How to Clean Shower Glass

How to Clean Shower Glass

An otherwise clean bathroom can look messy if the shower walls and glass door is dirty. You may not know this, but cleaning shower glass is not as easy as grabbing a glass cleaner and cloth or soapy sponge. Although those are some of the required equipment for this task, including cleaning detergents or natural alternatives is crucial.

With determination and a little cleaning knowledge, those complex watermarks are going to be removed in no time. Today’s article shows you how to clean your shower glass to get your bathroom back in tip-top shape.

What You Need to Clean Shower Glass

Cleaning your shower requires a few items lying around the home that you most likely already have. If you don’t have the things mentioned below, you can quickly head to the closest grocery store to find them.

It costs a few dollars for most of the cleaning supplies required for shower glass cleaning, so there is no excuse for not cleaning the bathroom. Below, we list the most suitable supplies you can use to clean your shower glass effectively.

  • Towel or cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Glass cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Scrubbing sponge
  • Cleaning detergent

With these items on hand, you can begin the task of cleaning your shower glass and bringing a shine back to the bathroom.

How to Clean Your Shower’s Walls and Glass Door

You first start by splashing the walls with a bucket or wetting the shower glass with the shower sprayer. Once things are wet, you can fill a bottle with white vinegar for the disinfecting of the shower. 

Using the spray bottle, make sure to saturate the glass thoroughly as it helps kill germs and bacteria. Please wait for the vinegar to soak in (this typically takes 10 minutes) so it loosens up significant build-up. 

Fill a container with baking soda and use it as a dipping cup for your sponge. Next, insert your sponge into the baking soda and start to scrub down the walls and shower door. 

The vinegar dissolves the soap scum and hard water spots, while the baking soda acts abrasive. These two simple items are nature’s best disinfectants, so don’t be afraid to open your pantry and bust it out when the need arises.

If you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the glass, rinse it off with fresh warm water. Once rinsed, make sure to dry the glass with a microfiber cloth and then finish off the job with a glass cleaner. 

Most glass cleaners can also be used on towel hangers, bathroom trim, and surfaces, making these products both convenient and cost-effective.

How Often Should You Clean Shower Glass Doors

Regular cleaning of your shower glass door with a cheap squeegee can save you a lot of frustration and shower cleaning time. It can help prevent hard water deposits from building up so that you won’t need to apply much elbow grease later on. 

After the last person has bathed for the day, plan to wipe down the shower doors. You can use warm water to loosen up grime and then scrub down the surface to remove any watermarks or soap scum. 

Once you have completed the clean-up, you can leave the shower door open so that it can dry out naturally. By following a basic cleaning plan, you can have a clean shower all year round, which is excellent for your family’s health and general well-being. 

Shower Door Glass Cleaning Schedule

You should only have to deep clean shower glass and walls every month if you keep up with regular light maintenance. Below is an excellent shower cleaning schedule to follow:

Every day: After showering, use a squeegee to clean shower doors and walls, then leave the door open to dry the area.

Weekly: Once a week, you should wipe your entire shower down with a foam cleaning pad or sponge.

Once a month: You must deep clean your shower glass and walls thoroughly every month. Ensure that you scrub the entire shower and get into all the hard-to-reach places. Apply a repellent spray on the glass and surfaces to prevent hard water stains from appearing.

Keeping Shower Glass Clean

When water drops dry on shower glass, hard spots tend to appear. An ideal way of maintaining clean shower glass is to prevent water from drying on the surface initially. You can take a few preventative measures to ensure that your shower always remains hard water spot free.

Below we talk about some tips that can help you maintain a spotless bathroom free of germs and bacteria.

By keeping a squeegee in the shower, you can clean and wipe down the glass after it has gotten wet. 

Once you have cleaned the shower glass, you can use a hydrophobic compound such as Rain X or Clear Choice to protect the glass from hard water spots. 

Hydrophobic compounds make the surface resistant to stains and traces of complex watermarks. It is perfect for oil or grime build-up caused by water and soap.

Another solution is to install a water softener to reduce the build-up on your shower glass. It is quite an expensive option, but it does result in less damage or build-up to your showerheads, dishwasher, faucets, pipes, and more.

Clean the Rest of Your Bathroom

Maintaining a clean bathroom is the key to having a presentable bathing area in your home. Once you have cleaned your shower, it’s essential to learn how to wash other locations, such as the bathtub, showerhead, and more. 

If you are struggling to clean your shower or home, it may be a good idea to contact a local cleaning service to get the job done professionally. These service providers can help you maintain a clean and sanitary home that remains germs-free all year round. 


Hard watermarks plus soap scum often affect shower walls and glass. It can not only hinder aesthetic appeal but also can become a breeding ground for germs plus bacteria.

By incorporating a cleaning routine into your daily, weekly, and monthly home washes, you can ensure your home is always spick and span.

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