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Hire Office Cleaning Company Sydney?

An office desk can have 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet, germs are found to be the primary reason for making workers sick and attaining an average of 7 sick days per year. We could reduce the number by incorporating an office cleaning service program that rids off the germs from spreading.

It is time to save your staff and reduce the number of days they are on leave because of sickness. A clean office environment is the only method for a convenient, productive organization. As per the reputation and brand’s persona, a clean and tidy space plays an important role in the employee’s health and it can affect productivity through the limitation of absence from work.

Office Cleaning Benefits

Some interesting stats are:

  • An average employee loses 9 working days a year to sickness and some of them are influenced by the unhygienic office environment.
  • There are approximately 7,500 bacteria on a keyboard.
  • Upon desks or electronic equipment, viruses like flu can unclean surfaces for 24 hours.
  • 60% of employees get absent because of illness caused when they come in contact with the dirty stuff like desks or any equipment in the offices.
  • 65% of the office workers share their phones and computers, and with a whopping 25,127 germs per square inch found on just a telephone, employers are required to get cleanliness.
  • We all know that germs and viruses spread faster in an open space. With pets coming into the office, dog-friendly office cleaning requirements will be amplified. Your office will need more than just a regular cleaning.

Clean Offices Improve Productivity

  • Increased focus: inside the clean working space you shall not get distracted through the messed objects and posing work with concentration directed to effective and efficient work.
  • Less time wasted: Much time gets wasted in finding the documents inside the messy workspace. In a cleaned, organized office, paperwork can be traced down simply and quickly.
  • Less stress: A proper desk from lower objects and less messy things tries to make you focus on various things at once which lessens your stress.
  • Higher profitability: Rather than wasting time in seeking the documents, the workers inside the clean office get more work implemented that assists with long-term profitability. The unclean and untidy and unclean space for work can lose nearly £1.9 million a year from lost productivity owing to searching for documents, as per the International Data Corporation.

How to Hire the Right Office Cleaning Company in Sydney

Hiring the right office cleaning company in Sydney for your space could go one of two ways. It could either fit your company perfectly or end up being an utterly disastrous experience for everyone involved. However, Hiring the right office cleaning services in Sydney is an achievable task when you choose a company that cares about your cleaning needs and gets it done the right way.

Why Do I Need to Hire An Office Cleaning Company?

In your working environment, while you are busy in your work, the germs and bacteria get collected over time. The most important thing is it can affect all those who work in your office. They are all at risk. And it only takes a little time to spread the germs and bacteria in your workspace and put everyone in danger.

Your office’s cleanliness creates the very first impression your customers will have of your business. Having a clean business will leave a positive image of your business, while a dirty one could change a customer’s mind about working with you.

By striving to have a continuous commitment to high cleanliness standards, it speaks volumes about your business. This is especially essential during this pandemic period, where cleanliness has never been more critical.

Now come to the key point: why professionals? And the answer is simple, they know better, similar to any other job post, they are professionals who know all the tips tricks and have better equipment and cleaning solutions. With their years of experience, they can complete the job in less time and even with better results. That’s why hiring a professional will be a great way to keep your office clean and well organized.

In Sydney, many companies offer cleaning services. However, only one cleaning company, Clean Group Sydney, actually takes the time and effort to provide an exceptional cleaning service that helps you maintain your neat and hygienic working environment.

However, if you’re still not sure how to choose the right office cleaning company in Sydney, we’ve got you covered. Below we discuss the top tips you need to know to ensure you’re hiring the right cleaning company for your business’s needs.

Tips on Hiring the Right Office Cleaning Sydney Company


1. Look For Referrals

One common way to find the best services for any industry is to get a referral from a neighboring business or through a connection, you know. They are more likely to be honest about the experience they had with their cleaning company, along with things they’re not too happy about. This gives you an unbiased overview of a cleaning company that you can trust.

If you don’t have a business connection, you could approach friends or family members that run similar businesses like yours and ask for their choice of cleaning service companies in your area. From there, you could run research on each of the recommendations you have received before arriving at a final decision.

Your connections are not going to recommend a service to you that doesn’t actually work or provides a bad service because this ends up reflecting on their own reputation. Look for a referral list is a great starting point for you to find the best choice for your specific business needs.

2. Check Their Cleaning Industry Experience

Cleaning service companies with tons of industry experience have customer reviews and high-quality service to back it up. When hiring a cleaning company, it’s essential that they know what’s necessary to clean in your particular space. Experience cleaners will already have a process to clean these types of areas because they will have gained this knowledge through their experience in the cleaning industry.

