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How To Keep A Customer Satisfied in Commercial Cleaning Industries

Keeping a good number of customers and ensuring their satisfaction and happiness is the goal of every business. We already know that cleaning is essential to many companies. Large and small scale businesses such as schools, gyms childcare centres etc choose to hire outsourced cleaning companies like Childcare Cleaners Sydney and Gym Cleaners Sydney to make sure that their workplace is clean and safe for their customers and employees.

This article will share with you ideas and tips on how can you make your customers happy and satisfied with the service that you cater to them.

Customer Satisfaction and Why Is It Important in Sydney?

Let us first analyze why customer satisfaction plays a critical role in the field of the cleaning industry. If you do not care about what will your customers say about you, then you should not have started a business in the first place. Let us all remember why you created your business. You come up with a business because you wanted to earn. You will not expect a customer to care about you if you do not care about them.

High-standard customer’s satisfaction will take your business to places, and it is an excellent marketing tool. It can win the client’s heart very quickly, and they will have no other choice than to hire you. Potential customers will easily recognize you if your business already earned this reputation.

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should invest in securing your customer’s satisfaction:


Customer satisfaction yields high income, and we do not need experts to study this. It is evident that customers will always go to a cleaning service provider that serves them well. Satisfied customers are loyal and highly likely to hire you every time their cleaning needs arise.

Apart from this, happy customers recommend you to their business partners, friends, and family members. They will not even look at your competitors. A lot of people will become familiar with your brand, and they will hire you in the future.

Keeping Loyal Customers Is Less Expensive Than Spending So Much on Marketing to Gain New Clients.

We all understand that customers in the cleaning business already invested their trust in their chosen cleaning partner. If your customers trust you and your brand, they will stay with you regardless if there are price increases along the way. Since you have dealt with your loyal customers for a good number of years, you already know how to deal with them, and you can use that to your advantage.

You Can Lose Customers Anytime.

Customers will come and go. They will leave you the moment they feel that your service is no longer needed or essential for them to run their business. This is where communication plays an important part. Always talk to your clients and ask for feedback and comments about the cleaning that was recently done. Value your customer’s input and use that to level up your cleaning performance. Make them feel that they are essential, and your business will not survive without them.

Win Over the Competition.

If you had aced all the basics and had given your customers more than what they expect, they will never think to hire somebody else. You had already built, and the impression that you are the best cleaning provider and they will surely not let you go.

Free Marketing

As mentioned earlier, an excellent customer service experience will take you places. Word of mouth and recommendations will surely bring you, new customers. Now that social media is everywhere; your satisfied customers will surely share your page or even subscribe and follow you. They will easily participate in surveys that will rack up your standing on social media platforms.

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Customers Satisfied in Sydney


You need to show your customers that you are reliable. Display consistency in terms of the quality of your cleaning performance. You should not slack off if you do not hear anything from your customers. Silence is as dangerous as complaints. Check with your customers from time to time if you are still meeting their expectations. Ask if there is something more you can do to improve your relationship with them.


Always show that you value your customer’s opinions and that you believe in whatever they are saying. This applies to your employees that handle complaints. People in the customer service department needs to show that they respect the customer regardless of how bad the situation is. Maintaining a neutral level of respect and patience is the key.


Professional cleaners are expected to have interacted with their customers. They are expected not to be casual and at the same time, not to be so uptight. Genuine personality can help build relationships with customers. You need to gain customer’s trust for them to be more comfortable in dealing with you. Later on, you will surely enjoy the benefit of this because your customers find it easy to talk to you. They can say that they are not satisfied with a job and you can take action right away.


Do not oversell your cleaning company by saying that you can do a lot of things and it turns out that you cannot uphold with whatever it is that you say. Be transparent with your customers and tell them what you can and cannot do. Let them know if there are changes in your business, especially if it has something to do with pricing or cleaning procedures. Customers will not like it, but they will be grateful that you took the effort of notifying them and that you are truthful.

Be Innovative

It is wise to know who is your competition. By doing so, you can quickly think out of the box and do more than what they can do. Select an area of expertise where you will build your brand on. Most of the Sydney commercial cleaning companies that I know are knowledgeable and they are prepared to do the work with promptness and highest quality.

Helpful Tips in Securing Customer Satisfaction in the Cleaning Industry in Sydney

There are plenty of ways and methods to use in securing customer satisfaction in the cleaning industry. If you get to know your customers more, you will find it easier to deal with them.

Communicate effectively – most of the cleaning companies still use the traditional way of communicating. These companies are accustomed to using the telephone as the primary avenue for communication. In this modern age, we can communicate via social media. We can send text messages and emails.

These new avenues will speed up the process of communication. It also your foremost responsibility to make yourself available at any time. Your customers should know where and how to get in touch with you should issues arise.

Be kind and respectful – as the old saying goes, respect begets respect. Be kind and courteous to everyone and not just to your customers. Be kind to your competition, colleagues, and employees. If you maintain a harmonious relationship in your company, this aura will surely radiate with every cleaner you deploy to all of your customers.

Be the face of your brand – wherever and whenever you are, always bear in mind that you carry the name of your company. Your actions speak for your company. Be mindful of your reputation as this will determine the future of your business.

Beating the Competition From Other Cleaning Companies in Sydney

It is normal to have competition in every business. Your cleaning company needs to strategies on how will you set your company apart from the many competitions which offer the same services in your area. Your revenue depends on the number of your existing customers and your potential clients. Apart from customer satisfaction, many factors will determine your brand in the cleaning business.

Customer Service

Ensuring strong customer support is a sure way of keeping customers. Now and then, complaints and dissatisfaction may happen, and your team has to be ready for it. The complaints need to be dealt with promptly.

The customer’s expectation has to be set correctly when you face a misunderstanding. Sometimes, customers will also require you to do some out of the blue jobs due to emergencies and other reasons. Make them feel special by accommodating these requests, and they will give their loyalty to you.


Have a reasonable price. Do not undersell the service that you provide just to attract more customers. If you continue to do this practice, you will find yourself at odds when it’s time to pay your employees. Highlight the value of your services whenever you present a quotation to the customers.

Find Your Specialty.

The cleaning business involves a wide array of cleaning specialties. Finding your niche will give you an advantage over your competition. Be an expert in your chosen niche. Selecting your niche is a sure way of paving a solid foundation for your business.


Your employees are the face of your business. A responsible commercial cleaning company will invest in its cleaners. Extensive training and knowledge will surely equip your cleaner to do an excellent job. Your cleaner will take pride in the results of their work, and this will then boost their morale. When they are happy, they have all the reasons to come to work.

Listen to Feedback

Customer satisfaction can be determined in many ways. Honest feedback from your loyal customers will help you improve your business. You can send a survey and gauge how your cleaners are faring and how likely it is that your customers will recommend you. Review all the suggestions and comments that your customers give. Let them know that you value their feedback and will continually work on the betterment of your cleaning company.

Measuring your customer’s satisfaction should become your priority. The success of your commercial cleaning business highly depends on customer’s satisfaction. Satisfied customers and patrons will continue to hire you.

This means that your business will have steady earnings and profits. It is wise for a cleaning company to invest in customer service campaigns and programs that will meet your desired goals.

Please feel free to drop a comment below on how do you think a cleaning company should handle customer satisfaction and beliefs. Do you agree with this article? Let us start a valuable conversation that will help other companies strategies a good customer-centric program.

How To Choose A Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company Who Has Worked With Thousands of Businesses

Your success in business depends on how you will present your office. The cleanliness and the overall appearance of your business dictate how well are you doing in your chosen field. Customers based their impressions based on what they see.

Apart from your customers and potential clients, it is also crucial that you keep your business as clean as possible for your employees. A lot of different studies have proven that a clean and safe working environment has a positive result in your employee’s productivity.

The biggest question is, how to choose a trusted commercial cleaning company? True enough, there are a lot of cleaning companies that offer almost the same services at the same price range.

How will you make sure that you are employing the best cleaning company that will meet all of your expectations? This article will give you a rundown on how will you determine that a cleaning company is the best fit for you. When you are considering hiring a cleaner, bear the following questions in mind:

  • Is the company established and trustworthy?
  • How do they select and hire their cleaners?
  • What are the cleaning services they provide?
  • Are their cleaning practices documented?

Two Ways For Hiring A Professional Commercial Cleaners

In-house Cleaner – You may hire your cleaner just as you would with a regular employee. Your Human Resource Team can put up a post for the position and they can do the screening and hiring process.

The in-house cleaner will do the routine cleaning for you but most of the time, the in-house cleaner will not be able to cover some requirements that an outsource cleaning company does.

Outsource – Getting an outsourced cleaning company is the best way to do it. In doing so, you are sure that you are employing professionals and trained commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaning companies have pools of certified cleaners that understand your needs and are trained to do the job.

These cleaners are familiar with different cleaning approaches that will get the job done more efficiently.

What To Look For in Hiring a Professional Cleaner

Stature and Experience

It is very important that you will hire someone you can trust. Nowadays, it is very easy for you to conduct your own research to learn about a company’s reputation. You can always go online and take a look at their website. You can browse through the comments section and learn what kind of company they are.

Trust plays an important role because you are letting someone in your office who will have access to files and expensive items. You need to make sure that this person is trustworthy enough to not steal nor read anything that they can find inside your office.

