Guide to Cleaning Marble Floor Tiles

Guide to Cleaning Marble Floor Tiles

Marble is a form of décor and stone with a high-end appearance; it’s no wonder why so many try to do their best when it comes to maintenance and commercial cleaning.

The thing about marble, especially when it comes to marble floor tiles, is that while they look nice if you don’t take the time to read about the proper care and maintenance, the appeal and shine could be short-lived.

What Causes Dirt on Marble Floor Tiles

Outside, places around the house or office may not have been thoroughly cleaned. Dirt is inevitable, and it is everywhere; however, some specks of dirt cause more damage than others.

Practicing extra caution when you have marble floor tiles is essential, as any dirt, spill, or damage could potentially forever ruin the floors. While they can be replaced, it is a more costly solution than simply cleaning them and checking for dirt on shoes and objects.

In some instances, dirt may be more inevitable; for example, if you have children or pets, maybe you have marble floor tiles in a high traffic area. When it comes to these situations, maintenance is vital.

While the appearance of marble is appealing, reevaluating where you have marble may be something worth considering – especially if you have it in high-traffic areas in a building or office because it may be harder to maintain and constantly be vigilant in cleaning the floors.

How to Clean Marble Floor Tiles

The most basic thing homeowners or business owners can do if they have marble floor tiles is to maintain them by regularly cleaning them. Even if there is no dirt, or it doesn’t appear to need a wipe and walkthrough, regular maintenance is important, as you never know if that tiny spec could lead to something worst.

Investing in a good, mid-range soft cloth mop can help with daily cleanings, as it is important that when it comes to marble floors, they are routinely and regularly cleaned.

Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning and Maintaining Marble Floor Tiles

Did you know there is an art to cleaning marble floor tiles? When it comes to marble, even granite or stone, sure dos and don’ts have to be considered because if not, that expensive flooring could get ruined.

Here are a few dos and don’ts of maintaining your marble floor tiles.

Dos of Marble Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Make sure your marble is sealed. This extra layer can protect and avoid any liquids from penetrating through but more importantly, the sealant gives it that extra shine and gloss. However, one should be careful because sealing does not mean that it can’t get stained or damaged when it gets wet or scratched.
  • Blot don’t wipe as wiping the liquid or spill could make it worst on the marble. Blotting spills or liquid allows for a centralised focus and avoids any spreading of the liquid; for example, if you spill wine, taking a cloth or paper towel and placing it on top of the liquid is better than wiping it.
  • Use a sponge or cloth to clean over a paper towel. Of course, there may be situations where access to a cloth or sponge is not possible; use what is readily there rather than leaving the liquid or spill on the marble.
  • Prevent direct contact with dirt and liquids. Consider using a shoe rack or tray with marble floors to prevent any outside dirt or liquid from being tracked inside because rocks, stones, and grime could damage the marble floors.
  • Regularly mop and clean the floors to avoid and prevent any dust build-up. Though it may seem harmless, the dust build-up can impact the coating and the shine of the marble. A recommendation for mopping and dusting is a microfiber sweeper.

Don’ts of Marble Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Use random household cleaners as the chemicals could damage the marble, especially if there is a coating or sealant. Ensure to read the chemical ingredients and whether or not the cleaner is suitable for marble; unless specified, do not use non-marble cleaner on marble, or try it on a small space. Harmful chemicals can lead to etching marks or corrosion.
  • Avoid acidic or citrus cleaners, as well as bleach and ammonia. These chemicals may not lead to an instant reaction; however, they could dull the marble’s appearance over time.
  • Prevent your toiletry products from making direct contact with the surface of the marble. The chemicals from the runoff could stain or corrode the sealant. Try putting a mat or tray down to act as a barrier between the two.
  • Avoid placing sharp or jagged edges onto the marble. Whether it’s your marble floors or countertop, avoid putting any sharp or rough objects directly onto the marble. This could accidentally scratch the marble, which could be apparent depending on the color or design.

Recognising and applying these dos and don’ts can help maintain your marble floors, but more importantly, these tips can help the longevity and appearance of marble. Improper care not only ruins the aesthetics and functionality of the marble, but it can be costly to either replace or repair.

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