8 Actionable Commercial Cleaning Tips (That Work Great)

8 Actionable Commercial Cleaning Tips (That Work Great)

In this post, I am going to show you the 8 actionable commercial cleaning tips (That Work Great) by Clean Group. Keep reading.

Clean Group always loves sharing commercial cleaning tips and secrets that had helped us built this company and of course, clean better.

Clean Group has been in business for more than a decade and we take professional commercial cleaning services pretty seriously. We also want to teach you guys how to clean like a pro.

Over the years, we have researched, studied, and practiced. We have learned a lot from other people and of course, we have trained hundreds of people and taught them how to become professional commercial cleaners.

The 8 Most Important Commercial Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

In this blog, we will share with you our actionable commercial cleaning tips. 

Tips 1. Cleaning from Top to Bottom

The first commercial cleaning tip is cleaning from top to bottom and from left to right. You will do this simultaneously. When we first started cleaning, we were going all over the place.

With this practice, we were not able to do the cleaning done and we were spending so much more time and were forgetting things, it was kind of ludicrous.

When we learned about this top to bottom, left to the right business and we started to implement it, we really noticed a change. If you do not clean this way now, you should totally give it a try because it is really easy to do.

When we say clean top to bottom, the reason we suggest that is because dust and dirt fall from the top to the bottom.

When you are wiping something, obviously you will be going to have dirt falls from top to bottom.

  • In the kitchen, we make sure that the commercial cleaning checklist will show wiping the kitchen cupboard first before cleaning the counter. You will not like to clean the surface twice if you this the other way around.
  • When our professional cleaners attend to the office, we advise them to always clean and wipe the floor because we know that they will attend to the floor last.

Tips 2. Cleaning from Left to Right

Now when it comes to working your way from left to right or right to left, we ask our professional commercial cleaner to pick which direction do they want to do as long as they will be consistent with it.

Once you have this in place, you can rest assured that your cleaner will not miss a spot. We will know every corner, every section of the room is going to be cleaned because Clean Group professional commercial cleaners work in this consistent manner. With this, you can promise efficient and effective work for your customers.

Tips 3. Prepare All the Things That You Need Before You Clean

When we first started this commercial cleaning company, we regret to follow this information and we just proceeded to run back and forth from the custodial cabinet every time we forgot something that was needed for the cleaning.

Even if we have our best interests in mind to have the cleaning done as best and as fast as possible because we want to move on to the next client, it never really worked that way.

We decided to implement a rule of thumb that all our professional cleaners need to bring all the possible tools and chemicals that they need to complete a certain task.

It is best to have a cleaning caddy and position the caddy in the middle of the room or surface that you are about to clean. This will ensure that you do not need to run back and forth. It is a big waste of time. It is always a good practice to time yourself and it made a big difference.

The next time that you are scheduled to clean a particular room, get all the products and tools that you need before you get to your cleaning.

Tips 4. Read Instructions and Manuals Before Cleaning

Before we started Clean Group, we had watched tons of cleaning commercials about cleaning products and tools. Pro-tip that you need to share with your professional commercial cleaner is to read the instructions or manuals before using a tool or cleaner.

Product efficacy depends on how long you let it dwell on the surface that you are cleaning. It needs to sit for some period of time. This has two main effects:

  • The first one is that the product will clean something and it needs time to do its work. You can’t just dump a cleaning solution to a surface and rinse it off right away expecting that it will show the result that you wanted. It needs to sit. Spray it on a surface, let it sit, the product will then be able to do its thing, then you can wipe it off and get the best result. The same principle applies to green cleaning chemicals.
  • The second reason why it is important for professional commercial cleaners to let the product dwell is these products have their own disinfectants. The product will need between 5 or 10 minutes to actually kill that bacteria. So once you are using the product, apply it, let it sit there for a few minutes, then wipe it off that way you are getting the clean that you want and the disinfecting that you need.

