How To Keep A Customer Satisfied in Business Cleaning Industries

How To Keep A Customer Satisfied in Commercial Cleaning Industries
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Keeping a good number of customers and ensuring their satisfaction and happiness is the goal of every business. We already know that cleaning is essential to many companies. Large and small scale businesses such as schools, gyms childcare centres etc choose to hire commercial cleaning companies like Childcare Cleaners Sydney and Gym Cleaners Sydney to make sure that their workplace is clean and safe for their customers and employees.

This article will share with you ideas and tips on how can you make your customers happy and satisfied with the service that you cater to them.

Customer Satisfaction and Why Is It Important in Sydney?

Let us first analyze why customer satisfaction plays a critical role in the field of the cleaning industry. If you do not care about what will your customers say about you, then you should not have started a business in the first place.

Let us all remember why you created your business. You come up with a business because you wanted to earn. You will not expect a customer to care about you if you do not care about them.

High-standard customer satisfaction will take your business to places, and it is an excellent marketing tool. It can win the client’s heart very quickly, and they will have no other choice than to hire you. Potential customers will easily recognize you if your business already earned this reputation.

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should invest in securing your customer’s satisfaction:


Customer satisfaction yields high income, and we do not need experts to study this. It is evident that customers will always go to an office cleaning services provider that serves them well. Satisfied customers are loyal and highly likely to hire you every time their cleaning needs arise.

Apart from this, happy customers recommend you to their business partners, friends, and family members. They will not even look at your competitors. A lot of people will become familiar with your brand, and they will hire you in the future.

Keeping Loyal Customers Is Less Expensive Than Spending So Much on Marketing to Gain New Clients.

We all understand that customers in the cleaning business already invested their trust in their chosen cleaning partner. If your customers trust you and your brand, they will stay with you regardless if there are price increases along the way.

Since you have dealt with your loyal customers for a good number of years, you already know how to deal with them, and you can use that to your advantage.

You Can Lose Customers Anytime.

Customers will come and go. They will leave you the moment they feel that your service is no longer needed or essential for them to run their business. This is where communication plays an important part.

Always talk to your clients and ask for feedback and comments about the cleaning that was recently done. Value your customer’s input and use that to level up your cleaning performance. Make them feel that they are essential, and your business will not survive without them.

Win Over the Competition.

If you had aced all the basics and had given your customers more than what they expected, they will never think to hire somebody else. You had already built, and the impression that you are the best cleaning provider and they will surely not let you go.

Free Marketing

As mentioned earlier, an excellent customer service experience will take you places. Word of mouth and recommendations will surely bring you, new customers.

Now that social media is everywhere; your satisfied customers will surely share your page or even subscribe and follow you. They will easily participate in surveys that will rack up your standing on social media platforms.

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Customers Satisfied in Sydney


You need to show your customers that you are reliable. Display consistency in terms of the quality of your cleaning performance. You should not slack off if you do not hear anything from your customers.

Silence is as dangerous as complaints. Check with your customers from time to time if you are still meeting their expectations. Ask if there is something more you can do to improve your relationship with them.


Always show that you value your customer’s opinions and that you believe in whatever they are saying. This applies to your employees that handle complaints.

People in the customer service department need to show that they respect the customer regardless of how bad the situation is. Maintaining a neutral level of respect and patience is the key.


Professional cleaners are expected to have interacted with their customers. They are expected not to be casual and at the same time, not to be so uptight. A genuine personality can help build relationships with customers.

You need to gain customers’ trust for them to be more comfortable dealing with you. Later on, you will surely enjoy the benefit of this because your customers find it easy to talk to you. They can say that they are not satisfied with a job and you can take action right away.


Do not oversell your cleaning company by saying that you can do a lot of things and it turns out that you cannot uphold whatever it is that you say. Be transparent with your customers and tell them what you can and cannot do.

Let them know if there are changes in your business, especially if it has something to do with pricing or cleaning procedures. Customers will not like it, but they will be grateful that you took the effort of notifying them and that you are truthful.

Be Innovative

It is wise to know who is your competition. By doing so, you can quickly think out of the box and do more than what they can do. Select an area of expertise in which you will build your brand on.

Most of the Sydney commercial cleaning companies that I know are knowledgeable and they are prepared to do the work with promptness and the highest quality.

Helpful Tips in Securing Customer Satisfaction in the Cleaning Industry in Sydney

There are plenty of ways and methods to use in securing customer satisfaction in the cleaning industry. If you get to know your customers more, you will find it easier to deal with them.

Communicate effectively – most commercial cleaning companies still use the traditional way of communicating. These companies are accustomed to using the telephone as the primary avenue for communication. In this modern age, we can communicate via social media. We can send text messages and emails.

These new avenues will speed up the process of communication. It is also your foremost responsibility to make yourself available at any time. Your customers should know where and how to get in touch with you should issues arise.

Be kind and respectful – as the old saying goes, respect begets respect. Be kind and courteous to everyone and not just to your customers. Be kind to your competition, colleagues, and employees. If you maintain a harmonious relationship in your company, this aura will surely radiate with every cleaner you deploy to all of your customers.

Be the face of your brand – wherever and whenever you are, always bear in mind that you carry the name of your company. Your actions speak for your company. Be mindful of your reputation as this will determine the future of your business.

Beating the Competition From Other Cleaning Companies in Sydney

It is normal to have competition in every business. Your cleaning company needs strategies on how will you set your company apart from the many competitors which offer the same services in your area.

Your revenue depends on the number of your existing customers and your potential clients. Apart from customer satisfaction, many factors will determine your brand in the cleaning business.

Customer Service

Ensuring strong customer support is a sure way of keeping customers. Now and then, complaints and dissatisfaction may happen, and your team has to be ready for it. The complaints need to be dealt with promptly.

The customer’s expectation has to be set correctly when you face a misunderstanding. Sometimes, customers will also require you to do some out of the blue jobs due to emergencies and other reasons. Make them feel special by accommodating these requests, and they will give their loyalty to you.


Have a reasonable price. Do not undersell the service that you provide just to attract more customers. If you continue to do this practice, you will find yourself at odds when it’s time to pay your employees. Highlight the value of your services whenever you present a quotation to the customers.

Find Your Specialty.

The cleaning business involves a wide array of cleaning specialties. Finding your niche will give you an advantage over your competition. Be an expert in your chosen niche. Selecting your niche is a sure way of paving a solid foundation for your business.


Your employees are the face of your business. A responsible commercial cleaning company will invest in its cleaners. Extensive training and knowledge will surely equip your cleaner to do an excellent job.

Your cleaner will take pride in the results of their work, and this will then boost their morale. When they are happy, they have all the reasons to come to work.

Listen to Feedback

Customer satisfaction can be determined in many ways. Honest feedback from your loyal customers will help you improve your business. You can send a survey and gauge how your cleaners are faring and how likely it is that your customers will recommend you.

Review all the suggestions and comments that your customers give. Let them know that you value their feedback and will continually work on the betterment of your cleaning company.

Measuring your customer’s satisfaction should become your priority. The success of your commercial cleaning business highly depends on customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers and patrons will continue to hire you.

This means that your business will have steady earnings and profits. It is wise for a cleaning company to invest in customer service campaigns and programs that will meet your desired goals.

Please feel free to drop a comment below on how you think a cleaning company should handle customer satisfaction and beliefs. Do you agree with this article? Let us start a valuable conversation that will help other companies strategies a good customer-centric program.

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