Strata Cleaning & Common Areas Disinfection: What You Need to Know

Strata Cleaning & Common Areas Disinfection What You Need to Know

A strata building refers to a multi-level building or apartment complex usually having multiple floors. This can be an office building or residential apartment. Managing a strata building is a tough job.

Many residential and commercial buildings have dedicated managers or strata cleaners to look after their cleaning & maintenance and manage occasional strata repairs and upgrades on behalf of the owners.

Besides cleaning, regular strata common areas disinfection is also an important part of strata maintenance, as it helps protect the health interests of the residents and/or workers in the building.

This is particularly important in the aftermath of pandemic situations like the recent one where the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus and went under lockdown for as long as a year.

If you are concerned about the best ways to disinfect your strata building, especially the common areas, this brief guide to strata disinfection will certainly help you.

Why Strata Common Areas Disinfection Is Important

Strata buildings and complexes are relatively large in size and have multiple common and shared areas such as elevators, parking lots, lobbies, corridors, common toilets, stairways, gardens, etc.

These common areas of strata are used by almost all the building residents, workers and visitors, which is why these areas are the most likely to accumulate dust, dirt and germs over time.

While dust, dirt & debris from strata common areas disinfection can be removed through basic cleaning, regular & proper disinfection is the only way to get rid of germs that get piled up on these areas through frequent human contact and use.

Disinfection refers to the use of a certified disinfectant with the purpose to eliminate certain pathogens, including viruses, germs and bacteria from the infected surface.

Common areas such as lifts in a strata building are used by many people throughout the day. Hundreds of visitors, for instance, click the buttons on your building elevator and touch the door handles or stairway railings.

By doing this, they unknowingly contribute to spreading the infection that can be responsible for serious diseases like the COVID-19. In short, you can expect to find a lot of germs and infections in these frequently used/touched areas, which if not removed on time can further spread to other places and make the users sick.

Regular Strata common areas Disinfection is the only effective way to up to 100% eliminate germs & bacteria from your strata building in Sydney.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Regular Domestic Cleaners for Strata Cleaning & Disinfection

When looking to disinfect your strata property in Sydney, you have two options – 1) Do it yourself, or 2) Hire a professional strata cleaner Sydney Doing it yourself is not a feasible option, given that strata buildings are usually too large to be managed or cleaned by any single person, especially if the person has no previous experience or knowledge of strata cleaning.

Second, it will take a lot of your time if you are planning to corona cleaning & disinfect the entire property. You may even need to hire some external help, which will add to the cost.

A better and possibly cheaper alternative is to outsource expert strata common areas disinfection & cleaning services from a professional strata cleaning company in Sydney. Now, you simply cannot rely on your regular or domestic cleaners for strata cleaning and disinfection for many reasons, such as:

Lack of Experience: Regular domestic cleaners might not have the experience required to properly clean a strata property while taking care of the safety of valuables such as expensive or antique flooring and finishes. Also, they may not have any strata common areas disinfection experience.

Limited Knowledge: It is important for strata cleaners in Sydney to have good knowledge of the right tools, solutions & strategies to achieve safe and effective cleaning results.

Expert strata cleaners will know about the right disinfectant to eliminate a particular type of pathogen from your property and also know which chemicals can be harsh for your valuable objects.

Professional strata cleaners will not just perform regular cleaning & disinfection at your place but can also take care of occasional repairs and maintenance needs such as replacing light bulbs and replenishing toilet supplies.

Moreover, strata disinfection cleaning expert or company will have all the right tools & resources required to do an excellent cleaning job. For example, the strata cleaning team at Clean Group has the best-in-class cleaning tools and supplies, including the i-Mop scrubber machine, microfiber cloths, glass wipers & squeegees, sponges, clamps, colour-coded buckets, extension poles, bow brushes, scrapers, plungers, etc.

as well as safety equipment for high-rise window cleaning. Arranging some of these high-end cleaning items can be both inconvenient and costly for regular cleaners.

Also, our skilled & trained commercial cleaners only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the cleaning of strata premises to avoid accidental damages to health and property. They are experienced in the cleaning of all strata spaces and can do it with complete safety and assurance.