Tips 5. Start with the Safest, Most Gentle Product

Only work your way up only if you need to. This is especially prudent for professional cleaners with asthma or allergies. We find a lot of people who will just go and clean their toilet with whatever products they can grab or the most powerful product just to clean whatever it is that they meant to clean that they think is too dirty.

Offices are less dirty than how you think it is. Gentle products can often accomplish a lot of cleaning so you do not need such a strong product.

However, if you are in a situation where let us say you have a really greasy surface or rings on the toilet, in that case, you do want to use the stronger, more powerful product but in most cases, the gentle or environmental friendly chemicals that we talked about are really efficient and safe for you to use to get that cleaning done.

Tips 6. Eye-Level Test

When you have a commercial cleaning company, you will always have this defining moment where little things happened to you that will forever affect the future of the people that work for you. Implement the eye-level test.

That means crouching down to eye level of the surface that you have just cleaned to have a glance at it and to see if there’s anything that pops out of you.

When we train our professional commercial cleaners, we always tell them that this is the eye-level test, I want you to go to your individual work and I want you to crouch down and have a look at it on an eye level. When you come up and look at something straight down, you will not really see what is underneath.

Tips 7. the S Pattern

Commercial cleaning jobs today follow the S Pattern. This pattern is pretty famous in the world of commercial cleaning. The S pattern is really an interesting thing.

When we were not yet considered professional in this cleaning industry, we used to wipe in whatever motion that we please. We thought that that was how it was meant to be done.

When you clean a surface in a circular motion, you are literally wiping the dirt all over to the surface. Circular motion will guarantee marks and streaks and at the end of the day, you will require to work harder than you need to because you are not getting the results that you desire.

When you use the S pattern, you will start at the top right-hand corner of a surface, you will swipe all the way to the left and then zig-zag your way down.

It will change the way that you clean because you will get less to zero streaks with half the effort that you put in if you will do it in the wrong way. The next time you clean, instead of breaking up the soiled surface with a circular wiping motion, try the S pattern and watch how quickly and more effectively were you able to complete the task.

If you also need to dust a ceiling fan or light fixtures, ask your cleaning company to provide you with a bendable duster. These dusters are so helpful and so handy because they will let you do your dusting in a quick and easy way. They are also washing machine safe.

Also, rather than purchasing a lot of cleaning tool that sometimes does not work, simply take a mop pole and a sock, flip it inside and out and tie it with an elastic band, with this, you can begin removing the cobwebs that piled up from the edges of the room like you are using a microfibre cloth.

You can also use a flathead mop or a sweeper and take a microfibre cloth. You can use this to wipe your walls clean from marks and dust.

Just go in an up and down motion and dust the office wall in an easy, most inexpensive way. For exhaust fans, just see it is already covered in dust. Just take your regular vacuum machine, put on a brush attachment, and vacuum your way to getting rid of dust and cobwebs from the exhaust fan.

A lot of people are also curious about how we keep the baseboards clean. This requires manual labor if you are the type of cleaner who does not want to stoop down and clean with your hands and microfiber rags, do the same thing that we did with the mop poles and sock. With this, you can just scrub your way to the baseboards.

Tips 8. Perpendicular Pattern

The last but not least, this thing that we will discuss is something that we learned from home study and experiences many years ago. When we used to clean at the beginning, we were not quite sure how to make things look tidy. Half of cleaning especially when you are cleaning professionally is making something look tidy.

Sometimes, even you had spent more than an hour cleaning removing dust, dirt, and bacteria, the place still looks like a mess if space is scattered. The perpendicular pattern is something that will make any surface looks super tidy, clean, and pleasing to the eye.

Not only you do have a clean surface, but you also have a tidy space which will make your place super clean. The first thing you need to do is pile your items.

Pile them up or line everything up to the edge of the surface that the item is sitting on either in a parallel fashion to the edge or a perpendicular fashion. In that way, you will have these nice, clean, straight angles which are very pleasing to the eye and it looks clean.

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