The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Pavers Correctly

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Pavers Correctly

Several homeowners don’t pay too much attention to their pavers until they get too dirty. This is because they consider cleaning these areas a nuisance. However, keep in mind that most pavers are considered a huge investment, so you may want to clean them before they get too damaged and need a replacement.

In essence, the average paver patio may cost up to $15 per square foot. Depending on the size of your patio, you may have to spend up to $4,000 to replace everything. However, if you clean your pavers regularly, you may not have to spend all that money in the future.

Moreover, you don’t have to get a lot of specialized equipment to clean your pavers. As long as you have one of the tools mentioned in this article, you can be on your way to commercial cleaning everything and giving it a shiny look.

If you’re ready to discover how you can clean your pavers correctly and save money in the process, keep reading!

Choosing a Cleaning Method

The first step in your commercial cleaning journey is choosing an appropriate cleaning method for your pavers. It’s important to note that, regardless of the method you choose, it’s recommended for homeowners to power wash their patio at least once a year. Other than that, you may do some regular cleaning with one of the methods shown below.

Some of the most common cleaning methods include the following:

  • Brooms
  • Dish soap
  • Simple green
  • Water
  • Bleach diluted in water
  • Non-acidic cleaning solutions

Many people recommend using pressure washers or even vinegar to clean pavers. Keep in mind that these methods may not be as good for your pavers in the long run.

First, pressure washers may help you clean everything much faster, but you’re also risking damage to the pavers. If you use this method continually, you may have to replace several of your pavers sooner than later.

On the other hand, vinegar can cause a lot of damage to your paver’s structure, so you may also have to replace several units if you use this method, so we don’t recommend it.

Cleaning Your Pavers – One Step at a Time

Regardless of the paver types you currently have, the process for cleaning them is fairly easy; it only takes a bit of time to get it done. Make sure to read until the end of this guide so that you know how to get your pavers in optimal condition!

First – Get Rid of Items and Weeds

If you have anything that may obstacle your cleaning processes, such as grills, pieces of furniture, and other objects, remove them. Otherwise, you risk damaging these items with your cleaning methods.

On the other hand, your patio may continually get weeds, so make sure to pull them out before you start cleaning everything. You must make sure you’re removing them carefully so that you don’t loosen or damage your pavers.

If there’s any moss on your pavers, you can use a soft brush to remove it.

Second – Use Water and Your Preferred Cleaning Method

In this step, you must cover the entire area with water. You may use a regular garden hose for this part of the process.

Once you’re done with this part, you may start using dish soap, degreaser, or small amounts of bleach, mix them with water, and use a brush to scrub your pavers. Remember to be gentle and careful with the process so that you don’t damage anything.

Third – Rinse and Repeat

If you feel like you’re done cleaning, you may rinse the entire area with water. Then, make sure to check everything to see if any areas may need further scrubbing. If that’s the case, you may repeat the second step again and again until you reach your desired results.

Four – Replace Pavers (If Necessary)

In case you find that any pavers are broken or damaged in any way, you may consider calling a professional to replace those pavers. You cannot move on to the next step until you ensure all of your pavers are in good condition.

On the other hand, if you use sand in between pavers, make sure you add enough of it again once you’re finished cleaning.

Five – Seal the Patio

If you want to make your pavers look shiny and beautiful, make sure to add some sealant once all your pavers are in good condition. You can either use a paintbrush or a long handle to apply the sealant to the entire patio.

Make sure to wait for the solution to dry.

Dealing with Mould

We know how exhausting dealing with mould can be. Regular cleaning may not be the solution at first since it can be stubborn to remove. Good practice, in this case, is to use warm water mixed with dish soap and let it sit on the mouldy areas for a few minutes.

Once that amount of time has passed, you can use a brush with stiff bristles and scrub gently until the mould is gone. You may need to repeat this step several times. If this doesn’t work, you may consider using watered-down bleach.

Finally, if none of the steps mentioned above work, you may consider calling cleaning professionals to take care of the issue promptly.

Cleaning Different Paver Types

While the process of cleaning pavers is similar in most cases, you may take some particular considerations depending on your current types of pavers.

In the case of natural stone pavers, make sure you’re not using any harsh chemicals since they’re known to damage natural stone. Here, you may be better off with a regular water and dish soap mix.

On the other hand, brick pavers may need more frequent cleaning routines since these are porous stones, meaning they can get stained much easier than other pavers.

Finally, people with concrete pavers may use a non-acidic cleaning solution to get the job done. While many people use muriatic acid for cleaning these pavers, they can get weaker over time, so you may need to replace them after a short while.

Bottom Line

If you want to keep your patio as clean as possible, you must create a good cleaning routine for your pavers today. As you can see, the cleaning process is not hard; it just takes a bit of time.

Remember you can save a lot of money by cleaning your pavers, and you may even do it yourself. However, if you feel like your pavers need expert treatment, you may call our professionals at the Clean Group for more information!

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