Trustworthiness Can Be Measured By:

  • Asking for references – if you have nothing to hide, you can always give away references to where your potential clients can ask how your company does business.
  • A number of existing customers – a reputable company will have a good number of loyal and happy customers.
  • Year in service – ask the cleaning company how long they have been in business. There is a good reason why are they around for so long. These cleaning companies have been doing good all along and work their way up to gain such a reputation.

Screening and Training Program for Professional Cleaners

Commercial cleaning companies who want to excel in this field do their hiring process very seriously. They have an eye for trustworthy and hardworking candidates. Once the hiring process is completed, this cleaner will undergo training that will secure the quality and satisfaction of their customers.

You can always ask your candidate how they choose their employees during the hiring process.

  • Training – an excellent company provides training that will equip their cleaners to do an excellent job. These cleaners have a deep understanding of safety and professionalism.
  • Screening – to protect a potential client, a responsible cleaning company conducts background checks of each employee. This action provides additional trustworthiness for the customers.
  • Consistency – it is good to have the same cleaner every time. Having the same person to attend the cleaning of your office creates familiarity. From familiarity, trust resonates.

Know the Different Types of Services That They Cater

Before concluding to hire a commercial cleaner, find out first if they offer all of the services that your office requires. Most of the cleaning service providers do routine cleaning but you can also find cleaning services in your area that can offer both the routine cleaning and special cleaning that you may need in the future.

Regular cleaning includes:

  • Dusting
  • Collection of trash
  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen and breakroom cleaning
  • Restocking of consumables like toilet paper, hand towels, and hand soap.

Extra cleaning covers:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Strip and Sealing of floors
  • Steam Cleaning for Office Chairs
  • Pest Control
  • After Construction Cleaning
  • High Ceiling Cleaning
  • Internal and External glass and window cleaning

What Types of Businesses Do They Serve?

When you look at the cleaning company’s profile, you will understand that they had specialized in office cleaning when you look at their portfolio. You will also know if they are experienced in cleaning a certain type of business like school, hospitals, or retail stores.

Here are a few businesses who have a high demand for commercial cleaners:

  • Medical and Health facilities
  • Schools, Daycare Centres, and Universities
  • Office
  • Factory
  • Restaurant

You also need to figure out if you will need the cleaning services frequently or do you just need this to be done once.

Insurance and Bonds

A good way to tell if your trusted commercial cleaning company is reputable is by asking them to provide their certificate of bonds and insurances. You may also ask the commercial cleaning companies about their credentials and business licenses.

Insurance and bonds will protect your company in case the cleaner got injured or something went missing or damaged inside your premises. These documents will give you tremendous peace of mind.

Practices Green Cleaning

Most of the cleaning companies that offer commercial cleaning practice green cleaning. Green cleaning involves safe waste disposal, the use of low-energy equipment, the use of microfiber wipes, and the use of green cleaning products.

Other Important Factors That You Need To Consider in Hiring A Trusted Commercial Cleaner


Read through their Maintenance Agreement and negotiate if some of the terms will not work for you. You may also look for trusted commercial cleaning companies that are willing to be on a trial period before signing anything. Most of the cleaning company will provide a maintenance agreement that will lock you in for a period of time. Review what is on the contract and see if there are recourse that will protect you in case you are not satisfied with their services.


Gather at least three quotes to compare the prices. Sales Managers will normally require a visit to look at your office. He or she will see how big the office is and will determine the price based on the requirement you will need.

Cleaning Checklist

We all know that we cannot memorize an entire job. Ask if your candidate provides a cleaning checklist for their cleaners. The list will guide and remind the cleaner on what are the things that are needed to be done at a certain schedule.


Apart from the things that are stipulated in their Maintenance Agreement, will the trusted commercial cleaning provider offer flexibility in case you will need someone to be with you in cases of emergency and surprise visits from clients and potential customers? Ask them if they have set a certain procedure in case you will not need a cleaner to attend on a certain schedule.

Understands the Importance of Their Job

It is good to have someone who works with you to achieve a certain goal. A good cleaner understands the value and the importance of their job in keeping your workplace clean and healthy.

Benefits of Employing The Right Cleaning Company

  • Peace of mind knowing that your space is clean and healthy.
  • You are assured that you are getting the best price possible for the requirement that you need.
  • One-stop cleaning solution
  • You know that your cleaners are all professional and know what they are doing.

So before you hire anyone, make sure that they had answered all of your questions and you also consider all of the things that I talked about in this article. This article will definitely guide you to the right cleaner. Feel free to share your experience and journey in hiring the best cleaner down below and let us talk about it.

How To Hire Commercial Cleaners in Australia

Cleanliness will determine how you function as a business. It plays a vital role in building a reputation that you want your customer to remember. The first question is, how would you know if it is right for you to hire a professional commercial cleaner. Once you are ready to decide, how will you hire one? What venues do you have to check to make sure that you will land on a reputable, reliable cleaner in your area?

In this article, we will cover the dos and don’ts of hiring a commercial cleaner in Australia. What are the key indicators that you had found the right cleaning contractor, and what are the pitfalls that you need to avoid?

When searching for the right cleaning service, keep these essential things in mind.

A busy working environment can become disorganized and messy very quickly. Fortunately, the right cleaning service can help you keep your office space and working environment clean, sanitized, and professional looking.

The right cleaning service will also provide you with a cleaning frequency schedule that works best for you.

The following are three vital tips to help you find a cleaning service that is right for you.

  • Ask the cleaning service about the supplies that they are using. When chemicals are being used, they must be safe to all individual who accesses the premise.
  • Some areas may need frequent cleaning visits than others, such as bathrooms and eating areas. Be sure to discuss all the variables ahead of time.
  • Always ask if they have online testimonials or positive reviews they could direct you to. This way, you could choose the right cleaning service.

There are a couple of ways to hire a cleaning provider that will give you quality cleaning service. You can hire or employ your in-house cleaner, or you can outsource a commercial cleaning provider. Whichever way you choose, this will ensure that your office or company stays clean within your budget.

The first objective why a business or an office hire a professional to do the cleaning is to create a lasting positive impression. Cleaning is not just applicable to homes. Offices and commercial spaces also need focused maintenance. It is advisable to get professional help instead of relying on an in-house cleaner.

You may browse through the website for a trusted cleaning service provider in your area. The best cleaning service should use modern cleaning techniques and procedures that can make your office tidy and neat at all times.

One key factor is being customer-centric. A great cleaning provider understands that different commercial spaces can have different cleaning requirements. Some business owners underestimate the importance of a clean workspace. An excellent cleaning company knows that a clean area has a positive impact on the productivity of the employees.

It should be best for you to hire someone certified and have high-quality standards. Someone who uses safe products to ensure a squeaky clean surface.

Key Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Cleaning Provider

Experienced and knowledgeable cleaners

An excellent cleaning company has a systematic hiring process that creates an efficient cleaning team. All office cleaners should be trained in all cleaning processes. They should know to handle

Friendly customer support

Cleaners should be confident enough to start a conversation with the customers. We know that commercial spaces can have confidential documents which will be accessible to cleaners. The right cleaner should know how to respect this environment and not read or touch these documents, which may contain confidential information.

100% Satisfaction

A perfect cleaning partner knows how to ensure the satisfaction of every client. This should start by using high-quality cleaning agents and products to providing the actual cleaning services. All of these services should be certified according to the industry’s standard.

Customer-Centric cleaning services

All services of your chosen cleaning provider are designed to suit the unique needs of the customer. The complete set of the offered packages should be shown on their website.

Use of superb cleaning products and industry-grade cleaning equipment and tools.

Cleaning companies should use high-quality cleaning products which are safe and effective for the tasks at hand.

Services That Are Being Offered by Commercial Cleaners in Australia

Gym Cleaning

Cleaning a gym is time-consuming and tiring. Putting extra attention to your gym’s need is an essential part of keeping the gym clean and presentable to members.

A clean gym is a sure way to invite many patrons and new customers. The process of gym cleaning would be easy if you employed the right cleaning company that knows the proper technique and skills to properly clean the equipment or take care of the cleaning services.

Gym equipment has to be clean and sanitized. An unsanitized gym can be a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. The human traffic who use the gym for prolonged periods can cause the equipment to become the source of illnesses if these are not properly sanitized.

Also, bathrooms and locker rooms need to be attended to with utmost attention. The use of proper disinfectants should be observed to cease the spread of harmful germs and bacteria on the sinks, toilets, showers, floors, and other surfaces around the gym. Floor drains and showers should be looked into to make sure that there is no build-up.

Strata Cleaning

There are two considerations that you should look into when hiring a strata cleaner. The first one is the efficiency and the second one is the quality of their service. You need to be looking for a cleaning provider that can give you both.

In strata cleaning, a quality cleaning service is also time effective. You need to look for a commercial cleaner that can provide you with a sparkly clean building at the quickest time possible.

Every commercial cleaner should be specially trained for the cleaning job and will be able to handle all situations that may arise.

The cleaning process should be as stress-free as possible. Each of the cleaning staff should be reliable and friendly to ensure a smooth cleaning process from beginning to end.

Retail Store Cleaning

Shopping malls have high human traffic since they housed multiple businesses. Rubbish can pile up pretty quickly, and toilets can get messy before you know it.

It is imperative to maintain the sanitation and appearance of all the retail stores inside the shopping centre to keep the customers happy and safe. Your professional retail store cleaners should be behind your back in ensuring the best customer experience there is.

