping down of all the counters
  • Spot cleaning of all condiment shakers
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of interior and exterior of trash bins

Weekly Routine

  • Disinfecting of door handles and light switches
  • External washing of glasses and windows and doors
  • Wiping down of light fixtures, frames, and wall decorations

Monthly Routine

  • Deep cleaning of walls
  • High dusting of ceilings and fans
  • Washing of walls

This sheet had guided us, and it helps us to stay organized. We all know that proper food preparation will give us excellent health. Staying within this cleaning sheet will help you achieve that goal.

5 Procedures and Tools to Ensure a Safe and Clean Resturant

Synthetic Broom – sweep everything from fine particles to large debris. Sweep in one direction in overlapping strokes toward a designated area. Use your synthetic Broom to clean the debris into your lobby dustpan and empty it into the trash bin.

Wave Brake Mop Bucket – the right mop bucket makes all the difference when cleaning the restaurant floors. The dual-chamber wave brake mop bucket keeps your clean water and dirty water separate. Dirt does not end up back to the floor, producing cleaner, less slippery floors.

The wave brake also has moulded in baffles that reduce splashing and spilling, keeping liquids off the floor and reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Hi-Low Deck Scrub Brush – designed to scrub stuck-on dirt, debris, and grease from three angles. Apply the approved cleaning solution to the floor and let dwell according to the product use instructions. Agitate floor with Hi-Low Dech Scrub Brush to remove soils. It works of flat and rough surfaces, under counters, around equipment, and along baseboards.

Floor Squeegee – helps get excess water and grease off of the floor and into your floor drain, improving floor safety. After agitating the floor with Hi-Low Deck Scrub Brush, use your floor squeegee to push excess water, grease, and debris into the floor drain.

Mop – keeps your floor cleaner by removing stuck-on dirt, debris, and grease that can make the floors slick and dirty, increasing the risks of slips and falls. Dip your mophead into your approved floor cleaning solution and wring out the excess.

Use a figure 8 motion to mop the floor in small sections. Flip the mop halfway through, then wring out into dirty water insert to remove grease and soiled solution. Repeat these steps until the floors are clean.

Hiring a restaurant cleaner can provide a significant improvement to the facade of your business. Also, it will give relief to you and your staff knowing that they do not have to stay back and clean after their long day at work. If you like what you read in this article, please feel free to like and share this.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask us a question to keep the conversation going. Drop us a message on the box provided below, and we are more than happy to brainstorm with you and help you improve how you do your business.

Bank Cleaning – Read Before Hiring A Office Cleaning Company in Sydney

In this article, A “Sydney bank cleaning company” Clean Group Sydney will share with you how it was able to close a bank bid successfully. Clean Group Sydney effectively incorporated eco-friendly cleaning to banks all across the greater Sydney area.

Due to security concerns, banks follow strict parameters when choosing bank cleaning services.

A lot of commercial cleaners aim to close a bid for major banks in the area.

Lucrative profits potentially await the chosen cleaning company. How will you venture with commercial banks and financial institutions?

Unique Concerns in Bank Cleaning

Modern banking is getting more competitive, and it now goes beyond financial services. Your most trusted bank and financial institutions have to be in mint condition from the airconditioning to the bank cleaning solutions.

Everything has to be perfect to build the credibility that you need to be trusted. Let us help you with being in top business form by sharing our trade secrets.

We cannot deny the fact that when we think of bank cleaning requirements, we automatically assume that it is similar or close to office cleaning. Let us not be tricked with this kind of belief. Bank has its unique requirements which make them hire a professional bank cleaning company.

Floor Cleaning – as many of us in the cleaning industry knows, the floor condition speaks about the overall cleanliness of a business. For banks where people are always coming and going, floors are more stress in this business set up. Marks and dirt are the usual culprits.

People’s reaction – when there are a lot of people coming and going, your business is also susceptible to comments. Psychology had tested and proven that most people only comment about the bad things that they observed. Bad comments go a long way, and people will generally remember that. In able for you to maintain your bank’s reputation, you should trust bank cleaning services like Clean Group Sydney.

Different Floor Materials – for interior and aesthetic purposes, banks generally use different floor materials in one space. The bank cleaning provider needs to have in-depth knowledge about the floor care intended for each element.

Common Requirements for Bank Cleaning

  • Floor Care
  • Disposal of trash
  • High-dusting
  • Furniture dusting
  • Toilet cleaning
  • ATM cleaning
  • Keeping cleanliness within a 25-meter foot perimeter of the bank.

How is Clean Group the best fit for your bank cleaning requirements?

