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The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist for Employees

In this post, I am going to show you the ultimate office cleaning checklist for your employees by Clean Group. So let’s get started.

Every day, different kinds of waste keep creeping up due to the various activities people undertake. When it comes to the office, workers are producing tons of waste on a daily basis.

They generate rubbish like mixed paper products, general waste, plastics, and food scraps. It is a scenario that calls for a definite waste plan that will incorporate all workers. Consider the following office cleaning services checklist to keep the office environment sparkling clean at all times.

Replace Liners and Empty Trash Bins

You should empty office trash bins as often as possible. Failure to do so inevitably leads to unpleasant smells and sights. The number of employees and bins should determine the sequence of clearing trash. The commercial cleaning service provider should empty kitchen and restroom bins on a daily basis and employee cubicle trash cans periodically. 

Sanitise Frequently Touched Areas

Due to constant human contact, there are many objects in the office that harbour harmful germs. According to a study by the University of Arizona, a virus placed on an office door can spread to over 50% of indoor surfaces within a few hours.

The effect of such contamination during the flu season can undoubtedly be detrimental to office operations. To ensure that you avoid office downtimes due to the spread of germs, sanitise the following areas using a non-toxic cleaner.

1. Telephone receivers
2. Doorknobs
3. Coffer stations
4. Water fountains
5. Light Switches
6. Vending Machine Buttons

Toilets and Sinks

Sinks and toilets are other office areas that can easily get stains and emit toxic odours. On top of that, bathrooms undergo aerosolisation. It is why you ought to invest in a toilet and sink cleaning service.

Remember, these are crucial areas when it comes to positive impressions since both clients and employees use them. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen sinks weekly, to prevent issues like pest infestations and soap scam.

Break Rooms

It is important to incorporate office breakrooms in all cleaning schedules. Employees spend most of their breaks in these rooms, eating and relaxing, making them one of the biggest sources of waste in the office.

To ensure that the breakrooms remain clean, incorporate the following:

1. Inspect the refrigerator and remove any spoiled or expired food
2. Wipe the refrigerator and disinfect the handle
3. Disinfect other surfaces like the tables and counters
4. Replace liners and empty trash holders

Clean Kitchen Appliances

Other than the break room refrigerator, other office appliances like the microwave and water dispenser should be part of your employee office cleaning checklist, lest they become unpleasant and toxic.

The kitchen is a high traffic area in any office, and failure to clean it often can lead to the spread of viruses and diseases. Therefore, ensure that all surfaces that are always in close proximity to food remain spotless.

Mop and Vacuum Floors

In most office buildings, the VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) and carpeted floors have a stream of foot traffic every day. It makes these areas highly predisposed to the build-up of stains, footprints, and unsightly soils.

With the carpet cleaners Sydney team, mopping and vacuuming your tiles/ carpets will not only keep the entire office clean but will also extend the life of these materials.

Dust Horizontal Surfaces

If you don’t want your office to have a dingy, grey film layer covering, dust horizontal surfaces like desks, countertops, table, etc. three times a week. Most employee office cleaning checklists overlook horizontal surfaces in the assumption that these areas don’t get dirty easily.

However, horizontal surfaces usually accumulate dust consisting of fungi, mites, and dead skin cells. It means that your employees face a health risk if these areas are not dusted frequently.

An employee office cleaning checklist has never been as important as it is now. Office workers are the biggest contributors to waste generation and the spread of viruses/germs.

The pointers above should help you create a comprehensive cleaning checklist that ensures everything is fresh and neat most of the time. Don’t forget to employ a cleaning company that fully understands the operations of an office.

It will help you to focus on what important without having to worry about all the clutter and waste. This can also improve employee productivity within the office and enhance their workflow.

At Clean Group, we clean offices and commercial buildings to perfection each and every time! We understand the cleaning demands that offices require on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.

That is why we work hard to ensure that your offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are always thoroughly cleaned with our unique commercial cleaning services.

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How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Office

This guide will show you exactly how to reduce plastic waste in the office by Clean Group. Let’s get started.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we reduce not only plastic waste, but also other kinds of waste. Failure to do so, waste will clog up our landfill sites, destroy our ecosystems and oceans.

Given the devastation these excessive plastic use causes, more businesses urgently need to set up this worthy challenge.