The appearance of the storefront has a significant impact on the shopper’s experience and can affect how much time and money are they willing to spend.

Since a high volume of traffic is expected, the spread of harmful bacteria is possible if the stores are not adequately attended to. Your chosen professional cleaner should know systematic, hygienic cleaning practices that will safeguard your customer’s satisfaction.

Office Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning is an excellent choice in keeping your employees healthy and happy. General cleaning and maintenance can be difficult and time-consuming. Unkempt offices can leave staff feeling discouraged and may also affect the flow of current and potential customers. An office cleaner should be responsible enough to keep your office in pristine condition.

A good office cleaner had gone through rigorous training and can meet every single requirement that you may have. They are also dedicated to providing a safe and hygienic environment for both your customers and your employees.

Many commercial cleaning services offer office cleaning all across Australia. You just have to carefully choose which among them can give you an exceptional cleaning service that will not cost you a fortune. These cleaners know how to use the most advanced techniques and equipment to keep your office space clean.

School and Child Care Cleaning

Experienced cleaners are certified to attend schools and have undergone thorough background checks. They use the most effective cleaning methods and modern tools and equipment. A clean school ensures a productive learning ground.

The teachers and instructors can focus more on teaching. Students, on the other hand, feel comfortable. Professionalism is maintained by thoroughly cleaning each classroom. This service is applicable for daycare centres, public and private schools, and after school care.

Professional school cleaning can ensure that germs, dust, and debris are out from any surface inside your school. Cleaners also use cleaning products and equipment that reduce the impact on the environment and not sacrificing the safety of each student. They can also provide the material safety data sheet of these chemicals upon request.

Students need a safe learning environment for them to be equipped in life. Please make sure that you only hire a highly trained professional that will carry out the cleaning for your entire school.

Example of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Office Cleaning Lists

This enumerates the tasks that are needed to keep an office clean and sanitary for an office. Daily cleaning usually covers common areas like toilets, receptions, and break rooms.

Daily Cleaning in Reception

  • Wipe down light switches, door handles, and baseboards
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Wipe and clean walls and painted surfaces
  • Mop all hard floors
  • Wipe and disinfect all surfaces
  • Empty bins
  • Wash and reline bins as needed
  • Wipe and clean all glass areas

Daily Cleaning for Toilets and Kitchen

  • Empty all bins
  • Wash and reline bins as needed
  • Mop all hard surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect all sinks, toilets, doors, mirrors, and fixtures
  • Refill all supplies like hand soap, toilet paper, and hand towel

Weekly Cleaning

  • Polish all hardwood floors
  • Internally and externally deep clean glasses
  • Internally clean all fridges
  • Wash all bins

Monthly Cleaning

  • Vacuum all upholstery
  • Vacuum air vents
  • High dust all surfaces
  • Deep clean and vacuum all surfaces

We hope that this article gives you a general idea of what to look for when you are ready to hire a professional commercial cleaner. There are a lot of different avenues to where you can find a list of reliable cleaners in your area. Feel free to add more suggestions and tips down below if you feel like sharing your experiences on how you were able to find your perfect cleaner.

Man vs Woman Cleaning – Who Is The Better Office Cleaners

This article is not to compare what men can do better than that of women. Cleaning has nothing to do about gender. In whatever fields, men and women are given equal opportunities. We cannot generalize every aspect by concluding which gender does it better. It is an inaccurate and pointless debate over gender.

In the cleaning industry, the only truth that prevails is that there are good and bad cleaners. As plain and simple as that. Bad cleaners cannot mean that it was done by women the same as good cleaner being generalized as men.

Are men better cleaner than women?

There is no statistical evidence that will show numbers to prove this claim. The gender divide should not be an issue when it comes to the cleaning business.

What matters most is that the commercial cleaning company was able to find a good cleaner regardless of its gender. Bad cleaners are all over the place. They can be male and females alike. Being a cleaner all comes down to the individual’s attitude.

Here is some research-based study on who really does the cleaning better. Here are some fun facts about it:

  • 58% of the men population claims to pretend not hearing when they are told to do the washing up by the women of their home.
  • 45% of women population said that they are cleaning the household because society dictates that it is their duty.
  • 50% of women do household chores on an average day.
  • 40% of women clean because they can burn calories

Men as Commercial Cleaners

No male cleaners, we only want female cleaners. You have heard of this before.

It is politically incorrect not to want a man to come to clean your business. Now, we have to go back and ask a couple of questions about that.

Is it this particular man, or is it all men in general? We need to ask these questions because there are women who have had some horrible experiences with men, and they do not want men inside their office or business, for whatever reason.

Some customers do not feel safe, it makes them uncomfortable, whatever. We have to honour that because these are our customers. It would be akin to a female doing tough cleaning jobs like cleaning the water tanks or climbing high rooves.

Now, there is nothing to say a woman cannot do these, but that is not the traditional, standard stereotype. If you see a woman in the office, it might make you uncomfortable, because you will think about the woman’s well being that she might fall or whatnot. You may also start thinking that she is in her childbearing years and all these things.

There are a lot of weird reasons that we do not understand why a woman may not want a man in her business or office, and it might just be a particular man.

We do know that there is a real thing about meeting somebody and not connecting with that person. If you were not able to connect to this person, you would have issues.

Both genders can also dislike the opposite gender.

The situation will change if a particular customer will not want a man to do a cleaning in general. We have to look at the conversation a little differently. We do not wish the other cleaners to feel inferior and that they are not good enough to go and clean a premise.

A friend of mine who happens to own a cleaning business loves hiring male cleaners, and she is far from stereotypes. Her decision about hiring male cleaners are just based on her experiences. She mentioned to me that the male cleaners outperform the female cleaners. Here are the reasons why:

  • Male cleaners do not have PMS
  • Male cleaners do not get emotionally attached to items and objects, and they can focus while they are cleaning.
  • Male cleaners get in, get the job done, and go out again.
  • They work on time, efficient, consistent, and thorough.

Some customers will not welcome female or male cleaners because of a variety of different politically incorrect opinions. It could be religion, race, and whatever. There is a variety of reasons why a person will not work with some particular person, religion, background, upbringing, and ethnicity.

It is a weird situation, but you have to address it because it is very real. There are a lot of females who had had experience who had terrible experiences with men, and they do not want to do anything with a man involved for whatever reason.

In choosing a cleaner, you need to look at their ability, attitude, and aptitude and not the cleaner’s gender. We are curious to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us start a conversation.

How To Become A Better Office Cleaner?

In a world where there are different cleaning providers who claim to be the best, how will you set yourself apart from the rest? Commercial cleaning is a growing industry, and many cleaning companies are offering almost the same services for the same price range to add more into the confusion of their target market.

How To Become A Better Office Cleaner? This article will help you identify and analyze that you are choosing the right company, and you are employing the right people to do the job for you.

Six Characteristics of Office Cleaning Services

Before we talk about the individual characteristics of a cleaner, let us talk about the company that they represent in general. Of course, most of the companies will hire a cleaning company rather than choosing an individual contractor.

Hiring an office cleaning company has many perks to offer. So, before getting into a cleaning contract, always keep an eye on these following traits:

Excellent attention to details.

This is the same as going beyond the expectation. When you are knowledgeable, you do not have to be told what are areas need to be attended to. You will know it the moment you see it. This is one of the challenges of most office cleaners. Most of them are always in a hurry to finish and leave, and often, some areas are not attended to.


It is essential that someone has to have specific knowledge of something before they become a pro. There is really not much knowledge required in cleaning. Mostly, it is more on common sense.

You just have to be an expert when choosing the right tool for the job and the proper use of cleaning chemicals and detergent. The cleaner also has to be confident enough in conversing with customers should the needs arise.

Meeting and exceeding the expectation.

A cleaning service loves their work and always takes pride in what they can do. This is also true when we say that you do not have to be told if you love what you are doing. When you choose a cleaning company, always check their credentials and find out how long they have been in business. The number of years will definitely determine their dedication.


You must choose a company that understands the importance of adhering to their schedule. You hire a cleaner because you are hoping to achieve a certain level of cleanliness, and you want to create a specific persona and ambience for your office.

It will be difficult for you to accomplish this goal if your cleaner will not show up on their given schedule or will not arrive on time for the job.

Good feedback.

Since everyone is on social media, it is pretty easy to advertise a business. Everything is a click away. Before you hire a cleaning partner, check their website or social media accounts for feedback. These feedbacks are a helpful indicator of what kind of company are you dealing with.


Most of the services boil down to price. Many cleaning companies will short sell their services to get a pool of customers. Never compromise the value of your job just to win a contract. An excellent cleaning company live to their customer’s expectations and win it.

Other Things That You Need Consider in Hiring an Office Cleaner

Apart from the qualities that we mentioned above. You may also want to consider looking at the things we are about to say below. These second lists will surely give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Ability to offer full service

Of course, if you were to choose a cleaning provider, it will be beneficial for you to award the business to a contractor who can do all the cleaning requirements you need. By doing so, it will allow you to save time and effort in outsourcing. At the same time, it gives you a higher chance of a good bargain.

Complete and modern equipment and supplies.

It makes sense if the cleaning company provides the cleaning materials and tools for the job that they need to complete. Their expertise and experience had made them familiar with the cleaning solution, tools, techniques to make the cleaning job spotless.