  • Clean Group Sydney has specialized in extensive range cleaning options. Our bank cleaners are all trained and knowledgeable about how the business works and what is required from them. They had in-depth training, and they are confident with how they carry themselves onsite.
  • Clean Group Sydney only uses top of the line cleaning materials and chemicals. This will ensure that your floor will endure all kinds of foot traffic that are thrown at it.
  • Clean Group Sydney invests in unique cleaning standard programs to gauge the performance of the bank cleaners assigned to your premises. We make sure that all our cleaners deliver exceptional work.
  • Clean Group Sydney bank cleaners report to their respective cleaning supervisors when they reach and leave the sites. You can easily spot our cleaners because they always come to work in uniforms and with proper identification. Following unique security measures and procedures required by the banks are easy for us because we are great with what we do.

Must-Have Qualities in Bank Cleaning Services

Servicing a bank or a financial institution is one of the most sensitive tasks a cleaning company can have. A lot of safekeeping is placed in your hands and will eventually become your cleaner’s responsibility. Trust will come into play and security will hold the number one spot in the list of your priorities.

Potential customers need to see that your cleaning company is someone that they cannot rely on cleaning but someone who can be trusted with all the secured information and properties that are available inside the bank.

Security is our priority – we cannot stress more on how sensitive it is in working for a bank. Any cleaning who chose to venture with banks needs to have secure cleaning standard procedures and protocols.

Insurances and bonds should always be in place. These securities will make the bank trusts your business more.

Clean Group Sydney bank cleaners always report to their workplaces in proper uniform and identifications.

Clean Group Sydney bank cleaner are confident in communicating with bank security staff
Clean Group Sydney had devised a cleaning pattern and steps that incorporate effective cleaning and safeguard.

Clean Group Sydney is also big with security. We make sure that all our staff are equipped with proper knowledge and they understood the importance of adhering to security protocols. They respect the sensitivity that is involved in bank cleaning.

Familiarity with Banking Technologies being used inside the bank.
There are a lot of touchpoints inside a bank. We all know that touchpoints are susceptible to germs and bacteria. Clean Group Sydney understands that these machines and technologies have special needs and handling when it comes to cleaning.

We follow the standard procedure on how to effectively disinfects, ATM’s, touchpad for a PIN, computer, phones, security systems, and other technologies being used inside a bank.

Clean Group Sydney assures the highest cleaning standard
Banks hire professional bank cleaning companies because they cannot handle the cleaning on their own. A bank needs to maintain a particular reputation to be trusted by consumers. Their status can also be judged by how effective the cleaning is being done.

We ensure that all areas that are exposed to the customers are dealt with more rigorous cleaning. We use state of the art equipment and cleaning chemicals that will surely make your cleaning desire a possibility.

Clean Group Sydney will make your bank shine.
In addition to item number 3, you can rest assured that Clean Group Sydney does not need reminders on how we will do our job. We are 100% confident that we know what we are doing and we can make your bank as immaculate as possible.

Clean Group Sydney understands how it is essential for you to business to be trusted. We make sure that common areas, offices, and toilets are kept fresh for your consumers.

The Ultimate Bank Cleaning Checklist

The first impression lasts. This saying is always true regardless of what cleaning industry you choose to venture in. It is crucial to create a welcoming atmosphere of security.

When a customer walks in your bank, there should be pride in your eyes when it is apparent that they appreciate how your institution look and feel. You know that you had employed a bank cleaner who works tirelessly to have this result. If you are looking to hire a cleaner in Sydney, please check the detailed list that is available below:

A checklist is designed to achieve a certain cleaning standard that a cleaning company aims for. Successful cleaning is a fruit of systematic, step-by-step procedure on how the bank cleaners get to do all the tasks that are assigned to them on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually. This list of tasks will ensure that everything is covered and nothing was missed out.

Daily Routines

These are the things that the bank cleaners do regularly. These are the basic cleaning methods that are needed to maintain the acceptable appearance of a bank. These frequently involve vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning with microfibres.

Always check the bathroom for cleanliness. Refill soap and other toiletries like toilet paper and hand towel. When cleaning the toilet, always pay attention to the bowl, sink, and counter during and after working hours.

Cleaner’s Cupboard or Storage Area
This area is the primary responsibility of the bank cleaner. As a cleaner, you need to make sure that all supplies and cleaning materials are placed into each proper place. You are also responsible for storing cleaning chemicals following safety and health hazards.

Doors and other entryways
Clean Group Sydney makes doors spotless and free from fingermarks. Sanitized door handles as frequent as possible. Always check if floor mats are being appropriately laid to avoid tipping and slipping hazards.

Load the dirty dishes and utensils in the dishwasher immediately after use. The cleaner must keep an eye for flies that may be hovering to trash cans with food debris on it. It is better if the cleaner can keep the food debris away. Sanitize the counter as often as possible.

Offices and Waiting Area
Always check the condition of cushions. Look for possible wear and tear. It is an excellent practice to flip back cushions when possible. Wipe and clean all furniture used in the waiting area and offices.