As a company, your duty is to lead your employees to adjust the mindset of throwing-away habit that has emerged. Reducing plastic waste in the office is not rocket science.

It simply needs investing effort and time to review the amount of plastic waste you generate at the moment. Then make a commitment to rethinking the changes you can make to minimise your business’s plastic footprint.Your local office cleaning company can help you with solutions for reducing waste.

Inspire Every Employee

Just as with any other change, the first step to reducing plastic waste in the workplace is education. Every employee needs to know why it is important to take this action.

Currently, most of the high-profile media do cover this environmental issue. So, many employees might care much about the situation. As for the clueless, they will need more information or inspirations to persuade them to make such changes.

For instance, you can hold a discussion about ocean plastic. Here you can invite an expert at your workplace to share first-hand stories on the effects of plastic waste on the environment.

Alternatively, you can get a colleague who is very passionate about the issue to share their concerns. You can encourage employees to start a recycling environment to reduce plastic waste in the office.

Once done, you can come up with practical strategies your business can use to reduce plastic waste in the workplace.

Carry Out An Audit On Waste

To come up with suitable strategies for cutting down on plastic waste, you must first understand what plastic you throw away and the volume of that waste.

The waste audit is easy to conduct. Just wear some gloves and dig into the trash can. Check the label on these plastics to know what plastic can be recycled.

In most cases, you will note that lots of plastics are drinks bottles. These are among the worst offending disposable plastics.

In such a case, you can ban the single-use of water bottles. For this ban to be effective, you can provide access to clean water for drinking in the office. You can invest in water coolers or refrigerated filtered water.

Plan For A Beach, River Or Park Clean Up

Besides carrying out an audit, you can organise a cleanup with your colleagues. You can decide to clean a beach, river or park. This is a great way to get an employee to interact with the issue once they see the scale of the issue.

There is nothing that has greater impacts than the first-hand experience. You will see that the plastic you use daily spills out into oceans, parks, and rivers. Most people hardly think about this because they think they have disposed of the plastic responsibly.

Have Re-Usables In Canteens And Kitchens

A single-use utensil is only useful for a minute yet it will stay in the environment for centuries. As it stays there, it damages our ecosystems, pollutes our oceans and harms or kills wildlife.

Opting for washable and reusable silverware is a much brilliant idea. You can even request employees to carry their own (lunchboxes, bowls, plates, cups, etc.). You can as well provide a facility where they can wash these items once used.

Reduce Plastic Waste In Workplace Coffee And Tea

Though it is challenging to completely do away with plastic from the workplace coffee and tea making, there are strategies you can use to reduce plastic waste in the office.

In the long run, you will note the amount of plastic waste you have reduced by doing so. Here are 5 tips on how you can reduce waste in the office.

For instance, you can source milk in returnable and reusable glass bottles. As for sugar that comes in paper packets, you can decant into refillable containers. Surprisingly, lots of tea bags contain plastic in them. Instead, you can buy tea-bag brands or loose leaf tea that does not use plastics.

More so, you can provide freshly roasted coffee beans in no-plastic packaging. You can go for “less plastic” choices such as glass tins or jars of coffee. You can invest in reusable stainless steel pods to store coffee/tea.

Using less plastic in the office is not about attaining zero waste perfection. Rather it is about acknowledging that you cannot continue as you are.

We treat indestructible items as disposable waste. We must urgently change our mind about plastics and come up with strategies to reduce waste.

If you require office cleaning duties to be carried out for your office space or someone to properly dispose of your plastic waste, Clean Group are here for you.

We provide ongoing and superior office and commercial cleaning services in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne areas. Contact us today for a discussion about your commercial office cleaning needs.

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How a Clean Office Can Improve Productivity

This guide will show you exactly how a clean office can improve productivity by Clean Group. It’s time for the first step.

A good business foundation is based on efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Managers are on a daily basis looking for ways that they can improve their employee’s productivity. Research has indicated a direct correlation between a tidy and clean office and an increase in productivity. It’s about time you tidy up and declutter your office and witness it. A clean office can improve productivity in various ways such as:

Healthy employees

Dirty work surfaces and desks hub viruses that can cause diseases such as flu that keep employees away from work, lowering their productivity.