An excellent cleaning provider is someone who will ensure your peace of mind. Insurance is one of the things you should look for before hiring a commercial cleaner. Some stand-alone cleaner will offer a low price, but you will have to look after their well being. The said insurance will cover you from loss, damage, and accidents.

Top Qualities for Being a Strong Leader For Your Cleaning Company

Before we talk about the individual traits and practices of the different cleaners who will be assigned to your premises, let us talk about their supervisors first. How can we say that the cleaners are being managed and trained well?

When you own a cleaning company, a good deal of its success will depend on your ability to lead your employees. To be a good leader, you must possess certain qualities. Some of these qualities may come naturally to you and some you may have to work on.

To figure out what qualities you need to work on, you need to know what makes a good leader. Here are some of the qualities I think you have to possess if you want to lead your employees effectively.

Communication Skills

If you do not communicate well with your employees, you will struggle from training to giving feedback, to complimenting employee on a job well done.


Good leaders are honest. They hold themselves and others to a higher standard, and they are trustworthy. People like to follow leaders with integrity.


As a leader of your team, you need to be enthusiastic to think about your business and the services you provide. After all, if you are not enthusiastic about the company, why should your employees be? When you lead with enthusiasm, you inspire your employees to become better with what they do.


A good leader takes responsibility for his or her actions and those of the team. Being responsible means, you do not point fingers. Instead, you take the time to solve the problem with your employees and then work on additional training.


A good leader is confident in his or her ability to lead, which is vital because you must believe in yourself to get through difficult times. Being confident does not mean being boastful or egotistical. Instead, it means confidently leading with humility.

Accepts change

Change is inevitable, and the best leaders accept this and embrace it. Then, they find the best ways to introduce the difference to their employees to make a smooth transition.

Five Top Traits in Becoming A Better Office Cleaner

We often ask what top five things do we look for in a commercial cleaner that you are about to hire. It is a fun question because there are about five things that are absolutely crucial to the success of your business when you hire people on staff.

Reliability – this is the very first thing that I would look for. Are you hiring someone you can count on? As you interview them, come up with questions that will question their reliability.

If you are hiring a person who always looks for excuses and still looks for the backdoor to every single challenge that the cleaning business has, that is not the person you are looking for. You are looking for someone who is reliable that you can count on.

You need to be able to count on them as the employer, and your customers need to be able to count on you as a company.

Self-starter – you would not think that has a lot to do with cleaning, but it does. If you are a self-starter, you see things that need to be done, and you do them.

You do not wait for somebody to give you orders and tell you what to do. As a self-starter in a commercial cleaning business, you are going to come up with a lot of opportunities every day at every company where you have to make judgement calls.

If you are the kind of person that sits around and waits for somebody to tell you what to do and micromanage you, you are not right for the commercial cleaning business.

A self-starter is going to be a person that gets themselves out of bed in the morning, work on time, they make sure that if something happens, they take the initiative. They get it done, and they do it right.

Honesty – I cannot express how important honesty is in the professional office cleaning business in Melbourne. It is on a variety of different fronts. When you go to a customer’s office, it is evident that you want an honest person because you do not want them stealing the client’s things.

You do not wish to them lying to the client, overpromising, and talking wrong about your company. You want somebody who is really honest about what is going on. Honesty always goes backwards.

When you have a reliable employee, they will come to you, and they will tell you what else is going on in the company. They are not going to cover for their colleagues, and they are not going to paint pictures that are not true about employees to get other employees in trouble.

Willing to learn – every system is different, which is why you need somebody who is ready to learn. They can bring information back to you, and on a grand scale, you can make all those changes across within your company.

Kind – I know that this does not sound like a commercial cleaner’s characteristic. It is incredibly crucial to the success of your business. Commercial cleaning is a tough job. We put our bodies through a lot of physical demands and stress. On top of that, we are people too. We have our own lives.

We have a whole variety of other things that we are fighting with. It is super important that you hire people who know how to be kind. Even with coworkers working amongst themselves. They may have conflicts, but if they are kind, whatever the situation is, wherever you find yourself, however grumpy you feel inside, your default is kindness.

You can teach somebody how to clean, but you cannot teach somebody to bring these characteristics with them. This is inherent to who that person is.

It is part of their character. These are our top qualities of being a better office cleaner. There are many more, so what I want you to do is to share what your thoughts are on what makes a better cleaner by posting your comments below this article.

How To Manage and Train Employees for Office Cleaning Business

Training is one of the most valuable company investments. Businesses hire and train people to run their business effectively. This is true in the cleaning industry. Owners will generally get people to whom they trust to carry out the services that their business caters.

This article will tell you more about managing and training employees in the office cleaning field. Join us as we unravel our tips and best practices in building a strong team.

Guide for Highly Effective Office Cleaning Training

This short article is about practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development, and employee performance management in your workplace.

Training employees is an essential skill required of both leaders, managers, and other employees. The manager is not always the person in charge of facilitating the training. Sometimes, especially for the new office cleaner, you will have another employee training them on a specific task.

In cases that the manager or another employee does not know the steps to proper training, then you may end up with a result which is below what you expect in terms of performance. In our leadership and team development training programs, we do an exercise to teach people the seven steps for training.

  • Explain the importance of the task and how it relates to the overall job.
  • Explain the procedure and the process.
  • Demonstrate how to do it.
  • Observe the person in training
  • Give immediate and specific feedback.
  • Display confidence in the ability of the person to succeed.
  • Get an agreement on follow-up action.

These seven steps are mostly straightforward. They are not complicated. Anybody can apply these. If you follow these steps, you are sure to have an employee that is going to be adequately trained. This will contribute to a better office cleaning organization and team success. This process also applies to delegation because every delegation requires some form of coaching as well.

Training and Development of Competitive Office Cleaners

Training and Development of Competitive Office Cleaners

The purpose of this chapter is to increase the effectiveness of training employees. We will read through topics that will cover orienting cleaners, the training process, implementing training and development programs, and evaluating the training efforts.

Employee Orientation

Careful selection of employees does not guarantee that they will perform excellently. Even high potential employees cannot do their jobs if they do not know what to do or how to do it. Making sure that your employees know what to do and how to do it is the purpose of orientation and training.

The Human Resources Department usually designs these programs. Employee orientation is often called onboarding today, involves more than what most people realized. Employee orientation still provides new employees or cleaners with the information they need to function.

You need to accomplish these three things when conducting an orientation:

  • Make sure that the new employees feel welcome, at home, and part of the team.
  • Make sure that the new employees have the essential information to function effectively, such as email access, he knows the policies and benefits, and what the employer expects in terms of work behaviour.
  • You need to help the new employee understands the organization in a broader sense. This includes the past, present, and the culture that is already established in the company. You can share the strategies and vision that you are looking forward to.

The length of the orientation program depends on what you need to cover. Traditional orientation programs take several hours.

The Human Resource Specialist usually performs the first part of the orientation by explaining essential matters like working hours, benefits and vacation. That person then introduces the new employee to his new Supervisor.

The Supervisor continues the orientation by explaining the organization of the cleaning department and introducing the newbie to his new teammates. It is the Supervisor’s duty to have the newbie get familiarization on his new workplace.


Training comes after the orientation. Training is the process of teaching the new employee the necessary skills they need to perform their job assignments and then later, developing additional skills.

The training programs should align with the company’s strategic goals.

Also, training is part of the more significant issue in performance management. This is an integrated, goal-oriented approach to assigning, training, assessing, and rewarding employee’s performance.

The manager sets a goal to their team. Training is one of the ways in which the organization that helps the employee to meet these goals. In any case, training is the hallmark of proper management.

Our training process includes five steps. Each step should be completed thoroughly as each builds on the other — the whole time and effort spent on the previous step, the better the next steps.

Need Analysis – this is the part where the management identifies and acknowledge the skills the job requires and compare these with the prospect trainees’ knowledge and skill set.

In this section, you will observe that there are two factors when you start to determine the needs of the program. You need to consider if you are training a new hire a cleaner or is it an existing cleaner who needs a refresher. Here, you use the Task Analysis.

The main task in analyzing new employees training needs is to determine what the job entails and to break it down into subtasks.

Analyzing current cleaners training needs is more complicated since you have the added tasks of deciding whether training is the solution because, at times, it may not be. This is what we called the Performance Analysis.

In performance analysis, you are verifying that there is a performance deficiency and you are trying to determine whether should correct such lack of performance through training or some other means. There are several ways of identifying these training needs. These includes:

  • Performance appraisals or performance review
  • Job-related performance data
  • Observations
  • Tests

Instructional Design – this is where the management formulates measurable knowledge in performance training objectives. After this, they review the contents. This can include workbooks, exercises, and activities.

Designing the training program entails deciding on what will be the actual content of the training and what training methods are to be used. For all the most trivial training programs, the employer will want to see and approve the budget for the said program. There are many ways on how an employer can implement a training program. Below are the widely used methods:

  • On-the-job training
  • Job instruction training
  • Face to face training


This is where you check the effectiveness of the training. This is conducted in a small group of the newbie.

To determine the validity of the training, the company must test training on a sample employee to see if those who received the training have better performance on the job than those who have not received the same training program.

This sampling process should be conducted on multiple groups to make sure that the training is valid.


This is where you implement the program by training the targeted employee using methods such as on the job training.