An easy way to screen or check out commercial cleaning service companies while hiring in Sydney is to inquire about companies that hired them in the past. This allows you to check up on their references and see what they have to say about the company’s service. While giving new cleaning service companies a chance to prove themselves is a noble thing to do, hiring a company that’s right for your business is the most important thing to do.

In a hiring scenario like this, bringing on a cleaning service company that shows a record of cleaning success with active clientele proves that they will most likely deliver what you need. In addition, you also want to know who their current customers are and how long they have been providing cleaning services to these companies.

3. Check Both Online and Offline Reviews

Marketers know that the best way of improving your business’s brand is through word of mouth and close family and friend’s opinions. This is a reason why online reviews are pretty crucial to business owners.

Reading about the various cleaning services you are considering in the Sydney area is a great way to get an idea of the level of service they provide before even meeting them. To get to know more about these professional office cleaning services in the Sydney area, you can rely on search engines like Google or social media outlets like Facebook, Yelp, or TripAdvisor, which will allow you to see what other people in your area thought about their service.

Approaching people offline and discussing their experiences gives you their honest personal opinion about these businesses. You can get your offline reviews from colleagues, previous clients of the cleaning company, family, or friends who have used the same service,

Once you’ve decided on a professional commercial cleaning service in Sydney you’d like to hire, it’s essential to check out their website to read reviews and testimonials from previous customers and learn more about their processes and procedures. Do they have any COVID-19 protocols in place? How do they ensure they can clean the space safely and efficiently? Finding out this information through the website will be very useful in making your final decision on which company to choose for your cleaning needs.

4. Consider Your Business Needs

Businesses have similar needs. However, no two businesses have the exact same needs when it comes to cleaning standards. Understanding your business office cleaning needs is essential when you want to hire an office cleaner in Sydney. Depending on the specific services you need, you might need to seek out a particular cleaning provider.

One of the first things you should consider is your office space. Would you be in need of a daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning service? Are you comfortable with the industrial equipment they use for cleaning in your facility, along with the cleaning products they will spray around the office? What schedule will be convenient for you and your staff members to accommodate the cleaning company?

Answering the above question type will help you understand your business needs and the information you will need to give to the potential cleaning company you want to hire. Articulating your business needs is very important to get the best service you can get from the commercial cleaning services Sydney company you decide to hire.

5. Health and Safety Requirements

The safety and health of your employees and customers should be a priority to your business. When screening for a possible office cleaning company fit, you need to consider the health and safety measures the cleaning company uses. Understanding their health and safety requirement standards will help you know if they will bring any hazards to your workplace.

Insurance coverage is an essential aspect of hiring an office cleaning service company in Sydney. If anything goes wrong while they are cleaning your office space, you will not be held liable for any injuries. Make sure to ask your potential office cleaning company what type of licenses they possess. Is the insurance coverage enough to cover anything that could happen? Do you feel comfortable with the coverage provided? Knowing what protection they use is essential to know before hiring a professional company to clean your office space.

6. Service Quotation

Getting the different quotes from the office cleaning companies in Sydney you are considering will help you in your selection process. This will help you further streamline the companies that align with your business budget for your office cleaners’ in Sydney services.

In Sydney, multiple office cleaning companies offer custom cleaning plans and payment rates. It is essential that you articulate your business needs to ensure you get an accurate quotation. However, it’s important to remember that the cheapest service doesn’t mean it’s the best service. While price is important when considering what company to hire, the quality of service is the most critical factor. You want to ensure you receive high-quality work and value for the money you pay for your office cleaning service.

We would like to suggest you check quotations of 2-3 companies before finalising one. In this way, you can choose a company that will give you better value for your investment. It will also help you to understand the packages and in deciding what services you want and what not.

Office Cleaning Checklist

We are sharing our office cleaning Sydney checklist here; it keeps our cleaners focused and on time. You can use this checklist in many ways, first to check the list of tasks and frequency, second, it will help you to compare the checklist of our cleaners. Whether you have in-house office cleaners or you outsource to a professional office cleaning company in Sydney, having a detailed checklist for daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning will help you maintain an impeccable and hygienic workplace.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

To keep your office clean and germ-free, there are many daily cleaning tasks that need to be done. Daily chores also help extend the life of office floors, furnishings, and other elements, reducing the need for repairs and replacements. If you do not have a professional office cleaning services in Sydney to take care of these tasks, then you will have to hire someone in the house to take responsibility for all.