Some strata cleaning companies such as Clean Group can even be hired for complete management of strata properties in Sydney, which include routine cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and garden maintenance. Clean Group is better than your average strata cleaner in many ways.

We are an experienced and highly skilled team of professional strata cleaners who can take care of all your standard & advanced cleaning needs for your commercial premises in Sydney.

Our strata cleaners go the extra mile and perform all cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure guaranteed satisfaction for all our clients and projects.

We perform all the cleaning and disinfection duties strictly in line with the highest safety standards to help protect your tenants and enhance the life and value of your property.

Strata Common Areas Disinfection – How It Works

Besides routine strata cleaning, regular (we recommend weekly) disinfection of your strata building is super important in order to protect the health of your tenant and visitors.

An expert strata cleaning & disinfection service provider will first analyse your property for its cleaning requirements. Remember, disinfectants cannot be used to clean dirt & dust. So, it’s crucial to first clean the surface before applying a disinfectant to kill the germs.

Based on the initial analysis, a Clean Group manager will prepare a customised plan for your strata cleaning & disinfection needs, which will mention the detailed process along with the best quote for strata cleaning.

The first step is strata cleaning, which will generally cover the following:

  • Sweeping and mopping all hard surfaces, including floors;
  • If there are floor coverings, we will strip and seal them back to achieve a uniform look;
  • Removing all debris and litter from the common areas;
  • Vacuuming or washing all the carpets, as needed;
  • Wiping (& polishing as needed) objects such as letterboxes, paintings, phone receivers, desks, chairs, vase, etc.;
  • Cleaning common areas such as lifts, toilets, stairways, and corridors;
  • Repairing or changing light bulbs;
  • Taking care of garbage and cleaning the bins;
  • Garden cleaning and maintenance;

Basic strata cleaning will be performed daily or weekly, as per your cleaning package. If the property is old or has not been cleaned/used in months, we recommend a deep cleaning to take care of hard stains, cobwebs, and other types of debris. Cleaning will be followed by strata disinfection, which is the process of removing harmful pathogens from the property and making it safe for tenants and visitors.

We at Clean Group use our proprietary Virus Shield disinfection method, which involves the use of Electrostatic Disinfection Technology, among other techniques, to kill the viruses and bacteria using a certified sanitiser solution. Here’s how it is done.

The cleaner will first list down all the areas and objects that need to be disinfected when cleaning strata. These will normally include the handrails of stairways, light switches, lift buttons, doorknobs & handles, tabletops, toilet seats, washbasins, faucets, phone receivers, doorbells and furniture in common areas. In short, any object or surface that is frequently touched by a lot of people will be disinfected by the team.

We use the electrostatic disinfection sprayer gun along with Zoono-71 sanitiser to disinfect all types of surfaces. This is a specialized disinfection technique that is effective in the cleaning of all visible as well as not-easily-approachable areas like corners and the backside of objects.

The sanitiser particles instantly cover the infected surface and kill pathogens of all kinds and sizes, including the COVID-19 virus. This disinfection method is certified to kill up to 99.99% of pathogens and provide protection for up to 30 days with just one application.

After applying the sanitiser, the cleaner will leave the solution on the surface for a few minutes, after which it will automatically evaporate. So, there is no need to wipe.

Clean Group – Top Trusted Strata Cleaning & Disinfection Service Provider in Sydney

As the owner of a strata property in Sydney, it is your responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of your building as well as maintain a hygienic environment to protect the health of your tenants and visitors. By disinfecting the common areas in your strata building, we can help avoid cross-contamination and prevent the virus from spreading.

Hiring expert strata cleaning company like Clean Group is the best option when you are looking for complete & regular cleaning and disinfection of your strata building in Sydney.

Clean Group is a leading commercial cleaning service provider in Sydney that is trusted by hundreds of property owners for their routine cleaning & disinfection needs. Our in-house team of trained strata cleaners can offer you the best cleaning solutions in your budget, along with guaranteed satisfaction.

Call us today to share your requirements and get free strata cleaning quote.

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