This is the most natural part. This can be done correctly if all the previous steps are done well. We will just simply train the employees that need to learn this new skill or behaviour.

It is essential to schedule the training at a time when the employee is fresh. The training is broken down into small segments to lower the chance of fatigue.


In the evaluation step, you assess the program’s success and failures.
Most of the company overlooked this step. In many instances, an organization will spend a lot of time and resources on the first four steps and completely forgets arguably the most critical part of the training.

Cleaning Method of Training Employees How To Clean

Cleaning Method of Training Employees How To Clean

In this section of the article, we boiled our system down to 13 rules. We will also talk about the first two most important rules, and we will talk about the other rules as we move along.

Make Every Move Count.

You may know what it is like to work without a system. You are moving back and forth all over the premises. You are repeating steps you know you do not need to. You are making more and more work for yourself. In short, you are working more than you need to, but you are accomplishing less than you could.

When you learn every move count, you will learn to work in a sequence that makes good common sense without backtracking. Once, around the room and you are done except for the floor. Keep this rule in mind. To make every move count, you have got to observe rule number 2.

Use the Right Tools.

You need to have professional cleaning tools that work. The single most crucial tool turns out to be a work apron. This apron helps us make just one trip around the room when working. With this apron, the cleaner can carry everything around with him.

You also need to identify the items that you need in cleaning the areas that you intend to clean.

Work from Top to Bottom.

There are no exceptions to that rule. If you do not work from top to bottom, you will continually do work for yourself because dust and debris and even cleaning solution will drift back down on the surface that you already clean. Besides, it is time-consuming and exasperating. That is also the reason why we attend to the floor last. You can knock debris on the floor while you are cleaning it and you can pick it up when you do the floor.

If It Is Not Dirty, Do Not Clean It.

Pay attention. This will save the cleaner time and effort. The same goes for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Vertical surfaces do not get as dirty as horizontal surfaces. Upper shelves get less dust than the lower shelves, and the same goes with upper and lower moulding.

Do Not Rinse or Wipe a Surface Before It Is Clean.

You need to learn to see through the dirt. If you cannot do that, feel through the dirt. The surface feels different when it is clean.

Do Not Keep Working After It Is Clean.

In other words, when you reach the actual surface, stop cleaning. Besides wasting time scrubbing that is already clean, you can damage the surface of the countertop, and it wears out your cleaning cloth much quicker than you want.

If What You Are Doing Is Not Going to Work, Shift to a Heavy-Duty Cleaner or Tool.

Pick the tools that are strong enough for the job at hand. If you are using your cleaning cloth and you are not making much progress, jump up to a different cleaning cloth. Do not waste time by continuing to try something that is not working well. Cut your losses. That will save you from wasting time.

Keep Your Tools in Impeccable Shape.

This will prepare you for an unusual office cleaning situation wherein the use of a specific tool will get the job done for you.

Repetition Makes for Smoother Moves.

If you already have a proven technique in office cleaning training, you can use that, again and again, to speed up the process in an effective way.

Pay Attention.

Everything falls into place if you do. If you are cleaning, just clean.

Keep Track of Your Time.

Feel a little faster every time. It is incredible how that happens. This will make you feel gratified.

Use Both Hands.

If you stop and think about it, one half of your workforce is idle if you use just one hand. You cannot always use two hands, of course, but often, you need to use both of them to speed up the process and clean in less effort.

Always Work as a Team.

office cleaning is much more fun if you work in harmony.

Now, this article cannot give you complete knowledge of how you will train your cleaners to become successful in the field that you had chosen.

We covered the practice that we use, and we find it useful, which help us reach the spot of where we are at right now. Please feel free to share your techniques and tips and let us brainstorm on how we will help each other in running this cleaning business. Drop your comment below and let us keep the conversation going.

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost in Australia for 2021?

Commercial cleaning companies determine their prices based on three major categories. The first one is the area of the space that needs cleaning.

Second is the number of hours a cleaner will take to complete the cleaning requirement. Lastly, the job scope or the cleaning tasks that you want your cleaners to complete.

We understand your requirement and we want to explain to you the elaborate details on how a commercial cleaning service provider charges, let us dive into this conversation and make this discussion useful to you and your business.

There are factors to consider in determining a price for commercial cleaning. In Australia (and I believe these are also applied around the world), businesses that operate in the cleaning industry considers the size of the premise, the amount of time that a cleaner will spend in completing a certain cleaning requirement, cleaning frequency, and how many cleaners are needed for the job.

Schedule an Onsite Meeting with a Sales Manager

Competition in prices will always surface in any business. With commercial cleaning in Sydney, a fair matrix is observed in each State. Do not get confused with affordable cleaning rates because it may not cover all the things that you needed.

Commercial cleaning businesses factor in the cost of the cleaning chemicals that they need to get the job done. It is better for you to look for professional cleaning services in your area and schedule an onsite meeting with a Sales Manager. During the walkthrough, you are expected to give the Sales Manager a quick tour of your office or business. This is the time that you need to explain your expectations while showing the areas that you need cleaning.

You may wonder why the commercial cleaners are getting less than the actual amount that the commercial company has charged you. Bigger commercial cleaning companies also factor in costs for overall administrative works and other overhead expenses.

Apart from the regular pay rate, cleaners also get the chance of earning more if they work during public holidays, overtime work, and working on Sundays.

Special cleaning like the end of lease cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, and window cleaning follow more expensive rates. This cleaning requirement does not follow the usual rate because it requires more work for the cleaners.

In Australia, commercial cleaning companies will visit the premises to see the actual size of it and to ask the actual cleaning requirements that the customer needs. It is always recommended to collect at least three proposals to have a better comparison of what you are getting into.

For you to save time in qualifying commercial cleaners in your local area, you need to know what your business really needs. It will also be a great help to have a specific list of what are the things that are needed to be done.

Always look for a cleaning company that can do both the routine and special cleaning. You are increasing your chance of getting into a great bargain if you keep this in mind. Just a tip, most cleaning companies in Australia will require you to sign a binding agreement. You may negotiate with them and ask for a trial period first.

They will definitely understand your intention with this. No one would love to be locked into anything without knowing what they are up with. It is always best to test the quality of any product or service that you are planning to invest in.

What Dictates The Price of Commercial Cleaning?

We all know that commercial cleaning is very far from house cleaning. Commercial cleaning has more precise needs and special equipment may be required to achieve your customer’s expectations.

Here are some key points that commercial cleaners include when they submit a proposal for a cleaning job:

  • Frequency – in a nutshell, a cleaner will spend less time cleaning a company who requires frequent cleaning.
  • Size of the premises – the size determines the number of hours a cleaner has to stay and clean the premises.
  • Cleaning Schedule – Most of the businesses do not want to be interrupted during working hours. Commercial cleaning companies in Australia offer cleaning after hours. By doing so, these cleaning companies can charge premium rates for having the cleaning done over the weekends or late at night when they are not busy trading. Cleaning outside of working hours comes at a higher rate because of regulations regarding pay rates.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Experienced commercial cleaners know the best chemicals to use on what type of dirt and grime they have to deal with. You will also expect that they have all the necessary equipment to achieve the spotless office that you are dreaming of.
  • Insurance – Peace of mind is the best offer you can give to your customer. Insurance protects the cleaning company and its customers from accidents, loss, and damaged items.

How Much Do A Commercial Cleaning Company Charge for Services

  • Fixed commercial cleaning rates
  • Commercial cleaning rates per square metre
  • Commercial cleaning rates per hour
  • Commercial cleaning rates per square foot

Seamless Quality Control At Your Doorstep

All customers have a certain expectation when they hire or buy something from you. Quality Control plays a vital part in the cleaning industry.

For us to ensure that our customers will remain loyal to us, we need to constantly monitor the performance of our cleaners. We need to know if the customers are satisfied or are there any challenges that we need to work on.

Larger cleaning companies in Australia employ Customer Service Support and experienced Quality Control Inspectors that will check the performance of each and every cleaner that they have deployed onsite.

The cost of this support system has been factored in when the cleaning company submitted a proposal to you. Training will also play an important role in this part. A responsible cleaning company should always provide training and retraining for their cleaners.

Touching base with cleaning procedures or just simply knowing the condition of the worksite is a good practice.

Routine Cleaning As Compared To Special Cleaning

Speaking of regular cleaning and special cleaning, there are cleaning companies who just focus on regular cleaning and do not deal with specialty cleanings like steam carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

There are few cleaning companies in Australia who choose to venture into both fields and for me, it will be a keeper. Most businesses are now investing in the overall cleanliness of their premises. Why? We cannot deny the fact that the overall facade of your business will define your success.

Suppliers and customers will definitely choose to deal with a company that owns a presentable office. It gives a lasting, trusting impression. In quoting for a routine cleaning job, the Sales Manager will think of the basic things a business needs These basic cleaning includes:

  • Hard floor mopping and sweeping
  • Collecting rubbish
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting, wiping, and polishing of furniture
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and toilets
  • Refilling of toiletries like hand soap, toilet paper, and hand towels

This Checklist Provided Below Is a Sample of Routine Cleaning for an Office.