Some important daily cleaning tasks include:

  • Use a mop and disinfectant to clean all the hard surfaces of the floor.
  • Vacuum debris from all floor surfaces, it may surprise you how much dirt accumulates in just one day!
  • Empty the trash, sanitize, and replace the bin bags
  • Clean the glass stuff with a standard glass cleaner.
  • Clean the hard surfaces using a suitable disinfectant.
  • Sanitize and wipe down all the door handles, light switches, and anything that employees and clients touch regularly.
  • Sanitize, clean, and wipe down toilets, sinks, and all other parts of the bathroom, Staff washrooms, and WCs.
  • Spot cleaning (e.g. tea spills) if needed
  • Disinfect and wipe all hard surfaces in the break room. The break room contains more bacteria than the bathroom!

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Weekly cleaning tasks are slightly more severe, that’s why they only need to be done once a week. A professional office cleaner’s services in Sydney offers the most value for your money when it comes to completing these tasks accurately.

Some important weekly office cleaning tasks include:

  • Buffing and polishing all hardwood surfaces which also include floors and tabletops. A professional cleaning company will have the right equipment to do it efficiently and without damaging the surfaces.
  • Clean the refrigerator and throw out any food that has been kept in the fridge for a whole week before it has a chance to stink and spoil the place. Be sure to disinfect inside the fridge, toaster, and other appliances. Cleaning the handles and exterior surfaces is as important as the interiors.
  • Clean all the glass windows from inside as well as from outside, if possible. If you have too many windows and they are too high to clean on the outside, then you will need to hire a professional window cleaner to do this as needed.
  • Scrub all surfaces including baseboards, ceiling fans, and anything that collects dust. Dust accumulation will result in poor air quality, which can lead to a reduction in the health of workers and overall productivity.

Monthly office cleaning checklist

Monthly office cleaning tasks are still important, even if they are not required as often as other tasks in this checklist.

Monthly office cleaning tasks include

  • Vacuuming and disinfecting any fabric chairs or furniture where bacteria and debris are preferred to hide.
  • Vacuum the vents to improve overall air quality.
  • Dust off all high surfaces that can be missed with the weekly dusting routine. It includes the upper corners of the roof, where spider webs and dust balls are formed.
  • Vacuum and deep clean surface areas, paying extra attention to high-traffic areas.

Occasional Office Cleaning Checklist

Cleaners also have responsibilities to keep a few areas clean, but there will be no frequency bound on these tasks.

Occasional office cleaning tasks include:

  • Clean and disinfect desks and everything above the desk such as telephones, lamps, printers, computers, etc.
  • External fascia cleaning
  • Car park cleaning

Benefits of Keeping Up with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Office Cleaning

A clean office is rewarding in countless ways. First, your employees enjoy a better working environment with no risks of infection and allergies.

Daily disinfection reduces the spread of cold, flu germs, and even coronavirus, meaning that your employees will be safe and will take fewer sick days and work more. Also, a clean workplace presents a professional presence that enhances employee ethics and has a better impact on customers.

Handing cleaning work to employees is not always a great step inside a commercial premises. This can frustrate people and drive them away from their ability to focus on their actual job. Additionally, not everyone necessarily is very good at cleaning up.

If you own a business and worry about keeping it clean and well-organized, Clean Group Sydney can help you with that. Clean Group Sydney knows how to make your office stand out from the rest with our top cleaning services. We will take care of everything from dusting desks to polishing floors and power washing windows. Contact us today for a free office cleaning quote for cleaning your building!

Clean Group the #1 Office Cleaning Company in Sydney

You stood by mentioning that your building is much better than others and on asking “who provides commercial cleaning services in Sydney near me” you must know that our janitorial services shall assist you in cleaning your space. Clean Groups Sydney office cleaning programs are set for fulfilling every individual’s needs of every client or tenant. Whatever be your cleaning requirements, the clean group Sydney shall always stand beside you to provide you a cleaning program with optimized quality and which increases the value of your building or space.

Your firm requires focusing on their business excluding in-house cleaning, call us now or you can fill out the form on this page to partner with cleaning professionals who are part of the world’s biggest commercial cleaning services firms in Sydney. You should see the difference between in-house and outsourced janitorial services.

Clean offices shine the space of our People and raise the Pride & Performance

We become the #1 Office Cleaning Company in Sydney by providing effective results for our clients. Our clients are so valuable to us and they very well know about the quality services. So, there is no need to wander here and there in search of a good commercial office, call the clean group Sydney now.

Why Choose a Clean Group for Office Cleaning Responsibilities?

