How to Clean Gold Jewellery at Home: A Quick Guide

How to Clean Gold Jewellery at Home A Quick Guide

Gold jewellery holds a unique place in our hearts, from family heirlooms to gorgeous wedding rings; because time may be cruel and leave these items looking dull and worn, it’s crucial to clean your gold jewellery on a regular basis; as a result, you most likely have to tackle this task at home.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to polish your gold jewellery; however, we’ve got some great tips to get you started.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Gold Jewellery?

We suggest cleaning your gold jewellery after a few weeks to keep them shiny; however, don’t polish them too often, as this can wear away the metal more quickly over time. You should polish your gold jewellery every few months with a polishing cloth.

How to Clean Your Gold Jewellery at Home

A gold-specific jewellery cleaning solution is an effective and safe approach to keep your gold in excellent condition; just make sure it says “gold” in the description!

Believe it or not, cleaning your jewellery at home is quite a simple process. While there are a few specific products you can buy for this task, general items you have lying around your house can work wonders too. The cheapest and best option is to use warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Here are the steps you need to follow

Step One: Fill Water in a Bowl

Add warm water into a bowl with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Make sure that the water is warm and not hot.

Step Two: Put Your Jewellery in the Bowl to Soak

Put your jewellery into the warm water solution. Leave it to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step Three: Scrub the Jewellery with a Soft-bristle Brush

Using a soft-bristle brush or even a paintbrush, start to scrub away any stubborn dirt between the details or settings on your jewellery.

Step Four: Rinse and Dry

Rinse your jewellery under the tap. Next, dry your jewellery gently by patting it with a kitchen or paper towel.

How to Clean Your Gold Jewellery with Gemstones

You can quickly and safely clean your ruby, diamond, and sapphire jewellery using common household materials such as Windex and a soft toothbrush or warm water, ammonia, and clear dish soap. 

However, this treatment should not be used on any gemstone other than rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. Moroever, this at-home cleaning approach is safe for these three gemstones; however, most other stones, such as opals, emeralds, and turquoise, are too delicate and porous and are negatively damaged by these solutions.

Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Your Gold Jewellery at Home

Are you ready to try cleaning your gold jewellery on your own? There are a few things to bear in mind before you begin.

Purchase Specific Cloths

We recommend investing in some polishing and cleaning cloths to assist you in repolishing your jewellery on a regular basis. Find a brand that offers a variety of metal-specific items. 

Soak Your Jewellery Before and After

We recommend first soaking the jewellery in a detergent bath or cold water or using a jewellery cleaner if possible. Next, immerse the jewellery in warm water.

Get Expert Advice Regarding Precious Stones

Because each gemstone has its own set of qualities, we recommend speaking with your jeweller about the ideal cleaning method for your particular stone.  Wipe the gemstones with a gem cloth for a rapid shine; they may be bought at your local jeweller.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

It’s critical to use the right cleaning product. Avoid using cleaning solutions that are overly harsh, such as bleach, and if in doubt, test a small patch on an inconspicuous location first.

Do Not Use a Hard or Large Brush

Carefully select your brush. When cleaning your platinum and gold jewellery, use a new, soft-bristle, baby-sized toothbrush. 

Do Not Use Products without Knowledge of the Ingredients

When it comes to cleaning goods, always read the labels.  Avoid any detergent with unidentified substances. Before showering, take off your gold jewellery to avoid accumulating residue from other body cleansers.

Properties of Your Gold Jewellery

24-carat gold is always pure gold; if your item is less than 24 karats, it has been alloyed (combined with other metals to boost durability and hardness), which isn’t always a negative thing.

The more active life you live, the less pure gold you should like in your jewellery. Because gold is a soft metal that scratches easily, mixing it with 10 or more parts alloy extends its life.

Go to the Jeweller

While the procedure mentioned above is the finest way to clean your gold jewellery at home, nothing beats a professional cleaning from your jeweller.

Your jeweller knows the correct processes for each type of metal and gemstone and metal, as well as inspect your pieces for any damage. A semi-annual visit to the local jeweller is always recommended!

Summary: How to Clean Gold

Solid gold chains, bracelets, and earrings should be gently washed in a solution of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Small pieces of jewellery should be placed in a strainer before soaking in the solution; large items can be soaked straight in the basin for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Swish the things around, remove them, place them on a clean cloth, and use a soft toothbrush to loosen any dirt caught in the nooks and chain links. Small fragments should be returned to the strainer, and everything should be rinsed under running water. Using a soft towel, buff dry.

The Bottom Line

You can clean your gold pieces at home without using any professional solutions!

The simplest method with the fewest chemicals is always the safest for cleaning jewellery at home. Nevertheless, based on the characteristics of your jewellery, there are more precise techniques to clean it. Because gold jewellery is so popular, it’s crucial to know how to clean it by yourself at home every few months.

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