Daily Office Cleaning

  • Empty waste receptacles and replace liners. Wash as needed.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture.
  • Remove cobwebs from the front entry and immediate surroundings
  • Clean automatic glass doors inside and out
  • Vacuum all hard floors
  • Mop all hard floors with disinfectant
  • Ensure all areas are clean and arranged neatly

Weekly Office Cleaning

  • Dust partitions, tops of mirrors, and frames
  • Clean all glass inside and outside with a squeegee

Monthly Cleaning

  • Vacuum air vents and chairs
  • Clean all glass inside and outside with squeegee

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Stock toilet paper, hand towels, and soap
  • Empty waste receptacles and wipe if needed, replace bin liners as required
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Wipe towel dispensers and dryers
  • Wipe down doors and sills – remove all dust and prints
  • Clean and sanitize all sinks
  • Remove all splash marks from walls and partitions around the sink
  • Remove garbage from all areas
  • Spot clean internal glass doors
  • Toilets and urinals to be cleaned, disinfected, sanitized and wiped dry on all sides
  • Sweep all hard floors
  • Mop clean restroom and kitchen floors with disinfectant

Commercial cleaning companies may choose to just focus on office maintenance. Others will choose to specialize in factories and restaurants.

Whatever the case may be, you can easily find a commercial cleaner for every business type or organization.

Here are the top businesses who hire professional commercial cleaners:

  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Health Clinics
  • Theatres
  • Stratas
  • Retail Stores

As mentioned above, commercial cleaners charge a set rate for routine cleaning. Some of the services that a cleaner can earn extra are:

  • Internal and External Window Cleaning
  • Strip and Seal of Hard Floor Surfaces
  • Steam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Graffiti Removal

We hope that you found this article helpful. You now know how the price is being determined by commercial cleaners, commercial cleaning rates per square meter, and per hour in Australia.

I know that you are now excited to call your local cleaning provider and see what kind of charging method will they use when they present their proposal. Clean Group Sydney is one of the common ways to search for a commercial cleaning provider.

We also teach you the basics of routine cleaning and what to expect when you hire a professional cleaner to do this job for you. Again, for special cleaning, look for a cleaning company that can offer both the routine and the special cleaning to get a better deal. Please feel free to leave a comment on the chatbox below.

We are excited to hear your thoughts and insights. Let us share our best practices and your recommendations when hiring a commercial cleaner in Australia. This is a perfect way to know who among your local cleaning provider stands out from the crowd.

Top 18 Diy Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Office Cleaned and Organized

Every business today wants their office to look neat, clean, and organized so that they can create a positive first impression in the mind of customers and clients when they meet up. The best way to make your office cleaned and sanitized is to avail of DIY cleaning tricks to keep your office clean. For example, commercial cleaners like Clean Group offer the highest standard of cleaning services to businesses of all kinds.

Clean Group has also maintained its position as top commercial cleaners in Australia by delivering professional, yet affordable services to businesses as per their need. However, if circumstances do not allow you to avail of quality workplace cleaning services, there are other ways that you can apply to make your office look neat, clean, and organized.

It is always a good idea to keep your office clean and organized on your own because a messy office could potentially cost you an important business deal or contract with a client due to the poor look of your premises. Having a cleaner office will also help you and your staff concentrate better at work, resulting in better productivity and better business results.

On the flip side, keeping your best foot forward in front of clients or customers is always challenging when you have a dirty office. The harm of spreading severe disease among your staff also goes up when you have a messy and unclean office. The dirty office environment also affects your management and organizing skills and increases the chances of spoiling your client relationships.

So, to help you avoid all such cleaning problems, here is a list of some economical, safer ways to keep your workplace clean, green and organized:

Use Sticky Notes for Keyboard Cleaning

Do your employees also struggle with crumbs or lint down in between keys on their keyboard?

If yes, then your office team should start using the edge of sticky notes to clean out those small pieces from their keyboards, looking very annoying and dirtier from the outlook. Whatever bizarre it may sound at first, but it is always a good idea to use the adhesive sticky end of the paper note to accumulate and remove all dirt from the keyboard.

As a DIY, you don’t need a brush or other cleaning tools to clean your keyboard, when you apply this trick.

Clean Floors with a Specialized Scrubber

To keep commercial office spaces clean and dust-free, the ordinary vacuum cleaners and brooms used at home aren’t good enough. One of the best DIY hacks to clean your office is to invest in a good floor scrubber. It is a pretty good industrial cleaning device to clean large surface areas in a decent amount of time.

The Tape Is a Great Cleaning Tool for Keyboard

Similar to sticky notes, you can also use quality tape to bring out nasty, small objects sticking inside your keyboard, ones that are difficult to bring out at first. Again, there is a simple DIY solution to this.

You can use clean tape and lightly dab it areas around your keyboard where small dirt objects are placed. The tape will easily pick up the little pieces of dirt from your keyboard.

Utilize Powder for Paper Spills

If accidentally you have spilled water or any liquid on your office notes, book, notepad or some other important document, you can always use powder, so that it can absorb the moisture quickly; thereby, saves the document from getting wet completely.

Sprinkle powder on wet pages and then later blow-dry those pages to dry them off completely. At last, use a good quality soft bristle brush to remove the sprinkled powder. Chances are high that the content of the pages on which powder has been spread remains in a readable condition.

For Cleaning Broken Glasses, Use Bread

For broken glasses spread on the office table or floor, you can always use a slice of bread to pick them up and dispose them safely into a bin. Not getting bread around the office? Wait!

Ask some of your colleagues, they might have some leftovers from their lunch.

Baking Soda Is Great to Keep Your Office Fresh, Smell Good

Closed office space can always grow into a musty smell zone if it lacks regular outside airflow or air vents. In-office pantry or kitchen space built in a closed area can also lead to bad odours, which might turn off your clients or employees. Keeping pots of baking soda at closed office areas or working spaces is a great solution to this problem and an easy to implement DIY office cleaning hack.

Having fresh or soothing fragrances is a great way to cheer up employees, make them feel positive, and boost their overall productivity. A positive mood can be fostered among all staff by making the office clean, green and smell super amazing.

Sweep Meeting Tables with Hand Towels

Finding in hard to find Swiffer pads to clean up your conference table before an important meeting? Don’t worry. You can always rely on hand towels to complete the table cleaning task before a crucial client or employee meetups on your own.

Dust particles and debris easily stick to hand towels, making them useful for cleaning lightly buffering surfaces. Although make sure you clean up those hand towels before reusing them for personal stuff.

Put an Electronics Organizer in Office

Organizers are a great option to keep your office look neat and organized, You can always buy an electronics organizer to make your office look more tabulated and structured. Electronics organizes are good to store tablets, phones or other electronic accessories.

Using large organizers also gives you the flexibility to keep your books and notepads in them.

Baby wipes for Wiping Spills

Baby wipes are an excellent tool to help you keep your workspace nice and clean. Keep a box of them stashed away in your supplies and you’ll always have a simple way to wipe up spills and other issues that you have around your desk. You’ll have fewer tasks for office cleaning Sydney if you stock up on wipes at all times.

Use Vinegar for Scissors

If you use scissors frequently at the office, you must be aware of the irritating situation when their blades start sticking with each other, because of some nasty dirt compounds sitting on the surface of scissor blades.

There is a simple DIY office cleaning hack to avoid this situation. You can use vinegar to clean up dirty scissor blades, A vinegar solution is perfect to wipe out all little nasty bits that cause your scissors blades to stick together.

Once you apply the vinegar solution to your scissors it makes it a perfect functioning tool for regular office usage.

Use Hand Sanitizer for Whiteboard Cleaning

Hand sanitisers are a perfect cleaning tool for many different reasons when working at the office. Out of many, the first reason is it helps you avoid germs. You can also use sanitisers in your office to clean up the dirty whiteboard. Use a quality sanitiser to clean up your dirty whiteboards.

Compressed Air to Clean Up Dust

Compressed air can be considered a highly versatile option for your cleaning tasks at the office. It can be utilized for multiple cleaning purposes. You can use it to clean up crevices or small dust particles from your keyboard or areas where you can’t reach out properly.

Cleaning off the dust from your computer and maintaining a healthier work environment is all too easy with compressed air.

Clean Up Office Chairs Easy with Hydrogen Peroxide

Office chairs, along with computer systems and electronics are the most used material in any office. You stay in regular contact with these items. Out of all these items, keeping your office chair clean is most important as it also used by your clients or customers when they meet up with you. Accidental spills, dust and scratches are some common problem problems with your office chairs.

Instead of replacing your office chairs frequently, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing soap to clean up your office chairs.

You can do this every last day of the workweek as a part of your regularly scheduled cleaning. It will also help your chair looking fresh as well as makes it germfree.

Bring in Blow Dryers to Clean Up Water Rings

With time, water rings on multiple office tables appear and is a common issue due to overtime by office workers. Luckily, such water rings and their marks can be easily removed from tables by you on your own using a blow dryer. A blow dryer is a most simple and easily accessible tool that you can use at your office premises to remove stains or water rings from the table.

Use Vinegar and Sock to Clean Window Blinds

Are you also facing the dirt issue with window blinds at your office? If yes, then this DIY cleaning trick will help you a lot. You can use an old sock, put in your hand and then dip it into a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Now, rub this sock over each slat of the blinds present in your office to make them clean and sanitized.

As discussed above, vinegar is an amazing sanitiser that can be used at the office for cleaning tasks.

Sealed Travels Mugs Are Great to Avoid Spill Incidents

It is common at workplaces among employees to spill drinks at their desk due to losing attention and heavy workload. This can create major cleanliness issues; hence to avoid all such incidents, you can use sealed travel mugs at your office, It is a great DIY cleaning hack that you can implement to minimize spill incidents.

