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Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Medical Centre Cleaners

This is a complete guide to the things to keep in mind when hiring medical centre cleaners by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.

Cleaning a medical centre is a job that requires expertise and skills. It involves more than just sweeping the floor, dusting the shelves, or emptying the bins.

Given this, it should not be completed just by any ordinary person, but by real medical centre cleaners professionals.

However, finding the right team of cleaners can also be challenging. There are certain factors you need to take into consideration such as the cleaning schedule and your budget.

Since your cleaners will be dealing with a medical facility, your chosen cleaners should also be able to cover all your facility’s needs, like sanitation and disinfection services.

To help you hire the right medical centre cleaners team for your centre cleaning, here are some things to keep in mind:

Medical Cleaning Is Not Similar to Residential Cleaning

In a previous post, we explained the differences between Commercial Cleaning and Residential Cleaning. This case best illustrates their differences.

When choosing a medical centre cleaners service to use, be sure to choose a company that specialises in professional medical cleaning.

It will give you the guarantee that the people you are hiring have adequate knowledge about the sanitation process and the proper handling of medical wastes.

Weigh in the Cost and the Quality

A cleaning company that is willing to do any type of cleaning work for a cost is suspicious. And while your budget is an important factor in hiring a medical centre cleaners service, it is not always ideal to go for the cheapest service available.

Medical centre cleaners require expertise, skills, as well as the use of high-grade tools and equipment. Therefore, it is normal for companies that specialise in them to charge a higher service fee than the regular ones.

Learn About the Cleaning Products and Processes

As a customer, you can ask the cleaning company about their cleaning practices and the products they use. Doing this can help you determine if their operational style aligns with yours.

You can also assess whether your staff and patients will remain safe from the cleaning chemicals that the cleaning company would use in your facility.

Ask More Questions

When looking to hire a medical centre cleaners service, do not be afraid to ask questions.

It is an effective way of knowing whether you have found the right medical centre cleaners cleaning team or not.

A reliable cleaning company must be able to provide you with all the complete details of their service. That includes the cleaning solutions available the methods to be used, and the service cost.

Below are some more questions you can ask a cleaning service provider:

  • How will the team clean the office areas?
  • How will they disinfect phones, keyboards, and other handheld accessories?
  • What cleaning chemicals will they use for the floors? For the toilets?
  • What other cleaning products will the cleaners use?
  • Will there be regular inspections? How often will it occur?
  • A medical centre cleaners company that truly knows what they are doing can provide you answers to all these questions.
  • If they are not able to provide you with all the details you need, there is a high chance they are amateur cleaners. Clean Group has a team of real professional cleaners. Right off the bat, they will supply you with a complete cleaning solution to all your cleaning needs.

5 Areas Your Strata Cleaners Should be Paying Attention To

In this post, I am going to show you the 5 areas your strata cleaners should be paying attention to by Clean Group. Keep reading.

Given the amount of space that a strata‘s properties covers, maintaining its cleanliness can be a challenging task. There are also other factors that you will need to consider such as the cleaning quality, its consistency, and the number of resources to be used. Join this all together and you have mayhem of issues to deal with.

But when you hire the right strata cleaners, this should not be a problem. Expert strata cleaners in Sydney will bring expertise to your site and provide you with all-around strata cleaning. They will be present at your desired time, do their work, and complete it on time.

Another thing with professional strata cleaners, they know all the critical areas in your property that need special attention. Given this, they will allocate adequate time in cleaning these areas and make sure to leave them in an impeccable state.

To help you know whether the strata cleaners you hired are real experts in their trade, watch out for whether or not they are paying attention to these critical areas in your strata property.

Entrance Halls/ Lobbies/ Hallways

These areas are the first places that receive foot traffic in a strata property. This means they are the most likely to get dirty quickly because people them fresh from the outside step on them first. Therefore, your area strata cleaners should be paying attention take sufficient time in cleaning them.


Following the entrance hall or lobbies are the stairs. Keep in mind that they need to stay clean at all times. That is because the stairs are an accident-prone area on your property. When someone spills liquid or drops an item on the ground, people can slip or trip over them.

Your area strata cleaners paying attention should, then, ensure that all the stairs in your property are clean and dry at all times. A single carelessness in cleaning can result in accidents and injuries of your residents and lot owners.


