Why You Need Professional Strata Cleaning

Posted On: March 11th, 2019 Author: Stephen Matthews

This is a complete guide to know why you need professional strata cleaning by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.

Managing strata properties can be stressful. You already have a lot on your plate and maintaining the building’s cleanliness is the last thing you’ll want to deal with. This is made even more difficult by the shared ownership of several people or “lot owners”.

One easy way to get around this is to let individual lot owners take care of their own cleaning needs. This will make your job a lot easier, but it also has serious drawbacks. It’ll be safer and wiser to hire one cleaning company that offers strata cleaning to take care of your entire property. Read on to find out why:

Why You Need Professional Strata Cleaning

  • You’ll get comprehensive cleaning services

When you allow lot owners to hire their own cleaning service, only a few selected areas will be cleaned. The cleaners will leave out sections in the building that they do not own. As a result, shared areas (which are considered “owned” by the building and lot owners) will be left unattended.

On the other hand, when you hire one team of strata cleaners, you’ll get access to a wide range of services. That’s because the services they offer come in packages. What this means is that during each session, their staff will perform several cleaning functions for you.

Clean Group’s strata cleaning, in particular, includes cleaning of all communal areas such as the lobby, elevators, the driveway, carparks and other high-traffic areas. They also offer services that cover other property needs like window and carpet cleaning, and trash disposal.

  • You’ll get better protection

Contracting several different teams of cleaners at once compromise the security of your lot owners. The more people you give access to your building, the harder it is to monitor who gets in and out of it. You also won’t have enough time to verify three crucial things:

1) The cleaning companies legitimacy
2) Whether their staff have undergone background checks
3) Whether they have insurance coverage

Hiring one cleaning service provider eliminates this risk. You’ll only have one cleaning team to monitor and only one company to go after if things don’t turn out well.

  • You’ll get more organised cleaning

Each company follows different sets of protocols and workflow. Therefore, managing cleaning contracts with them will be hard to do. This can lead to confusion and serious problems.

Conversely, hiring one team to clean your strata makes the entire process simpler and more organised. The cleaners are all under the same management; hence they follow the same workflow ensuring a smooth sailing cleanup.

  • You’ll get safer cleaning services

Moreover, different cleaning companies have different cleaning practices. Some of them are effective, a lot of them, not. When you allow them all inside your building, you increase the risk of suffering from ineffective cleaning practices. If you’re lucky, they will even cause damages in your property.

  • You’ll get a consistent quality of cleaning

Given that the effectiveness of different cleaning practices varies, you’re likely to get inconsistent cleaning results. Some areas within your building will be cleaned thoroughly, while some won’t. To get a consistent and high-quality cleaning, hire a team of cleaners with a proven history.

As you can see, you can get a lot of benefits from hiring professional strata cleaners. You’ll get convenience, a safe, secure and consistently high-quality cleaning all in one swoop.

When you have strata cleaning needs, let Clean Group take care of it. We are a Sydney-based cleaning company that specialises in Strata Cleaning. We’ll provide you with the right cleaning solutions in the most convenient, safe and secure way.

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