Artificial Plants to “Greenify” to Your Workplace

To make your office look greener and eco-friendly, you can also put artificial plants, high in green density. Such plants are great in terms of creating a natural work environment for employees. You can also use real plants, but not in excess, as they might lead to the spreading of harmful pest or other small plant insects at the workplace.

Use Chai Mats to Protect Office Floor

The carpet or hardwood flooring of the office can go scuff over time due to the regular footfalls of the office staff. It is always recommended to use a chair mat below each office chair of office staff to keep floors around the chair clean and tidy.

Summing Up..!

Cleaning your large office or work area is always a lengthy and cumbersome task. However, investing in office cleaning is very important to make sure you have a sanitized and healthier office environment all the time.

You can opt for quality office cleaning services from top office cleaners like Clean Group. However, doing some small DIY cleaning tricks at the office is an absolute must to maintain an even cleaner and healthier workplace.

How To Train Your Commercial Cleaners? A Step-By-Step Training Guide

In today’s fast-paced business world, building great client relationships is very important for commercial cleaning businesses to grow and attain success in their business. But, the ones who interact frequently with clients on behalf of them is their janitorial staff. The corporate cleaning staff works day in and day out at multiple client locations to get the job done.

Corporate cleaning employees are the ones who represent the face of your cleaning company by interacting with your clients every day. Hence, recruiting, training and retaining good employees is a must for any cleaning business to get success. You, as a commercial cleaning business owner, should always put your focus on training your janitorial staff first, so that they can understand & perform their cleaning duties properly.

Why Train Commercial Cleaning Staff

No matter the company type or size, training new employees has a lot of benefits. A good training program helps new employees to become the best version of themselves and deliver the highest quality work. As a commercial cleaning agency owner, you always want your staff to get comfortable and skilled in their cleaning job, and that’s the place where employee training comes in.

The well-train commercial cleaning staff is also more capable to deliver better customer service and be more efficient in their work while working for any cleaning company.

For example, Clean Group, the best commercial cleaners in Australia, has a highly skilled and well-trained cleaning staff who deliver the highest quality of commercial cleaning services to their corporate clients, as per their needs.

Clean Group has been able to maintain the aura of top commercial cleaners in Australia, all thanks to its customer-friendly and dedicated cleaning staff who has superb knowledge in cleaning & maintaining large storefronts, retail stores, warehouses, apartments, etc. The regular in-house training and knowledge provided to new employees of Clean Group have helped them in delivering healthy, eco-friendly and reliable cleaning services to all its clients.

Benefits of Training for Commercial Cleaners

There are multiple benefits of providing training to the commercial cleaning staff for any janitorial company. Some of them include:

  • Trained commercial cleaners are more loyal. As per the Hiring Site research, 90% of the employees are more loyal to commercial cleaning companies that provide regular training to their employees.
  • Training cleaning staff also enables commercial cleaning companies to retain their staff for a longer period.
  • Commercial cleaning companies can also make more profits by providing regular training to their cleaning staff.
  • Receiving effective and comprehensive training also leads to improved cleaning times and fewer accidents at client location for cleaning staff.
  • Regular training also helps cleaning staff to deliver the highest quality of professional cleaning services.

Training Commercial Cleaners is Challenging Sometimes…!

Providing regular training and knowledge about the latest cleaning techniques and equipment is a shared responsibility for a cleaning company. The administrative staff, including managers, owners and supervisors of a commercial cleaning should take the responsibility of providing regular training to its new and existing employees.

The motive behind such training should always be to familiarize the cleaning staff about their work and get knowledge about the cleaning activities they need to perform at a client location.

A well-organized training program and specific job training manuals are extremely vital during cleaning staff training to avoid any goof ups. It helps trainers or supervisors to stay on track and cover all the important aspects of the commercial cleaning training program.

Step-By-Step Guide for How to Train a Commercial Cleaner

To train your commercial cleaning staff properly, you can follow a four-step (Communicate Display-Implement-Review) training strategy as it will help you to achieve your desired goals.

So, here is a detailed, step-by-step procedure that you can follow to train your commercial cleaning staff:

Step 1: Communicate

The first step of your commercial cleaning training program needs to be introducing your janitorial systems verbally to your trainee janitorial staff.

You can also provide them with an overview of the overall training program by handing them over a written training program document. This document can be a good start for your cleaning staff to know about each training phase from start to end, including activities or tasks they need to perform to clear it.

Explaining them the need for “why” they are doing a particular activity during training is equally important. If they don’t understand the need for doing it, then your cleaning staff will choose shortcuts to perform some crucial cleaning tasks at the client location, which might harm your overall reputation.

Hence, clear communication with cleaning staff is extremely vital at the first phase of the training program You can also save a lot of your time by putting up a ‘‘why’ upfront yourself related to the training program. Once the training objective is communicated, provide printed training manuals to your employee to perform their job tasks as efficiently and effectively.

Tips to Consider While Training Commercial Cleaning Staff at This Stage:

  • Trainers, owners, managers, and supervisors must first have a proper and clear understanding of the training process themselves at the start of the training program.
  • Create interest among your staff about cleaning industry using your prior knowledge and experience.
  • Group training sessions can be conducted initially to make it interesting for new joiners.
  • Use training materials that are a good fit for your cleaning company, staff and contracts to save your time.
  • No matter whether your training program begins from scratch or lean on pre-existing materials available online, it should not only cover what to clean and how to clean but also why you do things the way you do.
  • Create cleaning checklists when training new employees so they don’t forget anything while working at a client location in real-time.

Step 2: Display

Once you deliver basic cleaning instructions during phase one of commercial cleaning training to your janitorial staff, provide them with visuals by ‘showing’ them how each job is done at the next stage. You can provide training videos, demonstrating each cleaning task that your existing employees perform at client location as part of their service, to your trainees.

Also, letting them know ‘why’ they should perform each task in a particular sequence and what happens when the sequence is not followed is important in videos. To make sure that your training program is super effective, don’t just rely on written training manuals or product literature, as they are tough to read and boring for many employees.

The better option is to demonstrate cleaning tools or equipment videos that they will be using at along with various cleaning techniques. Keep eye contact, ask questions and motivate your trainees to ask questions from the training videos that they watch at this stage. Don’t just give a lecture, engage with your cleaning staff, and make them involved.

Also, your training should be focused on the current needs and experience level of your cleaning staff.

Tips to Consider While Training Commercial Cleaners at This Stage:

  • Limit your training sessions to a maximum of one hour, so cleaning staff don’t get trainees bored, restless, and feel “information overload.”
  • Use interesting short videos or tell stories throughout this training phase about both the correct and incorrect ways to do things, so trainers learn about things quickly.
  • Keep the training video length short (max 30 seconds), so the information given in the video is easily digestible for cleaning staff without fear of attention loss.

Step 3: Implement/Action

Now that you’re done with written training material and video demonstration exercise in your training program, it’s the time to showcase those cleaning tasks in real-world to your cleaning staff or trainees, so they can learn, observe and get skilled with it.

Don’t expect them to do any particular cleaning task accurately, right after you showcase the same during training. It’s like showcasing a small kid how to less up his shoes, but without execution or practice, the child will never probably learn it.

The same thing goes with cleaning staff during the training program. It is important you showcase every cleaning task to your trainee cleaning staff by doing it on your own in a detailed manner at the very first and then ask them questions like – are they finding it easy? what are the steps they feel difficult to perform in this particular cleaning task? etc. – the more questions an employee asks, the faster they will learn.

Also, provide positive reinforcement to your cleaning staff when they do it correctly.

Important Training Tips for Commercial Cleaners at This Stage

  • Use real-life situations (e.g. client service locations like office, apartments, etc.) to train your employees better during commercial cleaning training. However, avoid letting your clients know that your staff is in a training phase.
  • Implement techniques like simulation and role-playing to train, practice and reinforce cleaning expertise among trainee commercial cleaners.
  • , Unlike regular training sessions which involve the instructor in front and the employees seated at tables, make circular seating arrangements for more interactive, engaging training sessions.
  • During extensive in-house training, invite consultants, conduct seminars, workshops, etc. for your trainee cleaning staff, so that they can learn faster about different cleaning procedures, cleaning products, surface types and industry standards for cleaning, like how to deal with blood-borne pathogens, etc.

Step 4: Review/Feedback

At the last phase of the commercial cleaning training program, it is important to check the training knowledge gained by your employees. You can ask them to bring notes prepared by them initially during the training program, Also, review the work or activities performed by your employees during the training as a part of their learning.

It helps you to reinforce training knowledge among your employees and make them better compliant with your company’s cleaning standards. Further up, also check that your management staff, trainers and supervisors are doing a good job related to training your janitorial employees. Of course, the best place to get feedback about the quality of your commercial cleaning training program is your trainees themselves.

Training Tips for Commercial Cleaners at This Phase:

  • Use innovative feedback tools like quizzes to determine the knowledge obtained by your employees during the commercial cleaning training program.
  • Keep questions short and fair in your feedback quizzes for employees.
  • Provide clear and precise instructions for each client location to your trainee employees when they are posted for work there.
  • Proactively support newly trained employees and answer all cleaning-related queries at the client site.
  • Follow-up regularly and get feedback from cleaning staff to improve your training program, once they start working on real projects.