Lifts have multiple buttons that different people touch and push in order to get from one floor to another. Because many people use them every now and then, elevator buttons become a likely breeding ground for germs and bacteria and an agent to transport diseases.

Why you need professional Strata cleaning given this, your strata cleaners must also be able to perform a sanitation or disinfection process that will effectively eliminate all disease-causing germs.


Even before your visitors get to the entrance halls, they will first get to see the outside of your property, which includes the driveways. And in order to make the right impression on visitors, the exterior of your strata building should always be presentable.

Your area strata cleaners paying attention should regularly swipe and wash the driveways to remove sand, dirt, mud, and other unpleasant outside-world particles. Doing this will also help prevent tire damages, which will surely cause frustration to your residents.

Gardens and Lawns

Having beautiful gardens and laws will attract more lot buyers into your strata property. When the outside of your strata property is not appealing, how can you even invite people in? To help you attract the right clients, your strata cleaners must also be able to provide you with gardening services.

They must be able to perform gardening functions, such as pruning, hedging, weeding, lawn mowing, and edging.

Now that you know the five most critical aspects of your strata property, you can identify for yourself whether the strata cleaning services you are using are truly up to scratch. When you do not see them focusing on the five significant areas above, then it is time to say goodbye.

For a more reliable strata cleaning, you can count on Clean Group’s Strata Cleaning Services. We are made up of professional commercial cleaners who possess true knowledge about this job. They know which areas to focus on and how much attention they need to give.

You can rely on us to maintain and sustain the livable condition of your strata property.

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Fun Facts About Cleaning

Today you’re going to see the fun facts about cleaning by Clean Group. Let’s get started.

Cleaning is never fun. For most people, it is one of the most tedious activities in life. Rarely will you hear people associate it with the word “fun”? As a commercial cleaning company that loves and enjoys cleaning business premises, we want to break the negative connotations that are usually attached to it.

So today, we’d like to share some fun facts about Sydney office cleaning that hopefully will help change the way you look at cleaning your homes and workplaces.

Did You Know That…

1. 85-87% of the average person’s time is spent indoors at home. This means that keeping our home cleans should be one of our priorities.

2. By cleaning for two hours, you burn 200 worth of calories. In fact, different cleaning chores burns varying amount of calories in the body. Mopping for an hour, for example, can burn about 153 calories and scrubbing the tub for 15 minutes lets you shed 90 calories.

3. Every year about 300,000 cases of reported illnesses are foodborne. Making it a habit to wash your hands after handling food is the best way to avoid falling victim to such illnesses.

4. You need to leave antibacterial cleaners on dirty surfaces for 30 to 60 before wiping them away. It allows enough time for the cleaner to absorb dirty and kill bacteria and germs.

5. Around 70-80% of dust particles are dead skin cells.

6. Iceland, according to researchers at Columbia and Yale Universities, is the cleanest country in the world having a score of 93.5. While Sierra Leone ranks the lowest having only a score of 32.1.

The scores were based on several factors such as water and air quality; greenhouse emissions; environmental public health; and the diversity of the ecosystem.

7. Your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet seat! That is because people focus on cleaning and disinfecting the toilet more than they do on the sink thinking that the former is dirtier than the latter. In fact, E.coli thrives more on a wet and moist sink.

8. Whenever you flush your toilet, “toilet plumes” or small waste particles get sprayed into the air, which you can inhale or can attach themselves to your toothbrush. Starting today, make it a habit to close the lid before flushing the toilet.

9. Banana peels can be used to polish silver and leather shoes. So the next time you have bananas, be sure to keep the banana peels. It can help you save on polished products.

10. An office phone contains about 25,000 germs per square inch. But there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is give your office phone a quick wipe with a disinfecting wipe daily.

You are following these fun facts about cleaning. Then your workplace stays completely germ-free and neat and clean at all times. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from professional commercial cleaners.

They have the right tools and equipment to remove deep-seated dirt and tough germs in any part of your workplace. You can also rest assured that your premises will be cleaned to the highest standards.

By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you can ensure that your office or place of business will remain clean, sanitise, and healthy for you, your staff, and your customers.