A clean office cuts down the number of employee sick days by providing a germ-free and healthy working environment. Hiring a good office cleaning is important for a healthy environment. An office free from messy desks, over-spilling bins and other related hazards reduces the risk of injury or accidents that can reduce employee productivity.

Reduced stress

A study by Harvard University indicated that an untidy work environment may take a toll on an employee’s mental resources lowering their productivity. Employees are less likely to be distracted by objects when working in a cluttered office space.

This increases their focus and becomes less stressed as they are focused on one thing. Stressed employees are potential targets of health concerns such as depression, fatigue, sleep problems, as well as drug abuse.

Saves time

A well organised and tidy office reduces the amount of time wasted looking for important documents leading to a more productive day. A clean environment will increase efficiency as employees can easily access the equipment they need to complete a task.

Boosts Morale

Employees working in a clean working space are likely to be naturally happier compared to those working in untidy environments. Happy employees are likely to be more productive than those who hate their job.

Displays professionalism

In business, appearance means a lot to your potential clients. A clean and organised office creates a positive first impression to your clients and they are likely to do business with you. It convinces them you are able to handle their concerns on time, efficiently and in a satisfactory way.

A tidy office is also a reflection of a company’s values. Employees are likely to adapt to the right attitude while working in a more polished and professional environment can be also office can improve productivity.

Protection of tools and equipment

A dusty and dirty working environment can affect the performance of equipment such as printers, computers, electronics, HVAC systems, copiers, motors and other devices making them less reliable and prone to failure.

A clean environment protects such equipment, assisting in extending their service life and reducing the losses that can result from equipment malfunctions or failure.

Shows care

When a manager provides a clean working environment to their employees, it shows that they care for them. It assures the employees that they are valued thus making them feel part of the company which grows their office can improve productivity.

It is important that you ensure that your workspace is clean at all times for improved productivity. It should be an environment that is pleasant to be in. You can source for professional cleaning services as it is a necessary investment.

Clean Group is Sydney’s commercial cleaners, specialising in office cleaning among our various services such as school, strata, medical, hotels and much more! Simply contact our friendly staffs on 1300 073 089 and how we can help completely clean your office.

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5 Office Decluttering Tips (In Australia)

5 Tips For Decluttering Your Office in Australia

Here are some helpful tips on how to declutter your office space.

1) List Down The Items You Use Frequently

The best way to handle this is to write down any item that you normally use more often. These are items that you use every day and every week. To know what these items are, you can check out the ones you’ve used in the last one or two weeks.

Once you have identified these items, separate them into piles. Sort out the ones to keep, give away or sell. You can leave the ones that you don’t know what to do with them. The idea here is to properly sort and categorise the items.

2) Tackle One Area at a Time

Tackling a big task at once truly is overwhelming. Having said so, you should divide your office into small sections. Declutter one section entirely before moving to the next.

In the first day, you can start organising your desk and its surrounding. The next day you can work on your filing cabinets. After some days, you’ll have cleaned and organised your entire office. Just do so within a realistic time; else you might have a half-organised office.

3) Buy Additional Storage

Storage helps in putting items where they belong and in an organised manner. If items in your office are all over, you require more storage. Invest in organisers, drawers, and filing cabinets. In that case, you will have more storage to keep anything that is in disorder.

4) Dust And Clean Everything

Though additional storage is important, you should avoid putting your items in a messy workplace. After sorting out the items you need and storing them in cabinets, the other step is to sweep, dust and clean the surfaces. The surfaces here include the desks, cabinets, windows, chairs and the floor.

Afterwards, you’ll be surrounded by clean, fresh air instead of stacks of paperwork. Germs can be found more commonly than other areas, so make sure that you keep these areas clean at all times.

5) Maintain The Practice

Clutter doesn’t pile up in a day – it takes time. Therefore, always organise your office frequently. Once done with an item, put it back to its original place.

At the end of the day, you’ll feel much better about yourself. Your workplace is usable and clean again. However, ensure you maintain it that way. Practice the “deal with items once” mentality as well.

A clean and organised office will make your work easier and improve your mood. If you think that you can’t handle the task all by yourself, there are experts like us who are always ready to help clean your office.

At Clean Group, we are the Sydney office cleaners. We know what it takes to give your office a fresh start for 2020. Simply contact our friendly team on 1300 073 089!