The cause of hiring the office cleaners services in Sydney. A typical workstation is 100 times dirtier than an average kitchen. But your keyboard seems to be clean from the outside but under its keys, the picture is just the opposite. Besides you do your job just think of the keyboard as an unwilling platter for things that go when you do your work. Inside it various fallen hair, dead skin cells, along with edibles that you had eaten while staring at the monitor accumulated. Do you want to make it all clean and free from bacteria?

  • Cleanliness with extra care: We shall treat your home as our, as it requires taking care in the perfect way. For instance, to make your work easier by ensuring that you can work in a peaceful manner while we, along with our equipped accessories and gears, will clean your property.
  • Always ready for your last-minute request: Are you eager to get your property cleaned before your guests come whom you have invited. Then leave it for use. We are always there for your last-minute requests. We shall come to your home and will clean and make your property ready for you and for your guests.
  • Value for Money: our goal is to provide you the satisfactory result, through our experience, knowledge, team, and equipment. Our team will try to provide you with the best solution. If you have any issue regarding cleaning then you can call us again and we will clean your site again with zero charges.

“No one wants to see themselves at risk. That’s why we’re here.”

We know that you are just busy with your official work. This is the reason why we are willing to offer you the best office cleaning at affordable prices. Also, we only utilize eco-friendly office cleaning products to provide you with an effective cleaning service for your office. The main goal of our Clean Group Sydney is to provide you the best quality service which shall leave your office is clean and tidy conditions with no germs and viruses.

From the reception area, offices, meeting rooms, washrooms to kitchens we clean your office as per your needs which also consists of frequency, depth of clean, time of clean.

How to Hire Clean Group for all your Office Cleaning needs?

We are a well-known commercial cleaning company in Sydney, and there are many ways to contact us, and once you do, we will make everything smoother for you.

Ways to connect us

Clean Group is just a call away!
Don’t waste your weekend around the trash cans, make a call on 1300073089 and share your requirements with our representatives, and we’ll bring back the lost glow to your office.

Visit our office or Use Online methods
Visit our headquarters located in Sydney or use the website or email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch in just a few seconds.

Get a Free Quote
After receiving your request, we will send our specialist to conduct a thorough inspection, and then we will send you a quote without charging a single penny.

Leave everything on Us
You must approve the bid and that’s it. After that, we will make sure that your property looks good, feels good, shines, and smells good. We will clean it from top to bottom as per your requirement.

Our Office Cleaning Process

Here is our cleaning process.

Hire us and arrange Free site Inspection
Call us, send an email, or fill in the form provided on our website to schedule a free site inspection.

We will arrange an inspection of your site, most probably on the same day. We always do an onsite inspection because there are so many variables that need to be considered. When we travel, we will find out your business cleanliness requirements, projects, and expectations. We will inspect the premises and prepare a proposal for you. Many people think that office cleaning can be talked about over the phone. Unfortunately, this cannot happen – if you want a quality result that saves you money then inspection is necessary.

Prepping the Office Area
We will collect all necessary stuff such as cleaning chemicals, tools, and accessories for the cleaning work. Load all supplies and chemicals to our vehicle and proceed to the cleaning area. At the site, we will make all the arrangements as per requirements and If any cleaning or extensive cleaning is to be done, we will put “closed for cleaning” signs and siege the area with the correct precaution / wet floor signs.

After making all the arrangements, we will clean the complete area as per the checklist we provided above. During cleaning, we will make sure to clean everything without causing any damage.

Post cleaning Inspection
After cleaning the area, our member will inspect the complete area to make sure that nothing remains untouched. After verifying the same with us, we will leave the area.

We kept everything simple and effective, but as we said above, the satisfaction of our clients is our priority does don’t worry, just call us and we will provide you with the best possible office cleaning services.

Choose The Right Office Cleaning Sydney Service Today

Hiring a professional office cleaning services in Sydney saves headaches, time, and money. It’s not realistic for office employees or managers to clean up the office after a full day of work. Plus, even if they did help clean, they wouldn’t be able to achieve a deep, sanitary clean without the proper tools and cleaning equipment.

Additionally, there are some key benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning company in Sydney which can’t be availed with local cleaners or employees. These key benefits include Uses of High-tech Equipment, Saves Time and Money, Increases Productivity and Efficiency, Lessens Disputes, etc. which can’t be neglected.

Choosing to hire an office cleaning company in Sydney offers a high-quality, quick, and convenient cleaning service that uses innovative cleaning technologies to ensure your space is spotless. Remember to consider the following points and recommendations mentioned above to hire the right office cleaning company in Sydney for your office needs.

And if you want to hire the Right Office Cleaning Company in Sydney, then don’t wander here and there. Call Clean Group Sydney now and experience the world-class office Cleaning services from us.

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