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Poor Retail Cleaning Affects Customer Experience

In this post, I am going to show you the poor retail cleaning that affects customer experience by Clean Group. Keep Reading.

As modern technology becomes more advanced, retails stores and shops today become more than just a place to purchase goods. Along with the merchandise, they have to offer consumers a different level of shopping experience. To keep up with the customers’ changing desires and demands, store owners need to come up with ways to keep their customers enticed to brand.

If the customers are satisfied with the shopping experience a store offers, they will certainly keep coming back. And in order for this to happen, there are several factors that come into play. One of them is a shop or store’s level of commitment to cleanliness.

A study conducted in the US revealed that about 99% of 1,004 adult customers would refuse to go back to a poorly cleaned store. The study also showed dirty restrooms and unpleasant odors to be the top reason for consumers to avoid a store.

It even scored higher than bad customer service and is followed by dirty floors, stains, dusty surfaces, and greasy windows.

Another study found that 52% of the respondents would avoid a store entirely if it looks dirty and unappealing from the outside.

What these studies tell us is that a store’s overall cleanliness has a direct effect on its reputation. For store and shop owners, it means that they need to pay considerable attention to effective retail cleaning.

What Needs to Be Done

In order to ensure that your store will not drive your customers away, here are three important things you need to implement in your business:

  • Make retail cleaning one of your main priorities.

This means investing in professional commercial cleaning services. You may opt to find a cleaning provider with who you can discuss your business’s specific needs. They must also be able to help you come up with strategies to improve your store’s cleaning conditions.

  • Conduct regular inspections.

Especially on critical areas like restrooms, windows, floors, and surfaces easily accessible to customers.

  • Heed customer feedback and comments about the overall condition of your store.

This means taking immediate action on complaints in order to provide the best customer experience.

You can do all these things in coordination with your own cleaning staff. But to ensure that your business meets the highest cleaning standards, outsourcing professional commercial cleaning, like Clean Group, will be your best hope.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Retail Cleaners

Clean Group is a professional cleaning company that offers high-quality retail cleaning for a very affordable price. Hiring their expert team of cleaners will give you the following benefits:

✔ They will provide you with impeccable cleaning that drives customer retention.

✔ Your staff can focus more on providing the best customer service instead of keeping the store clean.

✔ Professional cleaners will keep critical aspects of your store or shop in the best condition.

✔ Professional cleaners will bring expertise into your store utilising the best cleaning techniques and green cleaning methods for safer, healthier cleaning.

If you are a business owner who does not want to risk losing your most loyal customers, you need to ensure your retail store is in tip-top shape. You can do so by seeking help from professional commercial cleaners based in Sydney.

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Cleaning Hacks for Gyms and Fitness Facilities

In this post, I am going to show you the cleaning hacks for gyms and fitness facilities by Clean Group. Keep reading.

One of the easiest places to get dirty is gyms and fitness facilities. Thanks to the amount of sweat that gym-goers produce as they work out. The germs that it contains can also be easily spread around because different people share the same equipment and exercise machines.

Especially during busy days, it can be hard to keep up with the amount of sweat and germs being produced and spread around your facility. But it doesn’t mean your gym has to stay dirty until closing time.

Below are some simple tips you can follow to ensure your gym stays in good shape while it’s busy helping your patrons get in shape.

Encourage Frequent Handwashing Habit

Putting up signs reminding your patrons and staff to wash their hands frequently can help promote good hygiene in the gym. It’s best practice to do so before and after using the restroom.

So you have to be sure that your gym restroom is fully stocked with basic toiletries such as hand soaps and paper towels.

Most gym cleaning companies offer restocking services to help you ensure your facility will never run out of toilet hygiene products.

Have Hand Sanitizers and Paper Towels Handy

You’ve done your bit in promoting handwashing habits in your facility. However, it’s not always possible for your patrons to run to the restroom and wash their hands after each exercise.

To help them maintain good hygiene in your fitness facility, you can place hand sanitisers and paper towels in several locations around the gym. The ideal places to put them are at the reception area, near exercise machines, free weights area.

Having them readily available can encourage your patrons to wipe the equipment after every use and their own hands before touching or using other equipment.