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Clean The Germ Hot Spots In Your Sydney Office

In this post, I am going to show you the office hot spots that germs accumulate from by Clean Group. Keep reading.

We often think that germs aren’t present if our office desks are free from foot bits, dust and organised. However, under ultraviolet light, the surface reveals a different story. Although there may be less, they are still there nonetheless.

To effectively reduce the number of germs and bacteria, we will need to wipe down our office equipment and benches with proper cleaning products that prevent the spread of such.

Bacteria and germ are mainly found on surfaces with Flavin (which can be found in Vitamin B). By identifying where germs and bacteria are commonly found, we can eliminate the health dangers that they pose. Not only that but they also have an impact on productivity and absenteeism in the office.

Where Are Germs Found in the Office?


Are you one of the many people that bring food back to your office desk during lunch? This is a dream for germs. There is no doubt that after spending a whole day at your desk, there will be a lot of activity and space for germs to be present.

In fact, there it is estimated that more than 10 million bacteria are present on your work desk. That’s 400 times more than the average toilet seat.

The next time that you sit at your office desk, consider minimising food bits around the desk and become familiar with disinfecting wipes to clean the office desk.

Of course, commercial office cleaners in Sydney is also there to assist you with reducing the number of dirty bacteria that is present at the end of the day.


There is no surprise that the office carpet is a major attraction for germs and bacteria. Your commercial carpet is prone to receiving a high level of foot traffic daily. Outside microorganisms and bacteria can enter your commercial space and spread around.

That is why there are many benefits to getting a professional commercial carpet cleaning service to minimise and eliminate as much germ as possible from your office carpet.

They have the right tools to completely target the germ deep down in the fibres and eliminate them. While doing so, the cleaners are also maintaining the carpet’s integrity by using effective yet gentle methods to prolong the life of your carpet.


In every office, there is a common and shared printer that everyone uses to print out their documents. Where there is sharing, there is a chance that someone did not thoroughly wash their hands before using the printer. This is where germs are easily spread and carried around the office

All it takes is for one person to start the spreading of germs. Printers nowadays are high tech and can be easily navigated by a touch screen.

It is important to keep the screen clean at all times to minimise germs. Any commercial cleaner in the industry knows this and will always maintain a hygienic printer in the office.

Keyboard and Mouse

Without a doubt, the most touched item in any office is the keyboard and mouse and therefore making it a hot spot for germs and bacteria.

How often is it that you take the time off to clean your keyboard and mouse? We don’t mean simply wiping it with a wet wipe.

Thoroughly cleaning it with the right products and using effective cleaners is the only way to completely ensure that germs are adequately diminished.

Eliminate Office Germ with Clean Group in Sydney

At Clean Group, we are committed to providing you with superior commercial cleaning solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we are the easy choice for your commercial needs

We are proud to announce that we provide take office cleaning seriously in exceptional services across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Simply call us for a free quote to get started on 1300 073 089!

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How Often You Should Deep Clean Your Commercial Carpets

This guide will show you exactly how often you should deep clean your commercial carpets by Clean Group. It’s time for the first step.

Anything that gets into the carpet makes it dull, erodes the endurance of its fibres and gives it an unpleasant odour. To say the least, some carpets are engineered in a way that it’s hard to know how dirty they really are. That is why some people might think that those carpets do not need to be cleaned as often as they actually should.

The reality, however, is that home or commercial carpets cleaning should be regularly cleaned.

Frequent carpet cleaning helps in removing dirt, dust, mildew, mould or any other contaminant. A research study from ISSA shows that 1,000 people can carry around 10 kg of dirt into a commercial carpet within a period of only 20 days. That sounds like a lot of dirt, isn’t it?

Unlike home carpets, commercial carpets get a lot of debris and dirt – specifically in those areas that receive high traffic. The most challenging task of a manager is to determine how often they need to clean the carpets in their building.

The best way to tackle the subject is to evaluate the specifics of a building or commercial premise. The evaluation is based on the traffic level and the type of carpet. With these factors in mind, there are some guidelines to assist you to know how frequently you should clean any commercial carpet.

