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Looking for a fresh start for your worn-out place of business? You’ve found the right place to get started. Clean Group will help you improve your office and business cleaning status every step of the way.

We’ll provide you with an efficient cleaning program that will bring convenience in your life. We give you a better means for better communication with you and our staff. Even when you’re off-site, you won’t have to worry about your property or the progress of our work.

We guarantee your satisfaction by being honest, transparent and dedicated to our work. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Mona Vale services you require.

Healthy, Safe and Eco-friendly

Keeping your staff healthy is one of our goals. Our cleaning is useless if it isn’t able to provide a healthy environment for you and your workers. And so we make sure to provide cleaning results that will improve the health and productivity of everyone in your office.

We also make use of eco-friendly cleaning methods. What this means is that the cleaning products we use are safe, non-toxic and good for the environment. They are made from organic ingredients and they don’t cause pollution.

Using this approach to cleaning enables you to save more.

Let Clean Group Fix Your Issues

When you got cleaning issues that your regular cleaner just can’t get right, call us up and we’ll set things right the first time.

Poorly maintained business facilities can have serious and bad effects on your business. It can cause loss of clients, health issues and low morale among employees. That’s why it’s important to find the right cleaning partners.

Doing so will help safeguard your reputation, your health, as well as your employees’ and your business in general.

So Clean Group today for high-quality cleaning that won’t get you down.

Free, Accurate Quotes

Clean Group takes guessing out of guesswork. When it comes to providing quotes for our services, we provide accurate ones.

To do this, we’ll give you a free consultation and a non-obligatory site inspection. This will help us understand your needs better so we can devise a fitting cleaning plan.

We also don’t want you to waste money on services you don’t need. What we want is to help your business grow, and to do that we have to offer reasonable prices for our services.

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Mona Vale NSW


Mona Vales is a residential and commercial beachside in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 28 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district. Before it was known by its current name, it was called Bongin Bongin to the Aboriginal People. Its current name, however, is believed to be named after Robert Campbell’s place in Scotland.

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