Wipe Each Equipment Often or After Every Use

While you can encourage your patrons, you can’t demand them to do so. Instead, you can have your own staff or regular commercial cleaners wipe each equipment as often as possible.

Implementing the wiping habit shows your patrons that you care about your facility’s cleanliness. This will either encourage them to continue coming to your facility or to clean up after working out.

Eliminate, Not Just Cover-Up, Unpleasant Odour

There are two ways you can deal with unpleasant odors in your gym. One is to use air fresheners and the other is to clean its source.

Unpleasant odors are usually caused by germs and bacteria. Air fresheners only cover up the unpleasant odor, but not remove the bacteria causing it. As a result, the scent of the air freshener mixes with bad air causing a more unwanted odor.

The best way to deal with unpleasant gym odors is to find the source and clean it thoroughly. Then be sure to disinfect the area to kill the germs. This will remove the bad smell permanently, and your gym will smell nicely again without having to use any air freshening products.

Keeping your fitness facility clean really doesn’t require too much. It only requires a good cleansing routine and good personal hygiene. But to ensure your gym stays in its best condition, hiring gym cleaning professionals is the best way to go.

These people have the right knowledge and advanced equipment to make any gyms clean, hygienic, and smelling fresh.

Our gym and fitness centre cleaning locations are Clean Group Sydney, Clean Group Melbourne, Clean Group Brisbane

Ways to Maintain Cleanliness in a Childcare Centre

This guide will show you exactly the ways to maintain cleanliness in a childcare centre by Clean Group.  Keep reading.

We are all aware of the inarguable importance of keeping a childcare centre clean. Firstly, it helps prevent the spread of germs and diseases allowing both the caregivers and students to stay healthy.

Secondly, a clean facility creates a good impression on parents making them trust your ability to look after their children. This, in turn, will help you build a good reputation in the childcare industry.

To help you ensure that your childcare facility remains clean, safe, and healthy for little children, here are some easy ways to maintain cleanliness you can follow. These tips can be done by anyone: either by you, your caregivers or teachers, and your regular cleaning staff.

Implement frequent hand washing habits

Teaching kids to frequently wash their hands is essential in preventing the spread of germs and diseases. Therefore, children and teachers both need to develop a habit of washing their hands after using the loo, before and after meals, as well as before and after playing.

It is also necessary to wash their hands after wiping a runny nose. Using hand sanitisers after washing can also help in fighting off the spread of diseases.

Vacuum floors and clean toys regularly

Make vacuuming a part of your daily cleaning routine. It helps a great deal in removing dirt and dust that may irritate your young learners. Also, be sure to clean toys regularly and disinfect the ones that kids put in their mouths. Doing so will kill germs and bacteria, thereby preventing them from spreading.

Have wet wipes ready in every room

You don’t know when there’s going to be a mess that’ll need cleaning so you have to be ready. It could be anything from a spilled beverage, paint or a food mess.

Having wipes at hand in every room will allow you to attend to the mess quickly. In addition, not only can wipes be used to clean a mess but they can also be used by students to wipe their hands off after every activity.

Attend to any mess immediately

Now that you have wet wipes handy, you can deal with dirt, spills or any kind of mess immediately. Doing so will help prevent accidents like slipping, falling or tripping over. It will also make removing unwanted stains a lot easier and your facility’s routine deep cleaning a breeze.

For professional deep office cleaning services, be sure to seek help only from the experts.

A clean childcare facility is a pleasant place for little children to learn and have fun. It also enables you to do your job well and protect children’s vulnerable immune systems from diseases.

To ensure your childcare facility remains clean at all times, make sure to follow these easy ways to maintain cleanliness

Experts like Clean Group can also help you have a healthier and cleaner childcare centre. They have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to not just clean your centre, but also keep it completely germ-free.

Cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting, which are entirely different things, are what their professional cleaners do best.

Things You Can Clean with Microfibre Cloths

Today you’re going to see the things you can clean with microfibre cloths by Clean Group. Let’s get started.

In one of our previous posts, we talked about reasons to use microfibre cloths in cleaning your workspace.

We also shared a few care tips that will prolong the life of your clean with microfibre cleaning cloths.

In this post, we’d like to share several ways you can use them in your office or any commercial and industrial workspaces, so you can keep it tidy and sparklingly clean.