Factors To Consider When Making A Carpet Cleaning Schedule

1)The Style And Colour Of The Carpet

The density, colour, pile type, and nape will determine how regular you clean your commercial carpet. Of course, a carpet with a higher nap and a light colour will require frequent cleaning.

Foot Traffic

Each commercial facility receives a different amount of traffic depending on the nature of the business. The amount of traffic you receive will definitely influence how frequent you clean. Here you should account for visitors and employees as well.

The Type Of Commercial Facility

As we aforementioned, how regular you clean commercial carpets depends on the facility and how busy the business is. For instance –


Carpets in a bar or restaurant require to be cleaned at least three times a year. This is because clients are likely to spill beverages as they enjoy their favourite foods and drinks.

Similarly, grease can be tracked in the kitchen area – and, of course, it requires to be cleaned properly. This is where a professional commercial cleaning company comes in.

Nursing Homes Or Medical Facilities

Many guidelines on how to sanitise and clean health care facilities are available. People are now aware of airborne contaminants, especially in medical facilities or nursing homes. Hence, any healthcare facility should deep clean your commercial carpets regularly.

Office Buildings

Every office building should clean its carpet at least after six months or one year. How often they clean depends on foot traffic and the number of staffs.


A church should do a one-time thorough cleaning of the carpet. Nonetheless, entrance areas should be cleaned several times a year – based on the carpet size.

Retail Stores

A retail store that receives lots of traffic should clean their commercial carpets at least after every three to six months. On the same note, they should protect their carpets especially if their stores are located close to a park or an outdoor area.

As you can see, the answer to how often should you deep clean your commercial carpets is determined by many factors. For sure, cleaning carpets is a difficult task to manage on your own.

The best way to hire a professional carpet cleaner for your carpets consult a professional cleaning company such as Clean Group. We will identify the type of carpet, the traffic volume and the best method of carpet cleaning to get the job done effectively.

Contact the professionals from Clean Group today on 1300 073 089! We’re here 24/7 to provide you with a free quote to get started!

The Importance Of Childcare Cleaning

This guide will show you exactly the importance of childcare cleaning by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.

As a working parent, it is hard to look after your kid all by yourself. In this case, you opt to take them to a childcare cleaning service centre. Here kids learn different things and play with any toy at their disposal. Kids will often spend most of their daytime in these facilities.

That means these childcare centres have a huge impact on the growth and development of your children. Apart from playing with toys and other kids, they are taught different things. Proper hygiene is one of them.

They learn the importance of washing hands after visiting washrooms or before eating a meal. They also learn how to cover their mouth when they cough. As they grow, they will continue practising whatever they already learned. That is why kids have different behaviours when they grow up.

Parents appreciate about child care cleaning sanitary and safe environment falls under what every parent would want for their children. Unfortunately, not all companies meet the required standards of safety and cleanliness.

That is where we come in. Our commercial cleaning services aim at keeping your daycare centre sparkling and clean.

Child’s Health Is the First Priority

Luckily our professionals are highly educated and experienced and understand the importance of childcare cleaning services. A clean childcare centre promotes everyone’s health – including those who visit your premises and daily clients.

Surface and Special Floor Care

Any service provider in childcare cleaning should have the necessary training to sanitise and identify those hot spots for germs.

The floor should be a focal point. Daycare workers and small kids spend lots of time playing on the floor. Play areas, desktops, toys and door handles are areas that need extra attention when cleaning.

Green Materials for Cleaning

Our cleaning entails the use of green practices and chemical to clean a childcare facility. Our cleaning materials are effective in cleaning and are healthy for the environment and people.

Our vacuum cleaners are HEPA filtered (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) and we use paper products that are friendly to the environment.

Following Regulations and Green Cleaning

It is possible to use green cleaning procedures in a daycare environment. We use microfibre cloths because others contain harmful chemicals. Most importantly, these clothes effectively pick up dust and are washable to reduce trash.

Similarly, we don’t use chemicals that have a strong odour. Instead, we use the ones that are effective, yet safe for the environment and for the children to play on. Importance of childcare cleaning tools and procedures comply with all the safety and standards for a childcare centre.

Clean Group’s Childcare Cleaning

Getting professional childcare cleaning services, such as Clean Group, means that you can focus on your business’s more critical sides.

We are a commercial and full- childcare cleaning service company that focuses on keeping your business in the best shape possible.

