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Posted On: October 13th, 2020 Author: Stephen Matthews

No matter how careful you are, you can never escape the inevitable spills that can happen on your office chair. There will come a time that you will be tempted to bring your coffee on your desk, and poof – it will slip all over. It can also be a visitor or a customer who lounges in the reception too. It can happen to anybody. Office chair cleaning is part of the many services that a commercial cleaner offers. They will make sure that the smell and stain will go away, leaving the chairs looking fresh and brand new. We will share with you some workspace cleaning instructions that can help you along the way. Let us talk about the ways on how to remove stains and how we do water-based cleaning. This article will tell you how useful this service can be.

How Do You Deep Clean A Fabric Office Chair?

The fabric office chair is the most common type of office chair. The downside is, once you spilled something on it, it will be challenging to get rid of the stains or smell from it. For water-based cleaning, you will need to have the following:

  • Bottle spray
  • Brush
  • Liquid soap

Put a small amount of liquid soap in the bottle spray and add the right amount of water. Shake the mixture well. Spray an ample amount of solution to the fabric of the office chair. It is best if you allow the solution to sit on the surface. This will make sure that you can scrub the stains easily. Brush the chair cushion thoroughly starting from the top going to the bottom of the fabric. Repeat the cleaning instructions on the entire chair. Armrest cleaning is also part of chair cleaning. Scrub the armrest thoroughly with the same solution and wipe it with a damp cloth when finished. Once done, rinse the entire chair by spraying plain water all over the fabric and armrest. Make sure that you can get rid of the soap. Let it dry under the sun. We suggest that you put it under the sun in a sideways position. This way, you can let the remaining water drip away from the chair.

For Daily Cleaning and Maintenance, You Can:

Office chairs can be a magnet of germs and other unclean entities. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt that may be resting on the seat of the fabric office chair. Run the vacuum cleaner on the surface of the chair. Get a damp cloth and wipe the armrest clean.

You can also check the upholstery tag if it has one. The label will show you the care instruction for the type of fabric that was used for the chair. Most of the stains on an office chair can be addressed with soap and water. Most of the fabric office chairs are safe for water-based cleaning.

Rubbing alcohol is also best in removing stains. It works perfectly with office chairs the same way as soap and water or the water-free method.

You also need to clean the caster wheels to make sure that it moves smoothly. Their wheels are notorious for trapping hair and dust. This can cause the wheels to stick up if not maintained regularly. You may also brush the wheels with water and finish it up with a damp cloth. If mud and other dirt solidified on the surface of the wheels, you could also use soap and water to clean it away.

How to Clean Leather Office Chairs?

Leather office chairs and other leather upholsteries in your office add sophistication and class to the overall ambiance of your workspace. Caring for leather office chair is entirely different from fabric office chairs. If you think about it, spills and daily cleaning is more comfortable with a leather office chair. You can easily wipe the spill or dust away, and you are good to go. You have to remember that fabric chairs and leather office chairs are made out of two different materials which require two entirely different cleaning requirements. Please continue reading to find out how to clean a leather office chair properly.

Determine What Type of Leather is the Chair Made Out Of

Before you clean any leather, you need first to check the manufacturer’s tag. Cleaning leather is something that is not one size fits all. Specific leather requires special care, and you do not want to end up ruining the office chairs with improper use of chemicals or methods of cleaning. If you are just after cleaning dust or spills, you can wipe the surface with cloth and water. Sometimes you can also use soap and water for office chair cleaning. You can also use water-based cleaning chemicals.

If the manufacturer’s tag is not available, you may check the website to learn how you can clean this office chair. The manufacturer will generally include this information on their website. It will consist of the list of chemicals that you can use safely in cleaning your office chairs.

If the type of leather is unknown, please bear in mind that soap and water is the safest combination that you can go with.

Vacuum the Office Chair

Before you start your deep cleaning:

  • Vacuum all the surfaces to suck up all the dirt and dust that are seated on the surface. You can extend the life of the office chairs by cleaning it regularly as it delays wear and tear.
  • Use the attachment that has a soft brush.
  • Run the vacuum on the surface of the chair.
  • Wipe the office chair with a cloth once you are done with vacuuming.

Treat Stains with Soap and Water

You can mix water and soap to create a water-based cleaner to clean stains. You can prepare this after vacuuming the office chair. You can clean leather with necessary household cleaning chemicals. Your best choice can be a mild detergent soap. We highly suggest the use of distilled water over tap water. Tap water contains chlorine that can damage the office chair. Mix the water and the soap until suds are visible. Test a small area first. Continue with the process if you did not notice any discoloration or damage on the surface. This method should cover the stains on the office chair, leaving it clean and fresh.

Rinse the Office Chair

Using a fresh rag, soak it with distilled water and wring it dry. Wipe the new rag to the surface. Repeat the process until the soap is all gone. Use a dry rag to wipe the office chair dry.

How Do You Clean a Smelly Office Chair?

Over time, office chairs are prone to a musty-like smell that is far from being pleasant. How can you say that a chair is clean if it has a smell? How will you get rid of this unwelcoming aroma in your office?

Use of White Vinegar

Make your deodorizer by mixing a teaspoon of white vinegar to one cup of water. Spray it thoroughly to the smelly office chair until it becomes moist. It is best if you can let the vinegar mixture sit for thirty minutes before taking it outside to dry. It looks clean and smells clean.

Use of Baking Soda

This procedure is too simple. Sprinkle the baking soda over your office chair or any upholstered furniture. Let it sit for the next fifteen minutes and vacuum it to get rid of the residue.

Use of Liquid Soap

This method is only applicable to a leather office chair. Mix a teaspoon of mild soap to warm water. Wring it out and wipe it on the surface. Use another cloth to rinse out the cleaning solution from the office chair.

How to Keep Your Office Chair Clean?

You use your office chair every day, and it is just about right that you take care of it. You must keep it clean. Follow these simple steps and have a fresh and clean chair that will partner with you to your success.

    • Be careful with drinks, food, or any type of liquids when you are near your chair. Clean it right away in cases of spillage. Attend stains immediately.
    • Cover your chair if possible. Protect it against dirt and dust, and this is the best answer to keeping it clean. It is a water-free technique.
    • Another water-free technique is to keep your chair away from air vents.
    • Maintain the right office temperature.
    • Condition your leather office chair regularly.

Commercial cleaners offer different services which include chair cleaning. Some also offer chairs and upholstery detailing. A clean office chair can boost an employee’s morale and productivity. Do you agree with us? Do you find the techniques mentioned in this article helpful? Please share and drop us a comment on how you manage this service.

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