Where to use Microfibres

Microfibres are great to use in commercial cleaning just about anything! Their tiny fibres make them great for trapping dirt and for absorbing water. With them, you can clean your workplace with or without water and cleaning chemicals.

Not only that, microfibres are designed to be thin enough to fit into corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

Because of their efficiency in cleaning they’ve become a staple for professional commercial cleaners.

Below, we summarise the things you can use microfibre cleaning cloths for:

Cleaning Furniture and Surfaces

Cleaning Furniture and Surfaces

We already know that microfibres are superb when it comes to trapping and collecting dirt. That’s why it’s the best cleaning tool to use in cleaning dusty surfaces.

Whether it’s a dirty kitchen top to a dusty desk, you can clean with a microfibre cloth do it all. And it’s highly effective even without water or chemicals, so you’re sure your furniture is safe.

Polishing Windows, Glasses, and Mirrors

Polishing Windows, Glasses, and Mirrors

Microfibres leave no traces of streak after wiping them across a surface. It’s effective in removing grease, dirt, fingertip, or any type of unwanted particles on a glass surface.

Just simply wipe the window glass with a slightly damp cloth, then polish it with a dry microfibre cloth to make it shine and sparkle. You can do this with a window cleaning agent of your choice, but using only water is enough.

Mopping Floors

Mopping Floors

Who says you can only clean floors with wet mops? Microfibres can also be used for this specific job. Apply or spray a small amount of floor cleaner onto the floor, attach/ tie the microfibre cloth to your mop, and then use it to wipe off dirt or stains on the floor.

For a drier finish, you can use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe the remaining water of the cleaning product off the floor. This will give your floor a shinier, slip-free finish.

Wiping Bathroom Surfaces

Wiping Bathroom Surfaces

Bathrooms in workplaces easily get dirty. That’s because several people share them and not all take time to keep it clean.

Microfibres help make the cleaning job a lot easier for your commercial cleaning providers. They absorb all the dirt on a surface in just one swipe.

They’re also very easy to use and reuse. Just wash them up with water, wring it out and use it again.

If you prefer to use cleaning chemicals to disinfect your workplace bathroom, you can use just a small amount because microfibres are super absorbent.

Cleaning Appliances and Electronic Gadgets

Cleaning Appliances and Electronic Gadgets

Aside from being super absorbent, microfibres are also very gentle cleaning tools. You can use them on electronic gadgets with fragile screens like smartphones or tablets, as well as on other appliances, such as TVs.

When your phones, tablets, or laptops get greasy with constant use, you just simply have to give it a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

Apart from these things on our list, there is virtually nothing that microfibres can’t clean. From fixtures, lighting, baseboards, down to the floor, they are proven to be the best cleaning tool to use.

To find cleaning partners who know how to use this ultimate cleaning tool efficiently, reach out to Clean Group’s cleaning team and discuss your needs. They can provide you with bespoke microfibre cleaning solutions and deliver high-quality results.

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Why Your Warehouse Needs Professional Cleaning

Today you’re going to see the reason why your warehouse needs professional cleaning by Clean Group.  So let’s get started.


A warehouse is an essential part of a business. It is where your products reside as they wait to be delivered to their specific recipients. Typically, operating a warehouse means having to deal with a high volume of products.

Not only that but you also have to ensure that your products come in and out of your facility on time is a must. Because of this, maintaining the warehouse’s cleanliness becomes an almost impossible task to accomplish.

To help you keep up with a hectic schedule and keep its facilities clean and tidy, you can hire professional warehouse cleaners.

These people can ensure your warehouse stays clean and tidy even during busy days. And instead of spending valuable time clearing the mess in your warehouse, you can focus more on optimising their business operations.

Aside from saving up time, hiring professional cleaners to clean your warehouse offers several other benefits. We rounded up three of the most important below to guide you.

Getting professional warehouse cleaning…

    2. Makes your warehouse accident-free

Wet floors, scattered boxes, products, and equipment can cause accidents in your warehouse. Your employees can slip, fall or trip over stray objects and suffer from injuries.

When this happens, they may have to take days off from work, which, in turn, can affect your warehouse’s overall operation. They may also come after work injury claims from your company that’s why you need a proper warehouse cleaning.