With more than 30 years of industrial experience, we are trusted by many childcare centres across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Call us today for a free comprehensive quote at 1300141946. Clean Group offers a non-obligatory quote.

Our friendly Sales Manager will visit your centre and have a quick chat with you to know your specific needs. We will make sure to offer a cleaning solution best fitted for your specific needs.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaner For your Carpets

Today you’re going to see the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner for your carpets. Let’s get started.

For the people who prefer carpets over other flooring types and who have carpeted most of the areas of their facility need to be acquainted with the caring and maintenance of the carpets, they have invested into.

Yes, you might be vacuuming and cleaning your carpets on a daily basis but carpets are something that does need a deep clean by professionals to keep them looking clean and fresh as well as saving them from becoming a dwelling place for harmful bacteria.

Your carpets might appear dirt free but they might have loads of dust and grime deep down the surface.

Moreover, certified professional carpet cleaners of Clean Group can handle almost every kind of stain – be it coffee or wine stain. Let’s see some benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaning services:


One of the greatest benefits of hiring or contracting out carpet cleaning services is the expertise they possess when it comes to cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning is more than just using cleaning solutions or equipment on the carpets.

It’s about knowing what equipment and solution to use i.e. what approach to adopt after determining the carpets condition as well as its material. Only professionals would know what equipment, solution or approach to use for a particular stain.

This type of knowledge and understanding comes from thorough training and practical experience which the cleaners get on a regular basis.

The experienced carpet cleaning service providers with expert cleaners have tackled almost every kind of cleaning complication and hence, they know better when it comes to treating stains and spots and removing dust and dirt grimes.

Also, hiring professional commercial carpet cleaners mean getting the job right the very first time. You don’t have to worry about getting your carpets re-cleaned by another commercial cleaning service provider.

Removing stains and spots

Tough stains and spots are not something that would go away with DIY tips and tricks. They need a professional look after where high-quality cleaning agents are used to by the carpets cleaning experts to treat the tough stains and spots.

Improving Airflow

Yes, you might think that vacuuming is all you need to remove the impurities from the carpet’s surface, but what about the contaminants that have penetrated the surface of the carpet? This demands deep cleaning which can only be performed by carpet cleaning experts as those suffering from asthma and allergies might face more difficulties due to carpets that are vacuumed occasionally.

Proven cleaning methodologies provided by professional carpet cleaners is necessary to sanitize the airflow of the indoor space removing allergens, pathogens including the carpet as well as other areas.

Saves Time and Money

Dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and carpet cleaning is not an easy task to do and it does take a certain amount of time and expertise to the job. Many people with busy schedules hire carpet cleaning services for the sole reason of saving their time.

They believe that instead of doing it by themselves and wasting their time they should hire experts to clean their carpets.

Also, when you hiring professional carpet cleaning company you are actually adding to the shelf life of your carpets which in turn is like saving yourself from replacing your carpets from time to time.

Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning: Which One is Best For Your Carpets?

This guide will show you the difference and which one is the best for you between dry cleaning or steam cleaning by the Clean Group. Let’s get started.

Carpets when used in any space add considerably to the ambience and comfort of that space. And many people prefer using carpets for their commercial establishments instead of using hardwood floors.

But the catch with carpets is that they get soiled often and are very much susceptible to stains, spots, dust, grime, and harmful allergens and pathogens.

You might be vacuuming your Dry cleaning carpets now and then but you also need professional carpets cleaning to keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh and clean.

And when it comes to carpet cleaning there are two most popular methods which are generally employed by commercial cleaning companies in Sydney for cleaning carpets: Dry cleaning or Steam cleaning. Both of these methods have their own pros and cons and involve a specific process.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction is used by many commercial cleaners to clean the carpets. It is a process where hot water is injected into the carpet and is then extracted under high pressure from the carpet where the dirt and grime are extracted along with the water.

But before this extraction, the stains and spots of the whole carpet are treated with an appropriate cleaning agent to disintegrate the buildup material on the carpet’s surface. This will enable the water to penetrate properly and deeply into the carpet.

Steam cleaning can be effective for your carpets given that your Dry cleaning carpets service providers are using a proper cleaning agent and extract the maximum amount of water from the carpet.