Weekly Routines

These are the tasks that you will not be able to perform with employees and customers being around. Clean Group Sydney suggests that you do these during the weekend so that you are free in accessing and moving around the place.

Do a deep clean and scrub the hard to reach areas in the bathroom and under sinks. Check and report if plumbing issues are observed. Polish all chromes on the counter.

Cleaner’s Cupboard or Storage Area
Bank cleaners are asked to do a weekly inventory of supplies and cleaning materials that they need every week. In this way, they can replenish and restock as needed. This will also ensure that the operation during the working days will not be disrupted because of these things lacking.

Doors and other entryways
Vacuum the accumulated dust on both corners of floors and ceilings. Flip the floormats to see if there are signs of wear and tear.

It is best to have the fridge to be cleaned inside-out. The cleaner is advised to wipe the kitchen cupboard’s interior too. When cleaning the refrigerator, bank cleaners can check the expiration date on food labels and discard it as needed. Signs of insects and rodents should be reported immediately.

Offices and Waiting Area
Dry vacuum upholstery and cushion. Brush window drapes to get rid of cobwebs. Dust window blinds. Wipe both sides of wooden doors.

Teller Stations
We all know that money has a lot of germs on it. Make sure to sanitize the teller’s counter. Bank cleaners are also tasked to inspect the counter for scratches and imperfections. Check if the signages are in the right angles.

Monthly Routine

Monthly cleaning tasks are being performed to ensure overall safety and a healthy work environment. This may include testing of smoke detectors and security system. Air vent cleaning is also part of this Group.

Flush a bucket of water to the water drain. This process will ensure that bad odours will be flushed away. This also ensures that all drains are working and free from clogs. It is advised to check and inspect for mildew behind the toilet, under the sink, and inside of the cabinets.

Cleaner’s Cupboard or Storage Room
Empty the shelves from top to bottom, wipe the shelves to get rid of dust, and reorganize.

Doors and Entryways
Pressure wash walkways, steps, and landings. Check if all the doors and locks are working. Inspect wear and tear on signages.

Deep clean all the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and refrigerators. Check all power cords of appliances for possible wear and tear.

Offices and Waiting Area
High dust all fixtures and fans. Polish all wooden surface. Cleaners can also perform floor stripping and carpet steam cleaning.

Teller Stations
Empty shelves, dust, and reorganize. Straighten out filing cabinet’s contents, filing cabinets, and storage areas.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services for Banks and Financial Institutions

As a bank, Clean Group Sydney understands your need to project a crisp image of competence. We will be there for you to make you stand out and capture that perfect first impression. Clean Group has been in business for more than 20 years, and we are known for commercial cleaning throughout Sydney.

We employ nothing but the best cleaners in town. We provide unparalleled training and equipped our commercial cleaners with comprehensive knowledge about our business.

Do you want a bank cleaner that will work with you towards your success?

You may put a big check on each line if your answer is yes!

  • Insured and bonded
  • Performs comprehensive background checks to all employees
  • Pressure-washing of walkways and parking lot cleaning
  • Steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery
  • Strip and seal of hardwood floorings
  • Floorcare for other flooring materials apart from carpet, vinyl, and hardwood
  • Internal and external fridge and microwave cleaning
  • Toilet deep cleaning
  • Toilet consumables supply like hand soap, toilet paper, and hand towel.
  • ATM cleaning
  • High dusting of ceiling and signages
  • Internal and external window and glass cleaning

Clean Group Sydney is your one-stop solution to all your bank cleaning needs. Apart from the routine cleaning, we also do specialized cleanings that were listed above.

We are deep with our commitment that we do not cut corners when cleaning. Clean Group Sydney maintains a 24/7 customer relation support that you can communicate with should you encounter emergencies, or you want to be heard.

This whole article says that the Clean Group Sydney is not just your ordinary commercial cleaner.

The fact that banks had hired us means that we are credible enough to accept small and big jobs. If you find this article comprehensive and would wish to add more tips and feedback on how you effectively manage your bank cleaning business, please feel free to drop a line below.

Tips To Keep Your Office Clean During the Holidays in Australia

In this post, I am going to show you the tips to keep your office clean during the holidays. Holidays and observances in Australia in 2020 and 3 easy steps to find a good office cleaner in Australia. Now it’s time to show you the same.

Holidays and Observances in Australia in 2020

Everyone is excited and festive. The holiday season is just around the corner. People are getting time off, and some fewer people stay in the office.

As we are almost near the end of 2019. We can thank this year for all the good and bad things that it brings. It is also time for us to move on and welcome another fresh start for 2020.