Having professional cleaners to keep things in your warehouse clean and organised can help prevent this from happening.

Depending on the cleaning schedule you set, they will come to your site to clean spills on the floor, clean up the clutter and make your facility spick and span.

    2.Makes your business look more trustworthy

A dirty place, whether it’s an office, a factory, or a warehouse is never attractive. It signals incompetence and neglect to visitors and clients. A warehouse needs professional cleaning, on the other hand, shows your ability to keep things under control no matter how busy you are. It tells your clients and prospective business partners that you are skilled, reliable, and trustworthy.

Professional warehouse cleaners can help you do this. With impeccable cleaning, they can improve your warehouse’s aesthetics making it look presentable to visitors, clients and investors.

    3. Makes your employees more efficient

A cluttered workspace makes an unproductive employee. The same can be said about untidy and unorganised warehouses. When your warehouse is cluttered up, your staff may take a longer time to find certain items they need.

They’ll have to go through piles and piles of junk only to find out that what they’re looking for isn’t there. Then, they’ll have to repeat the same process in another pile of junk.

This wouldn’t happen to you if you have cleaners who are consistently looking after your warehouse. They will immediately take out unnecessary junk so your facility won’t be too cluttered.

They can also help stack your products in an organised manner so your staff wouldn’t have to go sift through all the warehouse mess.


Final Thoughts

Of course, these results can also be obtained without the help of professional cleaners. You can assign cleaning tasks to your employees, along with other tasks they have.

However, doing so can greatly reduce the time and energy of your employees. As a result, they may not even be able to perform their original tasks.

For this reason, some business companies warehouse needs professional cleaning services to save the time and labor of their employees.

If you want to reap the benefits outlined above without having to waste so much time, hiring professional cleaners will be the best reasonable course of action.

Clean Group can help you with all your warehouse cleaning needs. We have the right tools and cleaning solutions that will make your facility, clean, safe and looking its best. Just simply contact us and we’ll be there to help you.

5 Must-Have Office Cleaning Equipment in the Office

This guide will show you exactly the 5 cleaning equipment must-have in the office by Clean Group. It’s time for the first step.

A truly reliable Office cleaning Sydney company supplies its clients with a complete cleaning service. This includes providing a comprehensive cleaning plan and bringing all the necessary cleaning equipment onsite. As a paying customer, it’s only right and reasonable for you to rely on your cleaning company for any cleaning concerns.

But when tiny mishaps occur such as liquid spills or smashed objects, you should be able to deal with the help of cleaning equipment must-have in the office immediately. This will allow you to ensure your employees’ safety at all times and save you from trouble during unexpected client visits.

The problem is, you cannot do this when all your office cleaning equipment is provided by your commercial cleaners and they aren’t around at the time of the incident.

To help you deal with cleaning accidents in the office at once, here are five cleaning equipment must-have in the office:

A Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner

Keeping a vacuum cleaner handy allows you to remove dirt promptly. This is especially useful when you have unexpected office guests. A handheld vacuum cleaner will be ideal if your office has small equipment storage.

You can also opt for easy-to-use and easy-to-store vacuums such as the robot and stick vacuums.

A “Wet Floor” Sign

A “Wet Floor” Sign

This is very handy when there are liquid spills anywhere in the office. It could be a water spill from the leaking kitchen sink or in the toilet. It could also spill from beverages such as coffee or juice. Whatever it is, it’s necessary to have the sign ready to protect your staff from injuries.

This is very handy when there are liquid spills anywhere in the office. It could be a water spill from the leaking kitchen sink or in the toilet. It could also spill from beverages such as coffee or juice. Whatever it is, it’s necessary to have the sign ready to protect your staff from injuries.

A Mop

Putting up a warning sign after a liquid spill isn’t enough. You or your employees must also be able to clean up the mess immediately to avoid any injuries. A quick mopping wouldn’t hurt or take too much time so you must have it readily available in the office.

Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths

Spills don’t only happen on floors. It can also happen on desks and kitchen tables when your staff are taking their break. Your employees will also need to wipe their computer screens, monitors and other surfaces clean from time to time.

Having microfibre cleaning cloths ready will help your staff keep their surrounding clean. Learn more about the benefits of using microfibre here.