The only drawback with steam cleaning is that it does leave a lot of water even after the extraction process where it generally takes around 4 to 24 hours for the carpet to dry completely.

Also, other different factors that add to the carpet drying are the airflow of the room, its temperature, humidity, and the water quantity used while cleaning.

Moreover, an effective pretreatment is necessary to effectively remove the dark spots as not doing so will not completely remove the stains and they might re-appear as soon as dirt and dust start sticking to it again.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning, also known as bonnet cleaning, is a Dry cleaning carpets cleaning process where carpets are vacuumed first to get rid of the dry soil and dirt.

The carpet is then treated with a dry cleaning solution that is then cleaned or buffed with pads under a rotary machine. The soil and dirt either gel up on the pads or are either vacuumed up later once the solution dries up.

The dry cleaning solution used in the process should be of high quality to effectively remove the stains and clean the carpet.

The advantage of Dry cleaning carpets is that the carpets can be used immediately after the cleaning is complete. But it is only worthwhile if the carpet needs little maintenance or if the carpets are needed to be used on an immediate basis.

Hence, when it comes to deciding upon the best cleaning methods for your carpets, see that you can effective ways to remove mould from carpets cleaning method and a deep clean or steam cleaning for immediate use.

Effective Ways to Remove Mould from Carpets

In this post, I am going to show you the effective ways to remove mould from carpets by Clean Group. Keep reading.

Is your carpeted area in your office or commercial building being smelling strange lately? If yes, then you might have a mould or mildew problem there.

Mould or mildew is a nasty fungus with a musty smell affecting both the carpets as well as the people especially those who are suffering from serious allergies, asthma or other medical conditions.

When you notice dark brown, green or black circles, on your carpet’s surface and smell a stinky and dank smell then this is your first sign of a mould problem.

Mould damages the carpet by eating away at the fabric and if left untreated can get very difficult to completely remove it. And in order to preserve your carpets, you need to deal with this problem at the earliest as not attending to it soon can lead to the spreading of mould in more areas.

Yes, you need professionals to deal with this kind of carpet problems but till your carpet cleaners arrive you can follow the following steps to deal with the moulds on your own:

Ways to Remove Moulds

Well, before you jump into the process of removing mould on your own here are some aspects ways you can benefit from regular carpet cleaning you should be considering:

1. When you are trying to remove the mould on your own make sure you wear proper coveralls, goggles and a facemask as mould can penetrate through the skin pores or even enter your body through breathing.

2. While treating the mould make sure that you keep the doors of the designated room closed so that it won’t spread to other areas of the facility. For proper airflow, you can keep the windows of the carpeted room open.

3. Given that it is possible for you to move the carpets from its place, then take them outside and leave them under the sunlight for 1-2 days. And if they can’t be moved then you can use a humidifier or a fan to dry the carpets.

4. After drying the carpets, use a string bristled brush to remove the dried-up mould matter from the top as well as the bottom surface of the carpet.

5. Once you remove the mould debris spray an anti-mould solution on the carpet and let it dry. You can follow the instructions given on the spray bottle. Spray the solution twice on both the top as well as the bottom surface of the carpets.

6. Lastly, use a dehumidifier for the next two days to scrape out the remaining mould debris from the carpet.

Cleaning Products You Can Use

Along with using a store-bought anti-fungal spray used for treating carpet’s mould you can even use the following substances for removing moulds:

Hydrogen Peroxide or Bleaching agent:

Both these chemicals are extremely effective for preventing growth as well as killing the mould formed on the carpet’s surface. You just have to mix 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide or bleaching with 8 tbsp of water.

Vinegar and/or Baking Soda:

Both these elements are best for hindering the development of mould where baking soda is very effective in removing the unpleasant odour of mould.

When using vinegar, you can apply it directly on the surface and leave it to dry for some time before cleaning it out.

While with baking soda, you just need to add a little amount of water to the baking soda, apply it to the surface and let it dry. After that, you can either vacuum the area or remove the debris with a brush.

Hence, these were some foolproof methods that you can implement on your own to protect your carpets against mould. After attending to your carpets, make sure you call the professionals commercial cleaners such as Sydney Clean Group for the appropriate carpet cleaning as only professionals would be able to deep clean your carpets.

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