How to Clean Mould from Carpeted Floors

How to Clean Mould from Carpeted Floors

At home or in the office, sometimes we bring in things from the outside in, sometimes our wet socks and shoes do more than just wet the floors and carpet. Sometimes, what we don’t realise is the wet shoes and socks we walk around with could be leading to cleaning and floor problems that could result in terrible air quality conditions.

Wet and damp floors, carpets, and spaces can lead to mould, should be commercial cleaner is a very must for marble floor tiles.

What Causes Mould?

A fungus causes mould, and it happens when there is moisture in the air and the space. Despite the assumption that mould can only happen on fabric, mould can happen anywhere. From basements to damp closets and on the carpet, these are areas where mould is often susceptible.

With particular carpets with a fabric backing, these types of carpets are more susceptible to mould build-up; however, carpets with a rubber backing that isn’t absorbent to liquid, the chance of mould is not as high but still possible.

How? If the liquid is on the surface and is not immediately cleared, the mould can grow on the surface rather within the carpet.

It is for this reason that anytime there is a spill, or if you come in from the outside with wet shoes or socks, avoid walking on the carpet or try to dab out the liquid to prevent moulding.

How Can Mould Impact Your Carpet?

Not addressing mould on your carpet is serious – both for your health and those around you. It can impact the air quality, and if someone is immunocompromised or has a known breathing problem, mould can be dangerous to them.

Mould can also ruin the carpet; for example, if mould starts on the carpet atop a wooden floor, the mould could spread to the wood. This would lead to more severe problems, such as the structure’s integrity.

If this happens where the mould from the carpet has seeped into the foundation or what is underneath, it may be necessary to call in professionals for assistance.

Ignoring mould is dangerous and preventable. Cleaning it can be a hassle; however, professional cleaners can handle mouldy situations.

Ways to Clean Mould from Carpeted Floors

Discovering mould on carpet floors can seem daunting, if not terrifying because it could mean there is something more complex to deal with; however, there are things that one can do before the panic sets in.

Before cleaning mould on the carpet, the first thing one should do is to ventilate the area. Breathing in the mould is dangerous, especially if someone has breathing issues such as asthma.

Once you have proper ventilation, isolate the mould area and, using a bristle brush, attempt to scrub the area. The goal of this is to aggravate the space where the mould is formed. Doing this makes it so that you can remove any mould-causing spores.

After scrubbing, apply a carpet cleaner solution, be cautious with certain products on the market, as many may have bleach. If your carpet is colored or sensitive, the bleach in the chemical could ruin your carpet.

When shopping for a carpet cleaning solution, determine if you want one applied and scrubbed away or if you want one used in conjunction with a vacuum.

Ensure that after applying any solution to the affected area, you allow it to dry properly. Not allowing for the area to dry properly is going to result in the problem of mould continuing.

Have reservations about doing your own cleaning or the chemicals and approach? Professional cleaning companies have the equipment and proper solutions that can ensure your mouldy carpet is thoroughly and safely cleaned.

Tips to Preventing Mould from Happening

Preventing mould is possible – and sometimes, it doesn’t require any significant changes or modifications to one’s environment. If anything, controlling mould is about an awareness of one’s setting and more.

Here are a few tips one could do to prevent mould from building up under their carpet or around their space.


Check the humidity levels in and around your office or home. High humidity levels could result in mould, while low humidity could result in dry air and be uncomfortable.

The ideal levels of moisture in a space should be around 60%. To control humidity in a room or area, some humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be purchased to assist in maintaining proper levels.

Avoid Carpet in High Moisture Areas

Removing carpet entirely could be costly; however, this may be the best option for preventing and avoiding moisture if there is an option. If it isn’t possible, having the carpet lay atop a rubber or non-moisture absorbing material can help prevent mould from building up.

Clean Up Any Spills or Moisture Immediately

It is essential that once spills happen, they are immediately cleaned up, rather than left sit. Not cleaning up the spills or moisture could result in mould build-up. It may not be instant, but over time, if the moisture worsens or grows, it can lead to mould, as well as damage to the carpet and foundation.

These three tips can make a significant difference in preventing mould from happening on carpet floors.

The Clean Group – Sydeny’s Tried and Trusted Professional Cleaners

When left unaddressed, mould on carpeted floors can be dangerous, both to one’s health and the room’s foundation.

At the Clean Group, cleanliness is a number one priority. With the proper cleaning resources and tools, such as the Electrostatic Spray, Clean Group can provide a deep, thorough, and sanitised clean.

During COVID, the Clean Group ensured that their clients could rest assured they were protected from any unwanted germs and bacteria no matter the space.

Dealing with a mouldy carpet or flooring? The Clean Group’s 20-year experience means they have experience addressing mould and fixing carpets and floors where mould is apparent.

Offering everything from steam cleaning to shampooing and dry carpet cleaning – no matter the state of your floors, the Clean Group has the service and equipment to get the job done.

Concerned about the costs of hiring a professional cleaning company? Don’t worry; the Clean Group is an affordable cleaning company that doesn’t jeopardise quality for the price. Big or small, whatever the cleaning needs, reach out to the Clean Group for a free assessment and quote today.

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