Antibacterial Surface Sprays

Antibacterial surface sprays

Wiping dirt off surfaces is a good cleaning habit. But it doesn’t remove and kill germs and bacteria that can cause diseases that’s why cleaning equipment must have needed in the office.

To ensure these nasty particles are removed together with dirt and dust, you have to use antibacterial surface sprays. It will not only keep your office clean but it will also keep your employees safe from diseases.

Relying on commercial cleaners for all your cleaning needs is a reasonable choice. But having your own cleaning equipment ready is sensible. It will help keep your office stay clean even when your commercial cleaners are not around.

When it comes to getting the complete basic cleaning essentials, Clean Group can help you. We provide restocking services, together with our comprehensive office cleaning services.

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8 Office Cleaning Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Office

In this post, I am going to show you the 8 office cleaning mistakes that could ruin your office by Clean Group. Keep reading.

Most people do not know what Sydney office cleaning entails. They report in the morning, find a clean office, and then leave in the evening because someone will take care of it. Just like any other building and structure, offices should be cleaned often to avoid dust accumulation, germs and other microorganisms.

A clean office is a comfortable space to work in where one focuses on important things rather than the foul smells, dirty window panes, dirty and stained carpet among other areas. While cleaning the office, one is prone to make mistakes that could lead to damages.

So, what are the 8 cleaning mistakes that could ruin your office?

Using Too Much Water

While cleaning the office, remember using too much water on the floor or carpet, which means the office needs more time to dry. Wet grounds can lead to mildew which can pose serious health issues. Too much water can also cause metallic items in the office to rust.

Offices also host a number of electrical systems that could be damaged if they get into contact with water. If water and electrical systems come into contact, it can lead to electrical shock which can cause serious health hazards.

Using Different Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are made of different components. It is important for you to read the ingredients before using the products. Some of the ingredients in the cleaning product can damage the surfaces of your furniture.

They may also contain fumes that are not good for your health. Mixing different cleaning ingredient can cause even more damage if not used carefully.

Using a Dry Rug to Dust

Using a dry cloth to dust surfaces will not only create static charges that will attract more dust particles, but it will also scratch the surface of the furniture. For the best result, consider using a soft microfibre cloth. A microfibre cloth will collect and hold all particles from the surface.

Vacuuming Everything

Some people assume that with a vacuum cleaner, all cleaning in the office is sorted. However, you may want to get other cleaning tools such as stain remover. This will help to keep the office neat all the time. A vacuum cleaner may not remove all dust particles on all surfaces.

Desks and tables need to be cleaned with a microfibre cloth before vacuuming the office. Also, remember to empty the vacuum bag after cleaning.

Scrubbing Spills

If you have a carpeted office, you should avoid scrubbing spills and spots. So many things can cause spotting in the office, such as tea, coffee, ink or grease. Scrubbing may lead to damage or cause the spill to go deeper into the fibre, and spread it further.

When accidental spillage occurs, you can place a towel on the stain then use a stain remover. If there are stubborn stains on your carpet consider getting a professional to help.

Spraying on Surfaces Directly

Contrary to what most people believe, spraying on a microfibre cloth will save on the amount of detergent you use and leave the surface cleaner for longer compared to spraying directly on the surface.

Dispose of Garbage Regularly and in the Right Place

This is one of the most common mistakes that employees commit. Leaving food scrubs and any other food waste in the bin can attract pests such as cockroaches and rats. Make sure the office bin is emptied regularly.

Garbage should also be disposed of in the right places. The office should have a garbage bin to ensure litter is not left anywhere which will always make it hard to clean and clear clutter in the office.

Rushing Through the Cleaning

People spend the most hours in a day in the office, therefore, the office should be given the same care that is given to cleaning the house.

Rushing through while cleaning the office will leave some blind spots that with time will accumulate in a heap of garbage. Ensure you give enough time for cleaning the office.

A clean office will allow people to enjoy a conducive environment for people to work in. It will also create a good first impression with the customers. However, finding the right people to clean your office thoroughly can be a task.

To get high standard cleaning in your office, contact Clean Group. This is a cleaning company that has skilled highly and experienced cleaners who use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest standard of cleaning is achieved.

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