Summing Up ..!

Providing proper training to commercial cleaning staff is vital to get the job done safely, correctly, and efficiently at client locations. Regular in-house training creates new opportunities for employees to learn, improve, and build upon their existing capabilities.

It also provides a better opportunity for cleaning companies to retain their employees. Making training hands-on, informative and fun is important to keep your employees interested and engaged during commercial cleaning training sessions for corporate cleaners.

At last, a well-trained commercial cleaner is a great asset to have for any cleaning company as it will lead to more customer referrals, client satisfaction, and higher profits.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Office Cleaning Staff Motivated and Happy

In the office cleaning sector, it often becomes difficult for cleaning companies to retain their quality employees. The work performed here is often hectic, time-intensive, strenuous, and low-paying for cleaning staff, which also leads to customers complaining about poor services. But, with proper motivation employees in the cleaning sector can be retained.

Keeping the workforce happy and motivated in the cleaning sector is one of the biggest challenges faced by workplace cleaning businesses. The quality and work enthusiasm level among corporate cleaning staff directly affects the customer service level and reputation of office cleaning agencies.

When it comes to the Australian cleaning industry, keeping cleaning staff happier and motivated to work is also getting difficult for the owners due to low-paying labour contracts, poor wage rates, penalties and excessive overtime. No doubt, the productivity of office cleaners in Australia is the highest when compared globally.

As per the data, the Australian average price for site cleaning is 800 square metres per hour compared to a US average of 400 square metres and slightly higher in European countries. Also, these rates have not been achieved by office cleaners in Australia with a reduction in their cleaning service standards. Top cleaners like Clean Group in Australia are providing the highest standard of corporate cleaning services at affordable prices today.

Despite this, increasing employee motivation and satisfaction towards their work is a tough nut to crack for many workplace cleaners in Australia.

A cleaning staff with high levels of motivation is likely to outperform those that are less motivated. The employee satisfaction rate is also higher when employees are motivated and happier in a cleaning team. The reputation of your cleaning business can be easily damaged by a poorly motivated staff, which might result in the loss of existing customers and fewer opportunities to grow your business.

There could be many reasons for poor motivation level among office cleaning staff members. Some of the most common causes for low motivation among cleaning staff, identified globally include lack of inclusion, recognition, disliking of the immediate supervisor, poor communication, boredom, poor work environment, etc.

Understanding the basic principles or strategies of employee motivation is important to keep your cleaning staff motivated.

So, here are some of the best ways to keep your cleaning staff happier and motivated while delivering office cleaning services.

Celebrate Good Work with Cleaning Staff, Pass on the Performance Feedback Clearly

You, being a cleaning business owner should not forget to celebrate the good work done by your cleaning team. This “play hard” of “work hard, play hard” celebration should also not stop at your place of work door. Nothing makes people happier and amped up like a party.

So, you as an office cleaning company owner should always try to celebrate the success of every cleaning member with the whole team by throwing a team lunch, coffee party or Friday happy hour fun, etc. Further up, apart from celebrating the good work, it is also important to pass on the feedback related to work to your cleaning team, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

You should not be afraid to share feedback with your cleaning staff as it helps them to work upon their weaker areas and build a positive mindset. Sharing feedback is also an important part of making your cleaning team members motivated as they feel involved and important.

Make Clean and Transparent Communication

Keeping multiple communication channels open is so important as a cleaning business to make sure your frontline workforce feels they have many ways to connect and share their views related to work with the seniors in the organization. Often, employees are confined to their department heads and HR team, which makes them feel intimidated if they want to raise a voice on important organization issues.

When it comes to office cleaning businesses, transparency and open communication also play a major role in keeping your employees enthusiastic and motivated towards the work. Your cleaning staff should be clearly informed when you notice a positive change in their work or when their productivity is improved.

To acknowledge or appreciate such change, having transparent and clear communication is very vital. Also, when you are looking to share feedback on poor performance, it should also be communicated clearly to the cleaning staff.

As far as rewarding your cleaning staff is concerned, cash incentives, movie tickets or a paid day off work is never a bad idea!

Show Appreciation and Genuine Recognition to Your Cleaning Staff

A well run regular appraisal process is very important for office cleaning companies to identify talent, improve standards and ensure correct remuneration levels. It also serves as a correct motivator for the cleaning staff. Receiving quality appraisals on time will also help them to express their aspirations and set their development plans for self-improvement.

Offering loyalty bonuses or providing extra holidays to your cleaning staff is also a great way to appreciate their commitment or loyalty towards you. These are certain things that make your staff think twice about moving if they decide to give up on your firm.

Hence, genuine recognition or appreciation is important to keep the motivation level high of the cleaning staff. When you appreciate or recognize the hard work of your cleaning staff, which is physically demanding or repetitive in nature, it boosts their motivation level.

Rewarding your cleaning team regularly also help you in keeping your top performers motivated. Top corporate cleaning agencies like Clean Group provide regular appraisals to their qualified and experienced cleaning staff to keep them motivated towards the work.

Create a Fun, Friendly Work Environment

Motivation and a positive mood go hand in hand. This is because your mood directly affects your enthusiasm and energy level, concentration ability and overall well being of your body. If you as a workplace cleaning owner are looking to boost your employee motivation level up, then you should focus on making your place of work environment fun and friendly place to work.

Workroom cleaner’s nature of the job often requires them to work at difficult client locations or work areas like older buildings, etc. which makes them exhausted and less motivated towards their work.

So, it is wiser to create a workroom cleaning work environment where your staff actually want to spend time. That’s the reason we are continually seeing innovation in office interior design to make them more alike home or a jovial place to work. Creating an atmosphere that is fun and frolic will motivate your cleaning staff members and influence them to come to work every other day.

Reinforce Growth and Development

In the workplace cleaning sector, employees are required to get proper training so that they can deliver exceptional corporate cleaning services. Fostering growth and development culture in your organisation as an office cleaning business is also vital to boost the morale and motivation of employees.

Providing just annual appraisals is not something you should always think about when looking to boost the motivation level of employees. Providing growth opportunities for advancement to your most valued employees is a must for a cleaning agency to keep its cleaners motivated.

It makes them feel that they are on the potential track of advancement within your firm. It will not also motivate your employees but also reduce the turnover rate.

Keep Your Cleaning Staff Inclusive and Provide Them with a Sense of Ownership

You should also focus on keeping your cleaning staff members involved in every major organizational decision-making to make them feel involved. It can be described as giving them proper organizational visibility. Sharing the key organizational responsibilities with your cleaning team is also a great idea to up their morale and motivation level.

Educating them about how their hard work in cleaning services can contribute to the overall success of your office cleaning business is also a good way to up their morale. Giving your cleaning staff a voice by providing them opportunities for growth and a sense of ownership is important to boost their motivation level.

When you delegate responsibilities to your cleaning staff, they’ll feel more about the success of your firm and would be willing to go beyond their capacity to get the best results for your business.

Provide Your Team with the Best Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Cleaning large corporate buildings, apartments, hospitals, strata, etc. is not an easy task at all. The janitorial team needs the best of the cleaning tools, chemicals and other supplies to work properly and make the place properly sanitized, neat and clean.

Things like poor and outdated systems, inferior and ineffective cleaning chemicals and substandard equipment decrease the morale of the employees working at your corporate cleaning agency.

Hence, you should make sure that you provide all the latest cleaning equipment to your staff members along with proper training. Set them up for your office cleaners to get comfortable, not disgruntled.

Schedule Training & Development Programs for Your Cleaning Team

It is very possible that staff members at your cleaning agency are having all kinds of modern cleaning equipment and supplies, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand how to utilize those resources properly. Providing the right kind of training & knowledge is very crucial for your staff to be able to use advanced cleaning tools or equipment properly and handle them more effectively.

Giving proper training also has a positive impact on your overall cleaning process without compromising on quality. Office cleaning staff can learn how to complete each cleaning task effectively and efficiently if they are provided with proper on-job training. An experienced cleaner who knows what’s required to get the cleaning job done at the client location can train the new employees in your cleaning firm easily.

Organize Get-Togethers and Regular Events

In the workplace cleaning sector, your greatest business asset is your workforce so treating them properly is very important. As an owner, you should organize regular events and get-togethers for your cleaning staff to make them feel special.

As they say – sharing is caring, organizing regular events also give your colleagues an opportunity to know each other well, You can also discuss some of the important team issues during such meetings with your employees without troubling any of the management groups.

The future direction, goals and objectives of your organization can also be shared with employees in a fun, light mood to your employees rather than formal one-way presentations.

Make Flexible Schedules and Put Clear Expectations

Recognition and appraisals are not the only ways you can use to benefit employees in your office cleaning business. As we nature the nature of cleaning job is very difficult with hectic schedules and long working hours, hence; you as an owner can consider the option of drawing flexible schedules or rotating assignments for employees working in different shifts or groups.

The decision to prepare flexible schedules will create a sense of trust among your cleaning staff that you do care about their lives, apart from work. Many employees are burdened with family responsibilities and commitments to other organisations, so preparing flexible schedules is great to keep the motivation level up of your employees.

Apart from making flexible schedules, you as an owner, should also clearly communicate your performance requirements with the cleaning team. Those expectations should be consistent over time. You should also try to avoid arbitrary changes in your job requirements. Make sure your job expectations are administered in a consistent manner in your firm.

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