Here are the public holidays and observances in New South Wales:

2020 Public Holidays in Australia

Date Day Holidays
1 Jan Wed New Year’s Day
27 Jan Mon Australia Day Holiday
10 Apr Fri Good Friday
11 Apr Sat The day following Good Friday
12 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
13 Apr Mon Easter Monday
25 Apr Sat Anzac Day
8 Jun Mon Queen’s Birthday
5 Oct Mon Labour Day
25 Dec Fri Christmas Day
26 Dec Sat Boxing Day
28 Dec Mon Boxing Day Holiday

Tips to Keep Your Office Clean During the Holidays in Australia

Many businesses take advantage of this moment to have a deep cleaning in their workspaces. Go with me as I write some tips that will help you understand what are the critical things that you need to accomplish during this holiday season to make your office cleaning bearable and manageable.

We have been talking so much about finding balance lately. That could be truer when you are finding your time out for the holiday season.

I am so excited about the holidays because I can get to do fun things while working. You need to identify your wants and needs when you are putting your to-do-list together. List all the things that you need to do first.

Start with your desk, declutter, and organize your office. Get rid of the notes that are no longer important. File all those loose paper works to their appropriate binders. Encourage your staff to clean their workspaces before they go on time off. A small wiping will make a difference to the overall facade of the office.

It is time for you to hire a professional office cleaner to do a deep clean. You can call office cleaning Sydney and book for a schedule. This is a perfect time for your office to freshen up. The cleaning will not be disruptive because there are no employees around. Do not forget this to be part of your list before you go on break.

Otherwise, your office will feel stale, and there will be a thick pile of dust all over the place if you leave the office for a longer time.

The next thing for you to do is call office cleaning providers and get a quote on how much will it be for a complete fridge clean-out. Sometimes the fridge gets neglected. A lot of employees put their food and drinks in it and forget about it.

Give your fridge a break by calling a professional cleaner who will clean it inside out and will throw all those soiled food and drinks that may be kept inside it. This forgotten food and beverages inside the fridge make it smell.

The moist inside the refrigerator and the food bacteria makes it a perfect breeding ground for germs and molds. Remind your office cleaning provider to use a mild disinfectant when they are done cleaning the fridge.

Tell your office cleaning provider if you are having a Christmas party or a year-end party in your office ahead of schedule.

After party cleaning is a handful, and they have to prepare for it ahead of time. In most cases, Office Cleaning Sydney will need to submit a different quote for this as some of the cleaning requirements are not part of the routine cleaning.

After party cleaning may include steam carpet cleaning to get rid of the spills and dirt from the carpet. It is also suggested that you have your couches and office partition steamed clean too. Steam cleaning is best done during this period because it will give the carpet and the furniture enough time to dry.

Turn off the power for rooms and equipment that will not be used during this season. This will help your company save too. Switch off monitor screens that are not being used. Unplug power cords that are not needed during this holiday break.

Just leave the main power on in case a few employees decide to come in during this season.

Most of the businesses also hire Office Cleaning Sydney for specialty cleaning requirements. This is the perfect time for you to have internal and external window cleaning, floor pressure washing, floor restoration jobs, and a whole lot more. These are crucial periodic cleaning that is perfect during this season.

Pest control is also something important that you may want to consider being done during this season. Since there are lesser to no people coming in, it reduces the risk of people getting exposed to insecticides. This is the best way for you to get rid of carpet mites, cockroaches, and ants.

Before your party, your way out, advise your security company who are the authorized people to access your premises during this season. Your security should be your number one priority.

If you are hiring office cleaning providers during this season, make sure that their access is activated before you go on vacation so that the cleaning that you anticipate will happen during your off.

3 Easy Steps to Find a Good Cleaner in Australia

Good cleaners are indeed challenging to find. There’s a lot of commercial cleaning companies out there, but only a handful deliver an excellent quality service. The big question is, what are the indicators that you had found your perfect match for the quality cleaning that you have been looking for.

Here are the traits that are evident to good cleaners:

  • Dependable – no matter what circumstance there is, they will be there for you. There will never be a missed schedule. They always show up when they are expected. All chores listed in their cleaning sheet are met and done satisfactorily
  • Trustworthy – let us all admit it. Our office house numbers of expensive equipment, tools, and gadgets that can be tempting to some. We must employ the right people who will be around these items. We do not want missing items here and there.
  • Quality Service – let us all admit it, we want value for the price we are paying. We are paying for the service because we want to experience a superb, excellent cleaning. A good cleaning company will know what this means.

Clean Group has these traits and other useful traits that are expected for perfect commercial cleaners. Why settle for a company that cannot give you all these? Think about it! You do not have to stress yourself for finding one good company when you knew all along that Clean Group has it all for you.

On A Final Note

So you see, the holiday season should be stress-free. You can trust and depend on your friendly commercial cleaners to do the job for you while you are away on a holiday.

For a worry-free yuletide season, please feel free to share this article and leave comments for additional tips on how you can keep your office clean and serene during this festive season.

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